Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes

Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes

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In this article of today, all we have to talk about is the list of top Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes, and we will be listing down the best one hundred of them all and more.

To be honest, wedding protocol isn’t just about one person. Undoubtedly, brides must adhere to a complex series of standards, including when to write thank-you notes and how much to tip wedding vendors. But wedding-related anxiety is also present among the visitors. Did I send the RSVP in time? is a question that wakes us up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. or “But what if the steak knives come from someone else?”

And even the content of a wedding card, which is admittedly basic but is best given in advance of the wedding, much like gifts, is treated very seriously. For instance, it used to be improper to congratulate the bride verbally or in writing.

This is due to the implication that she was fortunate to have met a husband at all. But saying it to the bridegroom is OK. Hmph. (But, as we joke, he is the fortunate one.)

The “Congratulations Rule” may be deemed out of date, but one thing will never change: In the South, sending a short “Congrats!” via SMS or posting congratulations on Facebook will never do. And we really enjoy it that way. In the South, a handwritten message will always have a place, especially when someone is getting married.

Sending a wedding card is appropriate whether you are the bride or groom’s family, close friends, or distant acquaintances. Stop there. (And whether you’re going to the wedding or not.) If you’re unsure of what’s proper, just remember that most decisions are up to you. But to get you started on what to put in a wedding card, here are 40 suggestions, including formal, informal, and even Biblical ones.




Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes

1. My best wishes for a lifetime of love and joy.

2. Wishing you love and happiness in the years to come.

3. Your wedding day will pass, but may your love continue to blossom.

4. Best wishes as you begin this new phase of your life. Cheers!

5. May every year that goes by bring you closer together.

6. We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day. We send you our best wishes for happiness.

7. Wishing you lasting happiness in the years to come.

8. Wishing you happiness and love for the rest of your life.


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9. As you age together, may your love for one another only deepen.

10. Best wishes as you embark on this great journey and create a new life together.

11. May your union offer you greater joy than you can fathom.

12. Wishing you and your loved one a long and happy life together. I hope the best for you.

13. Wishing you two a long and happy life together.

14. I appreciate you allowing me/us to participate in this happy day. We/I send our best wishes to you as you begin this great partnership.


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15. May today be the start of a long period of love and companionship for you.

16. On your wedding day and as you start your new life together, I wish you happiness, love, and joy.

17. Best wishes for joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day.

18. May you continue to experience the love and joy you do today.

19. Sending you a ton of love and joy.

20. Today is the start of your subsequent chapter. Greetings to you both!

21. I or we love you. Congrats!

22. Wishing you a long and prosperous marriage!

23. Much love today and always.

24. Sending you a ton of love and joy!

25. Here’s a little bit to kick off your life together, (If a gift is included.)


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26. You’re going to have a fun-filled existence, in my opinion. Congratulations!

27. I wish you a long and happy marriage,

28. It is an honor to be with you and your family on this joyous occasion.

29. All the best to you today and always.


Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes


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30 “The three that are still present are love, hope, and faith. But love is the greatest of these.” 13:13 in 1 Corinthians

31. I’m very glad to share this day with you both!

32. With this little something, start your next chapter in style!” (Supplied with a gift.)

33. We appreciate you having me and us over to eat and drink as you are married. Congrats!

34. We are thrilled to add another family member to our tree today.

35. We’re thrilled that [name] has discovered “The One,” “and that’s you, too!

You two are nearly as good of a team as the [insert the name of your or their favorite sports team here].” Alternatively, you may say, “I haven’t felt this pleased for anyone since [insert team name here] won the World Series/other championship!

37. I appreciate the free alcohol. Best wishes for a successful, lengthy marriage!

Our marriage counsel is to “love, honor, and clean the bathroom.” (Or substitute any other amusing advice you might have.)

39. From your new family in [location], send you love and hugs always.


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40. We appreciate you allowing us to take part in the celebration. Please join our family!

41. Congratulations, I cried like a baby during your wedding!

42. We are so grateful to have you as family. We appreciate you letting us participate in the Big Day.

43. I’m happy that we/I got to show off our/my dance moves in recognition of such a wonderful couple. I adore you both very much!

44. We have a truly great man or woman in our family. We’re lucky!

45. I wish you two nothing but love and happiness. I toast you!

46. “Be gentle to one another, tenderhearted, and forgiving one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.” – Ephesians 4:32


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47. May your union be as solid as your beliefs.

48. The greatest blessing is love.

49. Mazel Tov!  May you always be filled with the joy that is yours today.

50. We were just playing “house” in the backyard yesterday, and now you get to do it in real life. I am so happy for you both. Congratulations!

51. My sincere congrats to you both for meeting among the billions of people in this planet. You two  appear like they were made for each other!

52. I pray that God would always lead you to live a pure, loving, and happy married life. Also, may the prayers bring you both true joy!

53. May the years to come be filled with lasting happiness. Greetings to a couple whose compatibility truly seems to come from heaven!

54. May you always share a cup from the enormous spring of love, which never stops pouring for you.


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55. You two make a great couple. Your couple’s adoration and affection provide me with such joy. Ensure that you look out for one another. The very best to you! Enjoy your wedding day!

56. It is holy to be married. You two have just started a new phase of your lives. I’m confident you’ll discover all of life’s delights and happiness. I wish you well. Cheers to your nuptials!

57. From this day forward, you are a family even though you are two separate people in love. a complete combination of passion, love, and adoration!

58. I want to wish you a happy marriage filled with romance, cuddles, and a lifetime of union as you blend your lives together!

59. It is your journey down the new path of life. God bless you, please. I hope you and your partner discover all the hues of happiness in life. You two are waiting for the unending joy and calm. Happy nuptials!

60. May your relationship grow closer and more beautiful with each passing year. Greetings on your marriage.

61. I’m wishing you both nothing but the best today and always.

62. Congratulations on beginning a new chapter with the one you care about. It’s beautiful to observe the happiness in the eyes. I wish you success!

63. What similarities exist between a marriage and a Shakespearean novel? Lots of sorrow and a quick romance! Are you sure you want to proceed?


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64. Every man and woman must formally sign away his or her life at some point. That is what a wedding is. Congratulations!

65. When love becomes your top priority, great things always come of it. Your marriage is undoubtedly one of them.

66. You two have agreed to carry on your new adventure and lead a different life. Godspeed, and may He lead you in the right direction!

67. You might have just realized who the other is. To us, though, it seems as though you two have been friends for a while. It makes me happy to see you two together!

68. May the joy in your eyes never fade. I hope that this moment of delight will lead to more love and joy. I’m sending you my best wishes!

69. May your love for one another always shine like a lighthouse in the dark. I’m happy for you on your big day.


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Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes


70. You just gave the entire world the clearest demonstration of unwavering love. I hope the years ahead are joyful ones for you both!

71. I have never met a couple more in love than you two. Greetings on your marriage. I wish you the happiest marriage imaginable!

72. On this particular day, let love grow within you. You two deserve praise for keeping each other’s hands forever!

73. On this day, congratulations to you! Never let your affection for one another diminish; always treasure it. Please accept my best wishes for your wedding!

74. A man must have a lot of guts to enter a war knowing he would never prevail. Best wishes for a happy marriage to you!

75. Congratulations! I wish you all the happiness life has to offer.

76. You’ve just started an exciting stage of life, my darling. The journey toward happiness has begun! Happy nuptials! I hope we can work together to give you a lot of special memories! Be and remain joyful!


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77. When he brought your hearts closer together, God had to have tremendous things for you. Today is the day to give him thanks for everything!

78. In this universe, God has created the ideal match for each individual. Of all pairs, yours appears to be the most ideal. God bless you as well, by the way!

79. Your life’s most cherished dream has at last come true. May it bring you happiness, prosperity, and greatness!

80. I’m wishing you the very best in life both now and in the future.

81. We are happy that blessings are filling your lives. The wedding went well, and I think you’re off to a terrific start.

82. The gift of the Almighty is marriage. I have faith that you two will have happy and peaceful lives. God bless you, please. Happy marriage, my love! I wish you two a happy and prosperous marriage!


Best Wedding Congratulations Messages Wishes and Quotes


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83. We appreciate you making everyone happy today. You certainly do have good taste in a lifelong mate. Many congratulations to you both!

84. God willing, you will overcome all the highs and lows of life after marriage. May he also give you a precious soul in the form of a child!

85. It has been a pleasure to share in this special moment in your life. Never let go of each other and always keep each other close to your heart!

86. There is more to marriage than just the crazy antics and delights. It has to do with obligations and liabilities. So get ready to ensure the harmony of your family. I therefore wish you never-ending love and joy! Enjoy your marriage!

87. Congratulations on entering a new life when everything is so infused with love that you wish it will never end. Happy nuptials!

88. A vow to never let go of one another is exchanged between two lovely souls. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for your lifetime happiness, joy, and prosperity.

89. But only for those who have already been married, marriages are fantastic. However, may God richly bless you both as you begin your new life together!


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90. They should add plenty of love, a pinch of humor, a dash of romance, and a spoonful of understanding to your marriage. And may your happiness never fade. Congratulations!

91. You are lacking before getting married. You are done once you get married. So there you have it, my buddy, the sad truth! Regardless, congratulations!

92. May you always be blessed by our master’s smile and have all the happiness you could ever desire. May God’s unending love secure your relationship!

93. You must already have reasoned that you were mistaken. Furthermore, my buddy, we have passed the point of no return. Right now, you’re technically a prisoner! Congratulations!

94. Together, you two are going to create a ton of memories. Never lose faith in one another, regardless of luck or misfortune, romance or boredom!


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95. not usually. Consequently, a couple that is so stunning and lovely that it seems as though they were created to be together. Congratulations! May you have a long and happy marriage!

96. Sincere affection was all you ever desired, and tonight you have permanently claimed it as your own. Congratulations! Your wedding dress is lovely, by the way!

97. You two will make wonderful parents for your children as well as a wonderful family. However, please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

98. The most beautiful connection in the world is that between a husband and wife. It is the relationship that causes two different people to become one for all time. Happy New Year to you as well. Happy nuptials!

99. God has knitted your hearts together to form a beautiful, pious, and devoted bloodline. May you always be blessed by him!

100. No more concerns or skepticism. Let there be as much affection as possible from the very beginning. Create a little piece of bliss in your marriage. But I do want to wish you both a happy wedding!


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