places where you sell broken tv for cash

8 Places Where You Sell Broken TV For Cash In 2024

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What are the places where you sell broken TV for cash? How should a damaged television be handled? You might think it is useless most of the time because it is completely ineffective. The places where you sell broken tv for cash quickly and profitably are described in this post.

In the United States, adults are expected to watch television for an average of three hours each day by the year 2024. This number has been continuously falling over the past few years, and the trend is anticipated to continue for some time to come.

Since most televisions need to be replaced when they break, this is the usual course of action. Most selling platforms will permit you to list your damaged TV for sale as long as you have a few passable photos and a succinct description.

Because you may still put the TV up for sale and be surprised at how much you might get for that broken screen, regardless of whether the screen is cracked, the LCD is faulty, or the TV simply doesn’t function.

Do broken TVs have any cash value?

Even though television may appear straightforward to some, it actually has many intricate elements and functions that even the ordinary person is unlikely to be familiar with.

Someone else might be able to mend TVs that have abruptly ceased working or are displaying signs of deterioration.

If your television has lost its good working condition but is still covered by warranty, a qualified electrician might be able to assist you.

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places where you sell broken tv for cash


What elements of television are recyclable?

  • Picture tube or CRT:

A picture tube, also known as a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), is a device that uses a vacuum tube and an electron gun in conjunction with a fluorescent screen to generate the colors for television.

These tubes may eventually deteriorate as a result of heat, magnetism, and other factors. The images you see on your television’s screen are produced by a cathode ray tube that is also referred to as the picture tube.

These tubes can be recycled, and valuable components can be recovered from them during the recycling process.

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  • Electronics like wires:

The ability to remove components from televisions, including antennas, chips, and receivers, and utilize them elsewhere can be done by informed and professional engineers.

When recycled, obsolete technology can still contain copper and other valuable metals.

  • Audio and Speaker:

If the television is broken but the speakers and audio system are still in good shape, one can sell the speakers to engineers who will use them for other televisions.

The picture on your TV is probably still good, and fixing the issue should not be difficult if the speakers are broken.

How much does it cost to repair a flat-screen TV that has a crack?

A brand-new TV screen costs $400, to begin with, and prices go up from there. The screen is typically the most expensive component of your television system.

Therefore, buying a new equipment is typically more economical. Due to this, many expert repair companies decline to fix screens.



places where you sell broken tv for cash

List of Places Where You Sell Broken TV For Cash

Here are the Places Where You Sell Broken TV For Cash

1. eBay:

This is one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. eBay is the industry leader in online auctions by a wide margin. Expecting to obtain a lot of cash for your broken television is unrealistic. Take some pictures of your products, upload them online, and finish the transaction yourself.

It takes a little bit more effort than simply leaving it at the kiosk, to be honest. For reselling your goods, both auction and “Buy It Now” are suitable choices (s).

Both advantages and disadvantages apply to any format. With this kind of sale, vendors can run a standard auction for a predetermined number of days.

You must specify an opening bid and the length of the auction in order to begin the bidding. The bidder that submitted the greatest amount is the winner.

Places where you sell broken tv for cash eBay is one of the best options.

2. Varage Sale:

Varage sale is one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. VarageSale to shop and sell at garage sales online in your neighborhood. From children’s apparel to televisions, you may sell it all on this website.

Because of this, it’s yet another place where defective TVs can be posted for sale. A wide range of things are available for purchase at VarageSale.

By tapping on a member’s profile picture and choosing “Message Seller” from the drop-down menu, you can buy something from their store.

To ensure that you and your seller are on the same page, send a private message to each other. Once all the details are agreed upon by both parties, the seller will reserve the item for you.

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3. Television Repair Shops:

This is also one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. A television repair shop is an ideal place to sell a broken television for cash. All you have to do is give a neighborhood TV repair company a call and ask whether they purchase broken TVs.

You might be able to save money by doing this. It’s still worth more to sell a broken TV even if you can only get a few hundred bucks for it than to just leave it lying around.

4. Craigslist:

Among the places where you sell broken tv for cash is craigslist. You can sell broken TVs on Craigslist, for example. It is an excellent option to sell a broken TV for cash without having to pay shipping.

In the top left corner, click “Create a Posting” to post your ad after choosing your city. If you list your outdated, broken television for sale on this website, you might be able to sell it for cash quickly.

Online customers have reported that they purchase damaged TVs from sites like CL and then renovate them. Thus, it’s possible that you can use the internet to find a buyer for your damaged TV.

Recognize that Craiglist does anticipate negotiations as a word of caution. Because of this, you ought to provide yourself with some by requesting a little higher fee, depending on the state of the TV.

Keep your description short while including details like age, model, color, and serial number. Choose a category that is concentrated on the unique qualities of your product to get more views.

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5. 5Miles:

5miles is as well one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. By utilizing the location of your phone, 5Miles distributes listings to buyers in the area. It’s unpaid. With the use of this app, shipping costs for your broken TV are no longer necessary!

Security is a top focus for this program. You must provide them with your phone number, social network login information, and email addresses in order to complete the triple verification process.

There, you can sell your used television. With 5miles, there are no commission fees to pay—this is a significant benefit! In other words, you keep every money if someone buys your old TV.

Link To Sell Broken TV Website

6. Facebook Marketplace:

This is one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. Selling almost anything and everything on Facebook Marketplace is a brilliant idea. Open the Facebook Marketplace app, and at the bottom of the screen, click “Selling Something” to list a damaged TV for sale.

Then, you can enter explicit data like value, area, and the condition of your TV. A few photographs should be uploaded before returning to the Marketplace page and clicking “Selling” in the top left.

places where you sell broken tv for cash

7. Yard Sale:

Yard sale is one of the places where you sell broken tv for cash. Selling your broken television at a yard sale will save you money because you won’t need to move it or market it. A yard sale is a good place to find your product if you want to sell it to others who want to recycle or restore elements of your television.

Furthermore, when you sell your TV in person and get paid right away, there are no risks of being duped.

Remember that this strategy puts you in direct contact with your potential client on a human level. Be polite and prepared to respond to any questions that people may have.

8. Buyback Boss:

This is another place on the list of places where you sell broken tv for cash. With the help of BuyBack, you can fast earn money without having to sell anything outright.

Used electrical equipment is purchased by Buyback Boss for cash. It is now a recognized institution that receives many compliments. In fact, the BBB has given Buyback Boss an A+ rating.

After receiving the equipment, Buyback Boss claims to pay out within 1 to 2 business days. It could arrive within a week of when it was sent. One of the newest locations to buy and sell broken TVs is BBB.

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