7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada

7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada

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This is a complete list of the top steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada, well compiled and summarized. Canada has long been a preferred location for highly trained expats like doctors because to its excellent standard of life and variety of employment options.

Those who have received medical training in their home nations are, in fact, extremely welcome in Canada. With top-notch research and practice facilities, as well as internationally known universities that offer medical degrees, it is also an excellent location for medical school training.

The simplest and most direct path to becoming a doctor in Canada is to start studying there at the medical school level, or even earlier (preferably at the college level). As a result, you will have excellent English skills and be familiar with local customs and methods of doing business. If you’d like, you can immigrate to Canada and pursue a career as a doctor there. Here are your top choices in both scenarios.


What skills does a doctor need?

Here we have to look at the major benefiting skills that a doctor may need, in other to do very well in his field as a health worker, then before we continue to the list of steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada.

Emotional intelligence

Having emotional intelligence means being able to recognize, comprehend, and control your emotions. Doctors need to be able to read patients’ body language and evaluate their symptoms. emotional intelligence is necessary.

to ensure patient comfort while doing tests, treatments, or operations.


Time management

Doctors frequently have to handle a number of patients in a short period of time. Your productivity in a hectic setting will rise if you have good time management abilities.



Finding answers quickly and efficiently is a necessary component of problem-solving abilities. As a doctor, it is your responsibility to recognize problems, rank them according to importance, and put a fix in place. To find a treatment for a patient, you must also be able to collaborate with other medical specialists.


7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada


Computer skills

Doctors use computers for a variety of tasks, including interacting with other medical professionals and maintaining patient medical histories. You must be knowledgeable about various software and programs and eager to pick up new technology.



7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada

From Here Down Is The Full List Of The Top 7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada 

1. Study Medicine

On the list of top seven steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada, first and foremost you have to consider taking the course. Getting a medical degree in Canada is the simplest method to become a doctor there. Prerequisites for studying medicine in Canada typically include:

  • that you speak either French or English well
  • that you have a bachelor’s degree from a Canadian or foreign institution, especially with a focus on the sciences.
  • You can still be admitted even if your university’s major is not in the sciences if you have completed the necessary number of courses in relevant fields.
  • It’s quite difficult to get into medical school, thus you need to have a good GPA.
  • Additionally, you must achieve strong MCAT – Medical College Admission Test – scores.

In Canada, a four-year MD program at a medical school inside a university is required to pursue a career as a doctor.


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2. English and French requirements to become a doctor in Canada

This is the second step we have here in our list of steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada. With the exception of the Quebec region, where French is also required, being able to communicate effectively in English is required in order to operate as a medical practitioner in Canada.

The ideal way is to study medicine in Canada so that you can speak it with the degree of proficiency needed to collaborate with other doctors and communicate with patients. You must demonstrate your fluency in English as a requirement for admission (or French optionally, in Quebec, as per McGill School of Medicine). Of course, this only applies to students from nations where English or French is not the national tongue.


3. Testing and Residency Requirements

At the third level of the steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada, we have the action of Testing/residency requirement.

You must receive a medical license in order to practice medicine in Canada, regardless of whether you graduated from a medical school here or you are emigrating after completing your education elsewhere.

To get this, one must pass the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE). It is taken just before the residency at the conclusion of medical school.

You must have received your medical license before you can finish a mandatory residency program. The Canadian Residency Matching Service is then where you can submit an application for residency. Be aware, nevertheless, that many Canadian provinces have their own unique additional qualifying standards for citizens, particularly for overseas students. Your foreign medical degree may need to be verified in more detail, or you might have to commit to practicing for a set period of time only. The most “international friendly” residences can be found in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. You can check particular requirements here.

Please be aware that after graduating from a Canadian medical school, completing a residency is a necessity.


7 Steps On How to Become a Medical Doctor in Canada


4. Getting a Canadian medical license

This is the fourth in our list of steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada. If you went to medical school in Canada, getting your medical license is a rather simple process. You must take the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCCEE) after completing your studies. If you succeed, you will have earned your medical license and can proceed to finish a residency program before engaging in independent practice.

And last, due to the fact that each Canadian province is free to regulate the practice of medicine on its own soil, you might need to adjust depending on where you want to work. To make sure you meet all the requirements, you should verify with the relevant province.


5. Getting a visa to become a doctor

And here on steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada, you have to secure your plans of running your visa for migration.

Both doctors who received their medical education outside of Canada and international students who graduated from Canadian universities can immigrate to Canada. If you didn’t complete your education in Canada, all you need to do is make sure your medical degree is initially accepted.

You must obtain an official certification from one of the following organizations after this year:

  • Canadian College of Family Physicians
  • The Canadian Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • The College of Quebec Medical Practitioners

After that, you will be eligible to apply for a work visa, during which time both your English proficiency and job history will be evaluated.


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6. Getting a Job

Here is the second to last we have to explain in this our list of steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada. You must first possess the medical license necessary to work as a doctor in Canada in order to open your own practice. After completing these steps, you can create a legal business and register for taxes with the province’s authorities before opening the practice.

However, if you’re looking for a job in a hospital, you may do a quick job search on sites like Indeed. You will also receive the right counsel and direction from your medical school regarding finding employment in Canada, especially since you will be able to check to see whether the university hospital where you did your studies has any openings.




7. Procedure for foreign-trained doctors to work in Canada

And lastly on steps on how to become a medical doctor in Canada, you have to follow the Procedure for foreign-trained doctors to work in Canada.

As long as their medical degree is recognized and they pass the provincial licensing exam, doctors with foreign training are permitted to practice in Canada. To take the Medical College of Canada Evaluation Examination (MCEE), the licensing exam, one must typically apply.

Prior to becoming permitted to practice medicine in Canada, foreign physicians must additionally complete a year of closely supervised medical training. After completing this, you can register with the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or the College des Médecins du Quebec (depending on your specialty and also if you are intending to practice in Quebec).

The last stage is, of course, getting a work visa (as explained above), after which you can choose to start your own practice or work as a doctor in a hospital.




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