17 Weird Canadian Scholarships

17 Weird Canadian Scholarships

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Welcome onboard today, here we talk about the top 17 weird Canadian scholarships in full detail, including links to their various platforms for a much ease of application process.

You may believe that scholarships are just for exceptional kids or students who excel in sports, but this is not the case; there are financial aids available for conditions that you would never expect students to face. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top odd Canadian scholarships that can assist you with financing your college or university study.

These scholarships are distinctive in that they are awarded in ways that regular scholarships are not.

These strange Canadian scholarships are for you if you enjoy art, music, or have a particular aptitude or skill.


What are Weird scholarships, exactly?

Before we dive fully into the seventeen list of weird Canadian scholarships programs, lets in this section firstly get to understand what this weird Canadian scholarships, or weird scholarships is all about.

Weird scholarships are financial subsidies created for kids who have unique abilities but aren’t particularly academically gifted. These students may be musicians, Pokemon masters, painters, or have special abilities.

It can be seen that each person has different abilities. It is also very important to make good use of your unique abilities. When many school departments award scholarships, they will also give the winners some customized gifts representing honors, such as lapel pins custom. The name of the award and the winner can be used as elements during the design process, which is usually a token of honor.

Weird scholarships, as previously said, are uncommon because they deviate from the way conventional financial aid is distributed.


17 Weird Canadian Scholarships

From Here Down Is The Full List Of 17 Weird Canadian Scholarships


1. Michael Jackson Scholarship

Michael Jackson Scholarship in our list today tops al other weird Canadian scholarships. The Michael Jackson Scholarship is offered by Michael Jackson’s estate in collaboration with the UNCF. This financial aid is intended to help students at UNCF who are studying social science and communication arts studies.

Furthermore, the scholarship will be provided depending on the financial needs of candidates as determined by their institutions.

A comprehensive applicant biography, an essay, and transcripts will be included in the application.


  • Candidates must be enrolled in a UNCF degree program in social science or communication arts.
  • On a scale of 4.0, applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Link To Scholarship Website


2. Oregon Space Scholarship Program

Oregon Space Scholarship Program is the second best rated of all the weird Canadian scholarships in our list of weird Canadian scholarships.

New and returning students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as STEM teaching disciplines, are eligible for the Oregon Space Scholarship Program.

The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium is in charge of this financing (OSGC). Its goal is to promote the US space program while also rewarding young achievement. In addition, the scholarship aims to promote STEM career ambitions and STEM education.

Students attending one of the OSGC’s member institutions or universities are eligible to apply for this financial help.

Link To Scholarship Website


3. Writers of the Future Scholarship

This is the Writers of the Future Scholarship as the third in our list of weird Canadian scholarships.

L. Ron Hubbard is the sponsor of the Writers of the Future Scholarship. This scholarship allows emerging science fiction writers to get their work evaluated by professionals in the industry and be noticed by a bigger audience.

There is no cost associated with applying for the scholarship.

The scholarship winners will get $1000, $750, and $500, respectively.

Link To Scholarship Website


4. The Davidson Fellows Scholarship

This is the fourth in our list of weird Canadian scholarships. The Davidson Fellows grant is intended to encourage and reward the outstanding accomplishments of exceptionally talented young people. These under-18-year-olds have honed their skills by producing remarkable work in any of the following fields: mathematics, science, technology, music, literature, and philosophy.

One of the strange Canadian scholarships is the Davidson Fellows Scholarship.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a two-year or four-year institution to be considered.
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Applied Sciences, Engineering/Technology, Literature/English/Writing, Music, Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, Technology, and Society are among the subjects in which applicants must be pursuing a degree program.

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5. Collegiate Inventors Scholarship

Collegiate Inventors Scholarship is the fifth best rated of all the weird Canadian scholarships in our list today. The Collegiate Inventors Scholarship is a national competition that acknowledges and encourages undergraduate students’ and academic advisers’ ideas and research. In the domains of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology (STEM), research and innovation can be seen.

The Collegiate Inventors Scholarship is worth a total of $25,000. Undergraduate prize winners will earn $10,000, while graduate award winners will receive $15,000.

At least one team member must meet this condition, and all remaining team members must have been enrolled at least part-time during the 12-month period preceding entrance.

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6. Ronald McDonald House Scholarship

This is the sixth top rated of all the other weird Canadian scholarships. The Ronald McDonald House Scholarship (RMHC) is for high school seniors who have demonstrated leadership ability, financial need, academic accomplishment, and community involvement while pursuing degrees at a higher education institution.

The financial aid recipients will receive $1,000.

Link To Scholarship Website


7. Students for Organ Donation Youth Leadership Award

Here is the seventh in our list of weird Canadian scholarships. Full-time high school or undergraduate students are eligible for the Students for Organ Donation Youth Leadership Award.

The intended receivers must have pledged to raise public awareness about organ donation and transplantation.

The winners will be chosen based on their efforts’ effectiveness, leadership, originality, and long-term viability.

Link To Scholarship Website


8. National Beef Ambassador Scholarship

At the eighth top rated of all weird Canadian scholarships we have the National Beef Ambassador Scholarship.

Scholarships are available through the National Beef Ambassador Program for champions of the federal public speaking competition.

Participants must give a speech about beef nutrition or production, answer questions from the judges, and go through an interview with a panel of judges in order to be recognized a winner.

The award winners will earn $1,000 and will become members of the National Beef Ambassador Team. This will provide them the opportunity to present at a number of conferences.

One of the most unusual Canadian scholarships is the National Beef Ambassador Program.

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9. The Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship

Here is the ninth in our list of weird Canadian scholarships. Students with outstanding opera voices are eligible for the Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship. At an audition, participants will have to wow a panel of judges.

Meanwhile, the audition is taking place in a number of places around the United States, including the East, West, and Midwest.

A $35 application fee is required for the scholarship application. The scholarship winners will receive a $15,000 cash prize, hotel accommodations, and paid flights to the awards event.

Link To Scholarship Website


10. Alert Magazine Scholarship

At the tenth top rated of all weird Canadian scholarships we have this Alert Magazine Scholarship.

The Alert Magazine Scholarships are open to students who can produce outstanding essays about drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Applicants must be in their senior year of high school and be between the ages of 18 and 19. They must also have a GPA of at least 2.5.

The cash award winners will each receive $500 and their names will be published in the Alert Magazine. One of the strange Canadian scholarships is the financial award.

Link To Scholarship Website


11. Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) Foundation Scholarship Fund

This is another best rated scholarship program in the list of top seventeen weird Canadian scholarships. The SVC Scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to students who are entering or presently enrolled in a vacuum coated technology-related subject at a recognized higher education institution.

Furthermore, the SVC scholarship is renewable if the criteria are met.

Students enrolled in majors such as engineering, physics, materials science, and other vacuum coating-related fields will be given priority.

Tuition, books and supplies, and other fees will be covered by the grant. In a similar spirit, scholarship winners will have the opportunity to travel and attend key conferences.

Link Top Scholarship Website


12. Willy the Plumber Scholarship

Willy the Plumber Scholarship scholarship program is the twelfth in our list of weird Canadian scholarships. Undergraduate students from Utah who have parents who are currently incarcerated or have a history of incarceration are eligible for the Willy the Plumber Scholarship.

Karl Winsness, who served time in prison, is the scholarship’s sponsor. As a result, he became aware of the difficulties that children with incarcerated parents may experience in the outside world. Willy the Plumber Scholarship was born as a result of this. Similarly, this financial prize will assist young students whose hopes of obtaining a degree may have died as a result of their parents’ incarceration.
One of the strange Canadian scholarships is this one.

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13. Milk Marketing Scholarship

The Milk Marketing Scholarship here makes up our thirteenth list of all the weird Canadian scholarships.

The Milk Marketing Scholarship is intended to help college sophomores and juniors who want to work in the milk/dairy product marketing industry. Dairy or Agricultural Marketing, Dairy Product Development, Dairy Quality Control or Testing, Dairy Foods or Nutrition, and Food Product Science are among the job options.

Midwest Dairy Association and Dairy Management Inc. are co-sponsoring the financial prize.

The $1,500 prize will be awarded based on leadership, experience, academic ability, and interest in Milk Marketing or Dairy Products.

Link To Scholarship Website


14. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship program is in no doubt one of the best weird Canadian scholarships. Female students interested in pursuing a career as a horror fiction, nonfiction, or poetry writer are eligible for this financial grant. These pupils could be females by birth, transsexual, hermaphrodites, or intersex people living as females in public.

The Horror Writers Association is sponsoring the scholarship (HWA). It’s one of those peculiar Canadian awards.

Applicants must be seniors or undergraduates interested in or pursuing degrees in journalism, library science, media (radio/television), English/literature/writing, cinema/film, or theatre/drama.

Link To Scholarship Website


15. The Kor Memorial Scholarship

The Kor Memorial Scholarship makes up our fifteenth list of weird Canadian scholarships.

The Kor Memorial Scholarship is intended to encourage students who use the fictional Star Trek universe to build an innovative version of the Klingon language.


  • Candidates must demonstrate a desire to learn a language (Klingon, Spanish, French, or general linguistics).
  • Applicants must be full-time students enrolled in a language program.

The head of the Klingon Language Institute and a panel of experienced language specialists will choose the award recipients.

Link To Scholarship Website



16. J.D. Salinger Award

Here is the J.D. Salinger Award as number sixteenth in our list of weird Canadian scholarships.

Candidates must submit a portfolio of at least 10 (double spaced) pages of creative work in fiction, poetry, or a combination of genres in order to be considered. Prior to the application deadline, they must be enrolled at Ursinus College.

A committee of prior winners, finalists, and academics will choose the award winners. The award winner will get a $40,000 scholarship that will be renewable for four years. Furthermore, the winner will receive the opportunity to live in the same room as J. D. Salinger during his first year at college. In addition, the winner will be elevated to a position of leadership within the Ursinus writing community.

Link To Scholarship Website


17. Holography Internship

And the last of the weird Canadian scholarships programs we have to talk about is the Holography Internship. Students interested in a career in holography can apply for the Holography Internship. Industry specialists in the fields of science and technology, art, design, exhibit construction, marketing, and public relations will tutor these pupils.

Interns will also have the option to work in laser labs creating and replicating holograms. Interns will also assist with tour planning, lecture delivery, display fabrication, sculptural and/or computer-generated art creation, and videography.

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