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10 Free Online Music Production Courses

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These free online music production courses will be extremely helpful if you have a strong passion for music and want to get into the field.

As long as you can purchase the essential music equipment, these online courses will help you get ready, regardless of your financial situation or where you are in your musical development.

That’s not all, though. You don’t need to borrow money from the bank or anybody else to enroll in these courses because they are affordable, effective, and useful.

Therefore, if you’re seeking for free online music production classes but haven’t found any or are unsure of where to begin, we’ve put together this comprehensive list to assist you. However, even though some of these programs aren’t technically “courses” per per, you can still pick up music production and audio engineering skills for nothing.

free online music production courses

10 Free Online Music Production Courses

Here are the 10 free online music production courses

1. Noiselab’s Free Courses

Noiselab free course is one of the free online music production courses. With the goal of being the greatest Ableton Live music production school in the world, Noiselab is one of the newest providers of online music production courses.

This course examines the fundamental features of mixing boards, including mute, volume, pan, solo, buses, inserts, sends, and submixes, on both hardware and software platforms. There are many more equipment used in the music-mixing process than the mixing board alone.

Grammy-winning producer Stint (Sabrina Claudio, Gallant, M, Train, and Carly Rae Jepsen) has taught classes at Noiselab.

A few interesting free courses are available, like “Electronic Music Production Level 1” and “In The Studio With Stint.” The main course, however, has been paid for.

Noiselab’s “Electronic Music Production (Level 1)”

You may learn about Ableton Live’s interface and its various option settings by taking this free course. Additionally, you will learn how to swiftly sample sounds for use in your tracks using Live’s browser rather than wasting time ineffectively browsing your computer. They also talk about Live’s building blocks, which are clips. There are additionally targeted tutorials.

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2. Coursera – Music Production Specialization

Another free online music production course on the list of free online music production courses is Coursera. Coursera provides the concentration in music production course. For the creation of this recognized course, Coursera collaborated with Berklee College of Music.
Legendary musicians including John Mayer, Steven Tyler, Quincy Jones, Steve Vai, Mike Portnoy, Robert Moog, and many others have studied at the esteemed Berklee College of Music.

Course Structure

You learn about the recording, editing, and mixing stages of the music production process in this course, as well as the tools you may use to produce modern music on your computer.

This course gives music lovers and individuals who are interested in music the skills and resources they need to record and produce music in a professional capacity. The inner workings of becoming a successful producer, such as creating an identity, vision, and intention as an artist/producer, are also taught to them.

Tools for music production have recently been more widely available thanks to the emergence of high-quality, low-cost software and hardware. For the inexpensive cost of a few pieces of equipment and a software package, albums may now be created from the convenience of one’s bedroom.

However, this course provides the skills, commitment, and imagination required to create music. Any type of music you create will require you to employ a variety of tools. The recording, editing, and mixing stages of the music production process are roughly paralleled in each lesson in this course, and several music production tools are demonstrated.

After completing this course, you will understand:

  • how the physics of sound works
  • Recording techniques, and
  • how to process and manipulate effects
  • And lots more.

More about the course

The best industry-standard DAW for the majority of professional studio applications, Pro Tools, is used to teach the course. If you want to work at renowned studios around the world, you must have Pro Tools.

A 4-week capstone project that includes pre-production, recording, mixing, and mastering must be finished in order to receive a passing grade for the final evaluation.

Even while the course really costs roughly $35 USD each month to remain enrolled, it is nevertheless considered a free course because the 7-day free trial gives you complete access to all of the specialization’s courses.

You can watch as many lectures, attempt as many assignments, take part in discussion forums, and more during the 7-day free trial.

One of the top free online courses for music creation in 2023, we heartily endorse this course.

Link To Music Website

3. Point Blank Music SChool’s Free Courses

This is one of the free online music production courses on the list. Graduates of Point Blank’s online courses include Claude VonStroke, Goldie, Plastician, Pete Tong, and countless others.

I’m going to be upfront and say that this is one of the “free courses” offered as a free sample of the institution. The courses can be taken for free or money.

This course covers a variety of topics, including the fundamentals of sound and how humans hear it, as well as the tools required to record audio into a computer. It’s critical to comprehend the equipment that sound must pass through throughout the production of music.

Additionally, the method of sound editing is covered. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a modern editing program, allows for the storage and organization of a musical project’s resources.

You will possess a wealth of knowledge about the music industry after finishing the free online course.

Additionally, you’ll get free previews of these acclaimed courses:

  • (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree
  • Music Production Master Diploma
  • Complete Electronic Music Composition
  • Complete Ableton Live

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4. Learn How To Mix Music With Young Guru

Young Guru is another free online music production courses. The Young Guru’s “Learn How To Mix” course is one of the best free “music production” courses on skillshare, and we heartily recommend it.

It is the most highly rated and well-liked music production course on Skillshare, created to meet the needs of “intermediate” level producers. For producers of all levels of experience, it remains a must-see.

Young Guru has built a solid reputation as one of the most well-known recording and mixing engineers in music today over the course of his career. He has collaborated with musicians including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Drake, and Kanye West, and his work has earned him multiple Grammy nominations.

Guru currently offers his enormous industry experience, expertise, and trade secrets via a number of Skillshare courses.

Course structure

There are four sections to this online course, and each one contains unique videos and resources divided into the following lessons:

  • The basic components of a DIY mix, such as the DAW, tracks, and controllers, as well as the best ways to arrange all of the audio data and tagging tools, are dealt with in organizing a mix. how to adjust levels to match the sound the artist had in mind for the song. How to use basic effects including phasers, enhancers, reverbs, and delays, as well as how to add negative space and blend/fade when necessary when adding effects.
  • Tonal Balance: How to tell when the ideal tonal balance has been attained is the topic of this section.

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free online music production courses



5. Skillshare

This is another online music production course on the list of free online music production courses. You can enroll in a free online music production course on Skillshare, another online learning portal.

Students can take as many of their courses as they can manage in 60 days thanks to a 2-month “all access” pass that is available. On skillshare, there are more than 2,200 music-related courses, including:

  • Music Production
  • Music Composition
  • Music theory
  • Mixing & mastering
  • Music Marketing

Link  To Music Website

6. Alison’s Music Production Courses

Alison’s music is one of the free online music production courses on the list. On a range of subjects, Alison provides free online courses in music creation.

You can access numerous modules from the Diploma in Music Theory, Melody and Harmony, and Music Producer Masterclass: Making Electronic Music when you sign up on Aseveral.

Their Music Producer Masterclass course emphasizes on FL Studio to create and refine your own music. You can learn how to play the traditional Irish fiddle from a wealth of additional resources, including soundtrack composition scores.

All of Alison’s courses are cost-free and include extras like official certificates that must be purchased. You can include this in your CV.

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7. Audible: 30-Day Free Trial (Get 2 Free Audiobooks)

This is one of the free online music production courses. A wide selection of high-quality audiobooks are available on Audible to help you advance in areas including mixing and mastering, music theory, and music production. You own your audiobooks on Audible, and you can retain them even if you decide to cancel.

Additionally, you can exchange any book at any time for any reason including any audiobook. There are discounts of up to 80% on a few audiobooks, unlimited access to members-only original podcasts, free audio shows, special offers throughout the month, and online or offline listening options.

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8. Syntorial (Learn Synthesis In A Video Game Format)

Another free music production course on the list of free online music production courses. If you want to genuinely master synthesis, Syntorial is one of the best basic courses in music production.

It simplifies difficult activities into a sequence of simple and enjoyable phases while incorporating theory, learning, and the practical side of synthesis. You have access to the resources required to become an expert in sound design as well.

The first 22 (of of 199) Essential Lessons, as well as 4-5 videos from each additional Lesson Pack, are all accessible during their lengthy free trial or demo.

Syntorial is a training program that resembles a video game that teaches how to create synthesizer patches by ear.

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9. Education & Bass Online

Education & Bass online is one of the free online music production courses. The free online music production course Education & Bass Online is best suited for contemporary bass music producers. This is due to the course material’s heavy emphasis on UK dubstep and drum and bass.

Course Structure

The two halves of the website are the free area and the paying members. There is a ton of free stuff on their platform that provides an overview of the subject matter of the course.

Some of the most well-known names in music, such Leon Switch, Nurve, Nomine/Outrage, Occult, LSN, and DubApe to mention a few, also give lectures.

A few courses examine well-known, high-priced VSTs including Omnisphere, Massive, and Serum. Other course material strikes a decent balance between understanding native plugins and being mostly (on Logic & Cubase, and Ableton).

In this course, you will learn:

  • how Leon Switch creates beautifully textured synth leads in Ableton’s Analog
  • how to program Nurse’s signature mid-bass growls in Serum
  • Being blown away by Cocktail Party Effect S ‘no-input mixer hardware technique’

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10. Pro Tools Basics

Another online music production course on the list of free online music production courses. A 4-week course offered by Coursera called “Pro Tools Basics” will provide you a basic understanding of both Pro Tools and Avid Pro Tools.

Knowing the tools necessary to freely and creatively transfer the musical ideas in your head into the DAW is crucial since producing music is a highly creative activity.

free online music production courses

Courses in music production emphasize recording, editing, and mixing, as well as the software you can use to produce modern music on your computer.

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