Best Boarding Schools In Georgia

List Of 10 Best Boarding Schools In Georgia

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High school kids from Georgia can enroll in any of these best boarding schools in Georgia to receive the best education possible. In boarding schools, champions are best prepared for success, if there is one place. This article is for you if you have a child who is ready for high school but you’re not sure if a boarding school is the best choice.

You just came into a gold mine of an article whether you live in Georgia or would love for your child to attend school there. You may be certain that Georgia’s boarding schools provide excellent academics and a high level of hospitality. In these schools, kids get the best education and a solid academic foundation.

Given the academic standards, extracurricular offerings, and overall excellence of Georgia’s boarding schools, we believe enrolling your child there is not a bad option. The only information you need to know to choose one of the best boarding schools from our list is the tuition included price.

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What Is A Boarding School?

As contrast to a day school, a boarding school is a preparatory institution that teaches students who live on the property. The term “boarding” is used to refer to both lodging and meals, or room and board. Boarding schools have been around for many centuries and are currently found in numerous nations.

In general, students attended school for the entire term; some allow weekend home visits while others only accept day students. While some are co-educational, others are either for boys or girls.

Additionally, boarding schools have regulations that students are expected to follow, such as dress codes. Many boarding schools have stringent dress code policies. In addition, students are typically required to attend study hall and check in with the teachers who live in their dorms (also known as “dorm parents”) each evening.

Also, education goes outside the classroom. Because staff and students share housing, there are a lot of “teachable moments” for students both inside and outside of the classroom.


How Do Boarding Schools Work in Georgia?

Georgia takes great pleasure in providing the best southern hospitality of any state. It also provides a significant amount of hospitality and academic quality for boarding institutions. Moreover, Georgia boarding schools provide a range of courses taught in small classes by superbly skilled and motivated professors to foster meaningful engagement with students.

The majority of boarding schools feature a welcoming, kind, and supportive atmosphere that is conducive to study. Also, it imparts to students the skills necessary to think confidently and independently. Also, you will find students who genuinely care about learning and teachers who won’t hesitate to provide extra assistance when necessary in the majority of Georgia’s boarding schools.


Best Boarding Schools In Georgia


What Advantages Do Georgia Boarding Schools Offer?

Boarding schools assist students in adjusting to life in Georgia, prepare them for attending prestigious American institutions, and provide intense school involvement that fosters the development of students’ talents, character, and critical thinking in addition to their academic achievements.

As you might expect, attending a boarding school in Georgia offers both students and their families a number of benefits, such as:

1. Independence

Coming to a boarding school in Georgia can help you as a student quickly learn how to handle numerous household tasks and finish homework on your own.

You develop skills in resource, time, and money management. You also develop quickly, are incredibly autonomous, and succeed in school and in life.

2. Less Interruptions

Because there is less access to television, video games, cell phones, and other distractions, boarding school students are better able to concentrate on their schoolwork. In other words, you perform better in school because you live in a setting that supports education.

3. Character Formation

Students who attend boarding schools are recognized to graduate with exemplary attitudes and character. They reside in a community that values and upholds qualities like integrity, reverence, and diligence. These students are morally better off.

4. Successful Boarding Graduates

Also, boarding schools give the priceless gift of preparing students for success in the future. Graduates of boarding schools are set up for success in their professional, social, and cultural spheres thanks to the academic rigor and training they receive in negotiating responsibility for freedom.

5. Education Is Not Limited to the Classroom

Learning takes place outside of the classroom at boarding schools. Students gain from several “learning moments” inside and beyond the classroom as coworkers and classmates coexist.

In order to enhance their education, boarders also participate in extracurricular activities. Pupils can take part in common sports and activities like football, band, music making, or creative painting, as well as activities like student government, school clubs, and flight training.

6. Expertise in a Second Language

With language immersion, students whose first language is not English typically acquire fluency in the language in two semesters. Biliteracy, or the ability to read, write, and speak two languages, is often attained by students who attend boarding school for at least three years.

Also, studies have shown that they demonstrate superior problem-solving abilities and receive higher scores on standardized tests.


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How Much Do Boarding Schools Cost in Georgia?

The average annual tuition for private elementary schools is $9,110, and that for private high schools is $11,861.

Moreover, the private school in Georgia with the lowest tuition is Decatur Montessori, which charges $1,042, while the school with the most tuition is Darlington School, which charges $52,820.


List Of 10 Best Boarding Schools In Georgia

From Here Down Is The Full List Of The Best Boarding Schools In Georgia

1. Darlington School

Darlington School, a coed, independent boarding and day school for students in pre-K through high school, was established in 1905 and is located in Rome, Georgia, this school is known to be one of the top best boarding schools in Georgia. 35% of the student body is international, making up 47% of the boarding population. Of the six boarding high schools in the state, Darlington School is ranked by Niche as the finest.

The school offers the most AP classes, sports, and extracurricular activities, and has the largest percentage of instructors with advanced degrees, according to Private School Review. This provides a challenging academic atmosphere and a wide range of after-school activities for the children to choose from. A high average SAT score of 1240/1600, an average ACT score of 27/36, and a graduation rate of 100% were attained by Darlington students.

The cost of attending Darlington School, with boarding included, is $54,980.

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Best Boarding Schools In Georgia


2. Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School

In 1903, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School was established, and up till date maintains the position of one of the best boarding schools in Georgia. A varied group of 56 nationalities and 15 states are represented among the school’s student body, which is divided into 12-member courses. The institution has a competitive admissions process, as seen by its 48% acceptance rate. This is Georgia’s second-best boarding high school overall.

The school’s robust sports and art programs make it the perfect setting for pupils who are artistic and sporty. The longest-running and most esteemed cirque programs in the nation are offered at Rabun Gap School, one of the few institutions in the US with such programs. The students’ average SAT (1220/1600) and ACT (26/36) scores were high, and they graduated with a 100% rate, according to the results.

The cost of tuition and boarding at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School is $59,200.

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3. Brandon Hall School

The nonreligious Brandon Hall School was established in 1959. It is it is the third amongst best boarding schools in Georgia, from which students can graduate in grades six through twelve (Niche). The pupils receive the full attention they require in their tiny classes, which have a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. There are students there from ten different states and 22 different nations. The school seeks to instill in its students a sense of leadership and global citizenship.

Several STEAM and entrepreneurial enrichment programs are available at Brandon Hall, along with the IB program, Honors, and AP classes. The most well-liked among their students is one of their performing arts programs. Its students received an average SAT score of 1190 and an ACT score of 27. (Source).

The cost of attending Brandon Hall School, with boarding included, is $52,850.


4. Tallulah Falls School

At the fourth of the best boarding schools in Georgia, we have Tallulah Falls School here. In 1909, Tallulah Falls School was established. Future global leaders who have an understanding of and respect for different cultures are the focus of the school’s curriculum. Foreign students get the opportunity to express their culture on “International Day,” and the school organizes numerous overnight field trips to various American regions so that foreign students can become better familiar with local culture there.

In a special dual enrollment college course that is accredited, Tallulah Falls School allows students to enroll in college courses to receive credit for both high school and college. Students can select from twenty-one possibilities for various undergraduate majors, preparing them for demanding college-level work. Tallulah Fall students received strong average SAT (1230/1600) and ACT (27/26) scores, and the school has a 100% graduation record. (Source)

The total cost of attending Tallulah Falls School, including boarding, is $38,850.

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Best Boarding Schools In Georgia


5. Riverside Preparatory Academy

This is the fifth on our list of best boarding schools in Georgia. Boys in grades 6 through 12 attend the nonreligious Riverside Preparatory Academy. This preparatory boarding and day school was founded in 1907, and through military training, it fosters discipline and leadership development.

Up to 17 extracurricular activities are available at the school, several of which are connected to the military, such as the Airsoft Team, Aviation Program, Civil Air Patrol, Color Guard, and Drill Team. The Riverside Preparatory Academy is a distinguished Army JROTC Honor Unit. With a student-teacher ratio of 5:1, the majority of its boarders receive excellent care. Average SAT and ACT scores for students were 1130 and 1600, respectively (Source).

The cost of attending Riverside Preparatory Academy, including room and board, is $48,900.

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6. Georgia-Cumberland Academy

The Seventh-Day Adventist residential school for students in Grades 9 through 12 is called Georgia-Cumberland Academy, this school is indeed a top player when it comes to best boarding schools in Georgia. By cultivating a spiritual environment and fostering a feeling of community around delectable meals, the school makes the campus welcoming for students. Here, there are 21 students for every teacher, above both the national average and the majority of the other schools on this list. Nonetheless, Georgia-Cumberland has the most reasonable tuition.

Students can participate in a variety of sports, artistic, and musical groups after class at the school. The average SAT score is 1220/1600, whereas the average ACT score is 25/36. (Source). Ninety percent of graduates attend a four-year university.

The total cost of attendance at Georgia-Cumberland Academy is $22,585.

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