how to get disney plus student discount

How to Get Disney Plus Student Discount in 2024

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On our phones, laptops, and televisions, nearly everyone likes to watch movies online. However, the launch of streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video has marked the beginning of a new age in this industry.

For a monthly or yearly subscription fee, you may now view the majority of your favorite movies online. As a result, the Disney Plus student discount should be taken into account if you’re seeking for a budget-friendly choice.

If you’re a student looking to rewatch old favorites or catch up on Disney + Marvel programs, Star Wars exclusives, Disney + dinosaurs documentaries, or National Geographic specials, Disney’s entertainment center offers it all.

Everything you need to know about Disney Plus is covered in this article, including its features, countries that are available, subscription fees, eligible devices, and Disney Plus student discounts. To learn everything there is to know how to get disney plus student discount, keep reading.

how to get disney plus student discount

What is Disney Plus?

The Media and Entertainment Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company owns and runs the American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service known as Disney Plus. It primarily distributes motion pictures and television programs produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, and some territories have specific content hubs for the brands Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star.

You can stream a ton of Disney movies and TV shows to your devices (smart TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles) with Disney Plus. You can watch anywhere, at any time, because the service allows for limitless downloads. Before we go into the specifics of the Disney Plus student discount, let’s look at what makes the firm unique.

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Disney Plus: Is It Worth It?

However, whether Disney Plus is valuable will depend on content customer needs. For many fans of Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, though, the Disney Plus streaming service provides a sizable collection of on-demand programs and films.

You can watch your favorite shows anywhere with Disney Plus as well. As a result, a variety of devices, including Android, Apple, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, video game consoles, and many more, are compatible with watching Disney Plus TV shows, shorts, cartoons, movies, and other content.

Disney Plus, which has only been accessible since November 2019, is ranked as the second-best streaming service. Disney has a big advantage over other streaming services due of their huge collection of Disney movies. It distinguishes itself from the several streaming services that are accessible to parents of young children by having a significant volume of high-quality kid-focused material.

Additionally, this streaming offers huge value to users, especially families and students. Disney Plus offers access to its full collection for a monthly price rather than requiring you to pay for each of your preferred Disney films or television programs separately.

Even some films, such Cruella, Black Widow, and Jungle Cruise, were made available on the site in 2021 after their theatrical debuts. In order to quickly add much anticipated new Disney movies to its collection after they are released on the big screen, Disney Plus is quite aggressive in this regard.

Do Students Get a Discount on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus student discounts are not available. However, occasionally, exclusive deals and promotions are made available that let you use the service for a short period of time for a lower price.

How Does Disney Plus Compare to Other Streaming Services?

Disney Plus is solely focused on Disney material, in contrast to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which offer a rotating selection of films and TV episodes from different studios. As a result, the Disney Plus library won’t change significantly from month to month even though Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television offer a legendary library of family-friendly films, programs, and documentaries.

At $8 a month, it’s inexpensive when compared to major rivals, and the discounted package with Hulu and ESPN+ offers even more value. One of the more liberal primary streaming providers in terms of 4K playback, downloads, profile additions, and multi-device streaming. Some rivals, including HBO Max and Netflix, charge members additional money for 4K support.

Disney’s focus on family-friendly programming may limit the service’s attractiveness to adults, which is a disadvantage. This tactic, though, might be changing. Disney Plus modified its parental settings to enable more mature content when it added the Marvel Netflix series to its portfolio on March 16.

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How many Disney Plus accounts may be used at once?

Disney Plus does not provide a student discount, but it does allow for the creation of several user profiles under a single account, much like Netflix. Disney, however, permits up to seven profiles, unlike Netflix.

Disney Plus also allows for simultaneous streaming on up to four devices, so college students and families of all shapes and sizes shouldn’t have any trouble sharing a single membership.

What Features and Formats Does Disney Plus Support?

Disney Plus does not offer a student discount, as was previously mentioned, but it does have several great features that make it more practical. The following features are part of Disney Plus.

  • Seven profiles are allowed for each membership.
  • Up to four devices can view Disney Plus content at once.
  • It is possible to restrict streaming to movies with a TV-7FV and G rating.
  • You can watch Disney Plus with up to six people with the GroupWatch function.
  • On as many as 10 separate smartphones and tablets, the Disney Plus app allows unlimited downloads.
  • Disney Plus supports HDR10 or Dolby Vision up to 4K resolution.
  • The Dolby Digital surround sound and Dolby Atmos audio formats are supported by a few programs.
  • You can view more visuals on the screen by playing back some Marvel films in IMAX Enhanced format.

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how to get disney plus student discount

What is the price of Disney Plus?

Disney Plus costs $8 per month or $79.9 per year. A membership grants users access to the service’s streaming movies without being interrupted by ads. Disney Plus doesn’t currently offer a risk-free trial.

Additionally, there is the option to purchase a bundle that costs $14 per month for all three services and includes Hulu and ESPN+. Each of ESPN+ and Hulu’s ad-supported tiers costs $7 per month. This means that the package will save you around $8 per month. For $19.99 a month, you can subscribe to a “no ads” version of Hulu if you don’t like the commercials.

Which nations and regions offer Disney Plus?

Disney Plus became accessible in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12, 2019. It became available in Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico a week later.

The Disney+ Hotstar version of Star India’s Hotstar streaming service launched in a few European countries in March 2020 and in India in April.

In September 2020, other European countries received the service, and in November 2020, Latin America received it as well.

South Africa received the service extension in May 2022, followed by additional countries in Africa, Western Asia, and Europe in June 2022. It was expanded to include other Southeast Asian nations by the year’s end.


Which operating systems and gadgets support Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is available on a variety of platform-based devices. Here is a list of things that have been verified:

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are iOS devices.

Apple TV set-top boxes with support for the new Apple TV app. Customers can register for the service through the Android app, which is compatible with Android-based smartphones and tablets (the particular OS version is still unknown).

  • Nvidia Shield is an Android TV device.
  • devices with Chromecast support and Google Chromecast Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S game consoles from Microsoft
  • Game consoles Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation 5
  • All Roku sticks, set-top boxes, and TVs that run the Roku OS are all examples of Roku.
  • Amazon Fire TV-based sticks, set-top boxes, and televisions.
  • web browsers for desktop computers
  • Smart TVs made by Samsung from 2016 until the present.
  • There are LG Smart TV models available.
  • televisions with Vizio SmartCast from 2016 to

NB: Disney Plus will provide the same content regardless of the device used to view it, but only Android and iOS devices will allow you to download your shows for offline viewing.

how to get disney plus student discount

Launched in November 2019, Disney Plus swiftly rose to prominence as one of the top streaming services. The service had 137.7 million customers globally as of April 2, 2022. Disney Plus is ranked second among streaming services by CNBC. It primarily distributes motion pictures and television programs produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, with specialized content hubs for the brands Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star in various territories.

Students can access thousands of Disney movies and TV shows through Disney Plus on their gadgets (smart TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles). You may watch wherever and anytime you want with the service’s limitless downloads. Simply pay the membership fee, which can be paid annually or on a monthly basis. Disney Plus student discounts are sadly not currently available, but we are optimistic that they will be in the future. Cheers!

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FAQs- About how to get Disney plus student discount

Below are some question on how to get disney plus student discount

Is There a Disney Plus Ad-Supported Plan?

Disney revealed plans to provide a less expensive, ad-supported Disney Plus subscription in March. The ad-supported service won’t have a set price when it launches in the United States in late 2022. In 2024, the ad-supported plan will be put into practice in foreign markets.

Do Disney Plus gift cards exist?

Yes. For that special Disney fan in your life, you can get a Disney Plus gift subscription for $80. Only new members are eligible for the gift membership, which comes with a year of streaming service.

What is the price of adding Disney Plus to Amazon Prime?

If you already have Amazon Prime, adding Disney Plus will cost you $8; if you don’t, it will cost you $10. If you have never subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, Disney Plus will give you six free months when you sign up.

Is there a 30-day free trial for Disney Plus?

No, as of June 2020, there was no longer a free trial for Disney Plus in the US. However, nothing prevents you from giving it a try right now because you can sign up for a month for $8 and cancel at any time.

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