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Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs In India In 2024

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A social entrepreneur is what?

A type of business or institution known as a social entrepreneur offers services to others. The latter are in need and are pursuing an amazing concept that has the ability to completely fix the community’s dilemma.  We are going to focus on top 10 social entrepreneurs in India.

These groups work hard to raise social consciousness among other people and implement activities that have the potential to improve society. At a certain time, these institutions are willing to take a chance.

Social entrepreneurs are people who have original ideas for resolving social issues. They have the drive and capacity to address important social concerns.

Likewise, share with them your fresh suggestions for larger-scale societal reforms. To put it another way, a social entrepreneur is someone who creates a business with the goal of comprehending societal issues and influencing social change.

These organizations’ principal objective is to disseminate wider awareness among other members of society, not to make a profit. It still presents a challenge to prevail in the cases, but it can improve in a better method.

The majority of social entrepreneurs work to advance society in areas like welfare, education, sanitation, health, and the environment, among others.

Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs In India In 2024

What a social entrepreneur looks like is:

  1. To develop long-term frameworks and strategies for NGOs, CSR, and philosophy, among other things.
  2. To improve social sector facilities and foster professionalism.
  3. To use their sustainable ideas to address the most difficult and pressing societal issues.
  4. To educate them on how terribly the government has handled social issues.
  5. To offer assistance in a variety of ways, such as with medical services, education, cleanliness, etc.
  6. To meet fundamental need for food, shelter, transportation, education, communication, finances, entertainment, and so forth.
  7. To continue concentrating on unserved components.
  8. Earning money is not the main goal.

Here are the top ten social entrepreneurs who have made the decision to alter people’s lives and futures. These include the following:-

1. Chetan Gowda

When talking about the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India, Chetan Gowda will be call. Chetan was conceived on February 11th, 2000. He is a Banglore native. He is the youngest top 10 social entrepreneurs in India to create the “Khoon” organization. The main inspiration for “Khoon” came from a tragic event that occurred in his life when he was 16 years old:

His revered teacher passed away as a result of a shortage of blood in blood banks. As a result, he made the decision that no one would be able to meet his challenges. So he founded “Khoon,” a company that delivers blood in an hour to anyone in need anywhere in India.

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2. Ashiki Batra

Ashiki Batrais one of the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India. The leader of the Robin Hood Army is Aarushi Batra. For the thousands of individuals who go without food, she founded this non-profit organization. She and her three buddies began operating as the Robin Hood Army. A dinner from a wedding or a restaurant is put together by volunteers and given to those in need.

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3. Olivia Deka

“She For Change” was created by Olivia Deka and she one of the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India. It serves as a foundation for young women whose families and cultures treat them poorly and push them down. Therefore, this organization aids in the promotion of their goals and the fulfillment of their wishes. The “She For Change” campaign is primarily focused on empowering women.

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4. A. Piyush Ghosh

The Optimist Citizen is among the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India, the first purely positive newspaper in India, is run by Piyush Ghosh. The media exclusively reports on the uplifting and motivational experiences of those undervalued people who are not acknowledged for their finest efforts.

He was recognized for this in 2015 with the Manthan Prize, and he was the recipient who attained it so early. His major goal is to inform as many people as he can about the wonderful news across the nation.

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5. Anshu Gupta

Anshu Gupta was born into a family of middle class. He invented the term “Goonj.” He works in the community and is the director of an NGO that gives garments to people in need or who cannot afford to buy them. Additionally, in 2015, he received the Raman Magsaysay Award and one of the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India.

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6. Santosh Parulekar

Initiator of “Pipal Tree” is Santosh Parulekar he is one of the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India. He is working to provide jobs for young people in rural India who lack employment. The organization’s primary goal is to equip young people with the essential skills and place them in prestigious positions around the country.

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7. Jeroo Bilimoria

Jeroo Bilimoria is among top 10 social entrepreneurs in India. The founder of numerous international non-governmental organizations (NGO) for societal change is the social entrepreneur from India, Jeroo Bilimoria. She has had numerous books include her art.

She started the “Childline,” which is essentially a health care facility and police protection for children living on the streets. She received a Skoll award in her honor as top 10 social entrepreneurs in India.


8. Hassan Hande

On March 1st, 1967, in Udupi Taluk, Harish Hande was born. Selco was orchestrated by him. For his quick attempts to introduce solar power technologies to the underprivileged, he received the Raman Magsaysay Award in 2011. Harish can be found on Twitter at @harishhande. Hassan Hande is one of the top 10 social entrepreneurs in India

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9. Usha Sahni

Undoubtedly one of India’s top businesswomen is Urvashi Sahni. She founded Study Hall Education Foundation and serves as its CEO. This charity is dedicated to helping Indian females who, for various reasons, were unable to receive an education.

Through the assistance of this organization, numerous girls were able to learn new things. One thousand girls have had their lives altered by her. For her selfless deed, she was also given award on top 10 social entrepreneurs in India in 2017.

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10. Sharad Vivek Sagar

When mentioning top 10 social entrepreneurs in India Vivek Sagar will be mention. In Patna, Bihar, Sharad Vivek Sagar was born. He is a man of 26. This smart-looking hung is attractive. He has accomplished a great deal in his life, including receiving an invitation from US President Barack Obama to attend the inauguration.

Additionally, he was added to the Rockefeller Foundation’s list of 100 potential future innovators. He started Mastery Global when he was just 16 years old. His goal is to establish relationships with children who live in slum regions and give them his best prospects.

More than 1 million pupils have received a number of possibilities because to his work. Because he thinks that if the best opportunities are given to the students currently enrolled in classrooms, the next generation of leaders will transform the world. By doing this, he has also experienced many failures in his life, such as being turned down for further study at Harvard University.

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Doing business for a social cause is the essence of social entrepreneurship. Another name for it is altruistic entrepreneurship. The world has been enhanced in some way, whatever they interpret that improvement, and social entrepreneurs do not only judge their success in terms of financial gain.

The most successful social entrepreneurs in India were motivated by a strong personal desire to improve people’s lives and their needs rather than waiting for others to do it. New social entrepreneurs who follow their routes and adopt their methods are a bright spot for India’s future.


What are social entrepreneurship and instances of it?

At its most fundamental, top 10 social entrepreneurs in India social entrepreneurship is just business done for a good reason. Alternative names for it include entrepreneurial altruism. For social entrepreneurs, success implies having benefited the world in some way, however they interpret that improvement. They don’t just judge success in terms of financial gain.

First social entrepreneur: who was he?

In his book Social Responsibilities of the Businessman, H. Bowen coined the words “social entrepreneur” and “social entrepreneurship” for the first time in literature. Bill Drayton, Charles Leadbeater, and others promoted the words, which gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

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What various forms of social entrepreneurship are there?

These several forms of top 10 social entrepreneurs in India social entrepreneurship demonstrate how versatile the idea can be.

  • Community initiative. A community project is a modestly sized endeavor to address a problem within a particular community.
  • Organization that is nonprofit.
  • Co-operative (Co-op)
  • Social business.
  • Socially conscious business.


Why become a social entrepreneur?

An individual who seeks for creative solutions with the potential to address issues in their communities is known as a social entrepreneur. These people are prepared to take the chance and put in the work necessary to use their initiatives to bring about constructive social change and also to be recognize as top 10 social entrepreneurs in India

What kind of societal demands does a social entrepreneur find?

The Human Development Indicators can be taken into account when identifying social needs of becoming top 10 social entrepreneurs in India, and after that, the stakeholders’ engagement and willingness to participate can be assessed.

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Makes money social entrepreneurs?

The quick response is that it depends. Social entrepreneurs frequently do make money and when you start making money you might earn an award on top 10 social entrepreneurs in India as citizen of India. Social entrepreneurs employ a business strategy that places their mission at the core of their operations and holds them accountable to their stakeholders and customers based on the impact they claim to have had.



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