10 Free Online Social Work Courses With Certificates

10 Free Online Social Work Courses With Certificates

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This is the topic of top 10 free online social work courses with certificates in full detail. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, available social worker opportunities are predicted to expand by 16 percent over the next decade, outpacing most other occupations. In addition, this expansion will result in the creation of around 110,000 additional employment.


You must understand that online social work courses are not only appropriate for people considering a career in social work, but they can also be beneficial to those looking to advance their careers or broaden their social service skills.

If you want to enrol in one of these courses, carefully read the information below and apply for the choice that best meets your needs.

Do you want to assist others in overcoming obstacles in their lives? If you answered yes, you can begin your career by taking a free online social work course with certification.

These free online social work skills courses will help you gain a better grasp of mental health concerns, substance misuse, and nonprofit fundraising.

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What Is Social Work

Lets define Social Work here before we continue to the list of free online social work courses with certificates.

Social work is a broad term that encompasses a variety of specialists who assist individuals in need. Social work is “an interconnected system of values, theory, and practise,” according to the International Federation of Social Workers.

As a result, if you want to assist individuals overcome life’s most difficult obstacles, such as poverty, addiction, mental illness, and family conflicts, enrolling in a social work programme may be your best option.

Many individuals are familiar with popular social work professions like child, family, and school social work, as well as hospital social work. Those who choose to attend a school of social work, on the other hand, have many more job options.


Types of Social workers

Before we continue to this list of free online social work courses with certificates, lets consider the various types of Social Works and discuss them.

  1. Social workers in the Medical and Public Health sectors
  2. Child welfare workers, Families and Schools Social Workers
  3. Mental health and addictions Social workers

Child care workers are the most popular sort of social worker, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Typically, their purpose is to assist children, families, and the elderly in resolving issues. They assist in the placement of children in foster care and in the adoption of children.

They connect parents who are having difficulties with services that will help them better care for and raise their children. They also collaborate with children and teachers to address issues like as bullying, learning difficulties, and other issues.

Similarly, social workers in the medical and public health fields assist extremely ill and chronically ill people in locating appropriate care, obtaining public benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid, and locating programmes such as nutrition and nursing classes.

Mental health and addictions are also important topics. Social workers assist patients in locating long-term rehabilitation programmes or mental health treatment.


Why Does Social Media Work?

A typical social worker examines various facets of a problem, ranging from the individual to the community, from the psychological to the political.

Counseling, counselling, and education are common means of supporting clients, as is connecting them with suitable governmental or private resources.

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in a social work online school, consider the following factors:

  1. In many situations, you perform the role of a vital mental health professional.
  2. In charge of both large and small non-profit organisations.
  3. Assume leadership positions in government or politics.
  4. Assume leadership positions at work. Communities that are working to achieve social justice.


10 Free Online Social Work Courses With Certificates

1. Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology is rated the first free online social work courses with certificates.

Introduction to Psychology is a Coursera-based online social work specialisation offered by the University of Toronto. The school is a leader in innovation and research, with more than 200,000 students enrolled in its online concentration.

This course will teach you about some of the most fascinating experiments in psychology, as well as the consequences of those research for our knowledge of the human mind and behaviour.

You’ll also learn about the brain and how it supports cognitive functions like memory, learning, attention, perception, and consciousness.

The coursework includes a thorough investigation of human development, numerous forms of mental disease, and treatments for people who suffer from them.

You will have a better knowledge of who you are and how you work by the end of this course.

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2. The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness

Here is the second rated top free online social work courses with certificates. The University of Toronto, which has been around since 1827, is one of the few top colleges in the world that offer social service courses online through Coursera.

There are around 16,830 students registered in this specialisation for free instruction.

You will discover how social factors influence mental health, the onset and duration of mental illness, and how mental disorders are identified and treated in this course.

You will have a better knowledge of how social attitudes and social developments in North America and throughout the world have influenced mental health and illness at the end of this training.

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3. Opioid Crisis

Opioid Crisis is rated the third of all the free online social work courses with certificates. This is a crucial area of social work expertise. Opioids are a class of pharmaceuticals that are commonly used as medicines to ease pain, but they are also extremely addictive.

You will learn about the medical and non-medical applications of opioids, as well as the human and economic costs associated with opioid misuse, in around 2 hours of lectures per day. There are presently 3,241 students enrolled in this course.

You will develop an understanding of opioid drugs and the opioid crisis by the end of this course.

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4. Fundraising for the Non-Profit

This is the fourth in our list of free online social work courses with certificates. One of the most popular free online social work courses with credentials is Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations.

Christine Benninger, who served as president of the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) for 17 years, is featured in this specialisation. The organization’s position at the time she arrived prompted her to rapidly put in place a six-month plan to keep it afloat.

This course is offered on Coursera by Stanford University in collaboration with Alison. There are a total of 12,085 students enrolled.

Christine Benninger will teach you how to raise cash for non-profit organisations and how to comprehend the power of a mission by the end of this programme.

To be certified in this specialisation, you must achieve a score of at least 80%.

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5. The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs

Here is the fifth top rated of all the free online social work courses with certificates. One of the most popular free online social work courses with certifications is offered by the University of Toronto. There are presently 49,022 students enrolled in this online course.

It is open to all applicants, including those with a social work degree from a university.

You will comprehend the value of everyday connections by the end of this course, which will also present advanced concepts for participants who work in the sectors of social work and health care.

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6. Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is the sixth in our list of free online social work courses with certificates. Looking for a credential in social work from one of the best online courses? Coursera offers free training in Autism Spectrum Disorder to interested individuals from the University of California Davis (UCDavis).

This course will teach you the basics of autism, including what it is, how it is diagnosed, the key areas of impairment, and why its incidence is rising.

Join the 49,672 other students who have already registered to learn everything there is to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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7. Confronting Gender-Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers

At the line seventh of the free online social work courses with certificates, we have the Confronting Gender-Based Violence.

John Hopkins University is one of the country’s largest universities, as well as one of the greatest schools of social work in the world. Through Coursera, the institution offers free online training for social workers. There are now 12,363 students enrolled.

If you pass the course and achieve a passing grade, you will receive a certificate.

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8. Children’s Human Rights – An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Children’s Human Rights here makes up our eighth list of free online social work courses with certificates. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of this field, you won’t be able to advance as a Social Worker. Coursera offers this course from the University of Geneva.

This course focuses on the evolution of children’s human rights, as well as the evolution of children’s issues and society’s responses across time.

You’ll study about worldwide policies and initiatives that promote children’s rights, as well as the roles of key players in international organisations that operate in this subject.

You will receive an overview of the most significant aspects of children’s human rights at the conclusion of this session.

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9. Understanding Violence

Understanding Violence is the second to last in our list of free online social work courses with certificates.

Emory University provides free online social work courses through OpenCourseWare, as well as an online study platform that allows students to engage with instructors and classmates.

There are currently 17,907 students enrolled in this specialisation.

This class will introduce you to professionals that specialise in various types of violence. You’ll learn about the numerous causes of violence, as well as measures to eliminate it, and participate in a day of compassion.

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10. Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This is the tenth and last in our list of free online social work courses with certificates. The University of Pittsburgh offers an online social service course called Gender and Sexuality through Coursera. There are now 12,193 students registered.

The interesting topic of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies, as well as LGBTQIA identities, will be introduced to you through this specialisation.

You will comprehend and study how identity impacts our experiences in culture and at work by using a variety of multidisciplinary concepts, techniques, and approaches.

You will be familiar with the basic concepts that will help you comprehend and understand the world we share by the end of this course.

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