UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major

UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major For 2024

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Bringing you the list full gist about the UCLA acceptance rate by major for this year, indeed one of the numerous factors you should take into account when applying to a university is the acceptance rates for colleges. To help students understand their chances of being accepted, schools publicize their acceptance rates. Leading universities across the nation take pleasure in their low acceptance rates, which might be one sign of a school’s caliber. One of the most prestigious universities in the nation is UCLA. The UCLA acceptance rate demonstrates how challenging it is to be accepted.

The acceptance rate at the University of California, Los Angeles, is just one number to consider, though. You shouldn’t let it stop you from applying to UCLA. Your job is to present yourself in the best possible light to the UCLA admissions committee if enrolling at UCLA is your aim. The UCLA admittance rate, GPA standards, and SAT requirements are unimportant. Just be aware that UCLA can be a reach school for you if your GPA is only marginally higher than the average GPA criteria for UCLA (3.0 for in-state students, 3.4 for out-of-state students). Plan to submit applications to more institutions with greater acceptance rates for college.


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Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


Should I apply to UCLA as my top choice for a college?

Since UCLA now wants applicants to have marks that are nearly perfect for the 20+ Honours/AP/IB course, getting into UCLA is more difficult than ever. Even applicants from the state where the institution is located need to have an impressive academic record. UCLA is a distinctive, top-tier university with a wide range of acclaimed academic programs.

Therefore, you should be aware that eventually, 90% of candidates will be turned down. All students should be sure to include “target schools” and “safe” schools to the list of universities they are qualified to attend. You should work with an admissions professional who is knowledgeable with the most recent developments in university-related trends and tactics.


Acceptance Rate at UCLA

Both domestic and foreign students have always had the dream of attending a UC institution. But, you have to put in all academic effort you can think of to get into any prestigious university in the world. You will require every element that might be advantageous for admission, including your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and academic recommendations.

UCLA currently has a 14% acceptance rate, which makes admission to the school more difficult. The admittance rate at UCLA has decreased over the past nine years, falling from 18.98% in 2012 to 14% in 2021. This shows that UCLA’s acceptance rate is getting more competitive over time.

Hence, if you want to attend UCLA after high school, focus on earning a respectable GPA of 4.00 or above, SAT scores of 1250–1500, and ACT scores of 26–34. The grade and test results for applicants from within and outside of the state differ.

We will however find out whether the UCLA acceptance rate for each major can be more or less competitive.


Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


GPA Requirements for UCLA

Several colleges have a set minimum and maximum GPA that applicants must meet in order to be considered for admission. UCLA has a 14% admittance rate, therefore one can only speculate as to what the minimum GPA would be. Your GPA needs to be at least 3.9 to have a greater chance of getting into one of California’s top institutions.

You have to be at the top of your class to meet these standards, which have an average GPA requirement of 3.9. In order to compete or to be one step ahead of other applicants, make getting all As in your class a priority. There is an option if your GPA is below UCLA’s requirement of 3.9, so don’t worry. As a result of your poor GPA, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This increases your ability to compete against thousands of applicants who have GPAs that are higher than yours.


Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


UCLA’s SAT/ACT Policies and GPA Requirements

The admissions procedure at the University of California, Los Angeles has demonstrated to be more rigorous. For the class of 2025’s newly enrolled freshmen, in-state candidates had lower scores than their out-of-state neighbors.

Californians had mid-50% unweighted GPAs of 4.30–4.60, SAT scores of 1250–1500, and ACT scores of 26–34 in a recent cycle. While out-of-state candidates had GPAs between 4.35 and 4.80, SAT scores between 1390 and 1530, and ACT scores between 31 and 34.


Who Attends UCLA? What the UCLA Admissions Staff See as “Important”

Many different nationalities and ethnicities can be found in UCLA. Hence, we’d like to examine UCLA student demographic data.


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Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


How can I travel to UCLA?

What qualities are candidates expected to possess by UCLA? When submitting an application for admission to a foreign university, there are many factors to think about. UCLA is looking for students who, through their vast experience and unique perspectives, can improve leadership and understanding. It emphasizes these three things:

Outstanding Academic Performance

This goes beyond the results of your academic test or GPA. They are seeking individuals who have completed high school. UCLA considers factors like how many subjects you took in high school, how challenging those classes were, and your academic rigor.

  • Those who want to be accepted must demonstrate this by passing honors or continuing education courses.
  • Gifts, successes, and more
  • Not everyone excels academically, but that is one reason they shouldn’t be permitted here.
  • Achievements and unique skills are prioritized and given a lot of attention. To gauge how well you are doing outside of the classroom, they want to know about your successes and honors.


What Kind of Financial Assistance Are Offered at UCLA?

Some students might think about applying for student loans because attending a prestigious university costs money. At UCLA, the majority of applying families were required to pay less than the full cost of education. It is also known that 46% of students do not pay any tuition. The university offers a variety of housing options and meal plans, including financial aid for housing, so you can choose how you wish to live while attending UCLA.

The three types of financial aid that the university provides are largely based on academic achievement, as well as on the skills, experiences, and interests of the applicants. UCLA also provides grants, including the merit-based UCLA Regents Scholarship, UCLA Alumni Scholarship, and UCLA Achievements Scholarship (merit-based).

In 2018, graduating seniors had an average student loan balance of $29,800. Graduates from UCLA, meanwhile, had a lower average of $22,390.


Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


How Much Would a UCLA Education Cost?

The cost of attending UCLA is a startling $65,545, which is indicative of how expensive education can be in California.

The good news is that amount will cover all of your expenses for one year at UCLA. It includes everything you need, including shelter, food, books, and transportation.

Let’s examine a few of the costs:

  • College costs: $13,239
  • $16,625 for lodging and meals
  • $1,464 for books and supplies
  • $441 for transportation
  • Individual: $1,506
  • $2,516 for health insurance
  • Tuition for non-residents: $29,754

Despite all of this money, UCLA is working to make sure that everyone can afford an education. You can easily apply for the several types of financial help available as a UCLA student. According to UCLA records, financial help is typically given to students in the amount of $20,775 every year.


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Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


Application advice for UCLA

It is crucial that you pay attention to the following and should be aware of the following if you are considering applying to join more than 130,000 other Bruin applicants in your next application period:

  • UCLA has provisions for interviews even though its admissions procedure is all-inclusive.
  • The UCLA admissions process does not take “demonstrated interest” into account.

Be sure to devote enough time and attention to the additional essays that UCLA is requiring. There are only eight questions in the round 2021–2022 admissions procedure, and candidates must select four to respond to. There is a 350 word limit per response.

You can get a better idea of what to anticipate from the ensuing admissions process by answering the following questions:

  • Provide an example of a leadership situation when you had the chance to have a positive impact on others, worked in a team environment over time, or assisted in resolving a conflict.
  • Everybody has a creative side that they can express in a variety of ways, including through problem-solving, artistic production, original and new thought, etc.
  • Describe the ways in which you use creativity.
  • What do you consider to be your strongest trait? How have you developed this talent over time, and how have you demonstrated it?
  • Explain a few ways in which you have seized significant educational opportunities or managed to get beyond obstacles to your education.
  • Explain your largest issue or obstacle and the efforts you have taken to solve it. How has this difficulty impacted your academic performance?
  • Consider a certain academic subject that inspires you.
  • Explain the actions you have taken both within and outside of the classroom to further this interest.
  • What have you done to enhance your town or school?
  • What else about you, in your opinion, makes you an excellent candidate for UC beyond what is indicated in your application?


UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


Still On: UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major


Admission Rate at UCLA by Major

  • UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major
  • Majors Admit Rate
  • African-American Studies. 34%
  • Anthropology 27%
  • Applied Linguistic -B.S 33%
  • Applied Mathematics, Pre 37%
  • Astrophysics 23%
  • Biochemistry 29%
  • Biology 13%
  • Business Economics, Pre 9%
  • Chemistry 23%
  • English 32%
  • Environmental Sciences 27%
  • Geology 51%
  • Linguistics 48%
  • Marine Biology 1%
  • Physics 37%


UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major at School of the Arts and Architecture

  • Architectural Studies. 10%
  • Arts. 8%
  • Dance. 13%
  • Design & Media Arts. 5%


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UCLA Acceptance Rate By Major at Samuel School of Engineering

  • Majors Admit Rate
  • Aerospace Engineering. 11%
  • Bioengineering. 13%
  • Chemical Engineering. 23%
  • Civil Engineering. 19%
  • Computer Engineering. 6%
  • Computer Science 2%
  • Computer Science & Engineering. 8%
  • Electrical Engineering. 34%
  • Material Engineering. 36%

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