30 Made in India products that went viral

Top 30 Made In India Products That Went Viral 2024

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A mix of familiar favorites and a little bit of something new can be found among the top 30 made in India products that went viral 2024. This list contains a ton of currently popular items to sell if you’re planning to launch an online store utilizing Printful or Spocket.

Check out our suggestions and move quickly because these things might not remain in high demand for long. You can use our Instant Product Evaluator to assess your product or niche concept against 18 crucial criteria in order to better grasp its advantages and disadvantages.

The popular items featured on this page are not necessarily the ones that are advised for online sales. Before deciding to sell a certain item, you should carefully analyze all the available information and use it in conjunction with your own due diligence.


List Of Top 30 Made In India Products

Here is the list of 30 Made in India products that went viral 2024


Plush toys is one of the 30 Made in India products that went viral. If you run a home or lifestyle business that specializes in kid-friendly products, plush toys are the ideal complement to your store. These kinds of toys have always been well-liked, but every so often a new kind of plush toy emerges that quickly gains popularity and becomes a must-have for every parent and child out there.

Look at the most popular plush toys right now and think about how you might create a plush toy that youngsters will find tempting or that has unique features or other advantages that parents could find appealing.

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This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. There is one product that becomes a phenomenon every year and lasts for a long time. Years after the fidget spinner’s meteoric rise to fame, fidgeting gadgets dominated last year. They were all flying off the shelves, whether they were spinner toys, fidget cubes, or squishy toys that could attach to your phone or laptop.

In contrast, the fidget spinner gained cult status and gave rise to several social media challenges. A moment came when the manufacturers of the ball bearings utilized in the toys felt pressure to produce more than their capacity would have allowed due to the huge demand for these toys.

Although these toys have been around for more than 25 years and were first developed for people with anxiety and/or autism, they have now become a must-have item for offices. For both adults and children, now is an excellent time to buy in bulk and stock up on these supplies. Exists a different market segment or fidget toy category you might aim your fidget toys at?



Journaling are among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Again, by no means a novel concept, but it all depends on how it is presented to the final user. As people explore for ways to decompress, reflect, and practice mindfulness or gratitude in an effort to look after their mental and emotional health, journaling has begun to gain popularity.

A number of products have gained popularity in recent years, including The Bullet Journal, The Five Minute Journal, The Happiness Planner, The Anxiety Journal, The Passion Planner, and the SELF Journal. Customers will tell you that these affordable products provide a wide range of advantages that enhance their general quality of life.

Do you want to share with the world your brilliant idea for a diary or journaling system? Start advancing and improving your concept so you can convert it into a great company! There is still possibility for further market expansion, even though it is too soon to say whether this trend will be long-lasting or just a passing craze.



When talking about the top 30 30 Made in India products that went viral. Smart lighting is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. We all likely desired as kids that turning the lights on or off didn’t require getting up from our cozy spot on the couch or bed. We wished that all we had to do was clap. It’s done.

Greetings from the future! There is a vast array of smart lighting systems and smart lights, in addition to smart lights that react to clapping.

Eco-friendly lighting, automated light timing, mood and color controls, remote access to lighting systems in locations with internet, motion-activated lighting, and more are a few to name. There are a ton of choices!

The market’s possibilities are expanding every second, and so is its customer base. Customers are demanding more innovative goods from smart lighting firms as they become more concerned with sustainability.

Customers should be heard: Create the product they’re requesting that isn’t already on the market or a modified version of one that is. It would be a good idea to invest as soon as you can in the smart lighting market because it is the future of residential lighting and is now gaining momentum.

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This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. The use of 3D printing in regular business and consumer life is finally on the rise. The day has come when having a 3D printer can become a reality after for so long appearing to be a futuristic experiment that we common folk could only dream of.

Finally, technology and development have advanced to the point where some people can afford to purchase the product.

Although it hasn’t yet fully justified itself as a purchase for the mass market, we anticipate it will grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the next few years. Keep an eye on its development and start putting your ideas in place so you can profit from it whenever it becomes a significant part of consumers’ lives.

You probably lack the resources or the technological know-how to build your own 3D printer, so leave that to the professionals and concentrate on the accessories instead. People will be hungry for add-ons that streamline the experience once it is introduced into the life of the people.



One of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Along the same lines, customers’ shopping practices are incorporating smart accessories into other areas. The Google Home, Amazon Echo, and even smart toothbrushes and chopping boards are just a few of the increasingly popular appliances that promise to make consumers’ daily life easier.

There is no predicting where the future may lead us, and everything seems to be on the table.

The typical consumer is gradually incorporating these smart appliances into their daily lives, and as they continue to advance and people begin to see the true benefits of doing so, we anticipate that trend to continue.

Observe your daily activities to find out where smarter innovations, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may seem, are being made. The popularity of smart appliances will undoubtedly grow throughout the year because they are the technology of the future.



Electronics accessories are among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. This will likely be the biggest window of opportunity for many firms to locate the ideal product to sell online.

Consumers are becoming more interested in adorning their technical devices to make them more fashionable, streamlined, and useful as they incorporate more technology products into their daily lives.

These accessories can either be a more fashionable version of what you often use in conjunction with a gadget, including docking stations, power banks, cords, chargers, etc., or they can bring style to the device itself, whether it be a phone, computer, camera, drone, etc.

The iRing and PopSockets, which give smartphones additional functionality, the AirPod Skins, which give Apple Airpods style and protection, the sweaters for drones, and the Airpod floss stickers are a few popular accessory items. They are among the top 30 made in India products

There are many items available on the market for smartphone accessories that you may sell in your online store right now.

Profit from the desire for fashionable, streamlined, useful, and trendy accessories by developing a new product that enhances an already-existing gadget or accessory.

The simplicity of this strategy makes it attractive; it doesn’t have to be difficult. Spend some time considering the tools you use every day and what simple addition would improve their usability or appearance. Here, you don’t need to invent the wheel; instead, consider adding practical, useful, amusing, or individualized features to already-existing gadgets.

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This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Drones are not only popular right now, but new drone varieties are also entering the market. Drone technology has advanced throughout time, and people’s use of them in daily life has changed. In the last few years, we’ve seen a quick surge in popularity of drones as customers found them to be a more justifiable purchase.

Drones will likely be one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral this year, but anticipate more technological developments to open up new opportunities for consumers to incorporate drones into other facets of their existence.

First off, auto-follow drones are becoming more popular because of the superior technology that enables users to control the drone without having to use their hands.

Underwater drones, which assist users in finding fish and mapping underwater vistas, are also on the rise.

According to Google Trends, the volume of searches for “underwater drone” has steadied since they gained popularity, indicating that this product is here to stay. About 17,000 searches per month are produced by the term “underwater drone” in terms of search traffic.



Fairy lights is among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Another item whose popularity has skyrocketed as a result of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are fairy lights. These lights have been used for a variety of purposes, including Christmas decorations, restaurant atmosphere, home decor, and more.

Even entire social media pages are devoted to showing users how to use fairy lights and arrange them in unique ways! These lights can be marketed alongside other ornamental items and are frequently purchased in bundles.



The inclusion of a mattress on a list of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral, but it makes perfect sense. In addition to the fact that mattresses are almost always in demand, technical advancements have also led to advancements in commonly used items like mattresses.

A few examples of the new breed of high-tech mattresses include those that monitor your sleep and sleep quality, those with auto-temperature settings that warm up in the winter and cool down in the summer, those that are connected to automatic coffee makers, and those that have an integrated vibrating alarm system, to name a few.

Even the benefits of mattresses vary: some help with sleep issues, while others aid in orthopedic recovery. The options are numerous, and technology is continually developing.

There are even mattresses available that are packaged in a box, making them simple to transport and small enough to fit in elevators or be carried up stairs. It would be a very wise move to purchase this in-demand item while there is still time for you to find a niche in the market.

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Backpacks have grown to be highly top 30 Made in India products that went viral in recent years. While some of this can be attributed to entrepreneurs on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and their quest to design the ideal urban bag, wearing a backpack to work has also come back in vogue, and there are now a variety of types and styles that are readily available in stores.

A product that was previously only considered a back-to-school special has entered a new era thanks to innovations like anti-theft backpacks that protect urban commuters’ goods and high-tech urban packs with monitoring features and battery charging capabilities.

Although the back-to-school season from August to September is unquestionably the product’s peak sales period, it doesn’t follow that the goods won’t sell all year round, particularly to a more affluent and professional audience.

As a businessperson, stock and market a variety of backpacks that can be marketed to various age groups, professions, and fashions, such as students, travelers, IT professionals, metropolitan commuters, etc. This trend is a fantastic approach to discover the various paths one product may lead you down.



Athleisure have been among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral this year. Activewear that is worn for fashion purposes rather than only for exercise is referred to as athleisure. This fashion stresses comfort, toughness, and style, which is precisely why it has been popular in recent years.

This gives you as a seller a lot of opportunities because you may market a variety of goods, including leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, shoes, socks, headbands, sports bras, etc.

The nice thing about athleisure is that, unlike other fashion trends, it is timeless. You have an excellent entry point into this market niche as well as into other industry segments like sports and fitness or health and holistic living.

The popularity of athleisure is only expected to grow in the future thanks to social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest and influencer marketing campaigns.

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Novelty Socks is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. You read that correctly; Another evergreen article that is almost always in style is socks. In truth, novelty socks have been popular for a while, particularly during the holidays.

They are the ideal product since they are cozy, suitable for people of any gender, age, or style, and easy to match with an outfit.

Despite the fact that novelty socks are a fantastic market segment, ordinary socks face far greater competition and a saturated market. Given that the market is still expanding, novelty socks are a fantastic alternative to more conventional ones.



This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Fitness leggings are another fantastic item for dropshippers. These have been around for a while and based on appearances, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They are top 30 Made in India products that went viral this year.

This product is useful for anyone working to develop a fashion, fitness, or athleisure business because it caters to a variety of hot niches.

Fitness leggings are extremely light, come in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and colors, and are affordable to store and ship, just like beanie hats.

As a dropshipper, it’s simple to supply your inventory with a variety of styles and options so you can test which ones sell the best. You can also provide your consumers lots of choices, which will make them pleased and keep them coming back to your store.

Through Facebook Advertisements, search ads, and reading about other successful firms’ strategies, you can market these products to your target market on your online store.

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When discussing on top 30 Made in India products that went viral, Enamel pins appear to be one of those top 30 Made in India products that went viral enduring fashion trends that recurs periodically and has been around for many years. Due to the capability and simplicity of creating your own pins, enamel pins are currently in style once more.

These pins are fantastic fashion accessories because they can be used to dress up everything from t-shirts to purses to jackets. Statement pieces can be small and still be powerful.

On the other hand, organizations, non-profits, and people who wish to show that they support a certain cause also utilize enamel pins.

A small item like this has significant social and cultural value since it can serve as a symbol or a vehicle for a particular message.

In order to sell these in large quantities, it would be ideal to develop a powerful marketing strategy and possibly target fandoms, lifestyle communities, and pop culture fans. Check out this post to find out more about how to launch your own enamel pin business.

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This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Making a clothing brand is becoming easier and easier thanks to businesses like Printful. Making a custom clothing brand will grow in popularity as they continue to expand the number of eCommerce platforms they link with and the garment and customization possibilities they provide.

However, since the market for clothes is currently so crowded, any new companies will have to work hard to distinguish. Having extremely niche-specific branded gear or hyper-local garments are two approaches to making it happen.

Clothing that is solely relevant to a particular sort of consumer is referred to as niche-specific apparel. This may be due to the clothing item’s design, usefulness, or even style.

We highlighted the IconSpeak t-shirts in our post Nomad Gear: 10 Minimalist Travel Essentials for Digital Nomads as an example of niche-specific clothing that appeals to people who enjoy traveling.



This is among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Although fake eyelashes have been around for a long, they recently underwent a significant redesign in terms of both appearance and invention, making them more attractive and useful than before.

In an effort to make false lash application simpler and produce a better outcome, brands, cosmetic artists, and influencers have started developing their own collections of false eyelashes in recent years utilizing various materials, sizes, colors, and adhesive techniques. Innovation and originality have a lot of room to grow in this market sector, and customers are willing to try new things.

The item fits the description of goods that can be upsold. False eyelashes are typically purchased in quantity. Additionally, since these are throwaway goods, there is a very high likelihood that customers will come back.

These are also a wonderful product for dropshipping because they are inexpensive to produce and ship, extremely light, and readily sent by ePacket. Check out our case study with Esqido, a high-end false eyelash firm, to discover more about how to launch a false eyelash business from scratch.

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Body wipes is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Men’s hygiene is a market segment that doesn’t get the attention it merits, yet despite this, it’s now on the rise. In this situation, manufacturers currently produce hygiene wipes for women and children, but more lately, smaller vendors have realized there is a huge market for providing a similar kind of product for males as well.

All types of guys are targeted by the “dude wipes,” from those who enjoy camping and other outdoor activities to those who lead busy metropolitan lives and frequently commute.

Body wipe makers are creating “customers for life” since body wipes are a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) item that must be purchased frequently. That allow for automatic reordering or subscription purchases for a seller.



Macadamia nut milk is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. The market for milk substitutes is flooded with popular choices like oat, soy, almond, cashew, hemp, coconut milk, and macadamia milk.

The Good Food Institute reports that the market for plant-based milk is now worth $2 billion in the US alone, having grown by 5% over the past year and by 14% over the previous two.

Offering clients macadamia nut milk is a novel and intriguing choice. Macadamia nut milk is an interesting product that could be a good fit for your online store if you’re searching for something that will appeal to the vegan, plant-based, and health food sectors.

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This is another top 30 Made in India products that went viral. A unique presentation of charcuterie boards can be ordered online and delivered to customers’ homes in snack boxes, which are a delightful way to consume candy or snacks.

At the time of writing, there are about 18,000 searches each month for snack boxes. To reach customers who are looking for this product online, you can use Google Ads to advertise your snack box business. Sales of packaged snacks in the US make up 40% of the market overall, and Millennials, who reportedly nibble more than any other generation, are mostly to blame.



Meal box services is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Currently, food meal delivery services like HelloFresh are quite well-liked. These subscription-based meal kits are frequently promoted as an alternative to eating out while also making home cooking easier and less time-consuming.

Standard meal delivery Innovative, quick, and easy meal ideas that are both healthy and waste-free are among the USPs.

Meal kits were the subject of 22,000 monthly Google searches in the US alone at the time of writing, indicating that the industry’s growth makes opening an online business worthwhile.

You might concentrate on specialized dietary preferences like the vegan, keto, or paleo diets when beginning a food meal delivery service. Alternately, think about concentrating on consumer groups who have nut, gluten, or dairy allergies.



This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. “Functional drinks” are alcoholic beverages with a specific goal or result in mind. Gatorade, a beverage that aids health-conscious consumers in achieving their fitness and wellbeing goals, is a well-known illustration of a functional beverage.

Other manifestations of this emerging trend include matcha lattes and turmeric lattes, sugar-free energy drinks, CBD beverages, and mushroom coffee.

A Business Research Company survey from August 2020 indicated that more customers than ever are looking for healthy food and beverage alternatives. This is a popular product to offer online since people appear to be looking for ways to improve their immune systems and general wellness.

Large companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo Inc. have already embraced this popular product category and have launched their own functional drinks like Coca-Cola with Coffee and Driftwell.

The functional beverage market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.96 percent between 2020 and 2025, therefore it’s no surprise that consumers are interested in these products.

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Ear drops is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. A traditional remedy for treating ear infections or softening ear wax is ear drops. Even though they have been there for years, over the past five years there has been a 70% increase in searches for ear drops due to a new breed of natural and homeopathic products in this market.

It’s common to find products from companies like Natrulo that include “mullein and garlic bulb extract.” Another intriguing option for people looking for a natural cure to soften ear wax is alcohol- and preservative-free ear drops.

You can easily see that ear drops are a popular topic on Google Trends, therefore if you’re searching for items to sell that are in demand, you might consider include this in your online store.



This is among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Acne patches and pimple patches work by absorbing toxins to hasten the healing of pimples. Toxins from the pimple are removed using hydrocolloid technology, and a moist environment is created to aid in healing. Additionally, they’ve been shown to be effective at keeping the wearer from squeezing or scratching the affected area.

Invisible or transparent circle patches in various sizes are now the most popular item.

With more than 106,000 searches per month worldwide for “pimple patches,” Google searches for this product have increased. Google Ads should be used to promote hot items like this one.

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According to Google Trends, slippers are one of the popular trending things to buy. The increase in slipper sales reflects consumers’ increasing need for cozy shoes to wear around the house as working from home becomes the new norm.

Holiday sales of slippers, which are most frequently purchased, are anticipated to climb by triple digits starting in 2019.



This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Online trends include hiking boots and other outdoor clothing as more individuals exercise outdoors.

As a result, Google Trends reports an increase in online searches for hiking boots, which at the time of this writing had over 203,000 monthly searches.

The appeal of including hiking boots in your online store is that you can sell them as both outdoor fitness gear and stylish accessories.

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Lists of hot things to offer in the home office area have grown enormously thanks to the advent of remote working. Laptop stands is among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. The straightforward laptop stand is a helpful tool to reduce back strain and help with improved posture when working from home.

According to Google Trends, searches for laptop stands are consistent, but there are still over 253,000 searches per month worldwide, proving that we weren’t kidding when we said that this was one of the finest trending things to sell this year.

You may offer this small accessory online in a variety of forms, including acrylic, plastic, and aluminum. Additionally, there are variants that fold, are lightweight, and can adhere to windows using suction.



This is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. According to WBOC, the market for standing desks will increase to $9.541 billion by 2027. The market for standing desks is expanding as remote working becomes more popular and customers prioritize their health and fitness.

Standing desks are a popular choice among employees who want to be awake, active, and maintain good posture while working. Some standing desks may be adjusted to accommodate various working heights and positions.

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This among the top 30 Made in India products that went viral. Due to the fact that consumers are spending more time indoors, enhancing their indoor area entails including some natural elements.

In 1989, NASA made the discovery that indoor plants can help purify the air. As a result, air-purifying plants now possess an even more alluring quality in light of current global events. These greatest sellers are becoming more popular, according to Google Trends, which reports astonishing 30,000 monthly searches throughout the globe.

Two to three indoor plants are advised by NASA’s study for every 100 square feet, thus for many consumers, this probably means having many plants in one residence. If you sell plants online, your target market can benefit from a guide on how to position air-purifying plants for best health.



This is also one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral on our list. Top-selling things like massage guns are examples of trendy goods to offer in the health niche. Massage guns is one of the top 30 Made in India products that went viral.

These simple-to-use devices work by applying brief bursts of pressure into the muscle, which improve blood flow to the painful location, to treat soft tissue aches and pains. As more people choose to massage their muscles on their own after working out, this product is in great demand for internet businesses.

Google Trends reveals a sharp rise in the number of searches for massage weapons. Nevertheless, online shops that sell massagers might access a target audience of 631,000 monthly searches. These hot goods for sale in the health sector are continually gaining popularity.

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