How To Teach English In Colombia

Learn How To Teach English In Colombia | 2024 Updated

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Due to Colombian rapidly expanding economy we have come to talk about how to teach English in Colombia in this article, and for the fact that Teachers with TEFL certification are highly sought after in Colombia as well these days. Colombia has the second-largest population in South America, with about 45 million residents. After Mexico, the United States, and Spain, Colombia has the fourth-highest concentration of Spanish-speaking people in the world, making it an excellent place to practice your Spanish while working as an English teacher there.

Twenty years ago, Colombia was practically off-limits, but in recent years, the nation has transformed into one of the most active nations in Latin America, and it has also gotten significantly safer, as seen by the enormous increase in tourism.

Jobs for English teachers in Colombia often begin in the months of January through March and July through August. The majority of jobs include teaching English to adults at private language schools (business types, university students, tourism, etc.).

In Bogota, Medellin, and other major cities, the demand for English teachers is very high. Colombia has a break-even market, allowing instructors to earn a living while working 20–30 hours per week in the classroom.


How To Teach English In Colombia


Still On: How To Teach English In Colombia

Learn How To Teach English In Colombia | 2024 Updated

Requirements for teaching English in Colombia

  • You should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in your nation.
  • You must have some prior teaching experience.
  • You must be aware of the many English teaching positions that are offered.
  • A recognized TEFL certification is required. If you don’t already have one, you can click here to learn how to get one.
  • You must have a current visa.
  • You must not be a native English speaker from a country like Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc. You must, however, speak English extremely well.
  • You must not have any criminal history.


Still On: How To Teach English In Colombia


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1. Meet The Requirements

The first step for anyone who wants to teach English in a place like Colombia is to meet the prerequisites. I’ve already mentioned these prerequisites, but allow me to reiterate them. possessing a TEFL qualification, having taught before, being extremely proficient in English, etc.


2. Do research

Simply put, I’m proposing that you should start doing research on these teaching positions in Colombia once you have seen the prerequisites. Investigate a variety of websites and educational blogs for details on such chances.

Also, you can seek advice from industry professionals to learn more about the best practices for teaching English in Colombia. Make sure you check the consultant’s legitimacy.


3. Sort Your Paperwork

Prepare your paperwork so you can submit an application as soon as it’s time. These documents could be your diploma, a well-written essay, a passport photo, a visa, or a number of other things.


Still On: How To Teach English In Colombia




4. Submit a job application

Apply for the numerous jobs you have found during your study after you have your paperwork ready and have satisfied the standards for teaching English in Colombia. You can apply to both public and private institutions, as well as work as a private instructor if necessary.

Regardless of the opportunity you apply for, keep an eye on the tab to see whether you are selected so you can schedule your interview, if necessary, and begin organizing your journey. It’s also a good idea to carefully read the job criteria and make sure you can handle them before applying.


5. Create Your Travel Schedule

Naturally, I am aware that you have prepared your travel itinerary in the event that you are chosen. If you don’t, start making them now as you’ll likely be moving to start working once you’ve aced the interview and landed the job.


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