high paying career change options for nurses

7 High Paying Career Change Options For Nurses | 2024

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On the job, nurses have to cope with a lot, including night shifts, long shifts, and various other emotional ups and downs. Some nurses need to take a vacation from nursing to consider less stressful but well-paying career alternatives.

Many nurses who are burned out describe feeling weary, having more unfavorable opinions about their professions, and performing worse on the job.

It could be time to change occupations if you’re worn out as a nurse. This article describes seven high paying career change options for nurses.

high paying career change options for nurses


Is a Career in Nursing Hard to Achieve?

Nursing is difficult for some nurses, but not for others. A person can choose from a wide range of nursing vocations, some of which are easier to pursue than others.

Many nurses would view this line of work as straightforward and low-stress. But, it all depends on how tough the person perceives things to be.

To conclusion, there are challenging aspects of nursing, however it depends on your perception what is challenging.

We strongly advise identifying what you enjoy doing and sticking with it. Your nurse clinics will be very helpful in guiding you as you choose.

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Is this the ideal time to switch to a nursing career?

A career move is one of those life-altering decisions that can be made at any time. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a lot of the traits that make you a great nurse can also help you succeed in other professions.

Being dissatisfied with your current work-life balance is pointless when there are so many exciting opportunities available in nursing.

Here are five signs that indicate when it’s the ideal moment for you to go from nursing to another profession:



Physical Restrictions

Repetitive motions can cause chronic back, knee, foot, wrist, and other types of pain. Examples include working all day on your feet, lifting patients, and leaning forward to provide care.

When you feel like your health is in danger, that’s when you should consider changing careers since as a nurse, you can care for patients without putting your health at risk.


You no longer feel challenged.

A novice nurse may feel as though they have an endless list of tasks to complete, including starting IVs, taking labs, performing patient evaluations, understanding electronic medical records, working with ancillary specialists, and many more.

You may feel as though you are performing these tasks automatically many years from now. If this occurs and your interest dwindles, it might be time to look for fresh intellectual stimulation in a different setting.

Hence, you might think about switching to a different industry to revive your nursing career by once again stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You dread having to go to work.

If going to work makes you miserable, it’s time to shift careers. Consider the cause of your feelings first.

Do you want to stop being bored? is one of the crucial questions you should ask yourself. Are you worn out? Do you think you could use a fresh challenge? Has there ever been a speciality you’ve wanted to pursue but are unable to since this isn’t it?

If you provide clear answers to these inquiries, move forward with choosing a job shift.


You want to raise the amount you can earn.

While not the only factor nurses take into account when selecting a position, compensation is a crucial one.

The way that nurses are paid for their work should be more openly disclosed. They put in the effort and deserve to be paid what they believe they are worth.

If you want to earn more money, research better paying nursing careers. You might or might not need to leave the hospital for this.

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Despite having a greater nursing degree, you still have the same position and are employed.

Many nurses continue their education to earn an MSN but find that they are still employed months or years after they graduate.

All around the nation, nurses are needed for a wide range of positions, including management, advanced practice, and education. The time is now more than ever to update your resume and begin applying for jobs that fit your new skill set.

high paying career change options for nurses

high paying career change options for nurses

What Are The Most High Paying Career Change Options for Nurses?

The best profession for nurses to pursue is one that requires them to apply their nursing skills in a different way, such as changing careers.

As a result, in addition to your nursing expertise, your soft skills and organizational abilities may help you be eligible for your next job change.

Here are the top seven lucrative career possibilities for nurses to consider in light of the foregoing.

1. Nurse Educator

One of the high paying career change options for nurses is the Nurse educator. As a career change option, you can work as a lecturer or nurse educator to teach young people how to become nurses.

With a high pay of $78,503 as recorded in march 2022, Nurse educators are responsible for ensuring that nursing personnel and carers receive the necessary continuous education.

They might collaborate with hospital officials to design staff assessments and training programs. Many nurse educators work at nursing schools as classroom/lab instructors or clinical instructors.

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2. Social Worker

Social worker is one of the high paying career change options for nurses. You can also pursue a job as a social worker as a career change option. You might work with the elderly, those with substance use issues, low-income people, persons with serious illnesses, and people who have been incarcerated as social workers.

Your job for this change option will be to counsel them and connect them with the assistance they require to enhance their lives. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and general practitioners, for example, frequently collaborate with social workers.

On behalf of a client, they may have to communicate with doctors, nurses, and employers. Although clinical social workers need a master’s degree, many social work occupations just require a bachelor’s degree, and the high pay is about $49,456


3. Clinical Manager

This is one of the paying career change options for nurses on the list of high paying career change options for nurses. A clinical manager is in charge of arranging and ensuring the efficient operation of the clinic or department.

They work with doctors to organize care and aim to meet the requirements of patients. Also, they arrange for the purchase of the required tools and supplies.

Clinical managers frequently work during business hours, which may be a pleasant change for nurses weary of 12-hour shifts. They also get an average salary of $72,612 per year.


4. Director of Case Management

Another paying career change option for nurses on the list of high paying career change options for nurses is the director of case management. Case management directors ensure that patients at the hospital or healthcare organization where they work receive quality care. Case management directors are a career transition choice for nurses with increasing job growth of 32% from 2020– 2030 and high compensation of $97,560.

They oversee other case managers and provide them instructions and criticism regarding the services they provide. Directors of case management develop policies and procedures for the personnel they oversee. Budgeting may also fall under their purview.


5. Clinical Documentation Specialist

This is another high paying career change options for nurses on the list. A clinician with expertise in clinical documentation aids hospitals and other healthcare institutions in maintaining accurate records, bringing in an annual salary of $76,283.

They guarantee that primary healthcare providers have access to the information they need to care for patients. Specialists in clinical documentation work for organizations that have a lot of files.

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6. Nursing Quality Improvement Coordinator

Nursing quality improvement coordinator is one of the high paying career change options for nurses. Hospitals employ the bulk of nursing quality improvement coordinators. At the end of the year, they make sure that nurses follow policies including keeping medical records and conduct quality assurance audits. Their annual salary is approximately $74,375.

Moreover, a BSN and five or more years of nursing experience are often necessary, as well as an RN licensure. It’s possible that these coordinators for quality improvement will have to work erratic hours.


7. Specialist in Clinical Informatics

Specialist in clinical informatics is one of the high paying career change options for nurses. Nurses with an interest in clinical informatics can work in hospitals where there are many medical records to keep track of.

They create user interfaces to make records easier to access, and they instruct staff on how to use data repositories.

Also, they have the option to develop and submit suggestions to management to enhance these processes, and as a result, they receive a high salary of roughly $78,183.


What should I do if, after nursing, I want to change careers?

Here are some factors to think about before making the risky decision to change careers that will help you decide logically whether to stop your job as a nurse:

Check your capabilities

Seeing your strengths is the first step. Create a list of the skills and traits that will help you move into a new career. After that, evaluate your shortcomings honestly and come up with a plan to fix them.

Look at how well your skills fit the potential occupations you’re interested in. List the things you need to do differently if you want to improve your chances of finding a new job.


Ask yourself these challenging yet practical questions on high paying career change options for nurses.

Write your responses to the following questions in your journal after pulling it out.

  • What is the best move I can make right now for my family and I?
  • Why do I enjoy or detest the field of study I’m in now?
  • Do I want to stay with my current employer or do I want to find a new job?
  • What characteristics should a nursing position have for me to be happy?
  • What matters to me the most?
  • Why am I not happy with my nursing job right now?
  • What actions must I take to ensure that my dream career becomes a reality?
  • What is holding me back from changing?


Decide what you want to accomplish.

Consider the tasks that you could complete using your skills. Create a list of the benefits and drawbacks of each job and take some time to consider your possibilities.

Instead of dismissing a career now because it requires additional education, take your time and think about which job you would enjoy the most.

Speak to a career or nursing mentor.

For help identifying your genuine calling and creating a plan to get there, think about speaking with a registered nurse career counselor.

Finding a nurse career coach as opposed to a generalist coach is essential for better consulting because they will be more familiar with the problems you encounter in the modern healthcare industry.

Up the quality of your academic credentials

In many different fields, there are professional groups. It is a good idea to look into any professional associations that exist for the career you are preparing for.

Besides looking good on your resume, joining a professional organization might open up networking opportunities for you.


Make an application for the job you want.

You have therefore spent a lot of time planning your career change; anticipate that the job search will also take some time. Keep an eye out for openings on well-known job boards, and submit an application for any that sound appealing and fit your qualifications.

The only person who can make you change your nursing career is you, at the end of the day. As you look for a nursing career that inspires and interests you, take things one step at a time. Best wishes for your travels!

Finally, even though being a nurse is an interesting career, it can be very time-consuming and prevent you from spending quality time with your family.

Consider working as a nurse through freelance or work-at-home opportunities if you need to free up some time. These options are less time-consuming than working as a nurse in a hospital or clinical setting.

high paying career change options for nurses


Questions and Answers on High-Paying Career Change Options for Nurses

Here are some questions and answer about high-paying career change options for nurses.

Is a Career in Nursing Hard to Achieve?

Nursing is difficult for some nurses, but not for others. Your perspective will determine what you find challenging, though. We strongly advise identifying what you enjoy doing and sticking with it. Your nurse clinics will be very helpful in guiding you as you choose.

As you gain more experience, does your nursing salary rise?

Absolutely! If it doesn’t, you ought to look for new employment with another company. It depends, as with anything, on the company you work for and how they treat their nurses. If you work for a reputable company, you should be aware that your salary will rise in accordance with your experience and education.

How many hours a week is a nurse allowed to work?

The majority of full-time nurses are only required to work 40 hours a week or 80 hours every two weeks unless they choose to work more. There are many opportunities for overtime as a nurse, as you’ll soon discover. This is also based on where you work and what your employer or boss approves. You could probably work as much as you wanted if you are both mentally and physically healthy. However, as a nurse, working overtime may not always be worth the additional pay.

What is the price of nursing education?

Depending on the type of program you select, tuition prices can vary significantly. Your desired nursing specialty is a further factor to take into account. For instance, if you want to become an RN, you can choose between a four-year BSN program and a two-year ADN program. The quickest way to get the most recent pricing is to get in touch with the schools you are interested in directly.

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