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Get Paid to Watch Netflix in 2024: All You Need To Know

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Get paid to watch Netflix, Have you ever considered how it might feel to be compensated for watching Netflix? Do you have any plans to tag for Netflix? Then continue reading to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix.

Most people are familiar with the concept of paying a monthly subscription fee to Netflix in order to view TV shows and not being compensated to do so. Numerous people have questioned the reliability of Netflix taggers and the nature of their work. That is how realistic a tagger’s work is—the fact that people are getting paid to watch Netflix.

However, only college graduates with additional skills and work experience are eligible for the career opportunity to work as a Netflix tagger. If you wish to work with Netflix, do you know how much each tagger earns annually or what their main duties are? Please finish reading this article.

Netflix watchers can earn money in other occupations besides taggers. Depending on how much time you spend in front of a TV, you can potentially get paid to watch Netflix videos online. While watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix, there are websites, applications, and other ways to make money online. Why not make Netflix watching into a money-making strategy if you enjoy watching TV series or movies there?

You may amass points equivalent to some dollars with apps like iRazoo, MyPoint, Viggle, and GrabPoints, while Swagbucks’ Netflix binge-watching program can pay you nearly $1,000 per month.

Through its Smart Watch initiative, EduBirdie also provides individuals with “get paid to watch Netflix” jobs. Do you want to try Netflix and Bills? Allow us to demonstrate.

get paid to watch netflix


How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix

It may be difficult to believe, but it’s possible to get paid to watch Netflix movies and TV series. For accessing video content on the streaming service platform, Netflix compensates users. Do you want to learn how Netflix tags content and how you can use this to your advantage? Discover more ways to make money as a Netflix binge watcher and more as you keep reading to find out.

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Get Paid to Watch Netflix with Netflix Tagger Officially

One of the simplest methods to earn money is probably through viewing videos on Netflix. It’s impossible to pass up the offer of “Netflix and Bills,” which is also hard to believe.

Before diving more into the intricacies of this piece, though. Learn more about Netflix Taggers by reading on.

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What is Netflix Tagger?

A unique program launched by Netflix gives many people the ability to act as taggers. The primary duty of those involved in Netflix tagging is to view Netflix content and add tags to each episode of a TV show or movie.

The series’ release years, directors, cast members, languages, and scene kinds are all listed in the metadata contained in the attached tags. These tasks are compensated for by the taggers who work for Netflix.

Using tags, Netflix has begun recommending TV series, movies, and other content to its vast subscriber base based on what people are looking for on the Netflix website or mobile app. Netflix taggers’ tasks and responsibilities include rating various shows and adding highly vital metadata to TV programs. These few jobs will pay you to watch Netflix.


How to become a Netflix Tagger

Imagine you get paid to watch Netflix while streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, and other content on Netflix as a tagger. A job as a Netflix tagger has a number of advantages. Unlimited TV series, movies, and documentaries can be streamed, and you can earn money by completing small chores. The majority of individuals doubt the job’s legitimacy since they perceive it as being unreal. The truth is that being a tagger for Netflix is a legitimate profession that anyone can get if they match the prerequisites.

If becoming a Netflix tagger were open to everyone, millions of Netflix users would be competing for it. However, it is not. University graduates with over two years of work experience in the media or news industry are qualified for Netflix tagger employment. The minimum age requirement for a successful application is 18 years old or older.

Before submitting your applications for the Netflix tagging job, you must also be proficient in English.

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Here is how you can secure a job as a Netflix tagger.

  • To access the Netflix careers page, click here.
  • Look to see if there is a job posting.
  • Send your resume when you discover a position, and eagerly await a response.

If your application is accepted and you are hired by the company, you will have access to Netflix’s unlimited streaming service.



How Much Does Netflix Pay Taggers?

There are several advantages to working as a Netflix tagger for streaming TV shows, as well as numerous prospects. You can develop your existing position and turn it into a better career as a Netflix tagger. A Netflix tagger’s annual compensation is thought to be $100,000, which is higher than the national average.

There are four alternative pay schemes for Netflix. The payment for tagging Netflix content in SD, HD, and Ultra HD varies.

Basic-paying Netflix taggers make $8.99 each show when viewing TV shows in SD quality on a single device.

The regular payment follows, with taggers receiving $12.99 per episode when they stream Netflix content on two HD screens.

The premium pay is the third and final pay structure. When they stream TV shows on four different Ultra HD and HD screens, taggers make $15.99 per show.

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Work for Netflix

The corporation pays people to watch TV shows on the streaming service, therefore there is an employment possibility at Netflix. The criteria for the job might deter a number of recent college grads from applying. College graduates with at least two years of professional experience in the media industry work as Netflix taggers.

On the company’s official website, there is a Netflix employment board. The job portal posts various employment opportunities with an estimated average annual compensation of $30,000 that are dispersed throughout different countries globally.

Netflix taggers in some states can make up to $50,000 a year, according to Glassdoor estimates. According to another story, the compensation is $70,000 per year. Visit the Netflix job board website to begin Netflix tagging right now if you believe you are a strong contender to succeed the current tagger.


Binge-Watch Netflix and Get Paid by Swagbucks

There are other ways to get paid to watch Netflix while watching your favorite Netflix program besides fulfilling the requirements to become a Netflix tagger.

You can make about $1,000 per month just by binge-watching Netflix if you stream your favorite TV episodes, movies, and documentaries for longer periods of time. Additionally, you are going to get paid to watch Netflix paid through the Swagbucks rewards program. Netflix taggers are not the only people who may make money while watching Netflix.

Simply download the Swagbucks app to your device to begin; it’s a simple process to follow.

You receive a $5 welcome bonus from Swagbucks when you sign up for the service. When you successfully register, there are no sign-up costs, and you can immediately begin earning.

Once you’ve downloaded the Swagbucks app to your device, you can start watching a variety of TV series and films. You can complete additional tasks on the Swagbucks app to boost your rewards. (Opens a new window).


Other Ways to Get Paid to Watch Netflix Movies

There are many ways to get paid to watch Netflix, like using Netflix taggers and the Swagbucks app to binge-watch. Here are some other options for earning money while watching Netflix.


1. Get Paid by InboxDollars

This is one of the other way to get paid to watch Netflix. On the well-known website InboxDollars, you may watch movie trailers or short films and get rewarded. You can install the InboxDollars app on your device from the Google Play Store to get started. Create an account and start watching the videos you love while earning some cash.

InboxDollars has a $5 sign-up bonus upon registration, which is thrilling. After completing the registration process, you can make up to $200 each month by only watching a selection of films, film trailers, or playlists.

Any device, whether a laptop, a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, can stream video content.

By watching brief video clips using InboxDollars, you can make between 5 and 25 cents, or $25 if you are more diligent. Once your profits reach a minimum of $30, InboxDollars pays you via banker’s checks or PayPal. Gift cards for Amazon, Target, or Walmart can also be obtained in exchange for payments.

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get paid to watch netflix



2. Get Paid to Watch Netflix by Nielsen

Nielsen is one of the way to get paid to watch Netflix. Besides using Netflix tagging, there is another platform called Nielsen where you can get paid to watch videos. When you share video content you’ve watched on your computer or mobile device using the Nielsen app, the platform gives you the chance to make money. On the official Nielsen website, you can make money by watching films and completing some tasks, such online surveys.

You can then participate in a monthly raffle draw to win prizes. During the monthly draw, Nielsen Digital voices offer almost $10,000 monthly and if you are a member, other cash prizes are up for grabs.

To get started, you can visit the official website to join Nielsen Panel. Fill in the necessary details and register.


3. Get Paid by MyPoints

Another way on get paid to watch Netflix is Mypoints. Earn Cash with MyPoints
You can gain points using the MyPoints app while watching internet videos on your devices. You may easily download the MyPoints app from the App Store or Google Play.

You have the opportunity to earn 500 points every day with the MyPoints app simply by watching videos. The redemption scheme will determine how much the videos are worth.

With MyPoints, you can use United Airlines gift cards or gift cards from different merchants to redeem your points.


4. Get Paid by the GrabPoint App

By watching movies and doing a few online tasks, such online surveys, you can make money with the GrabPoint app.

Below are the procedures to follow before registration.

  • Install the GrabPoint app from the Google Play Store first.
  • Select the channel of your choice.
  • Start watching TV programmes and videos after that.
  • Obtain points now.

Your chances of earning more points rise as you view more videos. A total of 1,000 points is equal to $1, and the minimum number of points required for a withdrawal is 3,000, or $3. Gift cards from specified stores or PayPal gift card redemption are both options for prizes.


5. Get Paid by iRazoo

iRazoo is one of the way to get paid to watch Netflix. You can make money with iRazoo by watching videos online and performing other chores; you are not required to tag Netflix in order to get money with this site. With more than 50 channels, iRazoo will keep you entertained with short videos, movie trailers, and much more.

Once you reach 3,000 points, iRazoo pays you, and you have 30 days to redeem your rewards for $5 gift cards or PayPal payments. On mobile devices, download the iRazoo app from the Google Play Store. After the download, register and take advantage of your profits as you watch internet videos.

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6. Get Paid by EduBirdie

One of the way to get paid to watch Netflix is EduBirdie. EduBirdie has employed people on numerous occasions so they can earn money while watching Netflix. Applicants for EduBirdie must compete for a smart watcher as part of the application process. Only 20 applicants are approved for the job at EduBirdie, which receives hundreds of applications.

One perk of becoming an EduBirdie smart watcher is that you get a free monthly subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix. EduBirdie is using the smart observer application to do research. EduBirdie, a platform focused on education, using the smart watcher program to assess viewer motivation for learning.

You can combine the EduBirdie smart observer program with Netflix tagging, which rewards its users with a one-time payment of up to $1,000.



Get paid for watching Netflix or short videos in your spare time

There are ways to earn a job viewing videos if you’ve tried to use the tagging program to get paid to watch Netflix but are having trouble. On websites like Swagbucks, watching videos is simpler than completing surveys or making covert purchases.

Although watching videos can earn you money, it won’t be enough to take the place of a regular employment. Consider it as a straightforward complement to your 9 to 5 career. Thoughts should be given to working as a TV viewer, such as a Netflix binge watcher or in other TV watcher occupations, if you have a hectic day but still want to make money in your spare time.

get paid to watch netflix


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