High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

Top 20 High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

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Presented to you here, is the list of top twenty high paying medical jobs with little schooling. Are you thinking about working in the healthcare field? Has the length of time required to get some healthcare degrees prevented you from pursuing your goal of working in the medical field? Have you ever wondered what the best paying medical professions are that require little education? If this describes you, the knowledge in this article may be just what you need to alter the course of your career pursuits.

The 20 best high-paying medical occupations with less education will be revealed as you continue reading in 2023. I’ll talk about the qualifications needed for these careers, probable employment locations, and some information on pay potential and the employment prospects.


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Top 20 High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

From Here Down Is The List Of High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling 

1. Medical Assistant

Just assisting a doctor in a hospital or clinic is the sole responsibility of a medical assistant, one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling. When patients arrive at a hospital, they are frequently the first individuals they encounter.

A medical assistant’s duties also include collecting and preparing lab tests, examining patients’ vital signs, documenting and maintaining records of patients’ medical histories, explaining treatment plans to patients, educating them about medications and diets, etc.

A certificate or associate degree from a community college can help you get started in this sector of work, and I recently wrote a blog piece on how to become a medical assistant. A medical assistant typically earns $36,542 annually.


2. Medical Secretary

Medical Secretary is one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling, with an average yearly compensation of $32,653. The work at hand is essentially that of a medical assistant, but instead of doing clinical duties, you will be managing administrative ones.

Making appointments, taking calls, bookkeeping, creating medical and invoice reports, transcribing conversations, and processing billing and insurance paperwork are all activities associated with this position. These abilities can be obtained through an associate’s degree or certificate program.


High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling


3. Radiation Therapist

This position ranks among the high paying medical jobs with little schooling since it is far more advanced than the first two and has an average income of $80,570 per year. You will be providing radiation to patients as part of the treatment for conditions like cancer and for x-rays.

Attending community college can help you develop the necessary skills, and you might wish to get an associate’s degree for this one.


4. Dental Assistant

A dental assistantship is more direct and will place you under the direct supervision of a professional dentist, unlike a medical assistantship, which appears quite vague. You will be in charge of merging clinical and administrative duties, such as setting up and keeping a dentist’s tools, arranging patient records, setting up appointments, etc.

In this scenario, you will be trained and equipped with abilities relevant to the dental field of medicine and how to aid dentists, thus the duty is essentially the same as that of a medical assistant. A certificate or an associate degree can be earned, and working as a dental assistant is one of the highest paying medical careers.

5. Pharmacy Technician

Another area of medicine is pharmacy, and pharmacists require help to make their daily tasks more easier. By enrolling in a college that provides the program, becoming skilled and qualified, and beginning employment as a pharmacy technician, you can launch a career in this field.

Its average annual income of $34,000 makes it one of the highest paying medical careers for those with little education. Handling prescriptions and patient refill requests, protecting patient privacy, offering customer service, outlining prescriptions to patients, and processing billing and insurance coverage are all responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.


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6. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

You’d concur with me that this position is pretty extreme and deserves a significantly greater wage than the rest. It is, in fact, somewhat higher. One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling and pays an average of $75,660 per year. An associate degree will provide you the abilities you need to start the work.

The duties include making radioactive drugs, giving them to patients, doing tests, and educating patients about personal hygiene.


7. Phlebotomy Technician

One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling is phlebotomy technician; you may start a career in the area with on-the-job training or a certificate, but if you want in-depth information, you should choose an associate degree. The annual average pay is $37,356.

Blood donations, intravenous insertions, and blood drawing from patients are among the duties. You can work in diagnostic facilities, blood banks, and other healthcare settings if you have this talent.


High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling

8. Medical Transcriptionists

For this position, very little formal education is needed, yet the average annual income is a high $36,000. Even though the job is straightforward and precise, you still need to learn how to perform it correctly, so enrolling in a community college program to complete the degree looks like the ideal option.

Medical transcripts must employ computerized systems to maintain track of medical reports, pay close attention to audio recordings of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, write down what they say, translate medical acronyms, and revise drafts produced by speech recognition software.


9. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling is diagnostic medical sonographer, with an average yearly salary of $62,000.

When doing imaging tests on patients, a diagnostic medical sonographer displays what is happening in that area of the body on a screen. Before performing an examination, other duties include getting the patient’s medical history and responding to any inquiries they may have.


10. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

These are the men who respond to 911 calls for medical emergencies and also give patients prompt medical care. With just a certificate or associate’s degree to expand your expertise, you can become like them.

The average yearly compensation for EMTs is $39,656, making it one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling.


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11. Physical Therapist Assistant

One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling pays an average of $52,000 year. To be qualified for this profession, you may want to earn a two-year associate degree.

After a physical trauma, such as an accident or bodily injury, your role as a physical therapist assistant is to assist patients in achieving their physical capacity goals. Working with patients one-on-one and following a specific growth plan, you will assist patients in recovering from a condition over time under the supervision of a physical therapist.


12. Medical Equipment Repairer

There are specific persons who have been taught and given the abilities to repair medical equipment; these people are known as medical equipment repairers. Medical equipment is utilized in the field of medicine and frequently develops problems that need to be addressed and maintained.

If you choose this job, you will be fixing everything from straightforward walkers to intricate machines like MRIs. With a salary of $58,820, this is one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling. You can acquire the necessary abilities by pursuing a certificate or an associate degree.


13. Clinical Laboratory Technician

One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling and involves running tests and analyzing samples such as bodily fluids, tissue, and other materials. Your talents will allow you to work in diagnostic centers, hospitals, and medical labs. You can acquire these skills through a certificate or an associate degree.


14. Surgical Technologist

A surgical technician can observe surgery in the operating room without undergoing the customary ten years of training. Your duties will also involve assisting surgeons during operations, stocking and ordering medical supplies, sanitizing and arranging equipment, and cleaning and preparing the operating room.

You must have an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree before you can begin a career as a surgical technologist. The annual average wage is $56,310.


High Paying Medical Jobs With Little Schooling


15. Registered Nurse

Every medical facility has nurses who collaborate closely with the attending physician. You need a state-specific license, a high school diploma, and a post-secondary education diploma, preferably a bachelor’s degree, to become a registered nurse.

Checking a patient’s vital signs, starting intravenous therapy, cleaning wounds and changing bandages, and updating doctors on a patient’s health are all tasks that a registered nurse is responsible for.


16. Medical Coding Specialist

Specialists in medical coding are employed by the billing divisions of healthcare organizations such clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and others. By finishing a training program and earning a certification or associate degree, you can launch a career in this sector.

In order to bill and receive payment from health insurance companies, responsibilities include identifying and recording diagnoses, treatments, and procedures.


17. Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator earns an average yearly compensation of $66,000, making it one of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling. You wouldn’t spend much time talking with patients while working in this position; instead, you would be in charge of the hospital’s finances and employees.

Also, you will be in responsible of managing workers, enforcing compliance with healthcare rules and regulations across all divisions, and scheduling employees’ hours.


18. Home Health Aide

Consider becoming a home health aide if you want to work in the healthcare sector but don’t like the notion of working in a hospital. One of the high paying medical jobs with little schooling is this one, with an average annual income of $32,000.

Working with elderly and disabled patients, as well as those who need help with personal care and nutritional issues, is what a home health aide does. In general, you help individuals and make their lives simpler as a home caregiver.




19. Health Information Technician

The main responsibilities of a health information technician include managing and organizing healthcare and medical data by ensuring the accuracy, accessibility, quality, and security of medical information in digital systems and in print. This position is one of high paying medical jobs with little schooling.

With an associate’s degree, you can work in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare establishments. The annual average wage is $47,861.


20. Nutritionist

With an associate degree, you may work as a nutritionist and make an average salary of $53,039 annually. As a nutritionist, you’ll assist patients in creating and implementing healthy eating routines to promote their overall health and wellbeing. You will also assist individuals with food allergies and diabetes in making meal plans.

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