First Bank Colorado with Routing Number 2022 Updated Details

First Bank Colorado with Routing Number 2024 Updated Details

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First Bank Colorado with Routing Number is what we have to discuss here in full detail. Colorado First Bank – Providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed is a key part of “banking for good.” Learn what it’s like to work at a bank that employs actual people. Read all the way to the end for further details.

First Bank Colorado in History

Lets talk about the history itself before we continue to the talk about the First Bank Colorado with Routing Number.

FirstBank, which had modest beginnings in 1963, has since developed into one of the biggest privately held banks in the country.

Nevertheless, with more than 110 locations spread across Colorado, Arizona, and California, and assets worth over $19 billion.

Since their start, we can trace their development to a single, basic premise. Do the right thing by your clients, your community, and your staff, and wonderful things will follow.

This idea has completely changed the way we conduct business and is the source of our catchphrase, “banking for good.”

They have earned a reputation as a great employer because of it. However, they consistently rank highly in customer satisfaction and are one of the biggest corporate donors in Colorado and Arizona.


More information On First Bank Colorado with Routing Number

From Here Down Is The Full Detail About The First Bank Colorado with Routing Number

when you place people at the centre of all your decisions and look beyond the bottom line.

You’ll discover that doing so is not just morally correct but also wise. Banking for good would be that.

The principal sponsor of Arizona Gives Day and Colorado Gives Day continues to be FirstBank.

Since the start of each programme, $217 million for NGOs in Colorado and $17 million for organisations in Arizona have been raised.

FirstBank runs a yearly “Give it Forward” programme to generate interest.

In order to encourage donations during these one-day internet campaigns targeted at raising philanthropy, the bank pleasantly surprises the neighbourhood with free requirements.

First Bank Colorado with Routing Number

FirstBank’s routing number: 107005047.

FirstBank’s address: 10403 West Colfax Avenue Lakewood, CO 80215


Services You Can Have Access to with First Bank Colorado with Routing Number

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is the first service you can have with this First Bank Colorado with Routing Number.

You may pay your bills quickly and easily with Bill Pay without writing any checks.

For flexibility and control, schedule one-time or monthly payments. Setting up a biller only takes a few seconds.

Additionally, you may get online versions of your paper bills.

Account Warnings

Another service you can have as a customer with this First Bank Colorado with Routing Number is Account Alart feature.

You can select from 12 different alarms to keep up with your finances. Their SMS or email alerts can help you stay away from overdrafts by informing you of account activity and alterations to your personal information.

Electronic statements

Here is the third service that you as a customer can enjoy with this First Bank Colorado with Routing Number.

Instead of getting a paper statement in the mail, view all of your account statements online. It benefits the environment, is safe, and is practical.


FirstBank Consumer Online Banking

Here is another top service to enjoy with this First Bank Colorado with Routing Number. Without ever setting foot inside a branch, practically all of your banking may be done online. Just skip the free sweets. Also, if you sign up for eStatements, it’s free.

You may access your FirstBank accounts and loans online with online banking, making it quick and simple to handle your finances whenever it’s convenient for you.

1. Verify the transactions and account balances.

2. View digital versions of paper documents like cheques and deposit slips.

3. Take in assertions.

4. Move money from one account to another.

5. Get email or text message reminders on your account balance.

Pay your debts (optional service).

7. Download transactions to Quicken & QuickBooks automatically (optional service).

8. Utilize the FirstBank mobile app to access accounts.

9. Use the mobile app’s mobile deposit feature to deposit checks.

10. Use Card Management to control your credit or debit cards.

11. Redeem your cash rewards from your credit card.

12. An online messaging system.

When you sign up for Consumer Online Banking, the Combined Personal and Company Account Access feature enables you to combine your personal and business accounts under a single profile.

14. Use a single login to view and access both personal and commercial accounts.

15. Transfer money between accounts for commercial and personal use.

16. Use the online Bill Pay service to pay both personal and business expenses (optional; $5/month for enterprises).

17. Utilize the FirstBank mobile app to access accounts.

18. Use the mobile app’s mobile deposit feature to deposit checks.

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First Bank Colorado Mobile Banking

As we discuss the First Bank Colorado with Routing Number, let get to talk about this online banking feature.

Download for iOS Devices

Download for Android Devices

Available in the U.S. and select foreign countries. Think First Bank Mobile App, think the following:


Mobile Deposit

The First Bank Colorado with routing number is what we are still discussing though, here is another bronach the First Bank Customer feature.

Checks can be deposited using mobile deposit as easily as shooting a photo. Simply choose the account and enter the check’s dollar amount.

The software will handle the rest after you place the check in the capture field. Even a picture of the cheque is saved for your records. Or “Check Selfies,” as we like to call them.



You can view a brief summary of your account information without logging in with the FirstGlance function. It is useful when you need to know how much money you have in the supermarket, a restaurant, or anywhere.

Even your impending eBills will be notified by FirstGlance, which may affect your decision to purchase an expensive pair of jeans.



Using simply their email address or U.S. mobile phone number and name, you may quickly and securely send and request money to your friends and family using Zelle.

You can access Zelle through Online Banking or the FirstBank Mobile App and it is quick, secure, and easy.

Apple Pay

Use your iPhone® 6 or later model to make a quick, confidential, and secure payment.

Add your FirstBank credit or debit card(s) to Passbook® to get started. You are now prepared to play after adding your cards.

Biometric Login

If you’re anything like everyone else, you occasionally struggle to remember your password. Thankfully, they know how to make it simple.

They jointly refer to Fingerprint/FaceID® login as “Biometric Login.” Use the fingerprint or facial recognition features of your supported iOS and Android device to log into the app.

They choose convenience without sacrificing security.


FaceID® was also introduced by Apple along with the iPhone® X. With only a quick glimpse, consumers may utilise this functionality to log into their apps or unlock their devices.

Customers of FirstBank who own an iOS device with FaceID® support can use FaceID® to sign into our mobile app!

Card Management

Now available in the mobile app is card management! Redeem, freeze, and replace your credit card rewards. Similarly to how you would with desktop Online Banking, you can also report your debit or credit card as lost or stolen.

Communication Center

The Online Communication Center, also known as Bank Mail, has been upgraded! Your inbox has been improved with the ability to react to Bank Mails, view attached eStatements, and other features.

Other Features

1. View transaction history

2. View check and deposit item images

3. Transfer money

4. Pay bills

5. Pay Now

6. Contact us

7. Find ATM and branch locations


First Bank Colorado with Routing Number Frequently Asked Questions

Amids all the top details about the First Bank Colorado with Routing Number, these are top questions that needs to be attended to.

What are FirstBank’s hours of operation?

Ans. : Their lobby is normally open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on weekends.

These times, however, may differ a little depending on the region.

Where can I get my 1099-INT form, you ask?

Ans. : The first week of January of each year is when 1099-INT forms are mailed.

Remember that if your interest earnings for the prior tax year totaled less than $10, you won’t receive a 1099-INT form.

Please contact us at 1-800-964-3444 if you can’t find your 1099-INT form or if you didn’t get one when you thought you should have. You can also stop by your neighbourhood bank.

How can I set up direct deposit of my paycheck into my FirstBank account?

You can have your paycheck automatically transferred into your account if your employer offers Direct Deposit.

Any FirstBank store can receive the printed and completed direct deposit form by mail or in person.

How do I report a lost or stolen credit card?

Ans. : Log into Online Banking and choose Card Management from the Accounts section of the navigation menu.

You can reach us by phone at 1-800-964-3444 or in person at any FirstBank location.

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Mobile Banking

What is mobile banking, you ask?

Answer: With FirstBank Mobile Banking, you can conduct practically all of your banking activities using a mobile device, with no need to visit a branch. One drawback is that there is no free candy.

Is there a cost associated with mobile banking?

Answer: There are no costs associated with mobile banking at FirstBank. It may depend on connectivity and consumption rates. For further information, speak with your wireless service provider.

What rules and regulations apply to mobile banking?

The same rules that apply to online banking also apply to mobile banking. To view disclosures, click here.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

In order to keep your financial information secure and confidential, FirstBank safeguards it in accordance with established security standards and procedures.

Your account information is safeguarded by a number of defences, including encryption, firewalls, scheduled log-offs, virus protection, and a secure login procedure.

Your accounts are reliable, and the information associated with them is secure.

Does using Mobile Banking while linked to a wireless internet connection pose any risks?

Ans. : Public spaces like cafes and restaurants frequently have wireless networks. These connections frequently lack security, which increases the possibility of data theft.

When feasible, instead of using free wireless networks, use your device’s native data connection, such as your wireless network carrier.

Can my Mobile Banking transactions be spied upon?

Ans.: No. Your information is protected while it is transferred from your mobile device to the bank using 128 bit SSL encryption. The same encryption used to protect internet traffic for secure online applications is 128 bit SSL technology.

Can I use my Online Banking User ID, Password, and Security Questions for Mobile Banking as well?

Answer: Yes. You can enrol from a computer if it does not enrol you in Online Banking. Information on how to sign up can be found on their Online Banking page.

Do I have to be enrolled in Online Banking to use Mobile Banking?

Ans. : You are not required to be a member of FirstBank Online Banking in order to access the customer service features (contact information, frequently asked questions, etc.) on their mobile app or website.

To access account information and carry out banking transactions using the Mobile App or website, they must enrol you in FirstBank Online Banking for security reasons.

Do I need a user ID and password to access my mobile banking?

Answer: Your device’s biometric login hardware is compatible with their mobile app. This makes it possible to access your account quickly, easily, and securely without a User ID or password.

On their website, you’ll need to provide a User ID, a password, and one of your security questions.

How many unsuccessful login attempts before Mobile Banking access is locked?

The third incorrect response to a security question or the sixth incorrect password entry will result in the locking of your access to mobile banking and online banking.

By phoning us at 1-800-964-3444, using our Password Reset Page, Online Banking, or Mobile App, you can change your password.


How can I ensure that my mobile banking is secure if I misplace my phone?

All account information is stored with FirstBank, just like with online banking. To use the secure Online Banking site, customers need to submit a valid User ID and Password.

They won’t be able to access your private Mobile Banking or Online Banking data without your User ID and Password, but you should still let us know if your mobile device is stolen.

You can reach us at 1-800-964-3444 or 303-232-5522 any time of day.

Does my mobile banking session have a time limit?

Yes, your Mobile Banking session will expire exactly like your Online Banking session on a computer. Once you have logged in, please make sure you are still using the website.

Can I use a mobile device to access my Internet Cash Management accounts?

The FirstBank ICM Mobile App allows you to view information about your business account. See Internet Cash Management Mobile Banking in the Questions & Answers section for more details and commonly asked questions.

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