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Best Schools in Colorado

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The best schools in Colorado are sought after by many pupils. They are looking for the ideal location to receive the knowledge they require to thrive in life. You must realize your responsibility to your school, your teachers, and yourself as a student. Both class attendance and timely homework completion are required.

Many people believe that if they are going to be good students, they don’t even need to enroll in any classes. However, this is untrue. Even if you miss some classes or don’t finish your homework on time, you can still receive excellent grades.

The state of Colorado is situated in the western part of the country. Another name for it is “the centennial state.” The University of Colorado is one of the renowned universities in Colorado. In Colorado, there are numerous high schools with successful academic and athletic records. Here are a few of Colorado’s top universities.

best schools in colorado

Best Schools in Colorado

In terms of overall academic performance, Colorado’s public schools came in fourth in the country, according to a recent assessment from U.S. News & World assessment. The Denver School of Science and Technology, a charter school that came in tenth nationally, was the highest-ranked high school in Colorado, according to the survey.

Some of Colorado’s top-rated public schools are located in Boulder County. Following the ranking of best schools in Colorado list of the best primary schools in the county. If you’re looking for some school recommendations, we’ve got you covered!

The annual school performance report has been made available by the Colorado Department of Education. The study examines information gathered from more than 2,100 schools and all 178 of the state’s school districts.

The school performance framework offers a thorough examination of academic success, development, and other variables that may have an impact on schools. The best schools in Colorado for 2023 are shown below:

1. Denver School of Science and Technology

Denver school is one of the best schools in Colorado. In cooperation with Denver Public Schools, DSST Public Schools (DSST), originally known as the Denver School of Science and Technology, operates fourteen schools in eight different locations around Denver and Aurora, Colorado, in the United States.

Among the top 200 public high schools in the country, the DSST is one. David Ethan Greenberg founded DSST in 2004 in Park Hill, northeast of Denver. He also served as the organization’s first board chair for its successor, DSST Public Schools. Bill Kurtz, the company’s founder and principal, used to work as an investment banker for JP Morgan.

2. Peak to Peak Charter School

This is among the best schools in Colorado. Providing students with a liberal arts, college-preparatory curriculum that equips them for a lifetime of learning and adventure, Peak to Peak Charter School is a K–12 public charter school. The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD), which includes Lafayette, Colorado, includes Peak to Peak as a school.

The Peak to Peak school culture places a strong emphasis on high standards, and students are encouraged to work hard in class and make every effort to fulfill their potential. Peak to Peak students are advanced in each subject area through appropriate placement after demonstrating mastery of information and abilities.

To guarantee that graduates meet or exceed the requirements for admission to prestigious schools and institutes, the school was designed from the ground up. The elementary, middle, and high school curricula have been meticulously constructed as a comprehensive, cohesive, and demanding curriculum that develops each student’s knowledge base and level of skill mastery as they get ready for college life.

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3. Air Academy High School

One of the best schools in colorado is the Air Academy High School. A public high school in El Paso County, Colorado, Air Academy High School (AAHS) serves the northwest region of Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy. Air Academy, a part of Academy School District 20, has been ranked among the top 10 high schools in the state for its outstanding academic standards.

The school district also features an elementary school based on the Air Force Academy. It is the only high school in the US established on a military academy’s basis. At 6,550 feet (1,995 meters) above sea level, at the foothills of the Front Range, is where you’ll find Air Academy.

The “Kadet,” a mythological bird of fantastic proportions that symbolizes a young falcon, serves as the school’s athletic mascot. The moniker references to the fact that the high school is referred to as the Air Force Academy’s “little sibling” The AAHS mascot was replaced with a K, giving rise to “Kadet,” and the USAFA college students are referred to as “Cadets.”

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4. Stargate Charter School

Stargate charter school is among the best schools in Colorado. A gifted and talented charter school in Thornton, Colorado, Stargate School, also known as Stargate Charter School, is a component of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools District in Adams County, Colorado. It was founded in 1994 and offers kindergarten through grade 12 education.

The word “Stargate” is a combination of the first letters of “gifted and talented education” and the word “Star” from the name of the school district. In the 2018–19 academic year, the school had 1,393 students, 62.5 percent of whom were white, 19.7% were Asian, 10.4% were Hispanic or Latino, 0.6% were black or African–American, 0.4% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and 6.5 percent were of two or more races. The talented make up 63.8% of the population.

5. The Classical Academy

On the list of best schools in Colorado classical academy is one of them. In northern Colorado Springs, Colorado, a public charter school called The Classical Academy (TCA) teaches kindergarten through twelfth graders. Its governing body is Academy School District 20. The Classical Academy High School is ranked 10th in Colorado by U.S. News & World Report with a college readiness score of 61.0/100.

The Gold Medal-winning Classical Academy High School is ranked #368 in the nation. Based on how well they do on state-mandated examinations and how well they prepare students for college, schools are ranked. TCA is rated “6 of 345 High Schools” by Colorado School Grade, using their criteria.

6. Aspen High School

This is one of the best schools in Colorado. Aspen High School is a public high school located in Aspen, Colorado. The athletic teams at Aspen are known as The Skiers, and the school’s colors are black and white. 565 students were enrolled in Aspen High School for the 2018–19 school year. There were 498 white people, 53 Hispanic people, nine Asian people, and four black people.

7. Kent Denver School

Kent Denver school is among the best schools in Colorado. Located in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, Kent Denver School is a private, coed, nonsectarian high school and middle school that prepares students for college. It was established in 1922 as the Kent School for Girls, and since 1974, it has been a co-educational organization. In 1922, the Denver institution known as the Kent School for Girls was founded on Sherman Street by Mary Austin Bogue, Mary Louise Rathvon, and Mary Kent Wallace. Andrew D.

All-high men’s school Denver Country Day School was founded by Black and Tom Chaffee in 1953. In the 1960s, the two schools relocated to a section of the sizable Blackmer Farm near Cherry Hills Village. Up until 1974, when they merged to establish Kent Denver School, it operated side by side with Kent Denver School. The top private high school in Colorado and one of the top 100 private schools nationwide, according to Niche, is Kent Denver School.

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8. Rocky Mountain High School

best school in Colorado on the list of best schools in Colorado  is the Rocky mountain high school. One of the four public high schools in Fort Collins, Colorado, is called Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS, Rocky). Its official colors are cardinal red and gold, and its mascot is a wolf called the Lobo. 2000 pupils attend the school, the majority of them are from Fort Collins’ south, west, and center.

The first Rocky Mountain High School originally welcomed students in 1973, and an addition was made in 1994. Rocky Mountain High School was founded in 1973. The majority of the students came from Poudre High School and Fort Collins High School. There were three divisions on the campus. The campus of the school was completely reconstructed in 1994 and 1995, fusing three separate buildings into one enormous complex.

best schools in colorado

9. Cherry Creek High School

One of the best schools in Colorado is the Cherry creek high school. The oldest of the seven high schools in the Cherry Creek School District in the Denver metro area is Cherry Creek High School (also known as Cherry Creek, Creek, or CCHS). With an 80-acre (320,000 m2) campus and more than 3,800 students, it is one of the bigger high schools in the Denver metropolitan area.

It is situated in Colorado’s Greenwood Village. Cherry Creek High School has received a “Excellent” rating from the Colorado School Accountability Report, and the United States Department of Education has designated it as a Blue Ribbon School. At Cherry Creek High School, Advanced Placement (A.P.) exams are offered in 31 subject areas.

In the 2,374 AP examinations that 906 students took in 2007, 87 percent received a three or higher, which is regarded as passing. The next year, 2,240 AP exams were taken by 986 students, and 88 percent of them resulted in a score of three or higher.

One of the top high schools in the US for Advanced Placement participation in math, science, and technology is Creek, which won the 2008 Advanced Placement Siemens Award. Additionally, until it was taken out, Cherry Creek was the only school in Colorado to provide AP French Literature every year.

10. Eaglecrest High School

Eaglecrest high school is one of the best schools in Colorado. Near the cities of Aurora and Centennial in Aurora, Colorado, is a public high school called Eaglecrest High School. It’s in the unincorporated part of Arapahoe County. Eaglecrest, the fourth high school to open in the Cherry Creek School District, is a member of the 5A Centennial League. Prior to being a typical 9–12 high school, the school formerly serviced students in years 7–10.

The Centennial League is made up of the Smoky Hill Buffaloes, Overland Trailblazers, Arapahoe Warriors, Cherry Creek Bruins, Cherokee Trail Cougars, Mullen Mustangs, and Grandview Wolves. Eaglecrest has triumphed in 15 state championships since 1991, with the most recent being the basketball crown in 2018.

Best Elementary Schools in Colorado

Children’s lives are being changed by Colorado’s top elementary schools. Many of these elementary schools in Colorado provide unique programs, before- and after-school care, and a range of extracurricular activities so that children can pursue their interests.

These primary schools in Colorado offer a secure setting for learning and development. Students can take part in extracurricular activities like clubs and community service. The faculty and staff are committed to giving every student a top-notch education.

Students at Eaglecrest can enroll in AP courses. The National School Library Program of the Year Award for 2014 has been given to Eaglecrest High School by the American Association of School Librarians. Colorado’s best elementary schools are:

1. Colorado Springs School District 11

The central school district for Colorado Springs is known as Colorado Springs School District 11 (sometimes known as District 11 or D-11). The company is headquartered in that city. The first school in Colorado Springs was started by William Jackson Palmer’s wife Mary Mellen “Queen” Palmer in the latter half of 1871. For the school’s first semester of classes, Mrs. Palmer rented a home on the northeast corner of Cascade Avenue and Bijou Street.

District 11 of schools was established in August of 1872. The district’s enrollment reached 1000:37 by 1883, and at 1776:59 on the opening day of the Colorado Springs High School building’s construction in 1893. (That building was torn down to make room for Palmer High School in 1938.)

2. Durango Public Schools

An exceptional public school district is Durango School District No. 9-R in DURANGO, Colorado. There are 5,545 pupils there in grades PK–12, with a student–teacher ratio of 14 to 1. Results from state exams show that 50% of kids and 31% of kids are reading and math proficient.


3. Cresthill Middle School

The Douglas County School District No. Re 1 includes Cresthill Middle School, a public high school in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There are 914 pupils there in grades 7 and 8. There are 18.8 students for every teacher there. There are 914 total pupils. Full-time Teachers: 48.58, Pupil-to-Teacher Ratio: 18.8:1. A reputable public school is Cresthill Middle School. There are 776 pupils there in grades 7-8. According to the results of the state exams, 52% of kids are proficient in math, and 58% are proficient in reading.

4. Colorado Springs Charter Academy

In Colorado Springs, a huge city, there is a charter school called Colorado Springs Charter Academy. 431 students attend Colorado Springs Charter Academy, which offers K–8. At Colorado Springs Charter Academy, 46% of students achieved proficiency in reading, compared to 29% of students who achieved proficiency in math. 38% of the pupils in the school are members of a minority. There are 16 students for every teacher, which is more than the district average.

Male and female students respectively make up 49% and 51% of the student body. The percentage of students from low-income homes is 29%. There are 0 full-time school counselors and 27 full-time equivalent teachers working at the school.

5. Sanborn Elementary School

One of the top schools in Colorado is Sanborn Elementary. The Henry C. Sanborn School was originally established in 1962 and refurbished in 1996 in his honor. A community school, Sanborn has roughly 350 students. The teachers at their institution take great delight in providing students with interesting and special learning opportunities that foster inquiry, critical thinking, and a strong sense of community. The school is aware of the need to give all students social and emotional assistance as they discover what it means to be a decent citizen.

6. St. Joseph Catholic School

Grades PK–8 are served by the private St. Joseph Catholic School in Brunswick, Georgia. There are 106 kids there in grades PK–8, and there are 12 pupils to every instructor. For private institutions, the ratio of pupils to teachers is disclosed by the institution itself.

The actual student-teacher ratio for these schools may differ because the student-teacher ratio for public schools is determined based on the number of full-time equivalent teachers reported by the school. Average class size, the presence of academic and extracurricular programs, and other elements all affect student-teacher ratios.

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The total ranking of a school is determined by a number of variables, including the outcomes of its state exams and other evaluations of educational quality. GreatSchools ratings should not be the primary consideration when choosing the best school for your family; they are intended to be a starting point for parents comparing schools. State test scores, college preparedness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, public school district ratings, etc. are some of the ranking criteria. Find the best school for your child using the information in this post, I hope.

best schools in colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Which school in Colorado is the best?

The University of Denver is most likely the top institution in Colorado. High rankings for the school have shown in publications like The Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Report. Many kids who wish to attend college favor it since it offers four-year programs and is one of the few institutions in the state to do so.

In Colorado, how many colleges are there?

Colorado has more than 60 colleges and universities, including technical schools and community colleges. These universities range in size from big public colleges like the University of Colorado Boulder and Arapahoe Community College to small private schools like Colorado College.

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How can I discover a school in Colorado the easiest manner possible?

Consider looking at some of Colorado’s top colleges and universities as a place to start your search. The CoolWorks website, which focuses on seasonal employment, lists schools with green technology programs by state. You can also research online programs if distance learning is something you’re interested in.

Which green occupations are the best?

Green work can take many different forms. One of the most sought-after occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is a wind turbine service technician. Environmental science teacher, solar installation, and environmental engineer are more alternatives. On the O*NET Online page of the BLS, you may look into further options, and on the Green Career Central blog, you can find specific information about the top 15 green careers with the quickest growth rates. You can also discover postings for a wide variety of green jobs on the CoolWorks website.



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