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Welcome on board with us today, find out here, how to teach English in Portugal, Portugal’s economy has become largely reliant on tourism because of its beautiful beaches, mild Mediterranean climate, and historical attractions.

The demand for English instruction is rising in tandem with the tourism industry in order to accommodate the demands of arriving tourists. Portugal, however, has long lagged behind other EU members in providing students with foreign language instruction:

“More than three fifths of general upper secondary education students in the majority of EU Member States were learning two or more foreign languages in 2019; by contrast, this share reached only… 6.3% in Portugal.”

This indicates that the Portuguese ESL market is poised for rapid expansion, and we have the inside scoop on how to break into this booming ESL job market.

Depending on the kind of school you attend and your credentials, you may typically expect to make between $1,000 and $2,500 per month. Later on, we’ll examine some typical ESL jobs with detailed samples of job postings. Portugal is one of the top six locations in Europe to teach English.


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Still On: How to Teach English in Portugal


Are there many demands for English teachers in Portugal?

The prominence of Portugal’s tourism industry is largely to blame for the strong demand for English teachers in Portugal. In order to increase their prospects of finding employment in the tourism sector, locals endeavor to acquire English.

The Portuguese government has also pushed for kids to start learning English in first grade. Due to these two factors, English teachers are drawn to Portugal to teach English. Since so many individuals want to teach English there, the rivalry is intense.


What requirements must one meet to teach English in Portugal?

1. Possess TEFL certification

To teach English in Portugal, one must hold a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification. Obtaining your TEFL certification will give you the necessary training and credentials to be recruited by a respectable school in Portugal and should give you the confidence to teach ESL to your pupils.


How to teach English in Portugal


Still On: How to Teach English in Portugal


2. Language Requirements

Although you don’t have to be a native English speaker to teach English in Portugal, it is required that you speak the language fluently and at a native level.


3. Educational requirements

In Portugal, English teachers are needed to hold a bachelor’s degree. Your bachelor’s degree can be in any field; it doesn’t have to be in education (i.e.: Marketing, Psychology, Arts, etc). Any bachelor’s degree or four-year diploma from an approved university will suffice for this criterion (or three years if you studied in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand).


4. Visa and Necessary Documents

Any teacher who does not already have citizenship from an eligible member country of the European Union (EU) or working authorization to work in Portugal has a more difficult labor market there. Without work documents, schools are less likely to hire teachers and less eager to assist in obtaining them.

There are Work Visas and Student Visas for Teaching English in Portugal, respectively. You can work lawfully in Portugal for up to 20 hours per week if you have a student visa, and you can work full-time while you’re not in school. Before departing for Portugal, you must apply for a student visa at a Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country. The processing of the visa application could take one to three months.


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Still On: How to Teach English in Portugal


5. Having a Clear Criminal Background Check

Before being hired as an English teacher in Portugal, you must undergo a thorough screening to ensure that you have no pending criminal accusations.


6. Age Requirements

For teachers 40 and older wishing to study while teaching English in Portugal, registering for a student visa is an excellent choice because there are no age restrictions.


7. Prior Teaching Experience

You will undoubtedly stand out as the best candidate over the competition if you have teaching experience since you will be recognized as someone who brings more than simply knowledge to the job.


8. Physical Conditions

It is not necessary to undergo a health examination or a drug test to teach English in Portugal.


How to teach English in Portugal


Still On: How to Teach English in Portugal


Find Out How to teach English in Portugal

From Here Is The Full Detail On How to teach English in Portugal

Completing the required tasks

You must fulfill the conditions I’ve mentioned above in order to be qualified to begin working as an English teacher in Portugal. Be sure you have earned these credentials before beginning to teach English in Portugal.

Make inquiries about teaching positions.

The beginning of the summer is typically the greatest time to look for English teaching employment in Portugal. In an effort to fill open positions and wrap up contract talks by the end of August, this is when the majority of colleges announce openings for the upcoming academic year.

Moreover, you might hunt for employment in January as a few English teaching positions become available then.


Preparing and organizing your documents

When applying for a teaching position in Portugal, your documentation is crucial. A cover letter, a resume or CV, a passport photo, proof of good moral character, and transcripts are a few of these materials.


Still On: How to Teach English in Portugal




Applying for the jobs

You can begin applying for employment now that you have your documents prepared. While you are still in your home country, you fill out the job applications; nevertheless, you cannot travel until you have a job.

Organizing and departing for the country to begin employment once you have obtained the position
When your employment application is complete, you should immediately and without delay begin the visa processing process. The time it takes to process a visa ranges from one to three months.


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