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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) – Review, Tuition & Acceptance Rate

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The main educational organization, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), is renowned for its dedication to quality in education, research, and innovation. AUT, founded in 1895, has developed into a dynamic and cutting-edge institution, driven by a vision to provide transformative learning experiences and produce graduates who are equipped for the global marketplace.

The college, which is located in Auckland, one of New Zealand’s most vibrant cities, features a diverse and inclusive network of college students and college from all over the world. AUT provides a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs across several fields, utilizing modern coaching techniques and technology.

AUT fosters a subculture of innovation and entrepreneurship through its cutting-edge facilities and strong business relationships, giving students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a world that is changing quickly. Auckland University of Technology continues to shape the future of better education as a pathfinder in research, innovation, and social engagement, having a significant impact on local and global communities.


Auckland University of Technology (AUT)


Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Programs and Degrees

The many colleges at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) provide a wide variety of programs and levels. At the time of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, some of the main program areas and degrees offered by AUT include:

Economics, business, and law:

  • Degree in business
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Degree in economics
  • Law Bachelor (LLB)
  • Business Administration Master’s (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSA)

Design and the creative industries:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Creative Technologies Bachelor’s degree
  • Communication Studies Bachelor’s
  • Bachelor of Arts with concentrations in several cutting-edge subjects
  • Degree in design
  • Creative Technologies Master’s

Medical Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Health
  • Nursing bachelor’s degree
  • Occupational Therapy Bachelor’s
  • Degree in paramedicine
  • Master of Health Science (several specialities) Bachelor of Public Health

Te Ara Poutama (Development of Maori and Indigenous Peoples):

  • Graduate degree in Mori development
  • Pacific Development Bachelor’s

Bachelor of Arts in Science, Engineering, and Technology (Mori and Pacific Development):

  • Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Sciences
  • Engineering bachelor’s degree with many specialities degree in science
  • Engineering Master’s
  • Computer and information sciences master’s degree

Public policy and social science:

  • Social science bachelor’s degree
  • Communication Studies Bachelor’s
  • International Hospitality Management Bachelor’s degree
  • Public Policy Master’s
  • Social Science Master’s

Please be aware that application services may also change over time, so it’s critical to consult AUT’s reliable website or get in touch with the institution directly for the most recent information.


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AUT Admission Requirements and Application Process

Follow these well-known steps to apply to AUT while keeping an eye out for them:

A. Pick a Program: Decide the degree program and system you want to study at AUT.

B. Review Admission Requirements: Visit the official website of AUT to review the specific admission requirements for the program of choice.

C. Submit an Application: Fill up and send in an online form via the admissions portal at AUT.

D. Submit or mail the required documents, which include academic transcripts, test results for your English language proficiency (if applicable), letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

E. Pay the application fee: Use AUT to pay the special utility fee.

F. Await Decision: AUT will eventually make a choice about your program.

Please be aware that the requirements for admission can change depending on the programs and the level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate, etc.). IELTS or TOEFL scores are typically required as proof of English language competency from international college students.


AUT’s tuition and fee schedule for both domestic and international students

The cost of tuition at AUT varies depending on the program for examination and the student’s residency status (domestic or foreign). Since fees are subject to change, it’s critical to consult the AUT website for the most recent information.

As of my knowledge limit in September 2021, domestic students’ tuition costs for undergraduate programs ranged from roughly NZD 6,000 to NZD 8,000 per year, while those for postgraduate programs should range from NZD 8,000 to NZD 10,000 per year.

The cost of education was often higher for international students, ranging between NZD 25,000 and NZD 40,000 per year for undergraduate program and NZD 30,000 to NZD 45,000 per year for postgraduate program.

Please be aware that these numbers are approximations and that, as a result, tuition costs may have changed. When budgeting for their studies at AUT, international students should also take other costs like medical insurance and living expenses into consideration.


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Options for Online and Part-Time Study at AUT

For some programs, AUT does provide some online and part-time examination options. For college students who may have obligations such as job or other commitments and are unable to attend classes on campus full-time, these alternatives offer flexibility.

Online and part-time learning options are dependent on the program and its particular requirements. While some programs may just offer online education, others may offer both online and in-person instruction.

It is important to note that not all programs are available for online or part-time study. To find out if these exam alternatives are offered for their preferred program, students must visit the reputable AUT website or speak with the university’s admissions or academic offices.


Opportunities for Financial Aid and Scholarships at AUT

AUT provides a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help college students with their academic endeavors. Among the scholarships offered by AUT are:

A. AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: This esteemed award is given to exceptional achievers who are entering their first year of undergraduate study at AUT.

B. AUT Faculty Scholarships: Individual scholarships given to each college based on academic excellence.

C. Scholarships for international students: These awards are given to students from all over the world and are based on academic achievement and U.S. of origin.

D. Sports Scholarships: Awards for college students who excel in sports and wish to continue their athletic pursuits while pursuing a higher education.

E. Mori and Pacific Scholarships: These awards are intended specifically to support Mori and Pacific students as they do research at AUT.

Please note that scholarship opportunities can change from year to year and that some scholarships have specific requirements for candidacy. For more information about available scholarships, eligibility requirements, and notification methods, interested students should visit the trustworthy website and scholarship portal of AUT.


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AUT Campus Locations and Infrastructure

AUT has several campuses spread out around Auckland, New Zealand. The main campuses had been as per my understanding cutoff in September 2021:

A. City Campus: Home to the majority of AUT’s programs, including Business, Law, and Creative Industries, the City Campus is situated in the center of Auckland. It has cutting-edge learning facilities, libraries, computer laboratories, student services, and recreational areas.

B. North Campus: The North Campus, which is located in Northcote, houses programs related to health sciences, education, and sport and recreation. Specialized medical facilities, athletic facilities, and classrooms are all located on the site.

C. South Campus: The South Campus, which is in Manukau, offers a wide range of programs, including ones geared at Mori and Pacific Development. It has contemporary mastering rooms and community involvement facilities.

D. The AUT Millennium Campus is a campus devoted to the study of exercise science, sports technology, and related fields. It is situated on Auckland’s North Shore. It includes cutting-edge research facilities and sports amenities.

As one of New Zealand’s largest institutions, AUT offers a wide range of facilities on each campus, including well-equipped libraries, alternatives for student housing, sports and leisure centers, cafes, health services, counseling support, and programs for career development. The campuses are built to provide college students with a vibrant and welcoming learning environment.

Please note that campus amenities and locations are subject to change, thus it is advised to visit the official AUT website for the most up-to-date campus information.


Assistance with career development and job placement at AUT

AUT is dedicated to assisting its students in developing their careers and finding employment. The institution offers a wide range of resources and services to enhance students’ employability and support their transfer into the workforce. The following are just a few ways that AUT aids college students in developing their careers:

A dedicated employability center, the Employability Lab, offers workshops, information, and resources to assist students in creating resumes, improving interview skills, and developing job-search strategies.

B. Industry Connections: AUT cultivates close links with a variety of sectors, giving students opportunity for networking events, internships, and painting placements.

C. Career Fairs: On a regular basis, business events and career fairs are organized on campus, giving students the chance to network with potential employers and learn about job opportunities.

D. Professional advisors for professional development are available to guide students through task program, mock interviews, and career planning.

E. Alumni Network: The sizable alumni network at AUT is a priceless resource for today’s college students looking to connect with successful alumni and get knowledge about various career options.

The dedication of AUT to career assistance efforts empowers students to realize their professional aspirations and excel in their chosen sectors.


Auckland University of Technology (AUT)


Student Research Opportunities at AUT

Students at AUT have many opportunities to participate in academic activities during their studies because of the university’s reputation for research-intensive teaching methods. The following are some research options available to college students at AUT:

A. Program-specific Research Projects: Some undergraduate and postgraduate programs include research projects in their curricula, allowing students to get research experience in their areas of study.

B. Summer Research fellowships: AUT offers summer research fellowships for undergraduate students, giving them the opportunity to collaborate on research projects alongside teaching staff over the summer break.

C. Postgraduate Research: Students enrolled in postgraduate programs, such as Master’s and Doctoral degrees, have the option of conducting independent research under the guidance of knowledgeable college students.

D. Research Centers and Institutes: AUT has a large number of research centers and institutes spanning several fields, giving students the chance to work together on current research projects.

E. Conferences and Presentations: Students also run the risk of presenting their research findings at conferences and educational activities, which would give them exposure to the larger research community.

Research opportunities at AUT help to develop students’ analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and in-depth knowledge of their chosen fields of study.


Exchange programs and partnerships with other universities

AUT has established alliances and exchange programs with various overseas universities. Exchanges between students and colleges, group projects, and cooperative education are all made possible by these connections. Students may benefit from these relationships’ unique opportunities for international studies, cultural immersion, and academic enrichment.

Students at AUT may also have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or academic year at partner institutions through exchange programs, allowing them to extend their horizons and gain priceless global perspectives. Credit transfers are frequently available through these exchange programs, ensuring that the examinations performed abroad are in line with the students’ degree requirements at AUT.

The worldwide partnerships of AUT help to create a diverse and active learning environment that promotes global linkages and cross-cultural proficiency.




Academic Calendar and Important Dates for the Upcoming AUT Academic Year

According to what I understand, AUT will have a September 2021 cutoff date and will typically operate on a two-semester schedule, with the academic year running from February to November. Important dates for the academic year often include:

A. The first semester often starts in late February, and the second semester usually starts in late July.

B. Orientation Week: AUT hosts an orientation week prior to the start of each semester to welcome incoming college students, introduce them to the institution, and assist them in becoming accustomed to campus life.

C. Mid-Semester Breaks: Every semester has a break in the middle to give students a chance to unwind and get ready for exams.

D. Final Exam Periods: The final examination periods for each semester are typically June/July and November/December.

E. Public Holidays and University Holidays: In addition to the university holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day, AUT observes public holidays.

Students should consult the official academic calendar on the official website of AUT for the most recent information regarding the start of each semester, breaks, exams, and other significant events for the forthcoming academic year.

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