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5 Free Nursing Schools that Charges Zero Tuition

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  1. There are many Free Nursing Schools that Charges Zero Tuition. Today’s article will focus on these schools and their locations around the globe. Before I give you information about schools, let’s look at the many benefits of studying nursing.

There are humongous benefits of studying nursing too numerous to mention. Most time this profession is so envied that many give up their career and enroll in a nursing school even in their late 50s. Among the benefits of studying nursing includes;

Strong personal satisfaction

Nursing is a respected profession. As a crucial contact between doctors, nurses are vital. Each situation is different, but patients will often communicate with nurses rather than their doctors. Nursing is a rewarding profession that many nurses find to be the most fulfilling.


Nursing is one of few jobs that you can work remotely. You can work from wherever and whenever you want. You can work on a contract, part-time or full-time basis? All of these are possible. You can return to work and take time off to find employment. While working full-time, you can take off four days and work three days straight.

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free nursing schools


You can work in many locations

You can work anywhere by becoming a nurse. You could work in the city, the suburbs or the country. You can work anywhere in the United States or in any country. As a consultant nurse freelancer, you can work in any American city for several days, weeks or months, before moving to another place. You will find a nursing job wherever you travel.

Nursing Staff Shortage

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there would be an 800,000 nursing shortfall by 2023. As the world’s population grows older, more people will need medical attention. Hospitals and medical facilities are always looking for qualified nurses. Sign-on incentives may be as high as $10,000 for the most skilled nurses.


Top Free Nursing Schools in the World

We will not discuss tuition fees at the free nursing schools. You will need to budget for living expenses, which can vary from $500 to $1000 per month depending on where you live. You should contact your university to confirm the cost of living in the country you want to study in so that you can plan accordingly.

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Free Nursing Schools that Charges Zero Tuition

1. University of Adger

The Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences at the University of Adger is the country’s first free nursing schools that charges zero tuition we will be discussing.

Norway is a popular choice for nursing students due to its high standard and growing demand for nurses and other care workers. With a nursing degree, there are many job opportunities for graduates. The education here is top-notch.

Norway’s education policy provides that education at public universities is free. Semester fees are not required. They cover student expenses and discounts on public transport.

This faculty teaches in Norwegian but some courses can be taught in English. The faculty’s campus-based courses help students understand theories and think critically. Practical placements enable them to put theories into practice.

This faculty offers 19 programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. It is committed to providing a great education for nursing students and training more healthcare professionals.

Link to school website

free nursing schools


2. University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger’s Department of Health Studies is next on our list of free nursing schools that charges zero tuition.  The department offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as English and Norwegian programs. As a result, it is an excellent choice for international students.

This public university was founded in 2005 and has a high research output. It was ranked #3 in Norway in 2019 for research publications per academic staff. This university’s department of Health Studies offers unique programs, including the Master in Prehospital Critical care.

Prehospital critical care’s master’s degree is the only internationally recognized program. It provides prehospital care professionals with academic training that allows them to critically evaluate their knowledge. This department is a top choice for nursing students because it places emphasis on both academic excellence as well as real-life practice.

Link to school website


3. Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences – HSB

The University of Adger is another university we will be discussing in our list of ffree nursing schools that charges zero tuition. Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences is a nursing school that does not charge a semester fee.

Students from abroad can apply for its top-quality programs without paying a tuition fee. The programs are mostly in German, with some English courses. Students are expected to have sufficient German knowledge at level C1 (CEFR).

Although this faculty only offers one program in Nursing, it can compete with other programs offered by other schools. The International Degree Program for Nursing at Bachelor Level equips students with theoretical knowledge and the skills needed to be a nurse.

This program is called “international” because it values global experiences. This program requires a semester abroad. Students can choose from more than 300 partner institutions around the world. This program is intended to expand students’ horizons, and help them grow as professionals and individuals.

Link to school website

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4. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Next on the list of free nursing schools that charges zero tuition is Hamburg University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Nursing and Management. Students can take advantage of outstanding programs in German nursing at this university by paying a minimal semester contribution, less than EUR 350. This goes towards student services and student government.

The free nursing school offers five programs. Three of the programs are at the bachelor’s level, while two are master’s. The programs offer both vocational training and academic learning. The program offers a high-quality education in theory and scientific aspects of the subject, as well as training for a career working in healthcare or nursing.

This department offers a co-education program that includes modules from two other nursing schools, the Academy of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing and the Albertine-Schule Academy of Nursing. It aims to train future healthcare professionals. Students receive a better education and have more resources which helps them to become healthcare professionals.

Link to school website

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5. Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Our list of free nursing schools that charges zero tuition ends with the Department of Health and Care Sciences at the Arctic University of Norway. According to the website about student budget and cost-of-living, international and local students are exempt from tuition fees. Students must pay a semester fee in the amount of NOK 625 to obtain their student cards, counseling, class registration and exams.

This university was founded in 1968 and is known for being the most northern university in the world. UiT now has six campuses, having merged with several other excellent Norwegian universities.

The Department of Health and Care Sciences has degree programs available for students who wish to pursue this career. It also offers continuing education programs for professionals in the field of health care for the improvement and development of specific skills. Internships allow students to learn academic knowledge and practical experience.

Link to school website

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Which degree is best for nurses?

Employers prefer the BSN as a nursing degree. It gives students the best job opportunities right out of school. For many jobs in nursing, a BSN is a minimum requirement.

Is it worth getting a 2-year nursing degree?

A two-year RN program will give you the opportunity to finish your education quicker than a bachelor’s program. You can get your RN license in just two years, which will allow you to work sooner and make more money.

Are there any nursing schools in the UK that are free?

There are no tuition-free nursing schools in the UK. There are two tuition options for UK universities that offer nursing degrees. Home student costs include EU students and international student fees. Institutions in England can charge home students up to PS9 250 per year for undergraduate degrees.

Are you able to get A’s in order to attend a nursing school?

GPA standards vary by school. Some early entry nursing programs require a GPA at least 3.8 (weighted) or higher. For applicants to highly competitive nursing programs, it is normal for applicants to have a high GPA.

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Is nursing school difficult?

You are on your way to a rewarding, challenging, and exciting career. Nursing school is notoriously challenging. Nursing programs require high GPAs and excellent performance in math, chemistry and biology. It can also be very satisfying.

What is the highest-paid nursing job?

A certified registered nurse anesthetist is the highest-paid position in nursing. Registered nurses who are highly skilled and competent in the field of nurse anesthetists work closely with medical personnel to perform anesthetic procedures.


What is the average salary of a nurse in the UK?

According to the Royal College of Nursing, an NHS nurse’s average annual income is PS33.384. We estimate that the average salary of a nurse is between PS33,000 to PS35,000. This figure is based on the average experience of UK nurses and data from major job boards.

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