Top DevOps Courses Online in 2022

Discover Top DevOps Courses Online in 2024

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We have here the top DevOps courses online to discuss today as starting a career in any field is difficult at initially. However, if you’ve decided to pursue that career route, it progressively gets less intimidating as you learn the ropes and adjust to your new responsibilities. DevOps is a good example of this. One of the fastest-growing segments of the tech job market is DevOps.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at what DevOps is, how to learn it, and which DevOps certification courses are the best in 2024.

Discover Top DevOps Courses Online in 2024

What is DevOps?

Lets take a short break here to discuss about the DevOp before we continue to the full list of top DevOps courses online

DevOps is a popular tech expertise that has witnessed a huge increase in job opportunities for DevOps developers.

DevOps is an important field nowadays since it combines software development and information technology IT operations into one.

DevOps practitioners understand that DevOps encompasses much more than the preceding explanation. It also relies largely on a company’s procedures, attitudes, and tools coming together to offer services and applications at a faster rate.

DevOps allows businesses to better serve their customers and evolve strategically over time, rather than using traditional slower software development and infrastructure management techniques.

Newcomers and pros alike may learn all of the skills required to become certified DevOps engineers from the greatest Udemy courses available online.

Udemy is an online learning platform with hundreds of high-quality video courses for beginners and professionals. The issue today is deciding which DevOps training is suitable for your job needs.

In this post, we’ll look at the best 10 DevOps courses, what they have to offer, how long they last, and how much they cost.


Top DevOps Courses Online in 2024

1. Learn DevOps: Continuously Deliver Better Software

This is the first in our list of top DevOps courses online. One of the top Udemy courses about DevOps is Learn DevOps. Edward Viaene, the lecturer, will teach you the majority of the necessary tools and technologies for automating and delivering software and IT processes.

Git, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Kubernetes are covered in depth in this course. This DevOps course is for aspiring and experienced software engineers and system administrators who wish to gain or improve their knowledge.

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2. Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation with Terraform

Infrastructure Automation with Terraform is the second in our list of top DevOps courses online. This best-selling course is 12 hours long and includes an article and a downloadable resource. Its goal is to teach students how to use Terraform to apply DevOps techniques.

Learn DevOps is highly recommended since it teaches newcomers how to utilize Terraform with AWS, Docker, Jenkins, and Packer, automating your company’s IT infrastructure.

Edward Viaene, an accomplished educator with a plethora of DevOps expertise, has a number of best-selling and highly rated courses on Udemy.

Students will also be prepared to pass the HashiCorp Terraform Certification exams. If you want to learn DevOps quickly, this is the course for you.

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3. Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On DevOps

This is the third in our list of top DevOps courses online. This course is ideal for novices who have no prior coding expertise. It divides everything, even Docker, into parts, making it simple to comprehend and master.

To make learning more active, there are downloadable tools and coding tasks. For total beginners, this is the best HTML training.

Docker is a popular open platform for developers to create and run programs on PCs, data center virtual machines, and the cloud.

While purchasing an online course for your DevOps engineer learning experience, you should add this Docker for DevOps course to your cart or wishlist.

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4. Docker Crash Course for Busy DevOps and Developers

Docker Crash Course for Busy DevOps and Developers is the fourth in our list of top DevOps courses online. This is one of the greatest hands-on DevOps engineering courses available. The course covers all of the development fundamentals you’ll need to become a certified developer. Furthermore, the course is completely packed in a straightforward but detailed manner.

It may not be user-friendly for beginners, but it breaks out all of the Docker coding best practices with examples.

Students will be able to swiftly deploy web applications using Docker after completing this 3-hour course.

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5. Learn DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Azure

AT the fifth top DevOps courses online, we have the tutor of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Azure. This course has a 4.6 rating, indicating that it is a comprehensive and enjoyable course with many excellent student evaluations.

The course focuses Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins, and cloud computing with Azure, AWS, and Google, as well as DevOps’ key skills and tools.

From fundamental knowledge to advanced tips and techniques, you’ll discover everything you need to know. Learn DevOps is a 21-hour on-demand video course including 17 external articles and downloadable materials, as well as a completion certificate.

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6. Azure DevOps Boards for Project Managers/Analyst/Developers

Here is the sixth top rated of all top DevOps courses online. In this course, Patrick Videos teaches project managers, analysts, and developers how to use all of the useful Microsoft project management tools and Azure DevOps boards.

The video lectures are short and easy to follow, allowing learners to quickly learn how to create searches, charts, tasks, and Azure boards. The course is 1.5 hours long, is inexpensive, and has a 4.5 star rating.

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7. The DevOps Essentials – The Handbook

At the seventh top DevOps courses online we have the The DevOps Essentials. This is a concise overview of DevOps engineering. The course covers all of the development fundamentals you’ll need to become a certified developer.

It is also completely packed in a straightforward yet detailed manner. It may not be user-friendly for beginners, but it breaks out all of the Docker coding best practices with examples.

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8. DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins pipelines, Maven, Gradle

Here is the eighth in our list of top DevOps courses online. This DevOps online course from Udemy will show you how to create DevOps pipelines with Jenkins and its many connections.

Regardless of your existing experience or lack thereof, the course is meant to teach you the fundamentals of CI/CD, or continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Instructors also prepare students for DevOps certification examinations, preparing them for a successful profession in the near future.

You can rest confident that this top-rated online DevOps course will assist you in implementing key DevOps techniques that will better suit your development processes.

You can take the course and learn how to use Java, Gradle, Maven, Artifactory, and Sqitch to create CI/CD pipelines.

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9. Complete DevOps with Docker, Jenkins, GIT, Vagrant, and Maven

This is the second to last in our list of top DevOps courses online. If you’re seeking for an all-in-one online DevOps education, you might have just found it! Complete DevOps is a hands-on software development and IT operations course that takes you from zero to expert status.

It walks you through the job of DevOps engineers and includes hands-on exercises on how to use and install key DevOps tools.

You will learn how to use Docker, Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, MS Azure, Vagrant, and Maven by following a hands-on guide.

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10. DevOps Project: CI/CD with Jenkins Ansible Docker Kubernetes

Here is the last to discuss in our list of top DevOps courses online, but it is far from being the worst.

The instructors for this 6.5-hour online course are AR Shankar and Valaxy Technologies professionals.

They have a lot of experience in the DevOps field of technology and have trained thousands of students to get Google and Microsoft certifications.

The course teaches students how to utilize Jenkins to build DevOps pipelines and perform CI/CD after covering all of the Jenkins principles.

It also walks you through setting up Kubernetes on the AWS cloud. This is a hands-on course that encourages students to apply what they’ve learned through examples and exercises.

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