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50+ Questions About God and Answers

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We often find ourselves reflecting on the mysteries of the cosmos and the complexities of our existence, and we consider whether there are solutions to the concerns we have concerning God.

Usually, after a protracted search, we come up with some answers, but then new inquiries arise.

In-depth, impartial responses to the questions about god and answers questions regarding God from the viewpoints of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are presented in this article.

We begin by responding to a few often asked questions concerning God.

The following are some of the frequently asked issues regarding God that World Scholars Hub has investigated and addressed for you in this article:

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All Questions About God And Answers

Let’s look at more than 50 inquiries concerning God organized into several categories.

Commonly asked Questions about God

1. Who is God?

Who is God is one of the most frequently posed questions concerning him.

God does, in all honesty, mean so many different things to so many different individuals, but who is God, really?

Christians hold that God is a Supreme Being who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and extremely perfect, and who is also the highest ultimate good (summum bonum), to use St. Augustine’s phrase.

This Christian perspective is extremely similar to how Muslims and Jews understand God. But each religion’s initiates are free to hold their own, unique views of God, which frequently depend on the beliefs of the larger church.

In essence, God is someone who exists above all things, including humans.

2. Where is God, exactly?

So, where exactly is this Supreme Being? How do you approach God?

Actually, this is a challenging question. Where is God, exactly?

According to Islamic thinkers, Allah is above the skies, lives in the heavens, and created everything.

However, Christians and Jews also hold the added idea that God is everywhere—He is here, He is there, He is literally anyplace and everywhere—in addition to the widespread conviction that God lives in heaven. Jews and Christians both concur that God is omnipresent.

questions about god and answers

3. Does God Exist?

Therefore, you might be wondering: Is it even conceivable that this Person—God—is real?

It is difficult because one must provide evidence for God’s existence in order to persuade people that He exists. You will undoubtedly discover solutions that demonstrate the existence of God as you read further into this article.

So, continue to insist that God exists for the time being.

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4. Is God a King?

God is frequently referred to be a King—a Sovereign Ruler whose Kingdom is eternal—by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

But is God truly a monarch? He has a kingdom, right?

In sacred writings, it may be figurative to refer to God as a distinct king who rules over everything by using the words “God is a King.” a means of helping people realize that God has ultimate power over everything.

God did not come into being as a result of a vote or poll. He created himself into God.

So then, is God a King?

Yes, He is, indeed!

Even so, God does not impose His will on us; rather, He informs us of what He requires of us and gives us the freedom to choose according to that knowledge.

5. How much Power does God Wield?

Yes, God is required to be strong as He is a King. But how strong is He really?

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all concur that God’s power is much beyond what we can comprehend as humans. We simply cannot fathom the extent of His power.

The only thing we can say about God’s might is that it surpasses ours, even with all of our incredible inventions and technologies!

The phrase “Allahu Akbar,” which literally means “God is the Greatest,” is frequently used by Muslims as an acknowledgement of God’s power.

God is all-powerful.

6. Is God a Male or a Female?

The gender of God is a further question that is frequently posed. Is “He” a guy or female?

The majority of religions believe that God is genderless and neither a man nor a woman. However, it is thought that the way we see or represent God in strange situations may feel particularly masculine or feminine.

As a result, one can feel safe and secure in God’s arms or within His bosom.

However, the pronoun “He” is typically used to refer to God in writing. This merely demonstrates the limitations of language in describing the Person of God and does not imply that God is male in any way.
Serious Doubts About God

7. Does God hate Mankind?

But does that suffering support the idea that God despises humanity?

All major religions concur that God does not despise humanity. For Christians, God has often demonstrated that he is prepared to go above and beyond to preserve humanity.

In order to answer this query truthfully, let’s consider an analogy: If you had unlimited control over someone you despise, what would you do to them?

Without a doubt, you would turn off the person’s lights, remove everything associated with them, and leave no trace.

No one can therefore claim that God despises humanity as long as mankind exists today.

8. Does God ever get angry?

We’ve heard so many times from so many different religions that God is irritated with people for not living according to his rules.

And one wonders: Does God ever seem irritated?

No, God is not constantly enraged, to answer your query. He does, however, become enraged when we disobey Him. Only when a person continues to disobey in spite of repeated warnings does God’s wrath turn violent.

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9. Is God a mean Person?

Clearly, this is one of the big issues with God.

God is not a cruel person, according to all religions. For Christians, this is particularly true. According to Christian doctrine, God is the most compassionate being in the universe and the source of all good.

there is, He cannot allow Himself to be cruel or hateful in any way.

However, God does punish people who disobey him or fail to adhere to his rules.

10. Can God be Happy?

Naturally, God is.

The ultimate good, God, is contentment, joy, and peace in himself.

Every religion affirms that God is pleased when we follow His teachings, obey the law, and do the right thing.

People also think that happiness is found in God. The world would genuinely be a place of happiness, joy, and peace if we were to abide by God’s commandments.

11. Is God Love?

We’ve heard God frequently described as loving, especially by Christian preachers, so occasionally you wonder: Is God really loving? Who or what kind of Love is He?

For all faiths, the response to the query is in the affirmative. God is love, and not just any type of love. neither the sensual or familial kinds, which are self-fulfilling.

God is the kind of selfless love, or agape, that sacrifices oneself for the benefit of others.

God’s love demonstrates His profound concern for people and all of God’s other creations.

12. Can God Lie?

Not at all.

Everything that God says is true. God cannot even be put in a compromising position because he is all-knowing.

God cannot have the stain of lying since He is the absolute and unadulterated Truth. God cannot be blamed for evil, just as he cannot lie.
Serious Issues Regarding God

13. What does the Voice of God sound like?

Christians, Jews, and Jews believe that God talks to humans; Muslims, on the other hand, do not. This is one of the difficult problems about God.

Jews hold that not everyone has the privilege of hearing the voice of God, and that anyone who does so is a prophet.

But for Christians, everyone who does God’s will can hear His voice. Many people wonder what God’s voice sounds like because they can hear it but are unable to distinguish it.
God’s voice is different for various people and in different circumstances, therefore this is actually a difficult subject.

God’s voice can be heard speaking softly in the stillness of nature, speaking to you in the quietness of your own heart as you follow your path, warning signs ringing in your head, rushing waters or wind, a gentle breeze, or even rolling thunders.

All you have to do is listen to hear God’s voice.

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14. Does God look like Humans?

How does God appear? Does he resemble a human being with two hands, two legs, eyes, a face, a nose, and a mouth?

Given that the Bible claims that people were made in “God’s likeness”—basically, to resemble God—this is a particularly interesting subject. Although healthy, our physical bodies do have some restrictions, whereas God is not constrained by them. The Spirit component of Man should therefore have this “Likeness of God” as well.

This implies that while God may appear as a person, he is not limited to that appearance. God can manifest himself without necessarily having a human appearance.

However, the Islamic conception of God forbids knowledge of God’s physical appearance.

15. Is God visible?

This is a difficult subject because only a very small number of people in the Bible claim to have witnessed God while they were still living. Not even the prophets are mentioned as having seen Allah in the Quran.

But according to Christianity, God has revealed himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

All religions agree that after a righteous person passes away, they have the chance to spend all of eternity with God and behold God.

16. Does God smite people?

In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are instances where God struck people who disobeyed his commands. God therefore punishes those who are evil or who have enabled evil to occur.

Unanswerable Questions about god and Answers

17. When will God show himself to Everyone?

God has made himself known to Christians, particularly via Jesus. Jesus lived thousands of years ago as a person, though. People then ponder when God will once more manifest physically to the entire earth.

In a sense, God continues to reveal himself to us in many ways; all that is required of us is that we believe.

If the query was whether God would come back as a man, it is impossible to respond because the answer has not yet been given.

18. Did God create Hell?

Hell, a location or state where it is said that souls rot and suffer pain. Did God create hell if he is so loving and caring and the creator of all else?

Hell is a realm where God is not present, and without his presence, lost souls are tormented without relief, even though this is a question that cannot be answered.

19. Why does God not Destroy Satan or Forgive him?

Satan, the fallen angel, has persisted in leading mankind astray by causing them to reject God and His laws.

So why doesn’t God just kill Satan, or even pardon him if that’s even possible, so that he no longer deceives souls?

Well, we do not know the answer to that question yet. People however say that Satan hasn’t asked for forgiveness yet.

20. Can God Laugh or Cry?

Undoubtedly one of the unanswerable issues with regard to God.

It’s impossible to say whether God smiles or cries. These are human deeds, and only metaphorical texts have ever attributed them to God.

It is impossible to determine whether God weeps or laughs, thus no one knows.

21. Does God Hurt?

God suffer harm? It looks improbable, yes? God shouldn’t be able to experience suffering given how strong and powerful He is.

But it is said that God is a Person who can become envious.

We cannot know if God is capable of experiencing pain or if He may be injured.

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Questions about God and answers that Make You Think about God

22. Does God approve of Philosophy and Sciences?

Many people no longer believe in God as a result of scientific and technological advancements. So, the question is, does God support science?

God does not disapprove of philosophy and science since he has given us the universe to study, comprehend, and create. However, he is worried when we turn things that make our lives comfortable into idols.

23. Will God exist without Mankind?

God existed before humanity. God is not dependent on humanity. However, God does not want to see humanity exterminated from the planet.

One of the questions about God that gets you thinking is this one.

24. Is God Lonely?

One could question why God made man or meddles in men’s business. Is it possible that He is alone? Or maybe he just can’t help himself?

Although it may sound odd, many people genuinely wonder why God went to such lengths to create people before interfering in their affairs to settle conflicts.

God’s creation of humans and his meddling are both part of a larger plan, thus he is not alone.

25. Does God have beauty?

No one has ever witnessed God in His genuine form and recorded it in writing. But it is not incorrect to suggest that God is beautiful given how lovely the universe is.

26. Can God be understood by humans?

God speaks to man in many various ways and via many different circumstances. Sometimes people hear him and other times they don’t, usually because they weren’t paying attention.

The human race is aware of God and what He requires of it. Even if people understand God’s message, there are occasions when they choose not to follow his commands.

Humans occasionally fail to comprehend what God is doing, particularly in trying circumstances.

Philosophical Questions About God And Answers

27. How do you know God?

God is a part of our existence and pervades all other beings. Everyone is aware, deep down, that someone, someone smarter than man, started all of them.

Mankind’s quest to discover God’s face led to the development of organized religion.

Supernatural and paranormal occurrences have occurred and are documented over the millennia that mankind has existed. These in some ways demonstrate that humanity extends beyond life on Earth.

We choose to look for him because, deep down, we know that someone gave us our lives.

Following the compass in your heart is an excellent place to start in your quest to know God, but going it alone may wear you out. As you plot your course, you must seek out guidance.

28. Does God have Substance?

What is God made of is one of the most often posed philosophical queries about God.

Consequently, one can ponder what elements make God who He is.

God is not a substance in and of himself; rather, he is the essence of all other substances in the cosmos as well as the essence of himself.

questions about god and answers

29. Is it possible to know God fully?

God is a being that we cannot fully comprehend. Although it is possible to have a limited understanding of God, this knowledge will not allow us to fully comprehend him.

Only God has complete knowledge of himself.

30. What is God’s Plan for Humanity?

Every person should lead a rich and satisfying life on earth and should experience eternal bliss in paradise, according to God’s purpose for humanity.

However, God’s plan is based on our choices and deeds. God has a great plan for everyone, but it could be derailed by our poor choices and deeds.

Concerns concerning faith and God

31. Is God a Spirit?

Absolutely, God is a spirit. most powerful Spirit, from which all other spirits originated.

A spirit can be thought of as the life force that sustains all intelligent beings.

32. Is God eternal?

God is unchanging. He is not constrained by space or time. He existed before time began and he will endure after time has passed. He has no limits.

33. Does God demand that all people adore Him?

God does not mandate that all people worship him. He just instilled in us the notion that we should.

The greatest is God It is our highest duty to worship God in order to demonstrate the greatest reverence for him as there is in the cosmos, just as it is fair to do so for any great person.

If people choose not to worship God, it has no negative effects on him; yet, if we do worship him, we have a chance of experiencing the joy and glory he has planned for us.

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34. What’s with all the different religions?

People have started their quest for God in countless ways and across several cultures. God has revealed himself to man in a variety of ways, and man has interpreted this meeting in a variety of ways as well.

Other less powerful spirits that are not God occasionally communicate with people and want to be worshiped.

These meetings between various people over time have been recorded and standardized worship practices created.

Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Traditional African Religions, and many more religions have developed as a result of this.

35. Is God aware of the various Religions?

It is all known to God. He is knowledgeable about all major religions, their tenets, and customs.

God has given man the capacity to distinguish between true religion and false religion, nevertheless.

This comes up frequently in questions about faith and God.

36. Does God actually communicate with people?

God does communicate with individuals.

Most of the time, in order to be used as a vessel, the person will need to yield his will to God’s.

37. Why haven’t I heard of God?

Nobody is likely to claim, “I have not heard about God.”

Why is that?

Due to the fact that even the natural wonders of this planet point us in the direction of God.

Due to the fact that even the natural wonders of this planet point us in the direction of God.

Therefore, even if no one has approached you to share their knowledge of God, you will have already realized this for yourself.

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Questions About God And Answers

38. If there is a God, why is there so much suffering?

God did not intend for us to suffer when He created us. God intended for the earth to be perfect and good, a peaceful and joyful place.

God grants us the ability to choose, yet occasionally we make bad decisions that cause our own misery or the suffering of others.

The fact that the agony is momentary ought to bring comfort.

39. Does the Big Bang Theory eliminate God from the Equation of Creation?

The role God played in creation is not negated by the big bang theory, which is still just a theory.

God continues to be the cause without beginning, the move without end, and the Being who “is” before all other beings became.

In the same way that there must be a main object before anyone or anything moves or moves, as is the case in everyday life, every occurrence of an event is a causal component.

The big bang theory is no exception.

Nothing occurs by accident. Consequently, even if the big bang theory were to be true, God would still play a crucial part in bringing about this bang.

40. Is there even a God?

Is God really real? is one of the first atheist inquiries you encounter.

He most certainly does. God does in fact exist.

There should be no question that a genuinely Super-Intelligent Being is responsible for all of these things based on observations of the universe’s functioning and how well-ordered its constituents are.

41. Is God a Master Puppeteer?

God is not a puppeteer in any sense. God doesn’t force us to do what he wants or coerce us into doing what he says.

God is an extremely frank individual. He directs you while giving you the option to decide for yourself.

But he does not just leave us to our own devices; he provides us the chance to ask him for advice while we make our decisions.

42. Is God Still Alive? Is God Death?

Since the universe has been in motion for a billion, billion years, one would wonder if the person who created all of these is no longer among us.

However, is God really gone?

Of course not, God is immortal.

All physical beings with finite lifespans are bound by death since they are composed of matter and are subject to the passage of time.

God is not constrained by these restrictions because He is neither made of substance nor is He constrained by time. God is still living and cannot pass away as a result.


43. Has God forgotten about Mankind?

Sometimes once we build something, we forget about it when we go on to produce something newer and better. The older iteration of our creation is then used as a comparison to the more advanced and creative versions.

Even worse, the older version might be used as food for research to build newer versions and left forgotten in a museum.

Is this what has happened to our Creator, one wonders?

Obviously not. It’s improbable that God will reject or disregard humanity. Considering His omnipresence and His audible interference in the lives of humanity.

God has not abandoned humanity, for this reason.

Questions About God And Answers from children

44. Does God have plans for each person’s future?

has fantastic plans for each and every one of them. However, nobody is required to adhere to this laid-out strategy.

Humanity’s future is undiscovered and uncertain, but God’s future is predetermined. Whatever decision one has made, God already knows the outcome.

God tries to get us back on course if we make a poor or unwise decision. However, it is still up to us to recognize and accept when God calls us back.

45. Why do I need to attempt if God has plans?

God grants you the freedom to choose your decisions, as has been mentioned. Because of this, you must make an effort to follow God’s plan for your life.

Once more in the words of St. Augustine, “The God who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.”

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46. Why does God let young people to pass away?

Losing a young person is a really traumatic experience. Why, everyone asks? especially since everyone loves this young kid and he or she has immense potential but hasn’t yet realized it.

Why did God let this happen? How could He permit this? This young person was a shining star, but why do the brightest stars go away more quickly?

Even though we are unable to know the answers to these concerns, one thing is certain: heaven is guaranteed for any young person who was faithful to God.

47. Is morality important to God?

Being a pure spirit, God encoded some sort of knowledge into the universe during creation that teaches us what is moral and what isn’t.

Therefore, God wants us to at least try to be as moral and pure as he is.

God is very concerned with morals.

questions about god and answers

48. Why does God not eliminate Aging?

You could start to question as a young person why God does not take away aging—wrinkles, old age, and all of its implications and issues.

While it may be challenging to provide a response, one thing is certain: aging is a beautiful process that serves as a constant reminder to all people of how short our lives are.

49. Is God aware of what lies ahead?

Young people frequently inquire about the future when discussing God. Thus, a lot of young people ponder the question, Does God know the future?

Yes, God is omniscient and is aware of everything.

God is fully aware of the future, despite the fact that it may be complicated and full of unexpected turns.

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Questions About God And Answers on Bible

50. Is there only one God?

Three distinct Persons are mentioned in the Bible, and each is referred to as God.

Yahweh, who oversaw Israel’s chosen people in the Old Testament, as well as Jesus, God’s son, and the Holy Spirit, who is God’s spirit, are all referred to as God in the New Testament.

The triune God played a variety of but complementary functions to preserve humanity, according to the Bible, which neither separated these three Persons from their essence as God nor claimed that they were three independent gods.

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Questions regarding God frequently spark dialogues that include disagreeing, agreeing, and even neutral perspectives. With the information above, you shouldn’t question God.

Please share your thoughts in the section below so we can talk to you more about this.

You are welcome to ask us any personal questions you may have. We will be happy to help you better comprehend God. I’m grateful.


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