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Receiving an appointment letter is not the only need for being hired; your employer will also require you to provide them with a number of other documents. The joining letter is one example of such a document.

You may leave a lasting impression on your boss and the business with the aid of a well-written joining letter. The essentials of how to write a joining letter will be provided to you in this blog, along with suitable examples that will elaborate on its format, if you have recently been chosen for a job profile or are looking for practical advice on how to write a joining letter.


How to Write a Joining Letter: What Is It?

In every one of our lives, a joining letter is crucial! A joining letter is a letter that the chosen applicant writes to show his or her willingness and desire to take the position. Such a letter is often addressed to the business’s owner.

When you create and send a joining letter, the arduous job search process is over. When a business chooses a candidate for the position they are seeking, the business sends the candidate an employment letter, which the candidate is free to accept or reject.

It’s crucial to know how to write a joining letter at all of these significant times in your life.


Format For How to Write a Joining Letter

A joining letter is important in large commercial organizations, corporations, and the employment sector. Teachers, professors, freshmen, and engineers who are entering the company must file a joining report in order to begin the process for determining their salaries, benefits, and performance reviews. The joining letter format is as follows:

how to write a joining letter




Joining Letter for Government Employees After Transfer

Here is an example joining letter that you can use if you are a government worker who has been transferred:

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The Best Way On How to Write a Joining Letter.

We frequently struggle with writing an excellent and persuasive letter, therefore there are a few crucial things to keep in mind while preparing formal correspondence.

Clarity and efficiency issues lead to this. For us to effectively convey our ideas or make our points, written communication skills are now a must for writing business and job letters. When writing a joining letter, you must remember a few things.

  • Make sure the points you highlight are not too long.
  • Keep it coherent and pertinent.
  • Keep your language reasonable and free of jargon and technical terms.
  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes while proofreading.
  • Use vocabulary and a formal, communicative tone.
  • Subject, salutation, body, complementing closures or signatures, designation, and any necessary enclosures should come after the presentation of the joining letter.


Important details that must be spelled out in the joining letter are listed below.

  • Address, designation, and receiver’s name.
  • If your offer letter has a letter number, include the subject and reference number.
  • Include the necessary papers as an attachment and list them in the enclosing section.
  • Mention the paperwork that you might not be able to submit right away.


Things to Include in a Joining Letter

It’s crucial to comprehend all the information that needs to be included in the letter before examining a sample of the format for a joining letter.

  • The date and address of the person to whom the letter must be written should be included at the start of the letter.
  • The salutation comes after this.
  • The letter’s subject needs to be stated in the next line.
  • The primary body and a fitting conclusion are next presented.
  • When applicable, attach the enclosures.


Comparing a joining letter to an appointment letter

Although they are completely distinct from one another, joining and appointment letters both have a significant part in the recruitment process. An appointment letter is a formal document that the employer gives to the applicant who has been given the job offer.

It includes all pertinent information about the position, such as the duties, the candidate’s classification, the pay annexure, incentive plans, the probationary term, rules and regulations, leave policies, etc.

Depending on the company, the probation term may be extended to one year and typically lasts between three and six months. The candidate is hired if they are able to live up to the company’s standards.

This demonstrates how confirmation of the appointment is not always guaranteed. It can only be verified once the candidate successfully completes the company’s probationary period.

The shortlisted candidate, on the other hand, provides the organization with a joining letter indicating the specific date of joining and serving as proof of acceptance of the job offer. The candidate is required to submit a joining letter in a predetermined format along with a ton of paperwork and other procedures.


Appointment Letter Format

Providing the chosen applicant with all pertinent information regarding his responsibilities and profile is the objective of an appointment letter, as was previously mentioned. The following are the main items from the appointment letter that are listed:

  • Job Title/Designation
  • Job and Profile Description
  • Commencement of Employment
  • Salaries and Perks
  • Working Hours

how to write a joining letter

Format of a Joining Letter

The first page of a joining letter is a signed letterhead addressed to the manager or the person in charge. Anybody who has been given the HR Administrator’s approval qualifies as such a person.

This person is qualified to hire the applicant. If the candidate is writing the joining letter and knows where his or her office is, he or she must make a copy of the dispatch and mail it to the company. If you’re unsure of how to format a joining letter, the following information will help.

  • Address to where the letter is being sent
  • Date of the issuing of the appointment letter
  • The main subject of the letter
  • Greetings
  • Body and conclusion


Joining Letter for the Job of a School Teacher

You become a private member of the school once you acquire a letter of employment from the institution to which you had applied. Keep the following things in mind if you wish to always have the specifics of writing a joining letter at your fingertips:

  • Address of the school you are writing to
  • Position and greeting
  • Date and subject
  • Body of the letter
  • End it with a conclusion


Difference between Offer Letter and Joining Letter

Offer Letter                                                         Joining Letter

Superficial                                                           Comprehensive

Offers you a position                                            Detailed employment contract

Offered after selection on basis of interviews          Offered after you complete your probation period                                                                         successfully


Writing a Joining Letter: Important Pointers

We’ve provided a list of helpful hints that you should bear in mind while you draft your joining letter:

  • Make sure you include all the necessary information regarding the address, designation, and other important factors.
  • Keep your writing formal and businesslike throughout the entire letter.
  • Don’t forget to introduce a pertinent topic before to the major body of the text.
  • When congratulating the new hire, try not to go overboard.
  • A complex or lengthy sentence that could confuse the reader should be avoided.
  • Keep the letter brief, avoid making it too complicated, and write it in a clear, straightforward manner.



What is a letter of joining?

A joining letter, which expresses the new employee’s readiness to accept the position being offered by the company, is a letter of notification written to the employer by the new employee.

How to write a joining letter?

The key elements you need while writing a joining letter are:

  1. Date
  2. Name of the Manager, Designation & Address
  3. Subject
  4. Greeting
  5. The main body of content
  6. A closing line like Yours Faithfully, Yours Sincerely, etc.
  7. Your Name
  8. Attach the documents required and mention them in the final enclosure column.


After a transfer, how do I write a joining letter?

The format for a joining letter following a transfer essentially stays the same, but you must declare your willingness to take on the new role and accept the transfer. The letter must be written in a formal tone with clear paragraph breaks.

I’m not sure how to file a joining report.

Either you can hand deliver a printed copy of your joining letter or report to the branch of human resources in question, or you can email a joining report to the manager or branch in question.





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