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Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2024

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The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program was launched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October 2000 at the University of Cambridge with a sizable donation of US$210M! As a result, the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2024 assumed the title of largest scholarship ever donated to a UK university. They appear happy to invite candidates for this year’s Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship, 2024, once more.

Building a global network of future leaders committed to enhancing the lives of others is the goal of the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship. Students who want to enroll in a full-time, four-year degree program or in postgraduate courses, master’s programs, or PhD programs in the US, specifically at the University of Cambridge, are welcome to apply for the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2024. The scholarship pays for the expenses associated with attending, such as tuition, housing, books, and transportation, as well as possibly covering personal expenses.

Do you share the same mission then? Then you should read this article!

bill and melinda gates scholarship


Information about the 2024 Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship

for submissions in 2024;

Gates For exceptional students outside of the UK who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate study program in any of the subjects the University of Cambridge offers, Cambridge is awarding 80 full-cost scholarships. With an estimated 25 grants offered in the US round and 55 awards granted in the international round, about two-thirds of these monies will be given to PhD candidates.

At any given moment, over 225 Scholars from over 50 different countries are enrolled in Cambridge to pursue the complete range of disciplines offered by the university, which are dispersed throughout its departments and Colleges.

Did I mention how competitive the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship is?
So just keep in mind that it really is. Do not worry! As you read on, there are suggestions for getting the scholarship.

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Perfect Applicant for the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship in 2024

In other words, the perfect applicant at Gates Cambridge meets or exceeds 4 requirements. They do;

Academic Excellence First

Melinda and Bill Gates Cambridge looks for evidence of academic distinction in the form of transcripts, recommendations, experience, and aptitude for the selected programme. To sustain quality at Cambridge, the academic departments of the university only suggest applicants who have achieved the highest levels of academic performance.

Second, reasons for course selection:

A compelling argument is made for a specific postgraduate degree at Cambridge. It is a requirement for Ph.D. candidates (and the majority of research MPhil candidates) to make contact with possible supervisors with whom they would collaborate on a research project, a synopsis of which will be submitted with the application. Overall, Gates Cambridge favors scholars who discuss how their time at Cambridge transformed their academic careers; as a result, it is advisable to thoroughly understand your study and support your intended course selection. Be able to suggest how research may affect a career path.

Third, a dedication to making others’ life better:

Remember that the goal of the Gates Scholarship is to improve lives, thus it is your duty as a Scholar to do so. This criterion is up to interpretation by candidates, who can decide how it best reflects their dedication to the present, history, and future of the societies in which they will live and work.

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Finally, a leadership quality:

Those who are subsequently chosen must demonstrate their leadership skills in any way imaginable. We anticipate further evidence of leadership experience in the workplace and potential effects.

To get enrolled, you must already have all of the aforementioned qualities!


And if you want more details, this is how the Gates Cambridge Scholarship is chosen:

  1. Divisional standing
  2. Shortlisting
  3. Interview


bill and melinda gates scholarship

Eligibility Criteria Requirements

Get your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) first before looking into additional eligibility requirements if you’re an overseas student hoping to get a Gates Foundation scholarship;

a national of any nation other than the UK.

making an application to study one of the following full-time residential programs at the University of Cambridge:

  • PhD
  • MSc/MLitt
  • A yearlong postgraduate program (with some exceptions listed below).
  • At least one of the following racial or ethnic groups: Afro-American, Latino, Asian & Pacific Islander, and/or American Indian/Alaska Native
  • Pell-eligible
  • A national or permanent resident of the US
  • A minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Link To Scholarship Website


The following programs, however, are not eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 2020:

  • Any undergraduate degree, including a B. A. or a B. A. associated (a second B. A)
  • Ph.D. in business (MBA)
  • MBA in finance (M. Fin)
  • P. G. C. E
  • Clinical Trials for MBBChir
  • MD Medical Doctor degree (6 years, part-time)
  • Graduate Medical Program (A101)
  • degrees earned on a part-time basis
  • Non-degree programs


Applications for the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship 2024

For admission, a college spot, and the Gates Cambridge scholarship, candidates must complete a part on the university’s Graduate Application Portal. In the selection process that follows, both applications are examined. The following must also be supplied;

Gates Declaration at Cambridge

In the space provided, applicants are expected to provide an explanation of why they are applying for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and how they fit the four primary requirements in no more than 3000 characters (about 500 words).

The statement separates candidates who received high marks from departments for each of the four major factors. You should make the most of your history, accomplishments, experiences, and future goals to demonstrate how you would be a good match for the Gates Cambridge program because this is the only section where candidates are expressly questioned about their fit with the program.

study proposal (PhD applicants only)

Just a research proposal must be submitted by PhD candidates to Gates Cambridge as part of their grant request. The Gates Cambridge research proposal should be roughly two pages long, but check with your intended department for specific length and formatting criteria.

Cambridge allusions from Gates

The most significant thing is that Gates Cambridge wants two academic references who can speak extensively about the applicant’s eligibility for admission. On the application materials website, you may get more information about the reference letter format, content, and sources.

bill and melinda gates scholarship


How to Apply

Admissions for the school year 2024 are no longer being accepted. In September 2024 applications for the academic year 2024 will go on sale. Specifically, September 2nd for both rounds.

Nonetheless, on the day of the applicable application deadline, Gates Cambridge abides by the University of Cambridge’s noon regulation (UK time). As a result, timelines need to be carefully examined. Verify the Gates Cambridge portal’s “deadline” field.

Also, you may use the university’s graduate applicant portal to apply for admission to a postgraduate program, a college spot, and a number of funding sources, including Gates Cambridge.

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