List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client

List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client

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Welcome to Scholarships Hall, in our article for today, we will be discussing the list of top scammer message formats to defraud client and will be dishing out top seventeen of them all.

The fact that con artists have improved their tactics this season is no longer breaking news. If you or someone close to you has already been scammed, you probably don’t want a repeat of the experience, which is presumably why you clicked on this post. You chose the appropriate post if this is what you wanted to read.

In this post of top scammer message formats to defraud client, you will learn how people are conned, the age group most vulnerable to scams, the methods con artists will use to con people. Absolutely no one wants to be taken advantage of. So let’s get started if you want to be prepared with the necessary knowledge to prevent scams.





Before we continue to list the scammer message formats to defraud client, lets get to talk about the aims of these scammers at all time.

If you’re wondering why someone would choose to defraud you, the answer is simple: scammers want YOUR MONEY. Scammers con people and commit fraudulent acts in an effort to mislead them, and money is always their ultimate goal.

The terrible reality is that they will do everything to complete their mission. They won’t stop till they have access to your money, right?

So continue reading if you want to learn how they manage to con people so successfully!



After this section we will dive straight to the full list of the top scammer message formats to defraud client.

You get an unexpected call asking you to ‘assist’ someone from another country move money out of their country. More often than not, this is a number that has never contacted you before, however it could be someone you know.

Sometimes the request includes a lengthy and often heartbreaking explanation for why the money cannot be transferred by the owner. This usually involves some sort of conflict or inheritance, and they may want to deposit the funds directly into your account.

You are promised a cash compensation, such as a percentage of the sum, in exchange for assisting them in accessing their ‘stuck’ funds.

The amount of money that needs to be transferred and the payment the con artist promises to you in exchange for your assistance are typically very large.

They will assert that certain fees must be paid before the money can be transferred to a bank, attorney, government agency, or other entity. The con artist will frequently demand that you pay the charge through a money-transfer service.

They will pose as a bank customer service representative and inform you that your account is in danger and that you urgently need to send them specific information (such as your BVN, ATM PIN, and serial number) or immediately access a website where you must enter your login information in order to verify your identity or your account.

These should be some warning signals signaling that you’re about to be scammed if either of these strategies is employed. If one of these techniques is utilized, an alarm should go out in your head screaming “SCAM ALERT!!! “.

Scammers instill a sense of urgency in order to increase their rate of success. The sense of urgency is intended to put you on the defensive so they can get what they want from you. But who really secures an account by divulging the pin or security information?


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client

From This Line Is The List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client

1. Hi,
In response to your request to synchronize your phone number with your account at our bank, we recommend that you give your password for confirmation that it is anything that can sync the mobile number. Please supply us with a genuine phone number where you can receive notifications.

Send your password to our customer care representative at Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.


2. Hello, Dearie.
I noticed your message on InMessage three weeks ago, but I couldn’t find my phone and I lost access to the password because I received an email notification. I became interested, so I looked you up, and I like you. You are even more stunning than I had expected. Let’s talk with


3. Dear Customer,
Please be aware that because some of our locations will be closed for the holidays, we will resolve your concerns via mail.

Here are our agents’ phone numbers;


Contact: Prisca at


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

4. Dear Customer,
We’ve chosen you to receive $59,000 from our Loyal Customers Rewards Program. Please dial +1 34438273 to claim your prize. Please be aware that you must forward a message to this email address bearing the subject “Loyal Customers Rewards Program Winner” and an acceptable form of identification.


5. Hi,
I was intrigued about you after reading your insightful comment in the Quora discussion section, so I checked you out. It seems that you enjoy classical music just as much as I do, and you are equally as intelligent and attractive.

Where have you been throughout my life? I know it sounds cliche, but where have you been? I want to learn more about you. Maybe I should even attempt a Mozart piece. Do respond. XX.


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List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

6. Hi,
I shouldn’t be doing this right now, but I am. I looked at your profile and thought your comments were quite insightful. Because I’m a little timid, I wrote you a letter instead.

I would really like to know you better. Please respond so I don’t pass out from shame. Okay, I’m starting to feel a little ashamed.

— Jenny Merman


7. Dear Customer,
Please be aware that we will outsource the management of your account to our dedicated account team, and you will communicate with us by email instead of via mail at

We appreciate your business and wish you a happy holiday season.


8. Hello, Handsome.
I’m not sure where to begin because I don’t do this on a daily basis. Meanwhile, I saw your message about hunting for a female partner and was skeptical because I don’t want to be wounded. But I remembered that I wouldn’t know unless I knew.

Sandra Patrick is my name. I’m 28 years old, just like you, and I’m looking for love. I’m from Seattle, but I’m in Denver, Colorado, for the holidays.

In addition, I want you to know that I enjoy watching a few sports and listening to music because I grew up watching the sports channel with my father. I’d like to get to know you, so please get in touch with me if you share my sentiments.

anticipating reading from you.

Susan Anthony


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

9. Hello,

I’m sure you must have received a number of emails similar to this every day. I have therefore been carefully considering how to make it stand out.

I enjoyed reading what you wrote, and I think your profile makes you someone I should get in touch with. It appears that we have some same interests, so learning more about you would be interesting.

I’m Colorado Springs native Anita Jacobs. I’m a passionate, highly emancipated woman. I try to enjoy every moment and spend a lot of time near the water since it makes me feel calm.

I’d like to speak with you. Perhaps I might introduce you to the fresh alternative tunes you mentioned. Send me a Google+ message at Jenny Lucas.

P.S. What makes you believe Sam Smith sings better than Ed Sheeran? However, I believe Ed Sheeran’s lyrics are more soulful.


10. Hello,

If this communication between us is to continue, I’d like to learn more about you for a variety of reasons.

I’m the type of lady that needs to know a lot about the person with whom I’m getting personal before moving on. Knowing more about you would make me very happy, so please be as honest as possible when answering the questions.

Describe yourself.
What age are you?
What interests you?
What do you do for a living?
What is your current marital status?
How did your previous marriage-based relationship go?
How long was your previous relationship?
Have you got kids?
What number of kids do you have?
Would you desire additional children if you met your ideal woman if you currently have children?
What color do you like best?
What is your favorite dish? Do you want to know if you eat junk food or are a vegetarian?
Do you stay with friends or live alone?
Would you mind answering this: Do you smoke?
Having a drink?

As soon as you can take good care of yourself, I’ll look forward to your response.



List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client


11. Hello,

Meanwhile, I believe I’ll have to answer all of your questions; by doing so, you’ll discover more about myself, and I’d gladly answer your inquiries honestly.

I am Linda Jonah

Also, I am 31 years old

For recreation, I prefer to spend much of my time outside. I enjoy reading, playing music, and symptom, I enjoy motorbike riding, snowboarding, taking my boat to the lake, wake boarding, and fishing, and I also enjoy traveling to new locations…

I worked as a personal assistant for my late father’s company.

I am not married and have never been married.

Although I have never been married, I have been in a long-term relationship that put me in difficult circumstances and caused me great pain. I do not want to experience that kind of pain from another man in the future.

My previous marriage lasted two years and a few months.

I don’t have any kids.

If I find the truly rational and loving man of my dreams, I would like to have children.

My favorite color is blue, yet I might also choose yellow.

In addition, I adore shrimp and vegetables.

I do live alone, yes.

To be clear, I don’t smoke, and I only drink in public.

The qualitative analysis website makes it easy to identify someone who will complement my ideal man and my prince charming. I mean purpose of change of integrity.

I just recently signed up for the dating website, though.

The qualities I look for in a partner include self-love, compassion, humor, romance, faithfulness, honesty, and a sense of humor. However, the most important quality is love.

I want a soulmate for life, not just someone to date for a while. Furthermore, I want a major man in my life. I believe you currently have a good understanding of who I am.

If you’re still interested, I’d like to ask another inquiry later. I’m eagerly anticipating your response. Jenny.


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

12. Hi,

How are you doing? Although there may not be much about ME and what I have truly been told about myself, it’s still a great pleasure to read from you.

I enjoy edifice, camping, cuddling up next to famous people over a fire, and relaxing in a cozy tent environment. Either way, it’s quite sensuous as a result of paying for a wonderful weekend.

Swimming, reading fiction, writing poetry, cooking, watching movies, biking, boating, and fishing in the Gulf are just a few of my varied interests. I prefer simple things in life. Being honest about who you are and not being frightened to admit it are both essential.

I value charitable endeavors and humanitarian activities, which is frequently the basis for my commitment to them.

I have a strong faith in God and would like to meet someone who shares my faith. Someone who will be a comfort to ME is hesitant to learn about ME for the same reason. Sincerity is quite important. I’m looking for someone who isn’t hesitant to show open tenderness.

I’m looking for someone who is upbeat and enthusiastic about life, with an intense personality. I’m dependable and trustworthy. Most importantly, I’d like to have a partner who is just that: a partner.

I’m looking for someone that is almost as good an addict as they are an exponent. Apart from honesty, religion in God is important in a successful relationship.

I’m not a lady with boundless worldly wealth, but I’m a true believer. A true friend is someone who shares my ideals. Family, friends, and religion all want to physically please my man.

I’m trying to anticipate reading from you… I’d like to talk to you about something…

Take good care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Claire –


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List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

13. Hey,

All about myself and my plans to learn a lot about you, I believe we must always learn something new about each other.

I’d like to know what your major motivation is here, as well as whether you’re looking for just an addict or someone who is an addict to you.

As a result, I’d like to know if you want a major woman in your life. Also, I still have a lot of questions for you as time goes on since I don’t want to spend my time with anyone online because I don’t want to inflict any more pain.

I eagerly await your email.


Claire –


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

14. Hi,

I received your email and after reading it, I was smitten by how open and sincere you were about yourself.

For me and any prospective relationship, these are crucial inquiries. If you do believe in LOVE, would you be able to explain what it means to you? If not, please let me know. Because I’m a romantic and I adore the sensation of being in love, I apologize if you don’t.

Do respond,


I appreciate the way you can express how much love means to you. But LOVE means a lot to ME because it makes me feel the happiest. I’m talking about fate here when emotions are this strong.

I feel that love isn’t about finding the right person, but creating a great connection. It’s as if some force outside of your control is guiding you to someone WHO will make you happy outside of your wildest expectations.

It makes no difference how much love you had at the beginning. However, how much love did you build up until the end?

Most women in the modern days lust instead of loving since they aren’t particularly aware that they aren’t loving.

The easiest way to love is to like someone who hasn’t injured you, in my opinion, therefore you shouldn’t ever doubt if you’re dotty or not since you wouldn’t be raising.

And I want to enjoy those means for the present and the rest of my life. So before we go on much longer, I’d like to share a lot about my past and current.



List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

15. Hi,

I’m not sure what you’re looking for in a relationship. However, I believe that being honest with one another is the most important component.

However, I will provide your words that you simply adore me and want to build a new life with me because I used to and don’t want to compete once more.

I’m telling you all of this so you can decide whether you still want to hang out with me or not. To avoid wasting each other’s time, once you receive this email, please respond to let me know if you’re still interested or not.

I never learned to comprehend my mother because she passed very shortly after I was born. Also, I am the only female in my family and I lost my father on 9/11 in New York. My ex-boyfriend David Gareth mistreated me severely when we were in Paris by frequently using me.

My boyfriend ran off with my father’s money, which had been unbrokenly shared with me since the conclusion of a trip to the east of England. This was the first time I had ever broken up with my father before he passed away.

In spite of the fact that he assumed we had the contract in place and was unaware of my innocence in this matter.

In light of this, my dada has been harsh and difficult with me.

I joined a qualitative research website ( where I met a Ghanaian man online who assured me that he would marry me and make me happy in life; “I ne’er knew I used to be going from Fry-pan to Fire.” After all, these things happened to me and were brought on by my ex-lover.

The African man told me about an opportunity to invest in Africa and persuaded me to return with lots of money once I came back down. His only goal in coming here was to rob me of my money and take advantage of me.

Now I’m striving to get better.

– Jenny


List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down

List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client


16. Dear,

It is a great joy to read from you. What are you doing, though? I really want to leave this place and go back to my state.

I genuinely need your help and confidence to get ME out of this mess. Please, I want you to take my word for it since I swore I wouldn’t let you down. I will be very grateful for your assistance in this.

We’ll have everything ready once I arrive so that we can start a new life together. I want to think that you won’t let me down in any way.

Babes in disguise I’ve already told you what brought me here from the United States. I came in with a total of $10.5 million USD, including money from my father’s business and contract remuneration.

While I was returning here, the African person encouraged me to come back with enough cash for investment and that I should even attend the amount of mercantilism in my inherited house merely because I wanted to leave the State.

Now, I’m in need of your services; I’ve got enough money to support myself once I go to the state; I’d want to return to your house and we’ll start a new life together; I don’t want to live here any longer.

As you are aware, I am a foreigner in this country, and it is extremely risky for me to be out here. That is why I am hoping for your assistance.

How would I like you to help me? I had to move quickly for my own protection since I was frightened of being set up by this African guy. I placed this cash in a box and received it quickly with a security code unique to ME only.

Also, I deposited the box with a number of my movement luggage with a Security and underwriter WHO render private diplomatic delivery service and that I told them that the two boxes area unit my movement luggage, that I would like to send forth to the State because I am returning home, then I paid them up to their custody and security fee, however, I didn’t tell them that the boxes contain cash to form everything secure and safe.

Furthermore, I am hoping for your faith, and I will appreciate it. I hope to listen to you and accomplish your request.

Please contact ME as soon as possible so that I can provide you with the deposit details and the contact information for the safety firm to rearrange the cargo as soon as possible.

With great care,



List Of Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client Continues From Here Down



17. Hey,

Therefore, all you have to do is write to the security/company designating yourself as the recipient of my travel bags and requesting that it be forwarded to you in the United States on my behalf. I told them that it was my moving luggage and that I had secured the boxes with four security codes to prevent it from being opened by a licensed individual.

Therefore, I left the boxes with the security firm as a personal shipment (free of checks), and it will be delivered to your doorstep; you do not need to perish to receive.

As a result, here are my deposit information as well as the contact information for the security firm. You may write to them and inform them that you simply want the boxes delivered to you as soon as possible and inquire about the clearance fee.

I previously paid the Deposit Money, Security Fee, and Cargo Fee; just the clearance fee remains to be paid. Please remember not to inform the company that the boxes contain cash; instead, simply indicate moving baggage of, Jessica Baxter (Miss)

N.B. : If you do not include this Depositing information in your email, your email will not be acknowledged.

This Is The End Of The Line For Top 17 Scammer Message Formats to Defraud Client


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