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Free Christmas Movies on Youtube 2024

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Christmas, ah. During this time of year, there is nothing better to do than cozy up with some hot cocoa or eggnog and watch free Christmas movies on youtube and specials online, preferably for free. You may find both older and modern seasonal favorites for free on YouTube. The top free Christmas movies available on YouTube are listed below.

Christmas is a time to celebrate; there should be no work or school. It’s time to see family and friends throughout the world, but Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Christmas movies.

Thousands of Christmas movies are available for purchase on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services, but YouTube has a ton of free selections for your enjoyment.

We compiled a list of our best selections for Christmas classics to assist you in deciding which movies to start with. No matter what time of year it is, you’re guaranteed to experience the festive spirit with these movies!

Who said Christmas movies were only appropriate during the holiday season? Even if they are, you can make every day feel like Christmas by watching these timeless films whenever you want, especially now that you have free access to them.


List of Free Christmas Movies on YouTube 2024

1. Santa’s Castle

Santa’s castle is among the free Christmas movies on youtube. L. Frank Baum is working on a brand-new tale. His youngest son Kenneth and their dog Dorothy interrupt him before he finishes writing anything more than his name.

He spins a tale about a “Santanapping” that prevents Santa Claus from carrying out his annual duties and the desire of the young ryl, Whisk, to help in Santa Claus’s rides. Whisk, along with Kilter the pixie and Nutter the knook, must do just that, per Santa Claus’s emergency orders. He is persuaded to write about Santa Claus by Kenneth, and with the support of his butler.

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2. Christmas with Prince

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube. Tasha Mason, a pediatrician, is committed to preserving the health of the children in her ward. However, when the dashing Prince Alexander Cavalieri breaks his leg on a neighboring ski hill, Tasha is compelled to let him quietly recover on her floor. She is enraged that a spoilt Royal is interfering with the crucial recovery time her children need, yet she also feels bad for the spoiled Prince.

However, Tasha soon discovers that this royal pain may become a shining knight with a little tough love and holiday cheer.


3. Christmas with a Crown

Christmas with a crown is another free Christmas movies on youtube. A prosperous woman who is revitalizing her family’s Christmas festival in her hometown runs upon a handsome stranger who has offered to help with the planning.

Although she has no idea that he is actually a prince in disguise who yearns to experience the true spirit of the holidays, sparks start to fly between them. For their hearts to unite, a Christmas miracle of regal proportions will be necessary.

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4. Alone for Christmas

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube. The Family Central YouTube channel is currently streaming the film Alone for Christmas, which was written by Nancy Leopardi, Naomi L. Selfman, Kevin Sorbo, David DeLuise | Kim Little, and Davis Cleveland. Joseph J. Lawson served as the film’s director.

Story: On Christmas Eve, a family leaves their dog at home by himself. But a thief breaks in.


5. Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas baby is another free Christmas movies on youtube. Marci devotes all of her energy to setting up her new event planning company and getting ready for Christmas. However, Marci steps up to ensure that everyone has a happy holiday when the company faces difficulties and members of her family have their own challenges.

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6. Grandma’s House

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube, Due to their parents’ difficult circumstances, a teenager and her siblings are made to move in with their grandmother. Grandma teaches them the true meaning of love, faith, and family through her rigorous rules as well as her strength and commitment while the extended family experiences ups and downs.

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7. A Baby For Christmas

You’ll learn from this free holiday video that Christmas is about more than just making cookies and wrapping presents.

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8. Spring Breakaway

Spring breakaway is another interesting free Christmas movies on youtube. Rhyme, Autumn, Zoe, and Effie wind up traveling together to Miami for spring vacation as a result of a string of misfortunes. This trip will be one they’ll never forget thanks to new crushes and new pals!


9. Throwback Holiday

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube. Jacqueline is trapped in a failing marriage and leads an unsatisfied existence. She has second thoughts about her life’s decisions and wishes she could go back to high school for a fresh start after having a chance encounter with a former classmate.

Jacqueline awakens to discover that she is once more a high school senior with the power to alter everything.

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10. 12 Dogs of Christmas

One of the top free Christmas movies on Youtube is 12 Dogs of Christmas. It tells the story of a little girl who, during the Great Depression, uses dogs to teach people the true meaning of Christmas.


11. Operation Christmas List

You wouldn’t want to miss this free Christmas movie, in my opinion.

Barney, who is 12 years old, is determined to get what he really wants for Christmas. He comes up with a strategy to avoid the holiday crowds and purchase the entire stock of the Patty Panda doll, which is the most popular present! Barney and his friends break into the neighborhood department store after closing in the hopes of exchanging the expensive toys for items from their own shopping lists.

When Forte and his slick crew of tight-suited robbers arrive with the same goal, things don’t exactly go as planned.


12. Snowbound For Christmas

You should watch Snowbound for Christmas if you enjoy romance.

Snowbound for Christmas is another interesting free Christmas movies on youtube. When a powerful CEO and his incredibly effective executive assistant become stuck in a snowstorm, he is forced to admit that his feelings for her go beyond that of a coworker.

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13. Middleton Christmas

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube. With the aid of the new maintenance guy, Army veteran Johnny, the high school dean Alana and her vivacious teenage daughter Samantha prepare a holiday performance to save the school in a tiny town. You gotta watch it. Go check it out on Youtube by clicking here!

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14. Christmas Catch

Carson, a suspected diamond thief, is the target of Detective Mackenzie Bennett, who goes undercover to catch him in the act. While working as a cover, Mack develops feelings for Carson and starts to wonder if he’s being set up.

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15. His Her Christmas

You won’t want to miss this free Christmas movie on YouTube. In a tiny town over the holiday season, two newspaper columnists engage in a fight of the sexes.


16. Brat Holiday Spectacular

Brat holiday spectacular free Christmas movies on youtube that you will love to watch over and over again, You shouldn’t miss Brat Holiday Spectacular, a fantastic holiday film. It is a well-regarded film that has received over 7 million views on Brat TV.

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17. A Gift for Christmas

This is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube. Tom Whitus is the film’s director, and John B. VanMeter and Tom Whitus wrote the script. Bruce Davison, Dee Wallace, and Jenn Gotzen are the stars. On the EncourageTV YouTube channel, you can see it.

Christmas at the home of George and Denise is depicted in this film, but things are not happy. While Denise worries about the Christmas concert at their church, George worries about a buddy. On a Silent Night, when everyone is reminded of The Gift of Christmas, solutions emerge.

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18. On the Second Day Of Christmas

This holiday film is timeless. You will never grow weary of watching it.

Narrative: Hulk In one of his early stints as a store employee, Mark Ruffalo foils a con artist’s attempt to rob a department store on Christmas. To keep the con artist and her niece out of social services, his character consents to take care of them for the holidays. A relationship blossoms!

Christmas films never age! Profit from the holiday movies on our list. They’ll make you feel cheery and festive. Even earning over $1,000 by viewing Christmas movies is possible.


19. A Christmas Star

Erin Galway-Kendrick, Robert James-Collier, and Bronagh Waugh star in Richard Elson’s “A Christmas Star free Christmas movies on youtube you will enjoy.”

A young girl named Noelle, who was born under the Christmas Star in extraordinary circumstances, thinks she has the ability to work odd miracles. She joins forces with a misfit gang to stop the town from being demolished when cunning developer McKerrod threatens her quiet life. However, one by one, Noelle’s companions begin to doubt her skills, and she is left to face McKerrod alone.

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20. Christmas Princess

It is among the free Christmas movies on youtube. Everyone wants to watch A Christmas Princess, one of the free Christmas movies available on YouTube, possibly because it is based on a true story.


21. Christmas Town

Christmas town is one of the free Christmas movies on youtube you do not want to miss. In this film, a woman by the name of Lauren Gabriel leaves Boston and everything behind to start a new chapter in her life and career.

However, an unplanned detour to the quaint village of Grandon Falls leads her to discover unanticipated new family and heart-related chapters, which helps her appreciate the magic of Christmas once more.

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