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How To get Netflix in 2024: All You Need To Know

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To find out how to get Netflix in the US and Kenya for free, the 30-day free trial period on Netflix has come to an end, and the free initial episodes of shows like Stranger Things are no longer available.  keep reading. We’ll show you how to obtain Netflix for less than $2 a month if you live somewhere else.

To keep its 200 million users entertained, Netflix, a giant in the world of internet streaming, often releases blockbusters like Squid Game and The Queen’s Gambit. As a result, we’ve put together this tutorial to show you how to watch Netflix for free. However, it’s pricey, and the content is rarely offered for free.

how to get netflix


Key Learnings:

  • The 30-day free trial and the chance to view the first episode of a few select shows for free are no longer available on Netflix.
  • If you sign up for a free plan in Kenya or take advantage of T-“Netflix Mobile’s on Us” promotion in the US, you may access Netflix for free.
  • Splitting the cost of your Netflix monthly subscription with family or friends, buying gift cards at a discount, or utilizing a VPN to access Netflix in countries like Turkey and Argentina can all help you save money.

We have solutions for everyone who wants to try out Netflix before making a long-term commitment or wants to lower their monthly bill. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to use one of the best VPNs to stream Netflix for a much lower price, or even for free.

Check out the procedures for getting a cheap Netflix subscription in the video below if you like to learn by watching things.


How to Get Netflix for Free: Is It Possible?

Prior until recently, Netflix offered a 30-day free trial period during which new users may access any amount of content for free. It also offered a “watch free” option that allowed non-subscribers to view the first episodes of a few TV shows, including Our Planet, Love is Blind, and Stranger Things, without having to pay a subscription fee.

In order to draw in new customers, Netflix launched free-to-watch choices in the hopes that the excellent service would convince them to switch to one of the paying plans.

However, some “new” members were abusing the system by signing up for free trials, canceling them, and then signing up again using a different email address. This wasn’t good for Netflix’s marketing plan.

As a result, starting in October 2020 in the United States, how to get Netflix off the free trial before removing the watch-free option from its website months later. For subscribers in the UK and other nations where these offers were accessible, the situation has been the same.

Even with the watch-free options being fewer, Netflix was still accessible for free. Your alternatives, however, will vary depending on where you live. How to get Netflix for free is provided below.

1. How to get Netflix Subscription From Your ISP

One of the greatest methods to access on how to get Netflix for free in the US is through the T-Mobile “Netflix on Us” promotion. As part of their marketing approach, the ISP pays your Netflix payment when you purchase data through one of their Magenta or Magenta MAX plans.

The Netflix Basic plan, which supports standard-definition streaming on a single screen, is available with T-Magenta Mobile’s with two or more lines or Magenta MAX with a single line. However, Magneta Max with two or more lines unlocks Netflix’s Standard plan subscription, which allows for simultaneous streaming on up to two devices and offers HD streaming.

2. How to get free Netflix in Kenya

New subscribers can stream material on an Android phone that supports version 8 or above of the Netflix app thanks to a free plan that Netflix established in Kenya. This is still a brilliant idea even though the content catalog is small and consumers cannot download movies and TV series.

There are no advertisements to sully the streaming experience, and you receive personalized recommendations. In addition, you can activate parental restrictions to safeguard the young ones and create profiles for different users, including children.

However, only residents of Kenya are eligible for the deal. Our attempts to use a VPN to unblock the free content outside of Kenya were unsuccessful; not even our top VPN for streaming was able to circumvent the restrictions. Netflix has implemented stringent algorithms that are identifying and preventing VPN usage.

But if you’re going to Kenya, you can enjoy the convenience of having free Netflix access on your Android device. It’s really simple to unlock the free plan. Start by opening the Netflix app, entering your email, selecting “start a free plan,” and then following the on-screen instructions.


How to Get Netflix for Cheap

Even while the free Netflix offers are valuable, not everyone can take advantage of them. For instance, subscribers outside of the United States cannot access the T-Mobile Netflix on Us deal. Similar to the free plan in Kenya, the free material is solely available to Kenyan citizens and includes a small selection of movies and TV shows.

Additionally, Netflix or the internet service provider (ISP) has the right to end these promotions at any time. Try any of these methods to acquire Netflix at a bargain if you loathe the uncertainty that the free offer brings. These alternatives let you save money without reducing the number of movies and TV series you can watch.

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1. Save Money by Sharing a Netflix Account

Consider splitting the monthly Netflix fee with other Netflix subscribers who share your living space, such as college roommates, family members, or roommates.

If you live in the UK with three pals, for instance, you might split the price of the Premium plan so that each person pays $5. You’ll monthly save $15 by doing this.

Netflix’s terms of service encourage account sharing even though the company would prefer that each person had their own account. For instance, the Premium plan allows you to download content to four phones or tablets and stream Netflix video to up to four devices. Everyone may easily keep up with their preferred TV series and movies in this way.


2. Reduce Your Bill With a Netflix Gift Card or Promo Code

Using gift cards or discount codes is a fantastic additional way to access Netflix for a low cost. On well-known companies like and MTCGame (hint: you’ll need this in the following guide), you can get Netflix gift cards in-person or online.

Do not worry if your Netflix account is linked to your iTunes or Google Play account. On MTCGame, you can also get inexpensive gift cards. In addition to gift cards, Netflix coupon codes can help you save money on subscription prices. You may discover trusted Netflix coupons and discount codes on RetailMeNot,, and Slickdeals.

It’s simple to use your gift card on Netflix. Click the “redeem gift card” link in the footer of the Netflix website. To receive the discount, enter your code or PIN and click “redeem”.

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how to get netflix


3. Get Netflix in Another Country

The cost of Netflix varies depending on the country. You might sign up for a Netflix package in a less expensive country if you reside in a nation where Netflix is more expensive, such as the United States. Here is a price comparison between Netflix in the United States and Netflix in other nations.

Country:                     Netflix Basic                    Netflix Standard                       Netflix Premium

United States              $9.99                              $15.49                                    $19.99

Switzerland                 $12.93                            $20.54                                    $27.06

United Kingdom           $8.16                              $13.61                                    $19.06

Turkey                        $1.99                              $3.02                                      $4.05

Brazil                          $5.01                              $7.72                                      $10.82

India                           $2.65                              $6.65                                     $8.65

We’ll walk you through how to get Netflix in Turkey for under $2 per month in the instructions and video below. In this guide, we’ll use ExpressVPN, but you can also use Windscribe, which has a free server in Turkey and is the best free VPN for Netflix.

1. Buy a Turkish Netflix Gift Card

Because Netflix only accepts payments in the currency of the country you’re registering an account in, head over to MTCGame and purchase a gift card in Turkish Lira.

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2. Connect to a Turkish VPN Server

Open the VPN and join a Turkish server, where we’ve so far found the cheapest Netflix.


3. Create a Turkish Netflix Account

Search for “Netflix Turkey” Click “get started” after opening the website, entering your email. After that, enter a password and select “next.” Select your strategy and press “next” once more.


4. Redeem Your Gift Card

To finish the enrollment procedure, choose “gift card” from the payment choices and input the gift card code that was issued to you through email. Make careful to proceed with the sign-up procedure without selecting the “set up payment for later” option.


5. Enjoy Cheap Netflix

Log in to Netflix and start enjoying. Remember that Netflix doesn’t force you to watch Netflix Turkey because it delivers content based on where you are, not the nation where you have a subscription. You will continue to have access to any international or American Netflix material.

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how to get netflix


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