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Free College Application Week 2024 | See all you need to know

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Today we discuss “free college application week 2024”, you are welcome onboard, do you wish to apply to institutions of your choice from different Geo locations but don’t have enough to pay for your application fee?, ok, we got you covered.

In this article today we will be nailing down all the free college application week in this very year, and further on how to complete your applications for a successful result.

As part of a broader College Access Campaign, the college application week will be extended to almost six weeks in 2024, giving students more opportunity to take advantage of a free college application week.

There are no restrictions on how many institutions a student can apply to during this free college application week, and it is available to all students.

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The purpose of free college application week is to increase the number of students who apply to universities. Many states are hosting free financial aid workshops at the same time that the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) becomes available on October 1st.

Many states offer free applications to schools and institutions in their state as part of these activities. This can save your family a lot of money on application fees.

Some activities this autumn may be virtual due to COVID-19.

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free college application week

Free College Application Week 2024

Here we will list all the free college application week for states from different Geo Locations.

The 18th–22nd of October is Alabama’s Free College Application Week.

From October 19–21, Colorado will celebrate Free College Application Day$.

College Application Month is celebrated in Delaware with a variety of activities.

In Idaho, check to see if your student’s high school is hosting a “Next Steps” Month event.

In Illinois, check to see if your student’s high school is hosting a College Changes Everything Month event.

College Application Week in Indiana was held Sept. 20–24, although some Indiana colleges provide free applications to in-state students all year, and free FAFSA virtual workshops will be given all fall. Learn more about Indiana at Learn More Indiana.

The week of November 8–12 will be dedicated to GO!vember in Kentucky.

The virtual College Application Campaign in Maryland runs from October 1 to November 12.

Special visits (including virtual) are being hosted by the Minnesota State system of colleges and universities in October, and students can apply for free from October 25 to 31.

College Access Application Days are held around Mississippi at various times.

College Application Weeks in Montana take place from October 4 to 15.

October is College Application Month in New York.

NC is the state of North Carolina. The dates for Countdown to College Week are Oct. 18–22.

October 1–November 15 is Ohio College Application Month.

Oklahoma College App Week was held in late September, but materials are available online.

From August to December, South Carolina high schools have college application events.

The College Application Week/College Access Campaign in South Dakota runs from October 18 through November 30.

October is College Application and Financial Aid Awareness Month in Utah; find activities near you by contacting your student’s high school.

College Application Week in Virginia is November 16–20.

College Application and Exploration events will be place in Washington DC, from November 1 to December 3.

The week of November 1–5 is West Virginia College Application & Exploration Week.

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free college application week


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cap on the number of fee waivers a student can get?

No, there aren’t any restrictions. During the free application campaign, which runs from October 18 to November 30, a student can apply to as many universities as they want.

2. Is there a discount code I need to use to get the application fee waived?
A discount code is required by some organisations. For applicable discount codes, see the “Participating Institutions” list above.

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3. Is it necessary for me to be a current high school senior to apply during the free college application week?
No. The free college application week is now open and available to everyone to help meet requests from non-traditional students and adult education centres.

This means that anyone interested in pursuing postsecondary education in South Dakota, from high school seniors to stay-at-home moms/dads, and everyone in between, can take advantage of the free college application week for undergraduate admissions applications at participating institutions from October 18 to November 30.

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free college application week

4. If I took college-level classes through the High School Dual Credit Program while in high school, am I still considered a first-time student?

Yes, for the purposes of college admissions applications, a high school senior who has participated in the High School Dual Credit programme is still considered a first-time student.

The fee waiver may be rejected if you indicate a different status. If you encounter this type of mistake when filling out an application, contact the admissions office of the university to which you are applying.

5. What if I submit my application after the campaign has closed on November 30?

Any admissions applications received after the free college application week has ended will be charged the appropriate application cost.


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