dream about someone dying

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying

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Idealistically, we would like to experience enjoyable dreams when we go to sleep at night. The kind where you’re visiting an exotic location on your bucket list, indulging in a gourmet meal alone without having to share it with anybody else, your kids aren’t fighting constantly, and your home is immaculate.

Dreams are not reality, you know.  But you dream about someone dying, your sleep can resemble a horror film. What do these dreams represent, and are they ominous foreshadowings of something bad?

We dream to relax and take a break, not to awaken in a panic and with our hearts racing. But frequently, nightmares involving someone passing away cause this. According to Lauri Loewenberg, a dream analyst and the author of Dream on It:

Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life, “death dreams are often tied to endings in our lives, just as birth dreams are often connected to beginnings in our lives.” Death is the end of life, but in the dreams of the subconscious, it is the end of life “as you currently know it.” Death dreams are ultimately a way for us to see how our own lives will alter and end in the form of death.

Though it may sound so, you know, conclusive, that is actually intended to aid in our ability to let go and make place for the future.

Your best friend does not respond when you reach out to him or her. Before you realize they are not asleep, you shake them and lightly prod their shoulder. They are not alive. Dead. When you try to contact them again, the gap widens and they merge with the fog.

You feel incredibly sad and yet strangely unburdened when you wake up. You frequently have dreams involving people passing away, although it’s highly unlikely that your friend or actual death were involved.

Continue reading as we explore the meaning of dreams about passing away and whether they should raise any issues.

dream about someone dying

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What do dreams in which you see someone deceased suggest about you?

According to a 2016 study conducted in India, it’s normal for terminally sick patients to dream about loved ones who have passed away. And a brief survey conducted in 2014 by Trusted Source revealed that having dreams about recently deceased loved ones is common.

Most respondents said that these dreams were either enjoyable or both enjoyable and unsettling. Only a few respondents described them as unsettling.

These dreams might be a result of your grieving process or a sign that you miss a person who is no longer a part of your life.

However, your dream might not be be about death if you aren’t grieving for a loved one or aren’t terminally ill. Death may instead signify transformation or a time of change.

It is beneficial to concentrate more on your feelings than on particular specifics when attempting to understand a dream. Think about how these emotions are related to your current situation.

Consider whether you are stressed out about changes in your life or afraid of the unknown, for instance, if you woke up feeling frightened and apprehensive.

If you felt wonderful when you got up, it’s possible that you’re embracing a fresh beginning and accepting that something in your life is coming to an end.

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Can your dreams foretell tragedy?

Even while having a death-related dream can be unsettling, keep in mind that dreams aren’t forecasts and shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Frequently, the things we dream about are metaphors for other things. Therefore, having a death-related dream may indicate that you are grieving or that there has been a significant change in your life.


What do deaths by falling to the ground symbolize in dreams?

Dreams of falling are extremely frequent and may symbolize:

  • apprehension or a lack of confidence
  • feeling uncontrollable
  • releasing or freeing yourself

The symbolism of falling and that of dying may go hand in hand because both might signify an end, a new beginning, or both.

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Types of death-related dreams

Dreams of death can take many different forms. There’s a significant possibility that your dream, whether it involves your own or someone else’s death, is actually about unsolved problems.

Dream about someone dying (family members)

According to a 2018 study on childhood nightmares, the following motifs often appear:

  • death
  • injury
  • family members are threatened

It’s possible that changes in your relationships, whether real or perceived, are to blame for your dreams about a loved one passing away.

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Dream about someone dying (where you die)

A major life transformation may be underway if you frequently dream about dying.

It could be a metaphorical farewell to a friendship, a position, or a house. It might stand for a dying part of you or something you’d prefer to run away from.

It’s also possible that you’ve been prioritizing everyone else’s needs before your own. A part of you is clamoring for attention because it feels ignored.


Dream about someone dying (famous people )

If a famous person passes away in your dream, it typically has nothing to do with them. The significance may be found in who or what that specific celebrity means to you.


Dreams of lost animals

If your pet is elderly or unwell and you are genuinely worried about them, you might dream that they are going to pass away.

However, your pet could also represent something else, such as:

  • comfort
  • security
  • companionship

And having a dream about your pet passing away could represent your fear of losing these three attributes.

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dream about someone dying

Dream about someone dying (Friends)

Concern for a buddy may be indicated if you dream about their passing. It may also imply that you two are changing as friends or that you want nothing to do with them.

Remember that the dream’s significance might not be at all related to that friend. It might instead be connected to what that friend means to you.

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Dream about someone dying (relating to the loss of loved ones)

End-of-life dreams are widespread, according to the aforementioned tiny 2016 studyTrusted Source. People who were near death have described dream about someone dying “loved ones” who have already died away.

These dreams tended to be unthreatening, and the characters appeared to be in excellent health. This can be a coping method.


Can you avoid or stop having dream about someone dying?

In the end, avoiding “dream about someone dying” such nightmares may not be the best course of action, according to Dr. Alex Dimitriu of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine in California. Instead, he advised approaching such dreams with interest in order to learn more about them.

Continuous stress and unsolved concerns may be the cause of recurrent death-related dreams. Look for the source of your stress during the day. Taking up the problem can help put an end to the dreams.

By planning some quiet time before bed, you can also drift off to a more restful slumber. Make sure there are no electronics or other sources of light in your bedroom.

Use deep breathing or other relaxation techniques to fall back asleep if you wake up during the night. If that is unsuccessful, get up and engage in something soothing until you feel asleep once more.

Speak with a doctor or mental health expert if you’re having trouble coping with recurrent dreams or persistent stress. You can overcome anxiety dreams with the assistance of a licensed therapist.

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How dreams function

Our brains naturally dream while we are asleep. Actually, everyone dreams.

Dream content can include: According to Dimitriu, who is dual board certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine:

  • remaining traces of the day’s ideas and actions
  • a persistent subconscious idea or sentiment
  • simply random

“In my study, sometimes we are left with no clear solution after exhaustively researching conscious and subconscious interpretations of dream material,” Dimitriu stated.

He stressed the significance of allowing the dreamer form their own conclusions rather than imposing beliefs on them. It might be a lengthy procedure.

“It is worth mentioning that there is a lot of emotional intensity to such a dream,” Dimitriu said of dreams with intense content, such as ones about death.

Last but not least, he said, “sometimes a cigar is simply a cigar, and some dreams are absolutely random.


Dream about someone dying very disturbing, death-related dreams shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Death in a dream could represent the conclusion of one thing and the start of another.

Dream about someone dying elicit emotions, and those emotions might aid in making the connection between a dream and a real-life occurrence. However, not all dreams can be understood.

It could be beneficial to discuss your concerns with a trained therapist if you experience regular stress-related dreams.

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