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IVC Scholarship 2024-2025

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Are you a Nigerian student looking for a way to receive free education? Applications for the Academic Scholarship are being accepted by the International Vocational Centre (IVC).

Nigerians may enroll in the free global educational program IVC Scholarships to study at universities and colleges both domestically and abroad. First-year students in any tertiary institution, as well as current JSS1 students, are eligible to apply.

A global non-governmental organization, IVC. IVC Focus is making an investment in people by offering accessible education. It is a participant in Duns-USA and 23 NGO’s, which were founded to assist education.

Brief Description

  • Organization: International Vocational Centre (IVC)
    Department: NA
  • Course Level: Degree level courses
  • Award: Free Tuition, Accommodation, Financial Support, Examination Registration
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: NA
  • Nationality: Nigerians
  • The award can be taken in Nigeria or abroad

The school’s founding father, Mr. Ivc, founded the IVC Scholarship. It is given to students who have excelled academically and devoted themselves to their academics throughout their time at the school.


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Overview of IVC Scholarships

Mr. Ivc established the IVC scholarship award to honor the top students from around the globe who have excelled academically and demonstrated a commitment to their studies during their time in the school. The prize is given to students who achieve an overall grade point average of at least 80% across all subjects.

Up to 50% of the tuition is possible depending on the student’s total grade point average.

Scholarship The school’s Financial Aid Committee decides which applicants to fund based on their academic standing and financial need.

Students who have shown a high degree of academic success are given the prize each semester.


Procedures for Applying for the IVC Scholarship

  • IVC on Facebook: “Like” and “Share” IVC Fellowship Page on Facebook
  • Fill out the forms online or on paper.
  • Obtain an Acknowledgement Slip and carefully follow the directives on it.
  • In order to visit their office, bring all the documentation listed on the Acknowledgement Slip.
  • Pick up your scholarship examination card.
  • take part in the scholarship examination
  • Interview/Medical Test Report
  • Obtain a letter of approval (if successful in the Interview)
  • A Scholarship Benefit Certificate will be given to applicants.

NB: Throughout the years of the scholarship, your Enrollment Number (which was issued to your email upon successful registration) will always be validated. Keep it safe.

To register for the IVC Scholarship, schedule an appointment with an IVC representative. You have to produce a report about your weekly activities and stay in touch with them once a month. The IVC Scholarship is accessible to anyone who is interested in joining the organization shortly but is not yet a member.

All international students are welcome there. The IVC Scholarship entails a $200 monthly payment in exchange for the student’s promise to work for the charity after graduation.

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The IVC Scholarship Requirements

It’s simple for you to be eligible for this award. All you need to do is carefully plan out your present and future. Keep in mind that you must maintain an adequate ACT/SAT score, have a solid GPA, participate in extracurricular activities, and meet other requirements. You are eligible for this scholarship if you meet the requirements.


The IVC Scholarship Program Cut-of-Mark for the various categories is as follows:

Primary School: 160

Secondary School: 220

Tertiary Institution: 350



IVC Scholarship Requirements

IVC Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:

must be a senior attending their first year of college after graduating from high school.
must be exceptionally academically accomplished and have enthusiasm for computer science, engineering, or related fields.

Guidelines for IVC Scholarships

Students entering their first year of college with strong academic records and a passion for computer science, engineering, or related technologies are eligible for the IVC Scholarship. Only freshmen applications will be given consideration for the award, as stated plainly.

The IVC will not consider applications from students who have secured a spot at the university because the scholarship is only given to one student per nation.


What is the value of the IVC Scholarship?

For students enrolled in undergraduate programs, the IVC Scholarship is worth $2,000 ($2,000). The scholarship funds may be used to cover tuition and other necessary expenditures for students.

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When is the deadline for the IVC Scholarship?

Every year, the IVC scholarship application deadline is in December. This means that you have plenty of time to get ready for the scholarship before the day that will be designated as the year’s deadline.


Eligibility and prerequisites

It is advised for students who are interested in this scholarship to study the contents on this website so they are aware of all that will be necessary for their application.


IVC Scholarship prerequisites?

Students who are citizens of Nigeria are eligible for the IVC Scholarship:

Although dual citizenship is permitted, students must be citizens of Nigeria.

In addition to additional criteria, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA.

The IVC Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement rather than need.

Based on their high school GPA, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, and community service, students will be given consideration for the scholarship.

Additionally, students must demonstrate that they hail from low-income families and are unable to pay the tuition at an Ivy League university.

For up to four years, the IVC Scholarship is worth $2,500 every year.

If the student maintains a 3.0 GPA and continues to demonstrate academic merit, the IVC Scholarship is renewed each year.

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Documents needed:

4-White background passport photo

Parent/Guardian letter of recommendation with a copy of the parent/valid guardian’s identification card,

Administrative fee for bank tellers exclusively

copy of your birth certificate, school transcripts, and other original documents

Profile of the V/Applicant

Letter of Identification from Local Government


The IVC Scholarship’s advantages?

The International Veterinary Council (IVC) Scholarship is a scholarship program that provides veterinary students from all around the world with up to $10,000 in financial aid for their undergraduate and graduate education.

The IVC Scholarship is available to high school graduates who aspire to study veterinary medicine and work in the fields of animal health, welfare, and conservation.

For undergraduate or graduate study in veterinary medicine, scholarships are available. Additionally, students may qualify for a $1,000 award to help with travel costs.


Seven (7) Tips to Help You Succeed When Applying for Scholarships

Here are some things to watch out for and steer clear of going forward.

Do not submit your application after the deadline has passed. Applications submitted after the deadline won’t be accepted. Applications submitted after the cutoff date won’t be funded.

Please submit your application before the deadline, which is often in December or January. You won’t be given consideration for the scholarship if you don’t submit your application by the deadline.

If you are unable to fulfill the deadline because of exceptional circumstances, you may submit an appeal letter. There is no assurance that the scholarship board will accept your appeal if you do not submit your application by the deadline.

If you are rejected because you submitted your application too late, it may also indicate that you struggled to meet submission deadlines while you were an undergraduate. It will reflect poorly on your record and can prevent you from applying for future scholarships.

Never send in a form that isn’t complete. Make sure you have finished all the sections of your application before submitting it. Please be advised that grant consideration will not be given to applicants with missing information.

At the conclusion of each semester, award recipients are required to report their accomplishments.

At the conclusion of each semester, you will be asked to submit a report on your accomplishments, so be sure you have saved all of your receipts and other pertinent paperwork.


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Although applying for a scholarship can be scary, it is time and effort well spent. Scholarships are frequently given out according to merit or need. You can reapply in the following cycle if your application was rejected. We wish you luck with your application and hope to see you receive a scholarship from this program.



Benefits of submitting an IVC scholarship application:

Without charge

No Charge Lodging

Financial Assistance

Registration for Exams


IVC Email Address:

You have three options for finding the IVC office. Using the IVC’s official email, phone number, and address. The data you require is provided below.

IVC EMail: [email protected]

IVC Telephone: +234 803 404 4440

Official Address: Liberty Centre, Liberty Estate, Independence Layout Enugu, Nigeria.

Link To School Website

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Exams for IVC Scholarships Samples of previous tests

You can see a very small sample of former IVC exam questions and answers below to get an idea of what to expect.

  • A class of 25 students, whose ages range from 4 to 12, loses 7 students, on average. What is the average age of the students in the class presently, assuming 6 new students with an average age of 11 years enroll?

(a) 13 years

(b) 12 years 11/2 months

(c) 13 years 5 months

(d) 13 years 10 months

(e) 13 years 71/2 months


  • He directly accused him of betrayal without using………. words.

(a) Correcting

(b) Changing

c) Combining

(d) Cutting

(e) Reducing


  • Never forget to turn off the lights before leaving a room.

(a) Wear.

(b) Delay

(c) Turn off

(d) Blowing up

e) Take away

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  • They attempted to profit off people’s ignorance.

(a) Below

(b) On

(c) Negative

(d) With

(e) At

  • Mary rides the bus to school.

(a) In

(b) On

(c) With

(d) Of

(e) By


  • In a small mishap, the plane overshot the..

(a) Read

(b) Hanger

(c) Runway

(d) Asphal

(e) Railroad




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