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The 20 Best N64 Games You Love to Play

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In our topic today, we will discuss in full detail the list of twenty best N64 games you love to play. While Nintendo’s NES and SNES consoles dominated the 1980s and the first decade of the 1990s, some people believe the N64 to be a middling continuation of that history, especially when it comes to the platform’s game selection. Although having one of the smallest game libraries of any Nintendo console (just 296 games were made available in the United States), the N64 nonetheless boasted a staggering number of high-quality titles.

Super Mario 64, the first two vintage 3D Zelda games, and who can forget racing along the racetrack in Mario Kart 64 were all games that we all played to the hilt. Super Smash Bros. even got its start on the system. But, there are scores of undiscovered gems that time may have forgotten tucked inside amongst all of these massive milestone titles. In response, we are here.


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The 20 Best N64 Games You Love to Play

From Here Down Is The List Of Best N64 Games You Love to Play

1. Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros here tops our list of best N64 games you love to play this period. The degree of success that Nintendo has had with Super Smash Bros. has not yet been attained by other businesses. Nintendo’s brawler has several levels, letting you indulge in your childhood memories. The numerous debates you would have had at school on the fighting prowess of your preferred Nintendo characters can then be resolved.

The frenetic battles are a lot of fun, whether they are balanced or not, and they helped create one of Nintendo’s most popular series. It’s one of the top N64 games you should play in 2023.


2. Paper Mario

We have Paper Mario here as our second most rated of all other best N64 games you love to play, it’s not surprising that this lovable Mario adventure has grown in popularity on Nintendo’s 64-bit gaming platform. Paper Mario, likewise created by Intelligent Systems, serves as the starting point for all subsequent Paper Mario games.

The same witty banter and well-designed fighting mechanics are also present. It was also the start of the series’ flat 2D aesthetic, showcasing how well 2D-styled games might look on Nintendo’s 3D-focused machine.


3. SNES Star Fox

At the third list of the best N64 games availble we have the SNES Star Fox. It’s terrible that Nintendo’s brilliant sequel is still the best game, even with the 3DS remake. A useful new u-turn mechanic and numerous alternate routes are included in Star Fox 64, a blatant love letter to Star Wars and other space operas, greatly extending its longevity.


Best N64 Games You Love to Play 1


4. GoldenEye 007

Here is the fourth on our list of best N64 games you love to play. Rare’s ambitious movie license opened N64 owners’ eyes to the potential of first-person console shooters globally. There’s no disputing how satisfying the combat mechanics are or how captivating the level design is despite the game’s frame rate stumbling around like a drunken hippos.

A lengthy lifespan is ensured by Rare’s decision to offer more challenges to complete on each level of difficulty, and the multiplayer is legendary and so expansive that we still play it today. It’s one of the best N64 games you should play in 2023.


5. The Super Mario 64

Platformers and 3D games in general were held to a higher standard when Nintendo’s launch game was released, this game till date still tops chart of the best N64 games you love to play today. Its status as a genuinely great platformer has further increased after its recent inclusion in Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

The appeal of Nintendo’s game is not only how effectively Mario’s fundamental gameplay concepts worked in 3D, but also how much content is included in each expertly designed level. You’re battling a Koopa for a valuable star one moment. You then search for a misplaced penguin or eight red coins.

Few non-Nintendo platformers have ever exceeded it in the years since, which is revealing of how this ongoing variety makes Nintendo’s game intriguing and fresh.


6. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Here is the sixth on our list of best N64 games you love to play, the Ocarina of Time has had a greater influence than most 3D adventure games. Despite not being the first 3D adventure game to hit the market, Nintendo’s game showcased the Japanese developer’s prowess in building captivating, realistic 3D settings.

Ocarina of Time’s expansive game world and epic narrative, which took place in Hyrule Field, enchanting forests, charming villages, and time, gave the game a gigantic feel when it was first released. That continues to astound me today (ideally, the 3DS remaster). The introduction of the cutting-edge Z-targeting technology ensures that the conflict still provides a tremendous amount of satisfaction.


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7. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

At the seventh list of the top best N64 games you should try today, is the Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The final N64 game from Rare has a charming kitchen sink style that makes it stand out from everything else the studio produced for the system. It’s hard not to be amazed by the sheer amount of originality and diversity that accompanies the potty-mouthed squirrel as he tries to meet up with his sweetheart, even though some of the cruder gags and movie references are undoubtedly old.

One of Nintendo’s best adventures, Conker’s Bad Fur Day is brought to life by a terrific voice cast. It’s one of the top N64 games you should play in 2023.


8. Pilotwings 64

Pilotwings64 tops our eighth list of best N64 games you love to play, Nintendo’s follow-up leverages 3D space in ways that the original Pilotwings could only dream of, while maintaining the same basic gameplay mechanics as the SNES original. Tasks start out simple, but to succeed in every challenge and earn gold medals, you’ll need to master every possible craft (hang glider, gyrocopter, and rocket belt).

Although the main game can be finished quickly, the drive to continuously raise your score and the pure relaxation offered by the Birdman bonus mode will keep you coming back for more.


9. Perfect Dark

Here is another best choice when it comes to the best N64 games currently topping. By enabling the developer to be much more ambitious with its GoldenEye sequel, Rare benefited from Activision gaining the James Bond license. It’s one of the best N64 games you love to play in 2023.

The fundamental gunplay in Perfect Dark is every bit as good as you’d expect from the developers of the N64’s best first-person shooter, despite the game’s unnecessarily corny sci-fi plot and occasionally audible creaking of the system.


10. F-Zero X

This is the tenth on our list of best N64 games you love to play, here now there are several arcade racers available for the N64, but only a select few can match Nintendo’s lightning-fast follow-up. F-Zero X can run at a deliciously high frame rate thanks to the fewer polygons, which frees you up to concentrate entirely on racing around the superbly planned tracks.

The difficult AI makes sure that every close race causes your pulse to rush as loudly as the thunderously pulsing soundtrack.


Best N64 Games You Love to Play 1


11. Doom 64

While being well received upon release, Goldeneye, Turok 2, and Perfect Dark were never discussed in the same hushed tones as Midway’s game because of its straightforward gameplay and absence of multiplayer.

Today, its sophisticated mechanics, enjoyable gunplay, and reasonably high frame rate work in its favor because they haven’t deteriorated as much as some of its more notable competitors. The game’s great terrain design and wonderfully frightening soundtrack, both composed by Aubrey Hodges, who performed a similar dark magic in the PlayStation version two years ago, are complemented by the quick-fire gunplay.


12. International Superstar Soccer ’98

Only Konami’s outstanding football game can rival the N64’s sports games. Although the goalkeepers occasionally seem cheap, Konami’s game nonetheless functions flawlessly. It’s one of the best N64 games you should try this year.

One of the best N64 games for multiplayer play, despite having several good game types, including a challenging World League with 48 international teams.


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13. Banjo-Kazooie

Here is the thirteenth on our list of best N64 games you love to play, it becomes obvious that Rare’s platformer will be distinctive when Banjo the bear taps your TV screen and starts a musical duel with Mumbo Jumbo. Banjo and his backpack-based buddy Kazooie gather Jiggies, Jingos, and musical notes as they attempt to save Banjo’s sister from the wicked witch Gruntilda, while following Rare platformers would drown in treasures.

Each level makes fantastic use of the several new skills the two characters can pick up and showcases Rare’s prowess in creating immersive worlds on consoles. It’s an excellent platformer that occasionally performs better than Super Mario 64.


14. Mario Kart 64

There weren’t many four-player N64 games that were as fun as this one. Although its broader racetracks have drawn some criticism, the difficult AI of the opponents and the creative circuit design more than make up for it. The option to race against three other friends introduced a competitive element that few other kart games of the time could match. Time trials were just as exciting here as they were on the SNES.

There were several excellent racing games for the N64, but Nintendo’s game outperforms most of them, from Beetle Adventure Racing to Ridge Racer 64. It’s one of the top N64 games you should play in 2023.


15. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

We’re delighted Konami tried with this game because Goemon games have a spotty history in the west. It does have awkward controls and a shaky camera, but it also has a lot of quirky charm and wears its Japanese silliness with pride.

There aren’t many N64 games that allow you to change into a mermaid, switch between several identities at once, or utilize a camera to find hidden ghosts or destroy villages as a huge robot rollerblading. The game from Konami does all of this and more. The 1998 follow-up is just as wild but considerably harder to find.


Best N64 Games You Love to Play 1


16. Excitebike

The arcade thrill of the NES original is nothing like the racer from Left Field Studios (which, coincidentally, is included as an unlockable extra). It’s a difficult game with an excruciatingly high level of difficulty, but it just adds to how satisfying it is to finally master the controls’ sim-like similarities.

A wealth of features, including a thorough track editor, a difficult stunt course, a 3D replica of the original game, and even a strange soccer mode, make up for the game’s steep learning curve and abundant rewards.


17. Mario Party 2

Due to its gorgeous aesthetics, more engaging game boards, and more interesting modes outside of the standard board game traversal, Mario’s second board game is still the greatest available for the system.

On the other hand, the numerous minigames always help a Mario Party game sell, and among the 60 or so included in Mario Party 2, there are relatively few duds. Even the 21 original N64 games have been updated and are far more fun to play.


18. Pokemon Snap

This was one of the Pokemon-based spin-offs available for the N64, and it was also one of the cutest. Even though there aren’t many Pokemon to catch, the want to constantly enhance your greatest shot is immense. One of the best N64 games you love to play is this.

As a result, you’ll find yourself going back to the same places over and over again to get Pikachu to strike the right pose or get the picture of his missing behavior that evaded you the first time you went there. The on-rails structure of the game restricts exploration, but this is more than made up for by the sheer excitement of being surrounded by what appear to be living, breathing Pokémon.




19. Wave Race 64

One of the system’s most enjoyable experiences is the dynamic water-based racer from Nintendo EAD. It offers a small selection of available tracks, like many games of the era, but does exceptionally well because of how well-designed they are, indeed one of the best N64 games you love to play.

The thing that sets Wave Race 64 apart from its competitors is the dynamic water dynamics, which are still some of the best of their time and still wow players today.


20. Fighters’ Destiny

And the last on our list of top best N64 games to try is the Fighters Destiny, Nintendo’s console struggled to find one-on-one combat games, but Opus Corp. eventually gave it this fantastic brawler. Although having relatively generic fighting approaches, each of the opponents has their own fighting techniques that take practice to master.

Fighters Destiny’s clever points system, which awards you points for everything from ring outs to throws and knockdowns and adds a delightful back and forth to each match, sets it apart from other brawlers of the era. Although there is a sequel, the first one offers a more realistic fighting experience.

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