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List of Six Month Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2024

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Here we talk about the list of six month bachelor degrees for international students in this article. Are you looking for six month bachelor’s degrees for international students? or doubting your ability to complete your degree in six months? Accelerated bachelor’s degree programs have established themselves as trustworthy alternatives to traditional higher education options, and for all the right reasons.

To balance their family obligations and employment, many students today need degree programs that are the easiest to complete. Around the world, students can enroll in degree programs that are not only practical but also enable them to finish their study as quickly as possible.

In this article, we’ve covered the universities to think about while applying for 6-month bachelor’s degrees for students around the world.


What is a Six Month Bachelor Degrees?

Lets take a short time here to give a better definition to this six month bachelor degrees before diving to the full list.

For students who wish to graduate quickly without having to go through the rigorous academic requirements of a regular academic degree, 6-month bachelor degrees are a fantastic choice. Students can gain points through this program for their work experience, transfer credits, life experience, volunteer activity, and other things.

This academic schedule might be a great approach for students all over the world to increase their knowledge in a particular subject without having to give up time with their families or jobs.

Many of the program’s applicants are adults looking for better professional prospects to help them transform their lives, or they are recent high school graduates.

One of the finest ways to speed up your academic route is to complete your degree in six months. Bachelor’s degree programs that last six months are quite flexible and let you concentrate on other vital things like family or career.

However, you might need to spend additional time studying. They take longer to complete than other degree programs, but they are not without challenges.


How to Get This Six Month Bachelor Degrees

This is a guide that we really have to list and explain before we continue to the full list of six month bachelor degrees.

1. Select a college that offers alternative credit options

There isn’t a single university or teaching approach that perfectly suits every student. Many students question if credits earned at one school can be transferred to another. If you choose the correct school, it may be possible.

It might be challenging for students who wish to complete their college degrees in six months to find another institution that would accept their previously earned credits, particularly if their prior institution was not regionally approved.

This issue is addressed by initiatives like the Alternative Credit Project, which creates accredited, inexpensive online courses that transfer to member institutions seamlessly.

Always strive to select a college that provides students with alternate credit possibilities.

2. Take accelerated classes online that allow you to study at your own pace

With an accelerated degree program, students from all around the world can achieve their 6-month bachelor’s degree. Points can be earned without going to college for years or taking protracted lectures.

With the world’s easiest degree, you can enroll in the college or university of your choosing through online schools and institutions.

They provide courses that let you get credit for past knowledge you’ve acquired outside of the classroom. This makes getting a six-month degree simpler.

You can also enroll in a full-time course without exceeding your limit. Additionally, it enables you to learn on your own schedule and spend less on tuition.

3. Get credit for your experience in college.

You might be able to gain credit for your work experience by creating a previous learning assessment (PLA) portfolio, depending on the college you attend.

Your portfolio will serve as a record of the college-level information you have acquired outside of the classroom and will be assessed for possible college credit.

If your institution has a prior learning assessment option, it is almost guaranteed that they will also provide a course to assist you in building your portfolio so that you complete everything accurately and get credit. The undergraduate courses you choose must be comparable to the job experience you have, and you must explain how this experience satisfies the course’s learning objectives.

4. Think about summer sessions

Consider enrolling in summer semesters rather than taking semester vacations if you are committed to get your degree in six months. This will help you finish your program as quickly as feasible.


List Of Schools to get any of These Six Month Bachelor Degrees

From Here Down Is The Full List of Schools To get Any Of These Of Six Month Bachelor Degrees

1. Colorado Technical University

In our first list of schools to get any of the six month bachelor degrees, we have the Colorado Technical University. In addition to providing a wide selection of online degrees, Colorado Technical University also has a unique method for evaluating prior learning.

With the help of their Fast Track program, you can test out of classes and receive credit. You might cut your degree duration by up to 30% if you take these tests.

Around 180 credits are required for CTU programs, and Fast Track tests can earn you up to 73 of those credits. That cuts about a year and a half off the length of your degree!

You can check the number of tests offered in each degree program and the classes they are for prior to enrolling.

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2. Concordia University-Chicago

At the second best rated school to get one of the six month bachelor degrees, we have the Concordia University in Chicago. Whether or whether you have transfer credits, Concordia University-Chicago offers accelerated online degree programs that are quicker.

With only five-week long classes, their expedited degree programs can be finished in 16 months. You must have two years of full-time job experience to qualify for these programs.

With every information about this Concordia University, there is no doubt it is one of the top school we can go for a six month bachelor degrees.

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3. IU International University of Applied Sciences

At the third best rated of any school to get a six month bachelor degrees we have the IU International University of Applied Science. Through cutting-edge teaching techniques, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is dedicated to offering degrees that are accepted all over the world to students.

The multinational, quickly growing university offers fully online, certified degrees to students. As a result, not only may you complete your coursework far more quickly than at a conventional university, but you can also obtain your degree from any location in the world.

IU’s flexible approach can give students that on-campus experience without them having to wait until the start of the following semester.

Many of its programs are offered both online and on-campus, giving you the most flexibility in switching between the two while you pursue your degree.

So with all these said about the UI, the school really belongs to the group of school to get a six month bachelor degrees.

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4. Capella University

The Capella University is rated #4 in our list of schools from which one can obtain any of the six month bachelor degrees.

One of the shortest routes to a bachelor’s degree from start to completion is through Capella University. You can complete four years of coursework in roughly six months if you’re driven and intelligent enough.

You can sign up for two courses at once using Capella University’s innovative FlexPath model, and as soon as you finish one, you can sign up for another.

All of your assignments, including quizzes and projects, are sent to you at the beginning of the 12-week period, and you are free to finish your courses at your own pace.

The top 10% of FlexPath students finish their coursework in a few short months. The drawback is that you can’t enroll in a FlexPath program until you have 45 prior credits.

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5. Western Governors University

At the fifth list of top schools to obtain any of the valid six month bachelor degrees, we have the Western Governors University here.

Depending on your skill, students at Western Governors University can complete their bachelor’s degrees in less than four years, and some even do so in as little as a year.

What is their method? Education based on competencies You finish courses when you can show that you have mastered the subject matter, rather than at the end of the semester or quarter. As a result, you can shorten the length of your degree program if you already know a majority of the subject from prior coursework or professional experience.

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6. American InterContinental University-Online

This is the sixth in our list of schools to obtain any of the valid six month bachelor degrees. The American InterContinental University’s online campus offers a wide range of bachelor’s degrees, and their generous system of prior learning credits can greatly shorten the time it takes to complete a program.

You can receive credit for work experience and training that are directly connected to your degree. A six-month or less training experience in a law enforcement school, for instance, would be awarded 36 credits toward a criminal justice degree.

AIU will replace these $85 costing College Level Exam Programs (CLEP) with appropriate lower-level courses in their degree programs if they are passed.

DSST exams can also be utilized in place of lower- or higher-level courses. Exams for Advanced Placement (AP) are also accepted.

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7. Northeastern University

The Northeastern University makes up our seventh list of collages to obtain any of the six month bachelor degrees. A wide range of bachelor’s degrees are available online from Northeastern University, and there are numerous ways to finish them quickly.

You can submit exam results from tests of proficiency including CLEP, DSST, Excelsior, and AP. If you have training or experience in the fields of business, medicine, computer technology, or liberal arts, you may be eligible to apply for an assessment of prior learning.

Online programs to complete three degrees are also available at Northeastern University. You can use up to 50% of your prior college credits toward your degree, so with all valid information about this school it really belongs to the list of schools someone can go to get a six month bachelor degrees.

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8. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Here is the eighth in our list of top collages we can get a valid six month bachelor degrees. The Global Campus at Colorado State University has a decent array of online degrees but even better focuses and specializations.

These are optional additions to your degree program. (However, doing so would add time to the graduation process.)

You can get alternative credits in a number of ways from CSU-Global to shorten the time it takes you to graduate. Similar to other schools, you can submit relevant portfolio experiences or sit for college-level exams.

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9. Albertus Magnus College

Another best choice when it comes to schools to get a six month bachelor degrees, is the Albertus magnus Collage. Despite Albertus Magnus College’s small size, several larger universities’ online programs exceed its own.

AMC offers the standard degree completion programs and transfer credits in addition to the option to earn up to 45 credits from prior learning. Included are CLEP, ACT-PEP, challenge examinations, a portfolio, and other assessments.

It is possible to transfer up to 90 credits, including up to 64 credits from a junior or community college.

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10. Indiana Wesleyan University

At the Indiana Wesley University we conclude our list of collages to get any of the top valid six month bachelor degrees. All of Indiana Wesleyan University’s online bachelor’s degree programs are in business, management, or administration.

A prior learning evaluation portfolio can shorten the time it takes for you to finish IWU’s bachelor programs if you’re interested in them. Additionally, you can earn up to 40 credits from earlier learning that is applicable while transferring up to 90 credits.

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