UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses

UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024

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Just like we have discuss other institutions and their cut of marks, today we are taking you on UCC cut off points for all courses. If you are a prospective student at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and are looking for the breakdown of UCC cut-off points for 2024, look no further than this page.

The departmental cut-off scores for the admission process for the 2024 academic session have been made public by the University of Cape Coast (UCC) administration.

The University of Cape Coast has established the following cut-off points for admission to any of its academic programs for the 2024 academic year.


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UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024

Requirements for Admission to The University of Cape Coast

There are several things to think about when considering applying to a university. You should be aware that universities have been set up to provide you with a solid education, and the University of Cape Coast is one of the top universities in Ghana.


Till On: UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024


Cutoff Point for UCC

To ensure a healthy relationship with the University and the students, many rules are established by the UCC body or organization.

The cut-off marks are created in a method that separates them into categories for men and women; in some courses, men are anticipated to perform better than women, and in others, women are anticipated to perform better than men. Your WAEC score is a further prerequisite; this score is crucial because it determines if you are qualified to enroll in the university.

You should be aware that WAEC stands for West African Examination Council, and that this examination is being created by the West African bodies for all students to write after completing six years of secondary school. This examination is being created to test students’ mental faculties and to prepare them for higher education. When attending any university or applying for any university, you will be required to submit this as it will give you an advantage over those who fail.

The subjects covered in this exam are the ones you learn in secondary school, so you don’t need to be concerned because it won’t be as challenging as you anticipate. Exam scripts are distributed across several regions and marked, and you can check your results online to see if you passed or not with the help of their website and an online scratch card. We will provide you with all details regarding the courses and the deadline at the University of Cape Coast.

In conclusion, we have discussed the entrance standards that are necessary to enroll at the University of Cape Coast as well as the whole list of courses offered there and their cutoff dates. You should be aware that everything discussed in this essay has all the information you require, which we have provided. The UCC is recommended because it is considered to be one of the greatest institutions and can provide you with the education you require. In addition, they offer some of the best facilities and instructors.


Till On: UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024


UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses


List Of Courses And Their Cut Off Marks For UCC

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)————————————————————–15
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)———————————————————-12
Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)———————————-20
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)———————————————————–20
Bachelor of Commerce (Procurement & Supply Chain Management)——————–17
Bachelor of Commerce (Management)——————————————————–17
B.A. (Social Sciences) Econs/Geo/Maths——————————————————25
B.A. (Population & Health)———————————————————————-26
B.A. (Anthropology)——————————————————————————28
B.A. (Geography & Regional Planning)——————————————————–19
B.Sc. (Tourism Management)——————————————————————-32
B.Sc. (Hospitality Management)—————————————————————-20
B.A. (Arts)——————————————————————————————33
B.A. (Communication Studies)——————————————————————19
B.A. (Theatre Studies)—————————————————————————-28
B. Music———————————————————————————————28
B.A. (African Studies)—————————————————————————–30
B.A. (Linguistics)———————————————————————————-26
B.A. (Film Studies)——————————————————————————–33
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery————————————————–28


Till On: UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024

B.Sc. (Fisheries & Aquatic Science)————————————————————33
B.Sc. (Biochemistry)——————————————————————————15
B.Sc. (Nursing)————————————————————————————11
B.Sc. (Environmental Science)——————————————————————29
B.Sc. (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)—————————————————29
B.Sc. (Entomology & Wildlife)——————————————————————28
B.Sc. (Biomedical Science)———————————————————————-19
B.Sc. (Forensic Science)————————————————————————-25
B.Sc. (Information Technology)—————————————————————-19
B.Sc. (Computer Science)———————————————————————–21
B.Sc. (Optometry)——————————————————————————–11
B.Sc. (Laboratory Technology)—————————————————————–20
B. Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology)——————————————————15
B.Sc. (Chemistry)——————————————————————————–27
B.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry)——————————————————————–23
B.Sc. (Water & Sanitation)———————————————————————-28
B.Sc. (Physics)————————————————————————————27
B.Sc. (Engineering Physics)———————————————————————27
B.Sc. (Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics)————————————————–27
B.Sc. (Mathematics)——————————————————————————29
B.Sc. (Actuarial Science)————————————————————————-14
B.Sc. (Statistics)———————————————————————————–27
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Economics)———————————————————–19
B.Sc. (Mathematics & Statistics)—————————————————————-28
B.Sc. (Mathematics with Business)————————————————————-19
B.Sc. (Agriculture)———————————————————————————33
B.Sc. (Agricultural Extension & Comm. Devt.)————————————————-30
B.Sc. (Agri-Business)——————————————————————————29
B.Sc. (Agro-Processing)—————————————————————————34
B.Sc. (Psychology)———————————————————————————20
B.ED. Home Economics (Food & Nutrition)—————————————————-30
B.ED. Home Economics (Clothing & Textile—————————————————-30
B.ED. (Physical Education)————————————————————————34
B.ED. (Social Sciences) Geo/Econs/History—————————————————–14
B.ED. (Accounting)———————————————————————————13


Till On: UCC Cut Off Points For All Courses 2024



B.ED. (Management)——————————————————————————16
B.ED. (Arts)—————————————————————————————–19
B.ED. (Social Studies)—————————————————————————–19
B.ED. (Basic Education)—————————————————————————24
B.ED. (Early Childhood Education)—————————————————————25
B.ED. (Science)————————————————————————————-23
B.ED. (Mathematics)——————————————————————————-19
B.ED. (Computer Science)————————————————————————-28

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