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Welcome to our platform Scholarships Hall, today we have Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships for the year 2024. Continue your education in Hong Kong. There’s good news! The Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarship Program is now accepting applications.

In this article of today we have Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships, we will go through all you need to know about the Postgraduate Scholarship Program as well as the application process in depth.

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is a Hong Kong-based public higher education institution. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the arts, sciences, social sciences, business, and a variety of other subjects.

The university is placed 58th among Asian universities and 261st overall in the QS World University Rankings. We’ll look at some of the greatest scholarships available at Hong Kong Baptist University in this article.

Many international students attend Hong Kong Baptist University, which is located in one of the world’s busiest cultural hubs. Scholarships are offered by both the institution and the Hong Kong government to international students.

They seek to raise educational standards in Hong Kong and strengthen international ties between Hong Kong and the rest of the globe.

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Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships 2024

Undergraduate Scholarships at Hong Kong Baptist University

1. Belt and Road Scholarship

This is the first  amongst Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships. The Hong Kong government awards the Belt and Road Scholarship.

This scholarship, which is accessible at Hong Kong Baptist University, was launched in 2015 as part of the Belt and Road Initiative to boost Hong Kong’s cooperation with over 70 countries. This comprises Southeast Asian, African, and European countries, among others.

And this very scholarship scheme amid all the Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships is believed to be only for Undergraduates alone.

Belt and Road Scholarships are divided into three categories: undergraduate students from Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand; undergraduate students from Belt and Road nations other than Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand; and postgraduate students from Belt and Road countries.

The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee and is renewable for the duration of the program if the recipient performs well.

Simply meet all of the conditions and apply for admission to Hong Kong Baptist University to be considered for the scholarship. This scholarship is open to all courses, therefore you are not limited in what you can apply for. Note, however, that this award does not support dual or combined degree programs.

If you’re applying for a scholarship, make sure to ask for the Belt and Road Scholarship. There is normally no need to submit a separate scholarship application, but the university may need extra documentation from you, such as a letter of inspiration.

This also informs the university that you’re particularly interested in the Belt and Road Scholarship.

The candidate would be assessed on four important issues, according to Hong Kong’s Education Bureau. They must excel in their academic studies, contribute to their university and community, demonstrate leadership and communication abilities, and be interested in the Hong Kong community.

Because this is an external scholarship, you will be competing against students from all across the world. As a result, you must provide as much pertinent information as possible at the time of admission. This will improve your chances of being recommended and selected for the scholarship by the institution.

The Belt and Road Scholarship offer will be included in your acceptance letter.

You will get a fully free tuition cost and will be ineligible for any other Hong Kong government scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria
must be a prospective international undergraduate or postgraduate student from any qualified country with an outstanding academic record and extracurricular involvement

Link To Scholarship Website

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2. Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers

Here is the second top scholarships amongst the Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships. The Hong Kong government established the Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers to promote the quality of English language education in Hong Kong.

It is entirely supported by the government and is given to students in their first year of any approved English program.

This particular scholarship scheme, amongst all the Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships is mainly for Undergraduates as well as the first we discussed.

In the instance of Hong Kong Baptist University, the scholarship covers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

This Hong Kong Baptist University scholarship comes in two varieties: five-year and one-year. Secondary school graduates are eligible for the five-year scholarship, whereas college graduates obtaining a postgraduate diploma are eligible for the one-year award.

Both scholarships require confirmation of English language proficiency—a Band 7 in IELTS or equivalent is required.

If you’re applying as a postgraduate, you’ll also need a first-class honours degree in English or a related topic with grades of at least 2:1 or equivalent.

The application form is available in PDF format here. The PDF includes the application form, a convenient checklist, an essay portion, and a recommendation letter that you must give to a teacher or adviser for them to complete.

You’ll also require copies of your English language exam results, your Hong Kong Baptist University acceptance letter, and a transcript of records from your previous university (if postgraduate).

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Follow the directions on the PDF to submit your application and supporting documentation.

On the scholarship link, you’ll find the application deadline, the Education Bureau’s address, and the title written on the envelope. If you do not carefully follow these guidelines, your application may be rejected.

You can submit your application by mail or in person, although they strongly advise you to do it in person. This is simply to ensure that your application reaches the Education Bureau on time, as late applications will not be approved.

They will assess you on all elements of your application, but those who seek to teach in primary schools will be given preference. If your application is shortlisted, you will be required to attend an in-person interview. You will be responsible for your own transportation.

This award is valid for one year and is renewed if the student maintains satisfactory marks throughout that time. Following graduation, all beneficiaries of this scholarship must teach English in Hong Kong for one year (postgraduate) or three years (undergraduate).

Eligibility Criteria

must be enrolled in their first year as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at Hong Kong Baptist University and must be enrolled in one of the following courses:

1. BA in English Literature and Language (undergraduate)
2. Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and a Bachelor of Education in

3. English Language Teaching are also available (undergraduate)
4. Education Postgraduate Diploma (postgraduate)

Link To Scholarship Website


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Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships 2024

Postgraduate Scholarships at Hong Kong Baptist University

1. International Postgraduate Scholarship

Next top and the very last to be discussed in our list of Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships is here. though amongst all the Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships this one in particular is mainly for Postgraduates.

The Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business offers an International Postgraduate Scholarship. It was created as a way for students from all over the world to enroll in any of the university’s approved programs. Its goal is to identify the most talented and inventive students and teach them to become business leaders.

This Hong Kong Baptist University scholarship is available to students enrolled in any of the School of Business’s approved postgraduate programs. The scholarship link contains a complete list of programs.

All of these courses have been accredited by international organizations such as the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. They are the school’s pride and joy.

The first step is to submit an application for admission. This is done via their user-friendly application platform. Create a new account and apply for a postgraduate taught program.

After that, you’ll be sent to an online application form where you’ll be requested to fill out some information, attach some documents (such as your diploma and proof of English language skills), and pay a non-refundable application fee.

The International Postgraduate Scholarship does not require a separate application; instead, the application for admission serves as an application for the scholarship. To avoid competition, the university strongly advises applicants to apply as soon as possible.

If you are selected for a scholarship, you may be asked to participate in an online interview or take a written test.

The questions will very certainly revolve around your abilities and experiences. Expect questions about your grades and extracurricular activities as an undergraduate student, as well as how enrolling in the School of Business will assist you in pursuing your career goals.

Your academic credentials, as well as the results of your online interview or written test, will be used to assess you. The admissions committee is searching for someone who is driven to make a difference in business and society. For a greater shot at the scholarship, stress your leadership qualities and community involvement.

By the end of July, you should have received an offer of admission (along with a scholarship offer if you qualify). The scholarship recipients will get a fully waived tuition cost as well as monthly living expenses.

In exchange, the school may ask you to participate in various activities during your study year, such as recruitment initiatives or internationalization projects.

Scholarship Amount: fully-waived tuition fee, a living allowance of $12820

Eligibility Criteria

1. You must be an international student from a country or area other than China, Macau, or Hong Kong.
2. Must be enrolled in any qualified postgraduate program at Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business, and must have excellent academic records and leadership abilities

So with all these features, this scholarship scheme have to be considered amongst Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarships.

Link To Scholarship Website


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