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15 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries | 2024

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Interested in learning more about the craze surrounding jobs in the fundamental industries? Given the wide range of employment options available, the best paying jobs in basic industries occupations. People have options for progress as well as a means of support thanks to these employment prospects.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s statistics indicates that 17.1 million Americans work in industries related to agriculture and food. Only a small portion of job prospects in the fundamental industries are included by this statistic.

In order to help you choose a career, this article will walk you through some of the best paying jobs in basic industries occupations. Let’s begin by giving you some background information on what the basic industries are.


What are Basic Industries?

Industries or disciplines that provide the raw materials needed by other industries for manufacturing are considered to be in the basic industry category.

In contrast to the consumer goods industry, they put more emphasis on manufacturing the raw materials needed to produce additional goods for export.

Be aware that the phrase “fundamental industries” does not apply to just one sector of the economy. For the purpose of producing or extracting raw resources, it combines a number of industries. Most of these raw resources were exported.

The development of these industries is crucial to the nation’s economy. They also give people the chance to find work and support themselves.

For instance, the petroleum industry takes crude oil as its raw material from the crust of the planet. The crude oil will be refined by the chemical industry into finished goods like gasoline, petrol, diesel, and many more.

Therefore, a bad political transition or a drop in export could have a detrimental impact.

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Categories of Basic Industries

Numerous fields are categorized as basic industries in most sectors. They comprise:


Every economy depends heavily on agriculture for its survival. Every day, this business gives people food to eat and work to do. Additionally, it is a significant source of raw materials.

Oil and Gas Industry

One of the best paying jobs in basic industries is the oil and gas sector. As a result, there are many employment available there that can help you make a good living. Oil and gas are produced and explored by businesses in this industry. Additionally, some businesses possess refineries that are in charge of cleaning the oil.

Industrial Chemistry

This particular sector is in charge of managing the refinement of raw resources into finished goods like gasoline. These items are then made accessible to users and consumers. It is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.

Paper and Pulp

This sector of the economy focuses on the textile and hygiene goods sectors.


Power, heating, and water are all aspects of this sector. It is an undisputedly in-demand sector of the economy. It is, therefore, a tremendously lucrative enterprise.

Steel and metals

Metal and steel are crucial industries. It should come as no surprise given how often it is in construction, building projects, and real estate.

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What Are The Advantages Of The Basic Industries To Our Economy?

It is impossible to disregard the advantages that the fundamental industries have for the economy. It effectively illustrates how many raw materials are required to produce other goods.

The advantages of fundamental industries, which are among the highest paid employees in 2024, are as follows:

  • Job variety: The sector provides employment in all phases of production. Therefore, it provides space or employment opportunities for a huge population.
  • The growth that is constant: The core industry is always expanding and experiencing increases. It consequently has a favorable impact on the economy.
  • High-paying Positions: Manufacturing jobs in basic industries are available at high salaries. As a result, workers must look for employment in this sector.


Does A Career In The Basic Industry Make Sense?

Of course, you can pursue it as a good career. It’s interesting to note that this sector is adding jobs every year. People in need of work have a choice from the pool.

Also, knowing that other industries rely on basic industries makes it a good career path.

Additionally, the jobs come with good payment plans.

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Who Fits The Bill For A Job In The Basic Industry?

People who just want to work with their hands are best suited for positions in this profession. This means that those who want a respectable wage and stability in their employment should find it ideal.

You must keep in mind, though, that in order to succeed in this field, you must have a few credentials and skills that will set you on the right track. It will be advantageous to also have soft skills.


What Are the Wages In Best Paying Jobs Basic Industries?

What does employment in the basic industries pay? This is a crucial question to ask if you’re hoping to land a position in one of these sectors.

Basic Industries pay an hourly rate that ranges from $47 to $63 on average, or $54 an hour. The particular rates, however, change depending on the location and nature of the task. Additionally, the wage scale is determined by the employee’s qualifications in terms of skills and education.

Finally, the earnings or remuneration for jobs in the fundamental industries depend on these variables.



best paying jobs in basic industries

15 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries 2024

We have a wide range of best paying jobs in basic industries, although some of these jobs pay higher than the others. The number of people with high salaries is consistently maintained as the years go by.

The most lucrative positions in basic industries for 2022 must therefore be identified by you. The highest-paying positions anticipated to emerge in 2024 are as follows:


1. Agricultural Chemists

Annual wage: $80,680

This is among the best paying jobs in basic industries, this one has one of the highest salaries. Chemicals are developed by agricultural chemists to safeguard and enhance crop fields’ environmental conditions.

To do this, they experiment with different chemicals to learn how the crops respond to them. To protect the crops from weeds and pests, they follow certain practices.

The process of the crops’ growth, however, may be accelerated by this action.

Fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are also created by agricultural chemists to safeguard the crops. For the objective of enhancing the soil’s fertility, they monitor the soil’s humidity.

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2. Agronomists

Annual wage: $68,830

This is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. These workers give information on the crops they are growing to those who operate in the agricultural sector. They are aware of the need of a healthy harvest for customer safety.

Therefore, in their studies, they concentrate on crop arrangement, soil type, and weed control. Instead, they come up with methods and management strategies that can help with the crop.

We believe that this position is among the highest-paying ones in the basic industries.


3. Chemist

Annual wage: $60,360

Chemist is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. These workers are always looking for chemical breakthroughs that would result in improvement. Additionally, they have areas of chemistry expertise.

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4. Conservation Scientists and Foresters

Annual wage: $64,010

This is another job on the list of best paying jobs in basic industries. In preserving nature, these engineers collaborate equally. The scientist who studies conservation compiles data and develops strategies for enhancing natural regions. He does this while guarding against harm coming to them.

Foresters, on the other hand, control the work of other forest employees and conservationists. They are also in charge of observing the development of forests and planting new trees.


5. Carpenter Foreman

Annual wage: $49,836

This is another best paying jobs in basic industries. The task of managing or supervising other carpenters falls to the carpenter foreman. He oversees training, plans carpentry-related tasks, and, if required, makes equipment purchases.
He also makes sure that other carpenters follow the rules set forth by the business.

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6. Factory Manager

Annual wage: $92,568

This is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Factory managers strive to make sure the production process is efficient. In conclusion, these managers primarily work in the manufacturing sector and oversee the manufacturing process.


7. Geologists

Annual wage: $93,580

Geologists is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.  Precious metals are studied by geologists to better understand their nature and composition. Their research ultimately aids in the discovery of natural resource deposits.

They proceed to look at more data as a result.

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8. Metallurgists

Annual wage: $95,640

This is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Scientists that specialize in metals investigate the composition and behavior of metals. The extraction of metal is also made simple by these folks.


9. Petroleum Engineers

Annual wage: $137,330

Petroleum Engineers is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. These engineers are in charge of removing raw minerals from the crust of the planet. They delve far into the land or the sea to do this.

As a result, they choose the site or area where the oil and gas are located, the path it will take, and the appropriate tools for the work.

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10. Mining and Geological Engineers

Annual wage: $93,800

This is another job on this list of the best paying jobs in basic industries.  These engineers guarantee the security of the mining workers. As a result, they build buildings that will increase the safety of the extraction process.

Additionally, they develop faster methods of moving the minerals. Due to its high compensation in the sphere of basic industries, this occupation consistently stands out.


11. Logging Workers

Annual wage: $42,350

Another job on this list of best paying jobs in basic industries is logging workers. When gathering wood, these employees assist foresters. In the process of cutting wood, they are essential.

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12. Electrical Engineer

Annual wage: $77,172

This is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. This individual has been entrusted with the task of developing and designing electrical items. home items, for instance. This engineer is not constrained to one area of engineering.

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best paying jobs in basic industries

13. Truck Driver

Annual wage: $66,840

Truck driver is one of the best paying jobs in basic industriesTruck drivers make sure that all kinds of products and things are delivered safely while also transporting them. For deliveries, they also travel through local roads.

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14. Production Manager

Annual wage: $64,152

This is another best paying jobs in basic industries in the list. To ensure that there are enough resources, these managers oversee the production process and coordinate all activities.
To ensure productivity, they organize work schedules and create budgets even more.


15. Welder and Fabricator

Annual wage: $51,048

This is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries. Metals, as well as other materials, are cut, joined, and molded by these employers. They also repair various kinds of machinery.

Jobs in the fundamental industries have a significant role in the expansion of any economy. You can select the position that best suits you now that you are aware of the top 15 paying positions in the fundamental industries.

We trust that this post has answered your questions concerning the most basic and well-paying industries.

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