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Full List of Trades For Females 2024

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You’ve found the ideal site if you’re seeking a list of professions that are suited for women. This article includes a comprehensive full list of trades for females in 2024.

In reality, expectations in a traditional career are changing along with the rest of the world. The way that the global workforce operates has also changed.

If we study history, we will learn that gender used to be a significant factor in determining the type of trade one would engage in or even whether a person would engage in trade at all.

Women can now participate in a wide range of trades because of changes in society.

To enable any female out there make an informed choice about the career she can pursue, the scholarshipshall has put together a complete list of trades for women in 2024.

Full List of Trades For Females 2024

Trades and Women

Since the end of World War II, women have filled the positions left vacant by men, claimed their rightful place in the workforce, and demonstrated that they are qualified to fill those roles.

The skilled industry is generally thought to be more suited for men because they are seen as stronger than women, yet this is untrue.

The truth is that women are capable of handling any role with the same level of competence as men, if not more.

There are many opportunities for women to pursue these industries and advance due to the pressing need for skilled labor.

Increasing the overall number of women employed in the sector would also aid in filling the future workforce gap brought on by the impending retirement of a record number of skilled workers.

Women have the opportunity to work in trades and obtain well-paying careers that are meaningful. Women can make 20% to 30% more in skilled trade employment.

Scholarshipshall has provided a list of a few trades for women that offer excellent career opportunities.

Is a career in trade appropriate for women?

It is nothing new for some American families to have a woman serve as the only or primary provider of income, but the gender inequity problem persists in the workplace.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, women only make 80.2% of what males do in the country.

How does this impact the employment and income of women? Women often need to put in four more months of labor each year to make the same amount of money as men for the same position.

Although this imbalance persists in practically all sectors of the economy, it is far less pronounced in the retail sector, where women make up roughly 94% of men’s earnings.

Women in non-traditional vocations can find work and achieve more quickly thanks to shifting culture and attitudes as well as the increasing demand for gender diversity among employers.

Women make up a sizable share of the workforce in our country who have college degrees.

They have limitless talents and having both men and women in senior management roles can be very advantageous for the company.

Companies that have female top management do better than those that simply have one or two female directors or board members.

Common Careers for Women

According to AOL.com, which provided these statistics, the following are the Top Jobs for Women in the Workforce:

  • Teachers in elementary and secondary schools.
  • Cashier.
  • Manager or first-line supervisor of retail sales personnel.
  • Servers, including waitresses.
  • Administrative assistant and secretary.
  • A licensed nurse.
  • Assist in nursing, mental health, and home health.
  • Worker in retail sales.


What jobs offer the best pay?

Following are a few of the top professions/trades that will pay the most in 2024:

  • Carpenter.
  • Practical nurse with a license.
  • Develop websites.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.
  • Dentist’s assistant.
  • Welder.


Trade categories for men and women in 2024?

In general, there are professions that are appropriate for both sexes. These professions are open to all people and are not gender-specific.

  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Woodwork (Carpentering)
  • Heavy equipment operating
  • Insulation installing
  • Carpet installing
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity installing (electrician)


What are the top jobs in trade?

According to information provided by the reputable job site Indeed.com, the best trade jobs from lowest to highest paying jobs in terms of income include:

  • Licensed practical nurse. Average National Wage: $25.18 per hour
    .HVAC technician. Average national wage: $23.25 per hour.
  • House inspector.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.
  • Landscape architect/designer.
  • Boiler manufacturer.
  • Respiratory therapist.
  • Women and Trade Careers


Complete List of Women’s Trades for 2024

  • Administrator of databases
  • Developer of application software
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Engineer or architect
  • Engineer, Electrical
  • Construction Administration
  • Energy Technician for solar
  • Technician for wind energy
  • Graphic Artist
  • Artist in Multimedia
  • Designer of video games
  • Building Technology
  • Programmer of computers
  • Energy Industry Worker
  • Aviation mechanic
  • Installers and repairers of elevators
  • Metal Worker, Sheet
  • Industrial Architect
  • Engineer, mechanical

However, just 25% of executive roles in Fortune 500 businesses were held by women in 2018. Only 6.6% of the Fortune 500 firms’ CEOs in 2019 were female.

A list of several trade jobs that women can pursue is shown below;

1. Engineer, mechanical

One of the full list of trades for females is one that is centered on manufacturing equipment. The average annual salary for mechanical engineers who work on the design and development of equipment including engines, generators, and turbines is $92,800.

This is one of the newly developing careers for women in trades.


2. Industrial Architect

Industrial designers can be women in the industry who use their technical, artistic, and commercial abilities.

Your design might be used to create anything from toys to furniture to automobiles.

You can safely make up to US$71,430 in this sector per year.


3. Installers and repairers of elevators

This task entails relocating steps, boardwalks, and chairlifts in addition to repairing, installing, and maintaining elevators.

Installers and maintenance staff for elevators identify and fix the issues that led to an elevator malfunction.

You are expected to install and maintain equipment in this trade for women. They are able to perform these tasks thanks to their acquaintance with fundamental math concepts, fundamental grasp of electrical and electronic safety, and comprehension of designs.

Women employed in this position are expected to maintain service and maintenance logs and ensure that the elevator conforms with all applicable building rules and safety laws.

Elevator installers and maintenance staff made an average income of $76,650 in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.


4. Metal Worker, Sheet

Female sheet metal workers anticipate that they will work on building siding, roofs, outdoor signs, and piping systems.

The sheet metal must be laid out, measured, and marked according to the specified designs and templates.

The installation is finished by workers at a shop or on a building site.

In order to work quickly and effectively, sheet metal workers can make use of computer-controlled instruments (such as saws, cutters, and presses).

Typically, employers and unions offer apprenticeship programs where workers can learn new skills.

In 2024, women can advance in yet another sector of the economy by taking an apprenticeship.


5. Oil and Gas Employee

This is another full list of trades for females. Women can benefit from the numerous chances provided by the oil and gas sector to work as technicians, engineers, repairmen, or any other of the countless other professionals who require access to oil and gas from the ground through training to become knowledgeable in the business.

You can find that, depending on the type of work you do, the full list of trades for females average yearly wage varies from $40,220 for roustabouts to $156,370 for petroleum engineers.


6. Aviation mechanic

pursue a career in airplane maintenance to guarantee the security of travelers both above and below ground. Without a question, this is among the top professions and occupations for women. The average yearly salary for an aviation mechanic is roughly $65,230.


7. Programmer of computers

One of the top paying jobs on full list of trades for females is creating computer programs, which can only be done by someone who is familiar with computer programming languages.

In order to ensure that the organization’s software programs operate without hiccups or problems, your employment may require you to test programs, write code, and correct faults and malfunctions.

With an average yearly salary of US$89,580, you should be adequately compensated for your efforts.


8. Administrator of databases

The administrator of databases is one of the full list of trades for females. You have a responsibility to safeguard important and private data within your company as a database administrator.

It not only guarantees the data’s integrity but also its organization and accessibility to those with access to the data.

You will learn how to install, protect, backup, recover, and configure software in the full list of trades for females. You might make an average of $92,030 per year in this industry.


9. Developer of applications software

With an average salary of US$108,080 per year, this is one of the highest paying full list of trades for females. Many significant positions can be filled by software developers.

But individuals who create mobile applications for Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms typically have very fulfilling professions.

According to CNN Money, this profession is the highest-paying one for women in the United States.

Web developers anticipate a 15% increase in job growth for their industry.

If you want to work in this field as a woman, all you need to do is learn how to write code, design user interfaces, write scripts, and use programming languages and tools so that you may construct successful websites.

The average annual income for web developers in the United States is $75,580.


10. Electrical engineering

This is one of the full list of trades for females. Start your lucrative career off by securing a job that enables you to work with electronic products of all sizes. Everything from design and development to testing and maintenance is open to your participation.

Electrical engineering is not just a vocation for males; it is also one of the highest paying full list of trades for females, with annual earnings of up to US$101,600 possible.

Link To Job Website


11. Engineer or architect

On the full list of trades for females, this is another booming sector. Women can use their technical and artistic skills to oversee large-scale construction projects like the development of roads, bridges, and buildings by creating maps and drawings.

One of the well-paying full list of trades for females, you might make up to $56,700 a year working in this industry.

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12. Construction Administration

This is one of the full list of trades for females.  The construction management department provides females with entry-level positions in the construction industry as well as training in construction management and construction inspection for those who are interested in skills that will help them advance in the field of construction technology.


13. Graphic Artist

Another full list of trades for females, Women assist businesses in disseminating their information via print and electronic media. As a woman in this profession, you can design logos, brochures, websites, and other types of media.

It’s crucial to be aware that the average yearly salary in this industry is $54,680 if you think this is one of the full list of trades for females they really like to pursue.


14. Energy Technician for solar

This is one of the full list of trades for females. Installing, maintaining, and repairing solar energy systems that transform sunlight into electricity are all part of the sector.

Although the average yearly wage in this profession’s full list of trades for females is US$46,010, it is anticipated that as the need for solar energy rises, so will the income potential—a favorable risk for women.

As a result, it is a promising industry and among the most significant on the full list of trades for females of trades.

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15. Technician for wind energy

This is among the full list of trades for females. Women can learn how to operate tools that gather wind and transform it into useable energy in one of the trades available to them. To contribute to the development of clean renewable energy, you can anticipate a big reward; the average yearly wage of full list of trades for female in technicians for women working in this industry is $58,000 US.


16. Artist in Multimedia

Artist in multimedia is another full list of trades for females.  Women who work as multimedia artists create artwork and special effects for use in films, television shows, video games, animation, and other forms of electronic media.

Your technical and artistic skills can be put to use in the highest-paying careers for women;  artist in multimedia’s full list of trades for females are expected to make $78,230 per year.

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17. Designer of video games

You can select this since it’s one of the full list of trades for females and you’ll have the opportunity to break through in the gaming business by gaining expertise in game development and honing your talents in level design, graphics production, and coding.

And get ready to be rewarded for your expertise and dedication in one of the highest paying careers for women; in this sector of full list of trades for females, you can expect to make an average salary of $90,270 each year.

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18. Building Technology

One of the full list of trades for females, the modern construction business is an interesting one that is always changing. On our list of women’s involvement in trade, it comes in first place.

Those who enter the construction industry benefit from training in modern technologies because of the transition to greener construction techniques and material utilization.

There are several options for employment for women who desire to work in this field.

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