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Student Netflix Discount | Watch Your Favorite TV Shows 2024

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There isn’t a student Netflix discount, but the good news is that you can stream your favorite shows for free by utilizing the Netflix 30-day unlimited free trial, switching the subscription plan, or using gift vouchers.

As a college undergraduate, the cost of live streams is a significant challenge for thousands of students around the world, which prompts students to look out for student Netflix discount. Fantastic, huh?

In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about Netflix, Netflix discount Netflix, how to sign up for a free Netflix subscription, some really amazing Netflix alternatives, and how to use your Netflix student discount coupon. So as we get started, pull up a chair, fill your cup with popcorn, and grab some fries.


What Is Netflix?

Netflix, Inc. is an American production business and pay television over-the-top media service that provides subscription-based video on demand from a library of movies and television shows, 40% of which is in-house original material.

Here’s how it works: after successfully subscribing, Netflix enables you to stream movies and TV shows at any time on any device that is compatible, including computers, smart TVs, set-top boxes that are connected to televisions, tablets, smartphones, digital media players, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, and virtual reality headsets.

More than 214 million people were Netflix customers as of October 2021, including 74 million in the United States and Canada, 70 million in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, 39 million in Latin America, and 30 million in Asia-Pacific.

Except for Syria, North Korea, and Crimea (owing to regional limitations), Netflix is accessible everywhere except in mainland China (due to US sanctions).

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How to Get Student Netflix Discount & Free Subscription

We have carefully compiled a list of additional methods for student Netflix discount to stream Netflix for free without a subscription.

1. Netflix 30-days Unlimited Free Trial

This is one of the ways to get student Netflix discount, easiest method to benefit from viewing Netflix without spending a penny is to sign up for the free 30-day unlimited trial. Any email address will do as long as it hasn’t already been registered on Netflix.

  • Initially, visit The Free Month Trial can be started by creating an account with your email address and clicking on the TRY 30 DAYS FREE button.
  • Please be sure to use a unique email address that has never been connected to a Netflix account before selecting a password.
  • To select your preferred plan, click SEE THE PLANS. You may choose to upgrade to Premium since it is free (if you like). Finally, click Continue.
  • Select START MEMBERSHIP after entering your name and billing details.
  • Then take in the shows, but make sure to end the free trial subscription before the subsequent 30 days are over.

The catch is that you can only use a free trial of Netflix once, thus there is no way to sign up for more free trials.

However, if you want to sign up again, use a different email address and a different payment method, such as a prepaid credit card or any other payment method that is not the same as the one you used when you first signed up.

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2. Collective Purchase

Collective purchase is one of the ways to get student Netflix discount, The intriguing thing about this is that no matter which plan you’re on, Netflix permits at least five different profiles to exist within a single account.

Therefore, you can work together with your other college students to create a single account while distributing the login information among yourselves. Even better than the impractical Netflix student discount you were hoping for, this is by far your greatest choice, if you must ask.

This does not, however, imply that you can watch Netflix on all five devices at once; in order for this method to work, you and your friends must watch Netflix at various times throughout the day.


3. Netflix Special Promotions

Another amazing option to receive a student Netflix discount is to benefit from special offers where some businesses give Netflix plans as gift vouchers to their respected clients.

Some of the most well-known businesses that run these promotions are listed below:

  • A program called Netflix on Us from the telecommunications provider T-Mobile pays for Netflix bills for her customers who have two or more lines. Depending on the Netflix plan the consumer chooses, the bill includes both the Basic and Standard plans.
  • Verizon, a different telecommunications provider, once collaborated with Netflix to offer a full-year plan for Gigabit Connection Internet bundles, saving her consumers a staggering $190 annually. They recently moved over to Disney+ on us for a 12-month promotion, though.
  • Purchasing a discounted Netflix gift card is another way to save cash. Raise, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, CardCash, and Gift Card Spread are a few of the top gift card providers. They do, however, provide various discounts on the same goods.


4. Pay Netflix Subscription Bill Using Gift Cards

One of the clever ways to lower your payment is by paying your student Netflix discount bills with gift cards you earn through Google Play. Despite the fact that I’m unsure about Amazon’s gift cards, you may still give it a shot.

Just navigate to manage profiles up and down to use gift cards to pay for your Netflix subscription fees. Change payment method or change subscription plan is an option that you will notice.

The AMEX Card Coupon Coupon Card and the Google Play Card are both available for use. Save money by using the Coupon Number when paying your next bill. Additionally, you can get inexpensive Netflix gift cards.

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student netflix discount

Among the Cool Netflix Alternatives are

Here are some Netflix substitutes that you might want to try out.

1. Spotify for Students along with Hulu

Currently, a new streaming package or plan for students will be made available thanks to the agreement between Spotify and Hulu. “Spotify for Students combined with Hulu” is the name of the streaming bundle. If they sign up for this $4.99/month package, students can use the premium service.

After signing up for Spotify Premium, students have access to Hulu Premium. They will be able to access both programs at a reduced fee.


2. Amazon Prime Student

Any person who is presently enrolled in at least one course at a college or university situated in one of the 50 US states, Washington, DC, or Puerto Rico is eligible for Amazon Prime Student. You can use Prime Student whether you’re enrolled in a graduate program, a two-year or four-year institution.

For a six-month trial period, Sprint is providing you with Amazon Prime perks as a member of Prime Student.

Your Amazon Prime Student membership entitles you to a discount on Amazon Prime following your six-month trial, as well as the advantages of Prime plus Student-only offers and discounts.

Your Prime membership will transition to a regular Prime membership at the end of the membership year for the annual rate in effect at that time after four years or the conclusion of your studies, whichever comes first.

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3. HBO Max

WarnerMedia owns HBO Max, an American pay-per-view streaming service, through its WarnerMedia Direct division.

The service was introduced on May 27, 2020 in the United States, on June 29, 2021 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and on October 26, 2021 in Andorra, Spain, and the Nordic nations.

Max is primarily a content hub for WarnerMedia’s various film and television properties, offering a range of original programming and library content from the company as well as additional content licensed through third-party distributors.

Max was built around content from the namesake premium television service HBO, but it is primarily focused on providing content for the company’s various film and television properties.


4. Paramount+

ViacomCBS Streaming, a branch of ViacomCBS, owns and runs the over-the-top streaming service known as Paramount+, which offers video on demand for a monthly fee. It delivers both original and archived material from Paramount Pictures’ back catalog and the broadcast libraries of the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks and the CBS Entertainment Group.

Following the 2019 re-merger of CBS and Viacom, the service, which had been initially introduced as CBS All Access on October 28, 2014 (10 All Access in Australia), was expanded and relaunched as Paramount+ on March 4, 2021.

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5. Youtube Premium

A paid service provided by the video-sharing website YouTube is called YouTube Premium. The service offers ad-free access to all of the website’s content as well as access to premium YouTube Originals television shows created in partnership with the site’s creators.

It also allows users to download videos, play them in the background on mobile devices, and stream music via YouTube Music.


Frequently Asked Questions About Student Netflix Discount

What discounts does Netflix provide to students?

Currently, Netflix does not provide student discounts. The above-mentioned steps or the use of gift cards, however, will grant you a 30-day free trial.

When using student Netflix discount, can a student ID be used?

Students cannot now access student Netflix discount Coupons using their Student ID due to any promotion or other sought-after action. Due to the fact that Netflix does not currently provide any student Netflix discount, this article will be updated when they do.

student netflix discount

Is Netflix’s Ultra HD resolution worth it?

If you utilize the Netflix Premium subscription plan to view movies and TV series in Ultra HD, you will undoubtedly have a relaxing experience. However, this comes at a higher cost of roughly $ 12.99/month.

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