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DSS Nigeria Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Form Portal | Best Guide

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DSS Nigeria Recruitment 2024/2025: This post will show you how to apply for job openings with the Department of State Security. Positions are open to both undergraduates and graduates.

In this article, we’ve included a sample application letter for DSS Recruitment 2024. To apply for DSS positions in 2024, follow our step-by-step guides.

Is DSS Nigeria Recruitment 2024 form out?

No, Not yet, DSS job application is not ongoing.

What is DSS Job?

Nigeria’s Department of State Security (DSS) is one of the country’s security agencies. They are solely responsible for the country’s domestic security. They are a ruthless police squad tasked with dealing with Nigeria’s turmoil.

In Nigeria, the Department of State Security can be employed in counter-terrorism activities. The DSS’s primary mission, however, is to provide security to Nigerians.
State governors, Speakers of the House of Representatives, Senate Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Presidents, as well as their families, are protected by the DSS.

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Is DSS and SSS the same?

Although the DSS and SSS (State Security Service) have similar job descriptions, they do not perform the same tasks.

The SSS is responsible for enforcing and upholding Nigerian criminal laws as well as providing criminal justice to law enforcement agencies around the country.

All visiting foreign leaders of state and government, contenders for the positions of Vice President and President, ex-presidents, high-ranking officers, and their families are also protected by the SSS agency.

How Much is DSS Salary in Nigeria?

In comparison to other security agencies in Nigeria, the DSS salary is relatively high. The information concerning their salary, however, is classified and not available to the general public.

Nonetheless, a DSS recruit’s average salary is roughly N210,000. Based on the salaries of two employees, a salary estimate has been made.

How to Write Application Letter for DSS Nigeria Recruitment 2024-2025

It is in your best benefit to create a solid application letter if you are looking for a DSS position. This section will teach you how to prepare a letter of application for DSS recruiting in the years 2024-2025.

Approved Application Letter Format for DSS Recruitment 2024-2025

Your Address

The Director-General State Services(DGSS)

Department of State Services

National Headquarters

P.M.M. 253




I humbly apply for employment with the Department of State Services as a (put in the position you are applying for)

I am (Your Name), a female/male graduate of (write the name of the department you graduated from) University of (write name of  the university you finished from), and I also have (mention the degree you earned) (mention other certifications you have)

Please find photocopies of my credentials attached.

If my application is taken into consideration, I would be grateful.

Yours faithfully,


Your Name

Your phone number

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How do I Join DSS Nigeria?

If you wish to work at the Department of State Security, you must follow the instructions below. This essay has been written in such a way that it will assist you in making a simple and effective application for DSS jobs.

General DSS Nigeria Recruitment Requirements 2024-2025

Graduates and postgraduates are invited to apply for posts in the Department of State Security’s recruiting 2024. It also lays out the general conditions for anyone who want to join the Nigerian security forces. The DSS Nigeria requirements are as follows:

1. You must be a Nigerian by birth or have parents who are Nigerians. Foreigners are not permitted to work with the DSS in Nigeria.

2. Male candidates must be at least 1.7m tall (however this is not required for some positions).

3. Female candidates should be at least 1.64m tall (however this is not required for some positions);

4. The candidate’s extended chest measurement must be at least 0.87 meters (for some positions, this is not required);

6. A government medical officer must certify the candidate;

7. The candidate must be psychologically capable of serving in the military;

8. The candidate must be physically capable of serving.

9. Candidates with the following medical conditions are not eligible to apply for the service:

  • Natural limitations (fractures, stammering, and others);
  • Pregnant ladies;
  • Flat Foot;
  • Major orthopedic operations in the past;

10. Any applicant applying for DSS in Nigeria cannot be a serviceman if he or she has been convicted of a criminal act in Nigeria or elsewhere.

11. Candidates who are in any way financially disadvantaged are not eligible to apply for the DSS Nigeria recruitment 2024.
12. Candidates over the age of 30 are not eligible to apply for DSS Nigeria.

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You cannot apply for the service if you do not meet any of the qualifications specified below. At the very least, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree with a Second Class Upper Division. You can also give a recognized institution’s National Certificate of Education/National Diploma. The following are the credits and fields:

  1. Sociology;
  2. Guidance and Counseling (Only for female);
  3. Computer Science;
  4. Physics;
  5. English;
  6. Mathematics.
  7. Physical and Health Education;
  8. Psychology;
  9. Electronics Engineering/Electrical Engineering/IT Specialist;
  10. Peace and Conflict Resolution;

Consultants, Medical Officers, Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Dental Officers can also apply for DSS in Nigeria. However, such individuals must be licensed by the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The Nigerian DSS is in need of a variety of specialists. Take a look at the various roles in the DSS 2024;

  1. Psychologist;
  2. Pediatrician/Pediatrician nurse;
  3. Orthopedic surgeon;
  4. Optometrist;
  5. Mathematics education;
  6. Lawyer;
  7. Statistician;
  8. Software Developer;
  9. Sociologist;
  10. Satellite images interpreter;
  11. Radiologists;
  12. Hospitality Managers;
  13. English education;
  14. Computer science education/Network engineer/Computer Engineer/Data Administrator;
  15. Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer/Electrical/Building/;
  16. Criminologist.

How to Apply for DSS Nigeria Recruitment Jobs Positions 2024

It is critical for all candidates to understand that in order to apply for the DSS Nigeria, you must first go to the State Security Service headquarters in your state of origin.

Unlike other Nigerian employment, the DSS does not have an internet application process. If you want to begin the application procedure, go to www.dss.gov.ng on the DSS Nigeria website for instructions.

The Department of State Services (DSS) is currently not hiring. However, we anticipate that they will begin recruiting soon. Continue to check this page for updates on the recruiting, as they will be made available as soon as the application form is released.


dss nigeria recruitment

State Security Service headquarters

The headquarters of the State Security Service is located on Aso Drive in Maitama, Abuja. www.dss.gov.ng is their website. “Loyalty, Vigilance, and Verity” is their motto.

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Steps to Take When Applying for the DSS Nigeria Recruitment Exercise

  1. An official letter indicating your Local Government of Origin should be written. Please note that the letter must be signed by the head of your Local Government Area Council or any other high-ranking official in your municipality.
  2. The letter of application must be written by hand and addressed to the Director-General of the Department of State Service.
  3. It is critical that you submit your whole statement of results.
  4. Two current passport photos, preferably with a color background, should be provided by applicants.
  5. After you’ve completed the steps above, contact the DSS headquarters in your state of origin and submit your application.

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