ongoing scholarships in nigeria

70 Ongoing Scholarships in Nigeria 2024-2025 [Apply Now]

Participate in these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria. There are over 71 ongoing scholarships in Nigeria as of now and were have carefully penned them here for you to go through and make your decision.

Only 20% percent of public school students in Nigeria received a full-ride scholarship. Given the long odds, it may appear that applying for financial aid is pointless. Scholarships, on the other hand, provide numerous advantages that make applying well worth your effort.

We understand that applying for college is a stressful process, and applying for scholarships may seem like an extra burden you don’t need. You can set yourself up for life if you can persuade a college scholarship if you’re the appropriate candidate for a scholarship, full-ride or not.

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What is the definition of a scholarship in Nigeria?

A scholarship in Nigeria can be a gift or payment given to a student to help them pay for their education. It is given to them based on their academic or other achievements.

A scholarship in Nigeria is a financial aid given to a student for education, based on academic accomplishment or other factors that may include financial need.


The Nigeria scholarship’s goal

A Nigerian scholarship, on the other hand, is unrestricted funding that allows you to pursue your goals. It helps you achieve your academic and career goals by lowering the financial barrier. Getting a Nigeria scholarship can take care of all of your financial worries. The top five reasons why you can’t afford to not apply for these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria listed below.

When the (Nigeria) economy is in shambles, and your parents are unable to pay their bills. Well, hopefully, that isn’t entirely true, but it does include some truth. While parents still value paying for their children’s college education, the amount that they can afford has decreased.

According to a comparable poll performed by Longmire and Company, a higher-education consulting firm, 33 percent of parents indicated they planned to contribute less than $5,000 to their child’s college tuition, which is barely enough to cover four years of textbooks.

1. The expense of living in Nigerian colleges is rising. Unless you plan on living at home and commuting to school, which is a great choice for a lot of Nigerian college students, but, expect to pay a lot more for your housing, food, books, and supplies than your elder brother or sister did. All of these items have become costlier. This is the number one reason you should apply for these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.

ongoing scholarships in nigeria

2. Nigerian schools are much more expensive today than it was previously. Since 2010, a public Nigeria four-year tuition and fees have raised by more than 10% annually over inflation, according to the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing study 2010.

In addition, tuition at public two-year institutions and private four-year colleges rose by 5% above inflation. This is another reason you should apply for these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.


3. There are a lot of people that owe a lot of money. A quarter of the population of Nigerians, or 60 million people, owe $500 billion in student loan debt. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? Yes, it is.

The average Nigerian college graduate has $30,000 in student debt by the time they graduate, according to the Institute for College Access and Success, and that number is certain to rise. According to experts, this could be the next financial bubble to explode. This is the third reason you should apply for these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.


4. Scholarships Make It Easier to Get an Education

In Nigeria, the tertiary institution is expensive: the average student debt for the 2018 graduating class is $30,000. This is another strong reason why should consider these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.

Access to higher education can feel difficult if you’re a brilliant student from a low-income family. One of the most essential responses to the question “why are scholarships necessary?”

5. No one’s education should be hampered because of a family’s financial situation. One of the most important societal benefits of scholarships is that they provide us with engineers, doctors, academics, nurses, lawyers, and scientists from backgrounds where standard college financial help would be difficult to come by.

It is better for us as a society to have more people in these occupations. It’s good you consider these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.

6. The student support from the Nigerian government has significantly dropped. Even though it appears that Nigeria has weathered the worst of the crisis, many states are still struggling from the downturn, and most have made significant cuts to public sector funding, including higher education.

As a result, tuition at Nigerian public colleges and universities has risen, which means you’ll be paying more now. Thank God for these organizations championing these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.

7. Nigeria scholarships winners have access to a wealth of resources.

In Nigeria, you get more than a healthy financial account when you get a scholarship. Many Nigerian institutions assist students who have been awarded scholarships to help them get the most out of their funds.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t imply your college will micromanage your expenditures and prevent you from having fun. This entails that they will offer guidance to help you make the most of your scholarship by assisting you with the study.

This additional assistance can be very valuable to any student since it means that the institution will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the best potential results.

  1. Scholarships incentivize philanthropy.

It is intended that if you get a scholarship, your outlook on life would alter. If this donation has aided you, you may decide to become more generous yourself. Perhaps you’ll go on to start another scholarship or make charitable contributions to the college.

ongoing scholarships in nigeria

  1. Nigeria Scholarships Give You More College Options

This is another valid reason you should give these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria a taught. Even if you are not from a low-income family, you may be denied admission to various universities if you do not receive a scholarship.

If you self-fund your way through Ivy League universities, for example, you could end up with six figures in debt.


  1. Experiential Learning

You may be expected to do volunteer work in your sector depending on who awarded your scholarship. This is far from a burden: it will give you vital real-world experience that will improve your curriculum vitae and help you succeed in your profession.

You should look for volunteer work to go along with your scholarship, even if it isn’t required. This kind of industry knowledge is priceless. This is another reason why you should consider these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.

We began this article by asking, “Why are scholarships important?” We hope we’ve shown why you should apply for scholarships: they provide a wide range of benefits and can help you make the most of your academic experience and post-graduation life.

ongoing scholarships in nigeria

71 Ongoing Scholarships in Nigeria 2022 – 2024 include:             

  1. Scholarships from the Federal Government for Undergraduates, HNDs, NCEs, and Postgraduates in 2024-2025 click to apply.
  2. NNPC-ADDAX Scholarships for Nigerian Undergraduates in 2024
  3. Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) in 2024
  4. Scholarships for Shell Undergraduates in Nigeria in 2024
  5. Nigerian Graduates and Undergraduates Jim Ovia Scholarship 2024
  6. SEPLAT/NPDC Undergraduate Scholarships 2024
  7. LNG scholarship for Undergraduates in Nigeria
  8. AGIP Postgraduate Scholarship for the Year 2024
  9. Nigerian Fulbright Scholarship Program 2025-2025
  10. MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2024, check
  11. SEOF Scholarships for High School, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Students
  12. Undergraduate Female Students Scholarship 2024.
  13. Scholarship & Internship for Undergraduates at APM Terminals 2024
  14. Guinness Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme for Young Nigerians
  15. Application for the Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship in 2024
  16. Scholarships for African Students from the David Oyedepo Foundation, 2024
  17. Postgraduate Scholarship from the PTDF
  18. NITDA Scholarship Program for Nigerians
  19. 2022 BEA Awards for Nigerians Studying Abroad
  20. Nigeria Emergency Student Funds
  21. Nigeria Erasmus Mundus Scholarships 2024.
  22. The KPMG University Scholarship Program in Nigeria.
  23. National University Scholarship from NNPC/SNEPCo.
  24. Postgraduate Scholarships from the NITDA.
  25. Graduate Accelerated Program at Oando.
  26. Undergraduate Scholarships from the NNPC/Eroton Joint Venture.
  27. Acumen West Africa Emerging Leaders Fellowship
  28. Awards from the African Economic Research Consortium
  29. Scholarships for the Africa Initiative for Governance
  30. Africa Nursing Scholarship.
  31. Angus Sawise Women’s Scholarships
  32. AYADA Lab Program for Entrepreneurs in West Africa
  33. Fellowships for Nigerian women in cyberspace
  34. Scholarships for Social Workers in Higher Education
  35. Education USA’s Opportunity Funds Program for Nigerian Students
  36. Esso International Postgraduate Scholarships – Nigeria
  37. Esso National Postgraduate Scholarship Awards – Nigeria
  38. Female Reporters Leadership Fellowship for Female Nigerian Journalists
  39. Full Total Masters Scholarships for Nigerians to Study in France
  40. Google Scholarships Europe Middle East and Africa
  41. Sterling Alternative Finance (SAF) Graduate Trainee Program 2024 for Nigerian Graduates.
  42. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grants
  43. iLEAD Fellowships for Nigerians
  44. Internships in Nigeria for Nigerians (Paid Industrial Attachments for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students)
  45. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Grants
  46. KPMG Nigeria University Scholarships
  47. LLM Scholarships for Nigerians
  48. Masters in Public Health Scholarships – University of Manchester
  49. Graduate Internship Engineering Scholarship by Exxonmobil
  50. Dynamics 365 Sales internship in Lagos Scholarship by Microsoft 2024/2025
  51. Mobil National Undergraduate Scholarship Awards – NigeriaMTN Muson Music Scholarships
  52. Murtala Muhammed Scholarship for Nigerians
  53. Nigerian Conservation Foundation Research Grants for Nigerians
  54. Nigerian Women Association of Georgia Scholarship
  55. NLNG Scholarships for Nigerians
  56. Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship Programme
  57. Ph.D. Scholarships for West African Students
  58. Shell Nigeria Secondary School Scholarship Scheme
  59. Graduate Internship (Medical Sciences) Scholarship by Exxonmobil 2024/2025
  60. Stanbic Undergraduate Scholarships for Nigerians
  61. TRECC Africa Scholarships for Africans
  62. The Oxford Nigeria Scholarship in African Studies
  63. Rotary Foundation Global Grants
  64. Griffith Scholarships for African Nationals
  65. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Nigerian Students
  66. Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarships
  67. Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  68. Startup Nigeria Incubation Program 2024 | ONGOING
  69. Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Scholarship Scheme
  70. Olusegun Agagu Foundation 2024-2025 Full Scholarships Scheme-Nigeria.
  71. Enugu State 2020 Scholarship Programme for Enugu Undergraduate Students


The above is the 2024-2025 updated 71 ongoing scholarships in Nigeria.  Do you have any comments, questions, or further thoughts on why scholarships are vital for university applications? When should you apply for a college scholarship? Please let us know in the comments section below, and thank you for reading!

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