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Transform Together Scholarships 2024 for International and European Union (non-UK) Students

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Transform together scholarships: From a little university, Sheffield Hallam University UK has grown into a significant fortress of learning that drives scholarly excellence and research endeavors. The University also offers merit-based scholarship programs to eligible students, one of which is the Transform Together Scholarships 2024 for International and European Union (non-UK) Students.

As a result of more people searching for SHU Transform together, Transform together scholarship 2024, How to receive a scholarship in the UK, and other related terms, we are going to talk about this scholarship program.

Through these international scholarships in the UK, SHU, as it is affectionately known, helps students get the money they need to attend the University and pursue their academic goals.

Together, change Scholarships are only available to foreign students beginning a full-time taught programme in 2024. For undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses during the first year of study, there is a 50% cost waiver option.

Students who can show they have excelled academically are given scholarships. Additionally, applicants must explain how they will distinguish themselves from the competition as a Sheffield Hallam University ambassador both during and after their studies.

Applications for scholarships beginning in January 2024 are now being accepted. The application deadline is November 1, 2024.

Applications for scholarships for courses beginning in September 2024 are no longer being accepted.

transform together scholarships

Sheffield Hallam University UK

As one of the top public research universities in the UK, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is a leader in the field. With a history dating back to 1843, the school has managed to uphold a performance that has won the respect of both domestic and foreign students.

SHU provides a variety of courses, including those with a focus on the arts, social sciences, technology, life sciences, and research. Graduates from SHU up to the post-doctoral level can also obtain certificates.

The Collegiate Crescent Campus, which is about two miles distant in the Broomhall Estate off Ecclesall Road in south-west Sheffield, and the City Campus, which is located in the heart of the city near the Sheffield railway station, serve as its primary bases of operations.

Professional and competent academics who use the top teaching techniques on pupils work at the university. It stands out among other schools due to the tranquility of the setting. The college also features cutting-edge research resources and facilities.

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Transform Together Scholarships 2024 for International and European Union (non-UK) Students

Transform together scholarships 2024 at Sheffield Hallam University were established as a way to provide financial aid for students, particularly those who have demonstrated a need for it. Both undergraduate and graduate courses at the university are funded by the scholarship.

International students from all over the world who meet the academic standards can still apply to study at SHU. Application for the Transform Together Scholarship 2024 is made simpler because candidates can do so directly through the university portal.

If you do not plan to attend SHU, do not apply for the SHU Transform Together Scholarship. Additionally, social status is a consideration. The Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students do, however, heavily weigh your academic record.

SHU Transform Together Scholarship Requirments 2024

  • only foreign and EU students who do not pay tuition in the UK.
  • Postgraduate students only; must have an honors degree with a minimum GPA of 2.1 or equivalent and satisfy the course’s English and academic entry requirements.
  • Have met or exceeded the English and academic entry requirements for the course (undergraduate only).
  • Additionally, the student must have been accepted to SHU.
  • should be able to afford the course for which you are applying.
  • If you have already begun the course at the university, you are not eligible to apply.

SHU Transform Together Scholarship Worth

Together, transform Only half of the tuition is covered by scholarships for students from outside the United Kingdom and the European Union. For instance, if your tuition is $5000, the scholarship pays the difference. which will result in a $2500 payment.

Where can I apply?

Please follow these procedures to apply for a Transform Together Scholarship for January 2024.

submit a course application to Sheffield Hallam. Please check out our online prospectus if you have not yet applied for a course.

Verify that you meet the requirements for the scholarships listed below.

Apply for a scholarship online using the link below by the deadline of November 1, 2024, once you have registered for a course and obtained a student identification number from us.

Form for applying for scholarships

By November 1st, 2024, send your academic transcripts to [email protected].

After the deadline has passed, you will be informed if you were successful.

Link To Website

transform together scholarships

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Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for one of these scholarships you must

  • being a foreign student who pays tuition
  • (postgraduate only): Your undergraduate honors degree must have a minimum GPA of 2.1 or equivalent, and you must also satisfy the course’s English and academic entry requirements.
  • (postgraduate only) – having never before received a postgraduate degree, whether in the UK or abroad. Scholarships from Transform Together are only available to students who are switching from undergraduate to graduate education.
  • (undergraduate only) – must fulfill the course’s academic and English entry requirements.
  • acquired your student identification number after submitting an application for a full-time taught undergraduate or graduate study at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • be able to pay for all of your own schooling. This indicates that no outside organization, whether the government, a scholarship provider, a business, or an employer, is providing financial support for your education.
  • be able to pay any additional fees your course may require, such as field trips and tuition for subsequent years of study

Your application will not be accepted if you

  • your enrollment in the course for which you are applying for a scholarship already begun
  • own a Transform Together scholarship for a course at the same level of study that they got in the past.
  • (postgraduate only) – Have previously received a postgraduate degree, either in the UK or elsewhere.
  • receive support for your education in full or in part from a sponsor or another scholarship provider.
  • are requesting to enroll in a Sheffield Hallam programme at an international partner university.
  • a proposal for a program in our international foundations. You may submit an application for a scholarship for the course you will pursue after successfully completing the Foundation Programme.
  • do not keep a Sheffield Hallam University course placement offer on hold. As we reserve the right to only consider applicants for a scholarship if they have accepted an offer for their course of study, we highly advise applicants to accept their offer.


Further information about transform together scholarships

Scholarship applications are competitive, and recipients are chosen based on the data submitted there.

On the online scholarship application form, you must enter your eight-digit Student Identifier (SI) number. When the University has completed your course application, you will receive this.

Scholarships from Transform Together are given as a tuition fee break and solely cover costs associated with the first year of study. There is no financial substitute available.

Transform Together scholarships cannot be transferred or delayed to begin at a later time.

For each term of study, a single financial incentive (scholarship or award) is allowed.

Our scholarship offer is subject to change each academic year because the university changes and reviews it every year.

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transform together scholarships


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