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Brock University Tuition 2024: Scholarships and Cost of Living

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Brock University Tuition: Scholarships and Cost of Living: One of Canada’s finest post-secondary schools, Brock University is situated in the stunning Niagara area. Brock University, ranked as one of the top five universities in Ontario for the prestigious 3M Teaching Excellence Awards, is a comprehensive institution with tenacious academic and ground-breaking research programs carried out in top-notch facilities.

Brock University has spent more than $240 million building classrooms and student housing over the years! Isn’t that incredible?

There is still more to it. It is well known that Brock graduates have a greater employment rate than graduates from any other Ontario institutions. In actuality, Brock is a community as well as a school. It seems close enough to be intimate since it is diverse with clubs, intramural sporting opportunities, and extracurricular activities stimulating different interests!

So on the end of this article you will be able to know Brock university tuition for 2024 and scholarship cost of living.

So why be reluctant? Get active!

brock university tuition

University of Brock Admissions

More than 70 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs are available at Brock University across seven faculties. Because certain program dates differ, prospective students should check the Brock admission site for crucial deadlines.

To assure consideration by September, applicants for fall full-time enrollment should strive to submit their applications by June 1 for full-time students and by August 1 for part-time students.

Note: Requirements for all applications are;

  • English language proficiency
  • Forms
  • Documents and transcript submission
  • Admission accessibility policy

Brock University Academic Programs 2024

Given that degree programs at Brock University take students’ futures into account, the educational experience there is truly outstanding. There is a strong cognitive focus on a profession with co-op and service-learning possibilities at this university with 19,000 students in seven distinct Faculties in order to optimize the experience in certain fields of study. Amazingly, past employers keep more than 95% of co-op graduates on staff.

There are seven faculties:

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Goodman School of Business
  • Faculty of Humanity
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts

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Brock University Tuition 2024

According to the criteria set out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Brock University tuition bases its calculation on a flat charge rate as well as the weight assigned to each term’s credits.

The Tuition Fees (Excluding Ancillary Fees) Flat Fee is collected on 4.0 or more attempted credits or completed credits for Years 1 through 10 and a Per credit ancillary fees 2020 that is subject to change.

Brock University Tuition 2024 for Domestic Undergraduates
For Arts or Sciences;

  • Years 1-8, $1,217.88 Per Credit / $6,089.40 Flat Fee,
  • Ancillary fees ($79.82 SP / $93.49 SU / $110.49 FW ($552.45 Flat Fee))
  • Year 9 $1,212.06 Per Credit / $6,060.30 Flat Fee
  • Ancillary fees ($79.82 SP / $93.49 SU / $110.49 FW ($552.45 Flat Fee))
  • Year 10 $1,206.26 Per Credit / $6,031.30 Flat Fee
  • Ancillary fees ($79.82 SP / $93.49 SU / $110.49 FW ($552.45 Flat Fee))

Brock University Tuition 2024 for International


Arts or Sciences

$5,577.12 Per Credit / $27,885.60 Flat Fee

Ancillary fees ($79.82 SP / $93.49 SU / $110.49 FW ($552.45 Flat Fee)

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Business or Computer Science

  • $5,830.63 Per Credit / $29,153.15 Flat Fee
  • Ancillary fees ($79.82 SP / $93.49 SU / $110.49 FW ($552.45 Flat Fee))
  • Province of Ontario International Recovery Fee $750.00
  • Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) oversees the mandatory ancillary fees. Generally, a total of undergraduate ancillary fees (subject to change) is within $79.82 – $110.49.
  • Further breakdown can be found here: Ancillary fees


Books and Supplies

Typically, students spend between $900 (Arts) and $1,200 (Sciences) on books and supplies each year in most programs. Requirements vary depending on the program.

brock university tuition

Brock University Tuition for Graduates 2024

The full tuition fees for domestic graduates can be found Here while that of international graduates, here.

Ancillary fees for graduates are overseen by the Graduate Student Association.

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Brock University Cost of Living

On campus, accommodations are provided for students based on their preferences. Residences are townhouse- or traditional-style structures featuring single and shared rooms, as well as a range of meal options. All students living on campus must purchase meal plans, with the exception of Brock Suites occupants.

Additionally, the Off-Campus Living office at Brock University provides an updated list of all the lodging options. To learn more, go to Brock Off-Campus.

Brock is a great place to live and learn.

Residence Style with Default Meal plans

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  • DeCew double $7,540 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $12,340
  • DeCew single $8,340 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $13,140


  • Earp single $8,940 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $13,740
  • Lowenberger Double $8,140 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $12,940
  • Lowenberger single $8,940 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $13,740
  • Vallee single $8,940 and meal plan $4,800 (5-day All-Access). Total $13,740



  • Quarry View single $9,020 and meal plan $3,750 Townhouse Plan. Total $12,770
  • Quarry View double $7,740 and meal plan $3,750 Townhouse Plan. Total $11,490
  • Village double $7,740 and meal plan $3,750 Townhouse Plan. Total $11,490
  • Village single $8,940 and meal plan $3,750 Townhouse Plan. Total $12,690
  • Suite Lofts (block 9) single $9,020 and meal plan $3,750 Townhouse Plan. Total $12,770

An expected budget of $340 per academic year is taken into consideration for laundry and dry cleaning. Despite the fact that personal expenses can affect the budget, an average expense of $25 to $50 per week, or $400 to $800 per academic term, is anticipated.


Brock University Scholarships, Bursaries, and Financial Awards

You might find it interesting to hear that Brock University has set aside more than $4,000,000 for award programs in the 2020–21 academic year. International Brock University undergraduates are eligible for awards and are charged international tuition rates.

Grade levels for Brock Scholars Awards (grades corresponding to Ontario) and award amounts are as follows:

Amount of award Admission average (final grades)

  • $16,000 ($4,000 first year, $4,000 renewable for 3 years) 93.0% and above.
  • $10,000 ($2,500 first year, $2,500 renewable for 3 years) 90.0% – 92.9%
  • $6,000 ($1,500 first year, $1,500 renewable for 3 years) 85.0% – 89.9%
  • $4,000 ($1,000 first year, $1,000 renewable for 3 years) 80.0% – 84.9%


Brock University tuition and Financial Aids

Awards for Entry into Emerging Markets

Value: For first-year qualifying students, equal to the Brock Scholars Scholarships ($1,000–$4,000).

Students from Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, or Vietnam are automatically qualified.

Awards for International Curriculum

Value: $1,000

The following students are automatically regarded;

• Successful completion of the IB diploma

• AP: prospective first-year undergraduate students who have taken three AP courses and received a 3 or higher on the exam

• Final year average for A-levels of C or better

International Ambassador Award

Value: Flexible and equal to domestic tuition prices alone

must meet the criteria outlined by the committee chosen.

The Caribbean International Scholarship

Value: $4000.00

Awarded to two first-year undergraduate students who have financial need and intellectual promise. Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and any nations that apply.

Fund for International Education

Value: Uncertain

International undergraduate students entering their first year are given the International Education Fund Award each year. The award value is determined by International Market Development. Students must have academic promise to be eligible, and the grant is not renewed. This reward is only valid while the available funds last.

International Mobility Award-Diverse Locations

Value: TBA

Each year, graduating Brock students who are chosen to take part in exchange or summer programming at particular Brock partner programs will receive Diverse Locations awards from Brock International Services. This award is only valid while funds last and may be offered in addition to the international mobility award.

brock university tuition

International Mobility Ambassador Award

Value: TBA

To promote their mobility experience to other students, a chosen group of Brock exchange students will receive the Mobility Ambassador Award each year. Each semester, students must turn in 20 hours of work to the Brock International Services department. Only undergraduate students are eligible for this grant, and only for a maximum of two academic semesters before the funds run out.

International Mobility Awards

Value: $175 – $1,000 dependent on the number of credits and/or the length of the exchange

Undergraduate students participating in an approved international field course, exchange program, or international learning program are eligible for the international mobility award.

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