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60 Slogans on World Environment Day with Pictures

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Slogans on World Environment Day: All of us saw the mother earth regenerate to greener fields and cleaner skies as the lockdown occurred the previous year. On your balcony, you may have heard birds chirping and enjoyed the lovely weather during the summer and winter.

Our environment used the opportunity to regenerate and recover from the wounds we left behind while the human world is still working to combat a terrible virus.

Every year on June 5, the world observes World Environment Day in an effort to raise awareness about environmental protection and to encourage people to do more to combat climate change. The top 25 catchphrases for slogans on world environment day in 2023 are presented in this article, which you must read!


What is World Environment Day?

Around the world, people commemorate World Environment Day to honor and recognize the importance of the natural world, the environment, and the ecosystem that support all life. World Environment Day is one of the biggest events worldwide, being observed by more than 143 nations. It was first observed in 1972 during the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment, which was organized by the United Nations.

In 1974, the United States served as the host country for the inaugural World Environment Day. World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5th with the theme “Only One Earth” by a number of nations, corporations, and individuals.

It is crucial to raise awareness of the damage and devastation produced by human activity and the weakened status of our environment at a time when the world is gripped by the current pandemic.

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slogans on world environment day

World Environment Day 2023 Theme

Every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is observed with the goal of raising awareness about protecting Mother Nature as well as issues like climate change, water pollution, air pollution, overpopulation, global warming, and many other issues that have an influence on our environment.

The United States hosted the inaugural World Environment Day in 1974, which had the motto “Only One Earth.” The year prior, “Ecosystem Restoration” served as the focus of World Environment 2021.

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Slogans on World Environment Day with Pictures

Only One Earth is the theme for World Environment Day in 2023. The catchiest and most original catchphrases for World Environment Day, along with images, are as follows:

  1. Come together to protect the environment!
  2. The ultimate goal is to protect the environment!
  3. Invest in plants to animate the next generation.
  4. The greatest luxury is the environment; make a commitment to protecting it!
  5. Let’s make a change in ourselves on this World Environment Day before it’s too late.


slogans on world environment day you must check out:

  1. It is preferable to make some effort than none at all to protect the environment.
  2. Together, let’s fix our mistakes and plant trees to protect the ecosystem.
  3. Save the green and blue before our descendants have to cover it in black paint.
  4. What is beneficial to your health?
    Pizza, a Netflix show, or brand-new clothing?
    A clean environment is the best thing you can have for your health!
  5. Let’s create a better world for all on this World Environment Day!

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Check out some more motivational slogans for World Environment Day 2023:

  1. The environment is our soulmate and we need to take care of her.
  2. Our environment should not be clean, it should be Monica clean.
  3. Let’s preserve the most beautiful thing in the entire galaxy, Our Environment!
  4. This World Environment Day, Let’s heal what we have broken!
  5. Our earth is in desperate need of a therapeutic spa day.
  6. What do you want to pass on to your children? Cleaner air or masks from the day they are born on.
  7. Remember it’s Us vs Pollution, not Us vs Environment!
  8. Let’s unite in order to conserve plants, not to take photos for Instagram!
  9. Before we muster the strength to fight for our lives, let’s run to save the environment.
  10. Which therapy works the best? The best therapy for us and our environment is planting a tree.
  11. This World Environment Day, let’s make a commitment to help protect the environment since the world cannot afford another pandemic.

slogans on world environment day

Here are some more amazing slogans for World Environment 2023:

  1. How would you feel if all the trash were put inside your home? then cease harming our environment in the same way.
  2. Defend the environment and recycle.
  3. Go green; live green; and breathe green
  4. Without water, there is no life; a green environment is the largest thing; and the planet is the best place.

Environment Slogans on Save Earth

Here are some of the top Save Earth quotes for slogans on world environment day:

  1. Save our ecosystem and the planet!
  2. The time calls for it,
  3. The environment needs to be saved!
  4. The only place to live is on our beautiful earth.
  5. Try your hardest to save the planet!
  6. With the appropriate behavior, we can save the planet.
  7. Reduce your water and electricity use by planting trees!
  8. Your every deliberate action can help to save the planet!
  9. Ask for a thank you later; save the planet for your future offspring!
  10. Take care of the birth of every child and the world!
  11. It’s time to protect the only one left—our priceless planet!
  12. Look beneath you to find what has always been there.
  13. Make a vow to rescue the earth on World Environment Day!
  14. Happy Earth is a clean Earth!



Slogans on World Environment Day on Save Water

  1. The top catchphrases for World Environment Day are as follows:
  2. Save water and you’ll save life.
  3. Water’s value isn’t realized until the well runs empty.
  4. Save water, and you’ll be saved.
  5. There is water everywhere, but none of it is drinkable.
  6. To a man who is thirsty, a drop of water is worth more than a sack of money.
  7. Water Sense!
  8. Don’t let life to pass you by.
  9. An ocean is made up of how many drops? Every drop of water needs to be saved.
  10. Don’t flush the most important resource on our world.
  11. To keep green, you need lots of blue.
  12. We will all feel like fish out of water if we don’t learn how to preserve.

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Slogans on World Environment Day on Save Trees

Here are some catchphrases for World Environment Day related to saving trees:

  1. When a tree is cut down, a life is lost. A tree’s life is also saved if it is saved. A tree is a life, and you plant one when you do.
  2. So that future generations would have unfettered access to air, plant a tree.
  3. Keep trees healthy by not making them scarce.
  4. Keep active and protect the environment.
  5. Global warming eliminated with trees.
  6. Save the trees, save the environment.
  7. We can breathe easier tomorrow if we plant a tree today.
  8. Increasing tree planting will help to clean up the environment.
  9. Don’t let trees disappear; else, we’ll only be able to see their leaves in museums. Save the trees!
  10. Children will be required to cover the costs if the current generation clears trees.
  11. Save the trees today, and they will save you afterwards.
  12. To combat climate change, save trees.
  13. We are the keepers of nature’s gifts, so save the trees and rescue the planet.
  14. Think green, but also live it.
  15. Reduce your carbon footprint and save forests.




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