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TTU Student Portal Login 2024 Latest Update

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TTU student portal login is the topic of the day, while returning to school, all students—returning or new—must choose courses, familiarize themselves with the Takoradi Technical University campus, and learn where classes are held, as well as the locations of the library, bookshop, department offices, and other amenities. The Takoradi Technical University, TTU Student site is crucial since the university assists students all year long, not just at the start of the academic year.

You must have access to financial services and learning management systems as a TTU student to submit assignments and check your grade. Together with updating their student profile, you also need to collaborate on projects with other students.


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Who May Access the TTU Student Portal?

  • First-Year Students
  • Existing Students
  • Prospective Students

So how can I join in to the TTU site as a new user? What should I do if my password is forgotten? These queries will be addressed in this post.


The TTU Student Portal Login Process

Once you’ve been admitted, the university will give you specific registration information, such as your admission or index number and password. This password can be changed to anything you like. Just be careful to keep that in mind.

  • Launch a web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.
  • By visiting, you can access the Takoradi Student Portal.
  • If you receive the message “CONNECTION IS PRIVATE,” simply select “Advanced” and then “Continue” to access


TTU Student Portal Login


You can access the TTU portal by going to their website.

  • Put your index number or admission number in the “email” area, then your password.
  • To view your own dashboard, click login.
  • Keep your information secret and secure, just like you would any other log-in information.
  • If you’ve already purchased TTU forms and are eager to enroll, you can check your admission status by using the methods below:
  • Open a new tab in your computer and go to admission portal.
  • Then the fields with the voucher’s information (serial and pin)
  • For portal access, click login.

Your application information and admission information would be displayed on the dashboard.


How Can I Retrieve My Lost TTU Student Portal Password?

  • Make sure your TTU portal email account is active before you start the process of changing your login password.
  • Click “lost password” on the student portal page to access the TTU password recovery page.
  • Next, provide the phone number and email address you used to sign up for the Student Portal.
  • A reset code will now arrive on your phone or in your email inbox.
  • After that, validate your account by entering the reset code you were provided.
  • You will then be able to access your TTU portal once more after your reset code has been verified and your password has been reset.

Now that your login information has been established, you can access your portal.




The most crucial thing to remember is that the login password should be simple to remember. If possible, write it down and save it somewhere safe so that you can access it later. You can contact the following authorities for assistance if you are having issues with your TTU student portal.

  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone: 0508333992
  • Phone: 0508335033
  • Phone: 0553777777, 0243348522.

Finally, TTU Student Portal Login in general has made using the internet for online activities quite simple. There is no need to rush to the notice board to see your results or for any urgent notifications. The pupils who are bashful can now easily check their test results on their smartphones and PCs.

You can now get transcripts without going through the drawn-out bureaucratic procedures by simply tapping on your phone.



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