after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well

After School Jobs For 13 Years Old That Pay Well in 2024

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You may be a youngster who wants to start working and wonder where you can find after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. You have a lot of possibilities, which is fortunate! We’ll list 20 after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well in this article, read to the end.

How Can a 13-Year-Old Work to Earn Money?

Finding a firm that will hire a 13-year-old for a “real” job where you’ll be working in an organization is challenging. This is because few places have the legal authority to do so. The youngest they can go is 15, yet some places recruit people as early as 15.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t view your inability to find a “real” job as a problem. Many of the options on this list have salaries that are much higher than those of retail jobs. Because they are not “real work” with a “real firm,” don’t discount them.

Why Do 13-Year-Olds Need to Work?

You are old enough to work a part-time job at age 13 and are motivated to make your own money. The legal age to work, however, is often 14, therefore 13-year-olds are in an unusual predicament. As a 13-year-old, you are able to work for a relative or in the neighborhood.

  1. You may be hired as a teenager to complete time-consuming household tasks.
  2. As a teenager, you will learn important skills like time management and organization.
  3. If you volunteer in the community, you’ll increase your professional network and meet new people.
  4. As a teen, you will have your own money to use for amusement and other luxuries.

After School Jobs For 13 Years Old That Pay Well in 2024

13-Year-Old After-School Jobs That Pay

Even though no employer will be allowed to legally hire you at your age, 13-year-olds can nevertheless find compensated after-school jobs.

If it saves them time or enables them to pursue other goals in their lives, people are frequently more than willing to engage a responsible 13-year-old to complete these kinds of activities for them.

1. Creative Writer

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. Creative writer produces non-traditional writing in their works. You will therefore be in charge of conducting background research for your writing assignments, writing them, and then editing and proofreading them. You’ll most likely work on a freelancing website if you want to work as a creative writer online.

You’ll work for organizations that require writing for their websites but lack the personnel to produce a large volume of articles each day. Or, if you’re a creative writer, you’ll write for yourself by starting a blog or a book. As implied by the title, being a creative writer entails a lot of writing, therefore you should be proficient in English and have a strong writing style.

How Much Money Does a Young Writer Make?

You can freelance as a creative writer online and expect to make $5 to $10 per hour. However, there is a wide range of what you can earn online, and this largely depends on your level of skill.

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2. Fashion Blogger

This is also one of the  after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. A fashion blogger will start a blog that they or they and a few pals would manage where they can publish on fashion in general. This can cover whatever you wish to write about, from current events to advice and tricks. Since fashion blogger works for themselves, their salary depends on how much time they put in.

As the sole administrator of the blog, your duties as a fashion blogger are highly complex. As a result, you will need to do research on the subject of your posts, create posts, revise and proofread posts, and reply to reader comments. Given that you’ll be writing a lot about fashion, It will be advantageous to enjoy fashion and have a basic understanding of it.

How much money is made from teen fashion blogging?

You probably won’t make money as an article and blog writer if you’re just starting out. This is because you won’t make money from affiliates or advertising because you won’t have an audience at first.

3. Author

This another after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. A writer creates books, publishes them on Amazon as either eBooks or hard copies, and then sells them to readers. Teen authors work for themselves and are responsible for their own remuneration.

As a result, it’s a dangerous job since you might not make any money, but you also have the potential to make a lot; it all relies on whether or not readers like your novels. A book’s topic must be thoroughly researched before the book can be written, edited, and published.

These actions can all be farmed out. For instance, if you don’t want to spend your time editing the book or would prefer that someone else read it, you can hire an editor to do it.

How Much Money Does a Teen Author Make?

Beginning writers can expect to make between $100 and $10,000 each book. The income varies greatly depending on how well your book does.

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4. Blogger

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. You’ll spend a lot of time as a blogger writing about subjects that are close to your heart. It might be anything you’re interested in, such as video games, fashion, sports, animals, your life, or any other topic. Although they don’t earn money right first, bloggers eventually increase the quantity of traffic to their websites, and once they have a lot of traffic, they can easily earn sizable sums of money.

How Much Money Can a Teen Blogger Make?

Blogger compensation might vary substantially. You may anticipate making very little money once you get going and really for the first three to six months.

5. Model

Teen models do more than just parade down a runway or catwalk. They are valuable resources that people may use to showcase goods, market and promote products, and attract customers. They can pose for commercials for anything from clothing to lotion to automobiles to furnishings.

Modeling is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well.

How Much Money Can a Teen Model Make?

Models can earn $5 to $250 or more per hour. If you’re a youngster or adult, a novice or seasoned model, or if the business pays per day rather than per hour, your pay rate will vary. Additionally, it depends on the kind of model you want to be.

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6. Logo Designer

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. A logo designer is a skilled graphic artist who develops the branding used to represent the business, typically through the creation of symbols that serve as the business’s emblem. Usually, this is done with aesthetically pleasant fonts and shapes.

The process of creating a logo is very difficult. You should initially ask your client what kind of logo they would like. They may have a few conceptions and ideas for the logo, or you may need to contribute some ideas as well. You will then create a quick sketch of what it might resemble. You will utilize a number of internet programs to develop the final logo after receiving their approval.

It is your duty to modify the logo to their liking if they don’t like it. You can get clients through a variety of channels, including working for a company or looking for internet freelancing work. Drawing and designing will be a big part of your job, so it’s best to be talented or at least have a degree or certification in general visual arts.

How Much Money Does a Young Logo Designer Make?

When you first start out, you might anticipate making $50 to $100 each logo. That’s a fairly respectable hourly income, assuming it takes you three hours to produce each logo.

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7. Music Reviewer

Music Reviewer is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. Teenage music critics are those who are paid to listen to music and write reviews of the songs they have just heard. Before the music is shared globally, they will give the music a thoughtful critique. In essence, you will be listening to unreleased music.

The website where you select to listen to music will request that you first give a brief review of a piece of music before continuing. You will be in charge of listening to the music, producing insightful reviews, editing your work, and managing the money you earn from doing so.

Your reviews will be forwarded to the music producer, who will examine your suggestions and rate the usefulness of your review. Your overall rating will go up and you’ll get paid more per review if you post more helpful reviews.

How Much Money Does a Teen Music Critic Make?

Starting off as a music critic, your review pay will be around 10 cents. This equals $5 per hour when rounded up.

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8. Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well.You or your parents probably downloaded some games or applications to their smartphones. Developers of mobile apps all produced those. You’ll be in charge of developing mobile apps for iOS and Android devices in this position. Although there is a lot of code required, you can create apps quickly with the correct instruction.

How Much Money Can a Young Mobile App Developer Make?

In the highly competitive industry of mobile app development, your earnings will be based on how proficient you are in your sector. As an app developer, you have two options for how to get paid. Most mobile app developers will begin at a low of $15 per hour.

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9. Seller on eBay Or Amazon

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. A seller on eBay or Amazon is a person who earns a living by selling their own goods on the sites or by purchasing goods to resell.

Most likely, the goods that these folks sell are going to be locally sourced or bought from a local shop and then sold for a higher price. Get the “Amazon Price Check” app on your phone if you want to make a purchase at a nearby retailer. By doing so, you can scan the barcode before making a purchase to see how much it costs on Amazon.

On eBay or Amazon, most users operate in this manner. They pay a low price to purchase 10 items, which they then resell one at a time for a larger price. As a self-employed seller on eBay or Amazon, you are in charge of your own earnings and online success.

As you technically cannot complete this task by yourself, you will also need to collaborate with your parents. As a seller on eBay or Amazon, your duties may include learning about the product, figuring out trends, buying products, selling those products, and interacting with customers. In essence, you will own your own web store. This excellent post features a person who accomplished this and earned about $40 per hour.

How Much Money Can a Teen Seller Make on Amazon or eBay?

Your earnings as a new seller on eBay or Amazon entirely depend on the goods you sell. Because of the shipping costs and other expenses, if you can purchase an item at a local store for $3.00 on discount and sell it on Amazon for $12.00, you may anticipate making about $4.00 per unit.

10. Social Media Influencer

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. Teenage social media influencers will post links on their profiles and receive payment for doing so. In essence, they will offer a promotion of a good or service to their followers on social media in return for payment.

They need a huge social media following to accomplish this. Once they have done so, they must obtain links, distribute those links, and attempt to increase the number of clicks on the link. People that sell items online need a platform and an advocate, and that is what you will be providing. We advise you to concentrate primarily on Instagram for this type of work as it is the social media site with the most commercial

What Compensation Does a Teen Social Media Influencer Receive?

You might anticipate relatively meager pay as a young social media influencer. If your social media following is minimal, you won’t be paid much for sharing links on your account. There is a strong motivation to develop your social media sites as large as feasible because larger social media pages will pay more for link sharing.

It’s doubtful that you’ll make more than $1,000 if you start with fewer than 100 followers and publish regularly for an entire year, but there are always exceptions to the norm.

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11. Seller on Etsy

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. A person who makes their living by selling goods on Etsy is referred to as a seller. These goods will either be handmade, one-of-a-kind artisanal goods or materials for other people to manufacture goods.

Either you can produce goods yourself and sell them, or you may import goods and sell them. Seller on Etsy works for themselves and is accountable for their own earnings and success. Their duties include market research, trend analysis, product production, product marketing, and product shipment. These are all essential actions to do if you want to make sure your Etsy business is thriving.

How Much Money Can a Teen Seller Make Selling on Etsy?

You won’t make much money as an Etsy seller when you first start out, but you’ll make more money over time.

12. T-Shirt Designer

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. You’ll create graphic designs for t-shirts as a t-shirt designer. The company will print your design on the t-shirts and sell them after that. If you’re inventive, you could just use Photoshop to accomplish this. Remember that things must be made with extreme care because, at some point, people will have to buy them based only on your design.

If you want to work as a t-shirt designer, having creative training will come in handy because you’ll need to create designs that people will find appealing and want to buy.

How Much Money Does a Young T-Shirt Designer Make?

Starting out as a t-shirt designer, you can anticipate making $10–$15 per hour working for another person.

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13. Game Tester

This position is ideal for you if you enjoy playing video games. Before they are made available to the public, games are tested by a game tester. Game Tester is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well.

Every game you test will be a variation of the one that is released. You must play the game often as a game tester to check for bugs or other flaws. You must check all the menus, settings, etc. to make sure they function properly in addition to playing the game. Play the game by making every move a player might possibly make.

How Much Money Can a Game Tester Make?

Game testers start-up making between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour, depending on their level of experience and educational background. If you have more experience, you may expect to make about $14 an hour.

14. Video Game Player

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. Someone who live streams oneself playing video games on Twitch is known as a Twitch gamer. television, which brings in viewers and generates ad money for you. Since they are self-employed, Twitch video gamers will work when they have free time. Depending on their requirements, they can broadcast every day or once a week.

As previously indicated, sponsorships and ad revenue are the main sources of their income. They’ll need the appropriate tools in order to produce an entertaining and pleasurable live stream. For instance, you’ll need a strong microphone to ensure that the live stream doesn’t have any static.

A Twitch video gamer’s duties include playing video games, streaming them live, amusing their viewers, and running their channel. They must be skilled players because Twitch streamers will make their money from playing video games.

How Much Money Can a Teenager Make Playing Video Games?

It’s doubtful that you will make any money as a new Twitch gamer. This is because fame only develops over time and you need followers to make money.

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15. Baker

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. Teen bakers spend the most of their time creating delectable sweets that the public may enjoy in a kitchen or bakery. Desserts might be served at gatherings, celebrations, or schools. Your desserts, whether they are cakes, brownies, muffins, or doughnuts, will make a lot of people happy.

How Much Money Can a Teen Baker Make?

A young baker may receive a range of wages. You might earn anywhere from $8 an hour to $18 or more an hour if you’re more experienced if you’re seeking for a job at a restaurant or bakery.

16. Artist

This is also one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well.A professional artist is one who is compensated for their work, whereas an artist is someone who creates art. You’ve come to the perfect site if you like the notion of generating money by selling your artwork. Although it won’t be simple, the good news is that young people can support themselves financially through their artistic endeavors.

There are so many various kinds of artists out there; all you need to do to get started is choose something you’re good at. Professional artists are typically associated with their paintings, but you can also sell your drawings, cartoons, comic books, sculptures, wood carvings, mosaics, and other works of art. You can sell anything you can create.

How Much Money Does a Teen Artist Make?

As an artist, it can be challenging to predict your earnings because you have to take into account your supply costs, the time it takes to produce a piece, and its market value. When you factor in costs, you might spend two hours making a little sculpture, but if you can only sell it for $2, you only make less than $1/hour.

On the other hand, a medium-sized painting might take 10 hours to do, but if it fetches $100, that works out to $10 per hour.

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17. Car Washer

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. As the name implies, if you work as a car washer, you’ll primarily be washing cars’ interiors and exteriors. This involves cleaning the inside of the automobile using a vacuum and cleaning agents, as well as utilizing chemicals to remove stains off the exterior of the car.

Teenage car washers have two options for starting out: they either work for an existing car wash or open their own business. Overall, you will ensure that autos shine for a small fee. You’ll be doing a lot of manual labor, so having flexibility and athleticism will be beneficial. Unlike other occupations, car washing requires a lot of physical labor, and you’ll undoubtedly get wet while doing it.

How Much Money Does a Teen Car Washer Make?

You might anticipate making between $10 and $15 per hour as a beginning vehicle washer.

18. Bike Mechanic

This is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. You’ll be fixing bikes as a young bike mechanic. You could fix anything, including bicycle tires, chains, and brakes. Since a repaired bike may be used by someone to commute to work every day or even by a little child to get to his closest friend’s house, fixing bicycles may be a highly satisfying job. You may also use this as a wonderful chance to introduce your loved ones or clients to your passion for bicycles.

To completely comprehend your daily responsibilities as a bike technician, consider the following:

How Much Money Does a Bicycle Mechanic Make?

Your compensation as a bike technician may vary based on your level of expertise and working conditions.

A bicycle technician may expect to make between $8 and $12 per hour, with $12 being the top end.

19. Garage Cleaner

Garage Cleaner is one of the after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. As the name implies, your job as a garage cleaner will entail maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of a garage. This implies that you will be organizing, cleaning, replenishing, checking, and fixing the garage.

Basically, you’ll be the one to clean up the trash and restore order to people’s garages, which may get rather dirty and disorganized. You may also be obliged to perform small repairs in addition to being asked to report any damages to the garage.

While you are cleaning the garage, you could also offer to clean their house or take care of their lawn for an additional fee. Being physically fit helps when working as a garage cleaner because you’ll be cleaning and carrying heavy objects around a lot.

Due to the frequent exposure to dusty environments, it is also preferable to be allergy-free and resistant to dust. You don’t want to sneeze the entire time, for sure.

How Much Money Can a Teen Garage Cleaner Make?

You might anticipate making $10 to $15 per hour as a garage cleaner. Finding a job will be more difficult with this type of labor, which is the largest problem.

20. Household Assistant

This is the last on this list of after school jobs for 13 years old that pay well. You will assist folks with everything they need to do around the house as a teen household assistant. People usually need things around the house done, so this profession is perfect because you can work on it year-round. Additionally, if someone truly values your assistance, they will continue to offer you jobs.

Cleaning out attics or basements, organizing closets, scrubbing and mopping hard floors, vacuuming carpets and rugs, dusting furniture and decorations, removing weeds, raking leaves, shoveling snow, or hanging Christmas decorations are a few tasks that you might assist with. Think beyond the box for what you can do to assist.

How Much Money Does a Teenage Housekeeper Make?

The kind of work you’re doing and the person hiring you will determine how much you get paid. You might earn between $5 and $10 per hour for simpler domestic cleaning activities like sweeping. You may earn between $10 and $20 per hour working more demanding outdoor activities like shoveling snow.

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