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Essay on Pollution: Elements, Types, Format & Sample.

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Essay on Pollution: Mother Nature observed the greener fields were turned into contemporary cities and metropolises as the world embraced urbanization. Natural calamities that followed served as an indication that something is wrong with the planet Earth.

More and more often, the writing portion of assessments taken in high school, college, and for competitive exams includes questions about essay on pollution.

This is because it still pertains to the environment today. This website attempts to provide you with the information you need, as well as advice on how to write an effective essay on pollution.


What is Pollution?

When dangerous substances are introduced into the ecosystem, pollution occurs. Polluting agents are these substances. Both natural and human-made elements, such as volcanic ash, can produce them.

Pollutants impair the quality of the land, water, and air. An international issue is pollution. Pollution from the air and water is carried by fish migration and into ocean currents.

Our earth, which used to be greener and healthier than it is now, is one of many things that is harmed by pollution. A number of different health problems are being exacerbated by the deadly phenomena of pollution.

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essay on pollution

Types of Pollution

Simply put, contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth’s atmosphere is what is meant by the term “pollution.” It has a profound impact on both human life and the natural world.

The water we drink and the air we breathe are also affected, as are all of our natural resources. The following are the four primary types of pollution that must be included in an essay about pollution:

1. Air Pollution:

When dangerous or excessive amounts of substances are introduced into the environment, such as when smoke and hazardous gases from industries, CFCs and oxides created by automobiles, the burning of solid wastes, etc., the air in the atmosphere becomes contaminated.

2. Water Pollution:

This is the term used to describe how natural water resources become contaminated and rendered unusable by the addition of dangerous chemical, biological, or physical components. Examples include industrial waste, oil spills, household and farm waste, pesticides, and mining and agricultural waste.

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3. Soil Pollution:

Due to various commercial, industrial, agricultural, and domestic activities, the earth’s surface degrades, resulting in land/soil pollution. In addition to mining and deforestation, additional factors that contribute to soil pollution include the disposal of industrial and electronic waste as well as toxic chemicals like herbicides and insecticides.


4. Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution is caused by excessive noise, such as that produced by machinery, loudspeakers, microphones, loud music, industries, construction and civil engineering projects, etc.

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Causes and Health Effects of Pollution

Your essay about pollution can incorporate a variety of causes and impacts on health.

Types of Pollution Causes  Health Effects
Air Buring of fossil fuels, emissions from the industry, construction and agricultural activities, emissions from vehicles. Lung cancer, heart diseases, asthma and respiratory problems
Water Oil spills, rapid urbanisation, improper sewage system, chemical and radioactive waste dumping. Cholera, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Polio, Dysentry and Diarrhea
Noise Man-made noises like construction, loudspeakers, etc and natural noises like thunderstorms and animals. Headaches, high blood pressure, loss of hearing, problems with reasoning and behavioural changes
Soil Waste disposal, industrial and agricultural activities, excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides. Loss of fertility, cancer, damage to the nervous system and kidney and liver failure


Format for Essay on Pollution

Students should become familiar with the format of essays before writing one on pollution. The Introduction, Body of Content, and Conclusion are the three main components of the essay format.

Look at the following sentences, which go into greater detail on each of these characteristics and correspond to a 200-250 word essay:


An summary of the assigned topic must be offered in the essay’s introduction. You can start your essay on pollution with a clear definition or a thought-provoking line and finish it in roughly 60 words. Try to make it engaging by include current examples and thought-provoking questions as it is the first thing the reader will see.

Body of Content

This section of the content follows the introduction and can be explained in approximately 100–120 words, thoroughly describing the subject at hand. As a result, when writing about pollution, you can discuss how it affects the environment and the atmosphere as well as provide a list of possible pollution prevention measures.


This section of your essay concludes with about 50 words. Try to add a positive perspective to the topic you are discussing, or wrap up by giving a succinct summary.

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essay on pollution

Sample Essay on Pollution in 250- 300 Words

Pollution is the largest threat to plant life on earth. When unwanted compounds are discharged into the environment, they have a detrimental effect. Air, water, land, and noise pollution are the four different categories.

More than any one may imagine, pollution has an impact on life quality. Even teenagers have developed numerous respiratory illnesses as a result of air pollution. Diseases in children have been caused by water pollution.

Land and soil contamination is brought on by human waste that we throw on the environment or by chemical fertilizers applied to the land for agricultural use.

Such activities could cause the soil to become infertile, making it impossible to cultivate crops in the future.

Over the years, the government has introduced a number of programs to combat pollution, but private actions can also be quite important. Some of the simple things to start with that can result in significant changes in the environment include switching from plastic to cloth shopping bags, stopping roadside trash, and ceasing to waste water.

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Sample Essay on Pollution in 300-350 Words

among the gravest dangers to the world today. People all across the world are impacted by environmental pollution, which is a worldwide problem.

Whether it affects the air we breathe or the water supplies we use for a variety of functions, it is happening in various ways. The rise in chemicals that contaminate the air, producing respiratory problems for people as well as skin ailments, as well as the rise in carbon dioxide levels are the two main causes of air pollution.

Speaking of the other aspect, life is impossible without water. Because of accelerated urbanization, industrial growth, and other factors, water bodies are becoming contaminated and unfit for drinking or any other purpose.

Asthma, numerous skin conditions, cancer, etc. are just a few of the illnesses that can affect people as a result of air pollution. Therefore, it is imperative that severe measures be taken to drastically reduce pollution.

At the individual level, we can reduce environmental pollution by using public transportation or carpooling to reduce vehicle smoke, avoiding firecrackers at festivals and celebrations to reduce air and noise pollution, avoiding the use of fertilizers and pesticides, which can contaminate both water and soil, and converting to organic farming.

The government can also impose severe laws and guidelines to reduce industrial pollution. In conclusion, pollution of any kind harms the environment and can have major repercussions such as global warming, unbalanced climatic changes, etc.

The innocent lives of animals are lost as a result of human avarice and illicit activity. Now is the right time to band together and act to conserve the environment for both the current and upcoming generations.

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How to Write an Essay on Pollution: Writing Suggestions

Make the following notes before you begin writing your essay on pollution:-

  • Make mention of the several types of pollution and include air, water, and noise pollution as a requirement.
  • List the causes and effects you want to discuss in your essay.
  • Make sure all of the information you intend to write about is accurate.
  • Make an effort to compose legible, concise sentences. All three sections of the pollution essay—the introduction, the body, and the conclusion—should be related to one another.


How to Reduce Pollution?

After learning about the damaging effects of pollution, everyone has a duty to take steps to prevent it. We ought to be aware of all possible preventive measures to reduce pollution.

For instance, we ought to avoid using fireworks during celebrations, commute by bus or train, use loudspeakers sparingly, and avoid honking in public to lessen noise pollution.

Always keeping this situation in mind will help us respond in the best way possible. It is up to us to be cautious at first and to make people around us more mindful.

We should take actions that are good for the environment, including planting more trees, using less plastic, using more eco-friendly household items, etc. When addressing global pollution, always keep in mind that every small action now will have a greater impact tomorrow.

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Tips on Reducing Pollution

  • Say NO to Crackers
  • Use Public Transportaion
  • Turn off the lights, fans and water taps when not in use
  • Recycle and Reuse
  • Segregate your waste
  • Say NO to Plastic
  • Plant more trees
  • Use of fans instead of ACs


How Often Does an Essay on Pollution Come in School Exams?

You will be required to write an essay on pollution for your English language paper in school exams. Since environmental science is a subject that is taught in all schools, you can integrate some of the ideas from the chapters on pollution to your essay.

The importance of pollution in today’s world makes it a common, if not annual, topic for essay requests (along with one or two additional options).

We therefore hope that this article has helped you to understand what an essay on pollution must contain.

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