How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

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This is one of the best article that teaches all you need to know about how to tell a girl you like her and not get disapointed at the end of it, nor get rejected either. The majority of males simply assume that the best way to tell a female you like her is to approach her and express your feelings. Simple, right?

No, that is absolutely not how it operates. Unless, of course, you are certain that she already has feelings for you and is patiently waiting for you to approach her.

It looks straightforward to understand how to tell a girl you like her. But it’s really extremely challenging. Girls often find it creepy when someone expresses their emotions too openly, so you shouldn’t just watch and hope that she’ll understand.

On the other hand, regardless of who claims to appreciate them, guys generally feel fantastic. Girls and boys differ significantly in this and many other areas. So how can a guy tell a girl he likes her without sounding creepy and strange?


Why you should always tell someone when you like them

Before we dive straight into the list of how to tell a girl you like her, lets get to know more reason why we need to let anyone know of our feelings for them, and its importance.

We all engage in this. We have feelings for someone, but we keep them to ourselves and daydream for hours about how wonderful it would be to date them. But despite this, we never take action to confess our affection.

It’s strange because, despite the fact that we have no control over it, we feel embarrassed about it. And, to be perfectly honest, leaving the other person wanting is a good thing!

Even so, we continue to suppress our emotions, which is bad. What if you don’t get the chance to spend the rest of your life with that person? You should always tell someone you like them if you want to avoid regretting your decisions in life. But you must find the appropriate approach if you want the girl you adore to really consider your confession and perhaps even like you back.


How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

From Here Down Is The Full List Of How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected.

1. Don’t do it randomly

Doing it in a random is the first we have to start with in our list of how to tell a girl you like her. You can’t just approach a girl you’ve never spoken to or hardly ever and tell her you like her. She’ll probably give you a horrifyingly shocked expression before vanishing into the distance without saying anything.

Because she doesn’t even know you and you don’t even know her, if you do this, she will be horrified. If you tell a girl you like her while you hardly know her, she may assume you merely like her for her appearance, which she may find weird. DO THESE THINGS BEFORE TELLING HER.


2. Talk to her occasionally

Then secondly on how to tell a girl you like her, is that you have to then start to talk to her, (occassionally). Talk to her before you ever consider telling her that you like her. It’s preferable to do this in a group situation so you’ll feel more comfortable and there won’t be as much pressure while you’re speaking to her in front of the others.

Just bring up something relevant to both of you, such as the weather, your classes, a project you two are working on, or a shared interest. The greatest method to catch her attention and show her that you two could have more in common than she realised is to do this.


3. Get to know her better

At the third level of top ways on how to tell a girl you like her, you have to take extra steps to know who she really is, so as to also be sure you both can match. Instead of talking about nothing but the wackiest topics all the time, get to know her better.

When she discusses an activity she enjoys, ask her questions to learn more about her. She’ll feel more at ease talking to you this manner, and you’ll get a chance to decide if you REALLY like her.

Just be careful not to start asking her questions out of the blue when you have never spoken to her before. Start off with a brief exchange before posing a question. You can avoid coming across as weird in her eyes by starting modest.

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4. Become friends with her

This is the fourth in our list of how to tell a girl you like her. It’s better to become a girl’s friend before telling her you like her in order to avoid coming across as weird. All friendships serve as the foundation for future romances. There is nothing different about this circumstance.

Of course, make friends with her as you enjoy who she is as a person. Don’t be the guy that becomes acquainted with a girl only to get in her pants, neglect her, or act irrationally when she doesn’t reciprocate the favour. Maybe making friends with her isn’t the best strategy if all you want to do is sleep with her.


5. Get to know her friends

Getting to know here friends, is another top way on how to tell a girl you like her, you have to know her pals and how the relate, helping you know more of who she really is. Don’t confine yourself to her alone. Her friends will be quite wary of you if you tell her you like her without getting to know them first because they won’t know who you are. You must get to know them as well.

Because you can make friends with them if you become friends with her, this is actually quite easy. Talk to each person briefly here and there to establish a rapport with them all. It’s lot simpler to tell her you like her if her friends know and like you.


6. Compliment her subtly

Another step to take on this way of how to tell a girl you like her, is starting to compliment her beauty and look, so as to see her reactions to your compliment as well and work on them.

Giving her subtle, almost imperceptible compliments is a really cunning technique to win a girl over. Don’t just say she is beautiful or something equally blunt.

Instead, comment on how much you enjoy the song she performed or how cool her clothing is. You might even say something to the effect that she has a great sense of humour. The greatest and least weird things to do are little things that don’t bring much attention to her physical appearance.

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7. Periodically flirt with her

This is another step on how to tell a girl you like her. Get sexy! It is much simpler for you to tell a girl you like that you are flirting with her. It’s a fantastic tool for you to determine her level of interest in you as well. You can start some flirting by making fun of her, making jokes with her, and maintaining eye contact when speaking to her.


8. Remain in touch

At the eighth level of how to tell a girl you like her, you have to keep and remain in touch with here. If you were able to become her friend, you most likely already have her phone number and are linked on social media. Make it happen if not! It is much simpler for you to stay in touch with her while you are not present if you have her phone number.

You can even text her to get to know her better without having to be nervous before meeting her.


9. Let her friends and your friends know that you like her.

This is the second to last we have to mention here on how to tell a girl you like her. Say something like, “I’d like to get to know her better,” quietly. It’s a very understated way to let her know you like her. Hopefully, they eventually tell her. It will be simpler to tell her since she will already know before you even tell her.


10. When you are alone with her, simply express your admiration for her and how interesting you find her.

Here we conclude our list of how to tell a girl you like her. It really is that easy. If you’ve successfully completed the aforementioned steps, it will be lot easier to tell her that you like her. If not, it can even be difficult to talk to her when you do find her alone.



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