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BP Scholarship Program 2024-2025

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Seniors from local high schools who wish to continue their college aspirations may submit an application for the BP Scholarship Program 2024–2025 (BPSP).

BP is pleased to support the project known as the BP Community Scholarship program. It’s simply a way for them to give back to the communities where they do business by inspiring local high school graduates to achieve their college aspirations. However, undergraduate students may apply for the BP Scholarship.

All the information you require about the sponsor, BP Group, the BP Scholarship program 2024–2025, Level/Field study, host Nationality, eligible Nationality, scholarship Worth, eligibility For BP Community Scholarship Program, BP Scholarship program Application Procedures, and the deadline is provided in this post.

Take your time and read every word of this post about the BP Community Scholarship 2024 since we’ve included the essential details you’ll need to apply for this BP scholarship program. All of the information is clear and straightforward.

About BP Group

Oil was discovered in Persia in 1908, which is when BP was founded. The organization works to advance education, technology, and skills in Russian business and industry. A wide range of academic and scientific fields are supported by the company-sponsored initiative.

However, BP thinks that working with top colleges throughout the world and engaging with bright students will increase productivity.

The firm supports professors of energy studies and sponsors BP scholarships as part of its educational endeavors in Russia. It also funds creative energy-related research projects. Additionally, their programs are accessible to young scientists at top institutions in the oil, gas, and economics fields in the Russian regions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Russia as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

Through its support of sports, charities, community organizations, and the arts over the past 50 years, BP has shown its dedication to communities in the UK. We also foster talent in our neighborhoods by promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

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BP Community Scholarship 2024

The BP community scholarship has given out more than $3.2 million and is getting close to 2,000 scholarships to deserving students since it was established. The BP Community Scholarship Program, which supports students in the New York and northern New Jersey region, is now in its 32nd year.

The recipients of the BP scholarships are recognized annually during a reception. This yearly celebration offers a chance to honor the scholarship recipients and their families as well as a chance for our students to interact with BP personnel and other distinguished guests.

Level/Field research

For undergraduate students in any undergraduate level who are taking any of the following courses:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electronic, Electrical, and Systems Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Material Engineering
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Natural Sciences, Business
  • Economics

Host Nationality

The company BP, based in London, United Kingdom, is funding and providing this community scholarship program.

Eligible Nationality

Only students who live in northern New Jersey, Westchester County, or New York City are eligible to apply for the BP community scholarship.

Scholarship Worth

Up to 10 students received awards from BP totaling up to £9,000 apiece. The awards began at £3,000 per year beginning in the second year of study and continued for up to four years.

The award is intended to help students with the costs of resources and living, not to pay for tuition. In addition to being given priority for internships and graduate jobs, BP scholars will also have the chance to participate in a variety of other activities like conferences.

bp scholarship program

Eligibility For BP Scholarship Program

You need to satisfy each requirement listed below in order to be eligible for a BP scholarship program:

  • A current senior in high school who intends to attend as a full-time student (12 semester hours or more) for the 2024–2025 academic year in a two– or four–year accredited college or university in the United States.
  • legally residing in northern New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester County, or New York City.
  • own a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be able to prove a need for money.
  • Selection Standards

The information on the application, the personal statement, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, work experience, individual objectives, and financial need will all be taken into consideration when determining the recipients of awards.

Based on the aforementioned standards, scholarship candidates will be chosen by a committee made up of participating station owners, operators, and other representatives. In May, all applicants will be notified. Recipients of scholarships will need to be present at the BP scholarship reception on June 20 at Citi Field.

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  • A 500–750 word personal statement answering each of the following questions must be uploaded by applicants:
  • What were the key events in your high school career that helped you get ready for college?
  • What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
  • Why ought BP Community Scholarships to consider you?


BP Scholarship Program Application Procedures

A high school transcript must be submitted by candidates for the BP scholarship.

A copy of the applicant’s Student Aid Report (SAR), which includes the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated using the data from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), is required.

Please be aware that applications must be filed online and that all necessary documents, including transcripts, should be mailed to:

  • BP Community Scholarship Program
  • PO Box 648
  • Naperville, IL 60566
  • For program questions or technical support:
  • info@bpscholarships.com
  • 630-428-2412
  • Fax: 630-428-2695

Link To School Website

Deadline for BP Scholarship 2024

Every year, on or around March 20th, applications for the BP community scholarship program are due.

Additional Information

Please be aware that applicants for the BP Scholarship who are taking one of the unlisted dual honors courses are not eligible.

For the award to be given each year, students must continue to be in good academic standing.

A two to three-day interactive event aimed at educating students about the oil and gas sector is one of the many events you can participate in as a BP Scholar. Additionally, you will be given priority scheduling for graduate or internship interviews.

Please be aware that if you are chosen as a BP Scholar, it will not alter your eligibility for any Oxford bursaries you may already be receiving. However, it is the responsibility of the student to inquire with their sponsor about any qualifying requirements if they are receiving any other outside money.

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bp scholarship program

Last but not least, the BP Scholarship Program 2024-2025 provides a fantastic opportunity to assist outstanding undergraduate students in covering their attendance costs. As a result, we urge qualified students to submit an application for this scholarship scheme.

Questions and Answers Regarding the BP Scholarship Program

The BP scholarship program is covered in the frequently asked questions listed below.

Who is providing the scholarship money?

This scholarship program was developed in collaboration with AFS and BP to give financially disadvantaged students the chance to study abroad and develop the intercultural competencies necessary to thrive in a global economy. This scholarship program will fund high school student exchanges between the United States and Brazil, India, and other countries.

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So what is BP?

One of the biggest energy firms in the world is BP. BP has assets worth around $52 billion and 23,000 employees in the United States. Oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemical refining, manufacture, and marketing, as well as natural gas transportation and marketing, are the company’s major lines of operation. Additionally, BP has a developing renewable energy division called BP Alternative Energy that focuses on both established renewable energy sources such as advanced biofuels and wind technology.

How do I apply for the BP scholarship program?

Send an email to bpscholarships@afsusa.org to contact your study abroad consultant, and we’ll send you more details. Both the full AFS online application and a financial aid application must be submitted.

Who Provides the Scholarship Money?

This scholarship program was developed in collaboration with AFS and BP to give financially disadvantaged students the chance to study abroad and develop the intercultural competencies necessary to thrive in a global economy. This scholarship initiative will fund high school student exchanges between Brazil, India, and the United States in 2017–18.

Afs Intercultural Programs: What Are They?

Each year, AFS Intercultural Programs helps thousands of students, families, and individuals alter their lives by offering intercultural learning opportunities that unite diverse cultures through fostering human connections.

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