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10 Best MCAT PREP Courses In 2024

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10 best MCAT PREP Courses In 2024 is the topic to treat today, in this topic we will explain clearly to you all you really need to know and get started with any of the courses, as we will provide you with the link to school portals.

Because you’ll be studying for a long time, it’s critical that you choose a course that best suits your learning style. Nobody wants to waste hours, days, or weeks of their lives studying for no cause. Let’s make sure you get a perfect score on the MCAT the first time.

If this is your first time learning about the MCAT, read through and grasp what it is and what it stands for before moving on to the finest MCAT Prep Courses; if not, scroll down to the major information.

10 Best MCAT PREP Courses In 2024

What is MCAT?

Before we continue to the list of best MCAT PREP Courses, lets in this section understand what MCAT means.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam for incoming medical students in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean Islands. Physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing skills are all tested on the MCAT.

That is to say, the MCAT requires more than a basic mastery of the skills listed above. It is a test that assesses a participant’s key intellectual abilities, rewarding them for their ability to recognize, comprehend, and solve tough or complicated problems.

Finding the best Medical College Admission Test prep courses is one of the most critical steps toward becoming a doctor. The numerous alternatives, rates, guarantees, and features make it tough to pick between all of the different course offers, as well as finding a review class that meets your specific needs. Too much anxiety and expense.

To save you hours and days of looking for these courses with few or no results, we’ve written detailed descriptions of the top 10 MCAT prep courses for you.



Before taking the MCAT, the examinee should have completed all of the undergraduate pre-med science courses, including biology, anatomy and physiology, physics, biochemistry, and chemistry.

Examinees may take their exam in the calendar year after the year in which they plan to apply to medical school.

Take the MCAT in April or May of the calendar year prior to beginning medical school. So, if you want to start medical school in August 2025, you need take the MCAT in April or May of 2024.



The AAMC provides official MCAT preparation aids to assist potential examinees in their exam preparations and to ensure that they can study and practice with test resources produced by test creators that can replicate the MCAT experience in alternative testing situations.



There are many MCAT prep courses available, making it tough to recognize and choose which ones will best suit your learning style and budget. Because the path to medical school is structured with nervosity and hard work, having a mentor or instructor in your life will be necessary and beneficial.

There are four types of MCAT Prep courses to choose from:

Preparation classes that take place in person:

This area of research provides the most widely regarded learning experience. An in-person course is for you if you love discussing subject content and test-taking tactics with an instructor and fellow students.

Courses that can be completed at your own pace:

This study category includes a wide choice of materials as well as a general study plan to follow. This means you can study whenever and wherever you want, which is a crucial aspect for students who require flexibility in their study plan.

The following are examples of live online courses:

This study category is ideal for those who desire an instructor’s supervision and feedback but don’t have the time or access to attend a physical class. Because of the pre-scheduled sessions, you will not have complete control over your study schedule. You’ll have to “show up” to sessions from the convenience of your own home.

The six-week intensive:

If you are confident and have the time to commit to MCAT preparation, this category is an excellent alternative. This study area may be the greatest fit for you if you excel or thrive in a classroom setting and know you’ll need constant support.

We’ve got you covered in whatever category you choose. Continue reading to learn about the top 10 MCAT Prep Courses.


10 Best MCAT PREP Courses In 2024


This is the first in our list of best MCAT PREP Courses. The Next Step Prep Test offerings are without a doubt the greatest available. This is why we consider them to be the greatest overall MCAT preparation courses.

It provides direct online coaching, live online classroom sessions, and online on-demand courses, among others. The most popular are the live online classroom sessions. It has a six-month lifespan.

It provides significantly more classroom video time than the competition. As a student, you will receive 1-on-1 personal orientation with the teachers/instructors at Next Step Test Prep, a company that specializes in MCAT prep.

With their course, Next Step also includes a score improvement guarantee. If your score does not increase after attending their course, they will either refund your money or continue your study at no cost to you. This is a truly generous offer that reflects their unwavering commitment to their product.

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This is the second top best MCAT PREP Courses. Princeton is well-known for its thorough preparation for the MCAT exams. It is also well-known as a well-known educational institution that provides all-encompassing tutoring materials for a wide range of assessments.

Everyone at Princeton has the opportunity to select a course based on their financial needs. All you have to do is study this course seriously and as if your life depends on it, and you’ll easily pass the MCAT exam and get into the college of your choosing.

Princeton is one of the most flexible MCAT Test Prep Courses available. This course is available in four different modes: Ultimate, Self-paced, Strategy, and Private Tutoring. Students prefer the self-paced course since it is the most cost-effective and delivers knowledge of four separate subjects: physics, organic chemistry, biology, and biochemistry.

With Princeton, you’ll have access to exclusive and innovative tools like MedFlix, Diagnostic Exams, Drills, and more, as well as learn from experienced instructors who will help with you to develop a strategy, establish goals, and achieve them, plus you’ll get a refund on your course fee. if you do not improve your score after taking the course

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ALTIUS MCAT PREP is the third in our list of best MCAT PREP Courses. The Altius MCAT Prep course is not like the standard lecture-based MCAT preparation course.

Its purpose is to excite and inspire students to attain high-level goals, strengthen their critical reasoning abilities, promote a broad, theoretical grasp of basic science subjects, and produce amazing student success in a logical manner.

Our second-best general MCAT prep course is Altius. It offers a variety of preparation classes, including as direct tutoring, live in-person classes, and live online sessions. Their live online courses are the most extensive and well-known of their offerings.

The most notable difference between Altius and other test preparation firms is that they reveal the precise exam scores that their pupils received on the examinations. This reveals a great deal about their belief in their products, which are remarkable.

The Altius goods and outcomes really do speak for themselves. They provide a total of 105 course hours. You will have regular office hours in addition to these classroom hours for further education and guidance. When you’re stuck on a problem and require professional help, these things come in handy.

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At the top fourth of the best MCAT PREP Courses, we have the KAPLAN TEST PREP.

Direct tutoring, live in-person classroom sessions, live online classroom sessions, and an online on-demand course are among the MCAT test preparation choices offered by Kaplan, which is ranked third overall.

Their live online course is the most well-known, but they also offer in-person classes. Kaplan offers in-person classes across the country because of its reputation for test preparation and high-quality goods. These features are not available in our first two options.

Kaplan prep classes are tailored to the individual needs of each student. Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified, allowing you to focus your studies on those areas. This will save you time and effort while also increasing the speed and ease with which you may achieve your goals.

Kaplan is also well-known for being the primary choice for those who want to pursue a career as a doctor by passing the MCAT exam. The Kaplan will assist you in learning and comprehending the key ideas of passing the MCAT exam on your first attempt with a higher score. It offers a variety of training options, including in-person, live-online, self-paced, and more.

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Here is the fifth in our list of best MCAT PREP Courses. Only one type of MCAT prep course is offered by Gold Standard MCAT: on-demand. This structure distinguishes their goods in this category.

Their content is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it has the most up-to-date information, explanations, problems, and solutions.

The Gold Standard courses are meant for those on a tight budget, as they are available as monthly subscriptions. This means you can pay for or subscribe to your study materials on-demand and cancel them at any moment.

Long-term access is also available for up to six months or a year at a time. If you don’t have much time to study, this flexibility may be ideal. Gold Standard also provides a wealth of free information that may be accessed without the need for a subscription.

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MAGOOSH MCAT is considered as the sixth top best MCAT PREP Courses. Magoosh is comparable to Gold Standard in that it only offers one type of prep class: on-demand online. This method allows students to study for the MCAT at their leisure rather than at a set period. Your MCAT score will be improved by at least 5 points.

You can choose between two premium options: one month or twelve months, both of which come with a seven-day money-back guarantee. They assist you in studying by providing you with the most up-to-date, dependable, and tested resources based on meticulous analysis of millions of students’ responses.

The tailored study plans will keep you motivated and inspired, and the weekly study schedule will ensure that you stay on track until exam day.

The straightforward dashboard in Magoosh analyses your scores, compares your fluency to that of other students, and tracks your progress. With adaptive technology that simulates the actual exam, you’ll be able to get a real test experience.

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Khan Academy is one of the top MCAT prep sites; and the seventh in our list of best MCAT PREP Courses, the MCAT Test Prep course is free and freely available online, making it ideal for students who can’t afford to pay a lot of money to study for the MCAT exam. All of the subjects in this course were developed by Khan Academy and reviewed by AAMC.

The content in this course is organized into pre-health competencies as determined by the most recent MCAT exam. You may study about the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Cells, Physical Processes, Organ System, and other topics on the MCAT exam with this free course.

With Khan Academy, you’ll study the core principles for passing the MCAT exam on your first try, as well as the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior sections, as well as the different elements of the Organ System and how they work.

Get practice exercises with each subject to test your understanding of the subject and enhance your abilities in order to pass the exam, as well as access to mini video lectures with each subject for better demonstration and assistance in preparing for the MCAT exam.

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At the eighth top best MCAT PREP Courses, we have the MANHATTAN PREP. Manhattan Elite Prep provides MCAT test prep classes and tutoring with online teachers who are experts in their fields for all four major MCAT sections, which include the chemical and physical foundations of biological systems section, critical analysis and reasoning skills section, and quantitative reasoning skills section.

the molecular and biochemical basis of behavior, as well as the psychological, social, and biological foundations In online test preparation programs, Manhattan assists students in achieving their highest possible results.

It allows for maximum adaptability by giving students studying the MCAT fast and unlimited access to their online library. Manhattan recognizes that MCAT Test preparation courses can be costly, so they offer MCAT instructors at reasonable rates who have a unique and comprehensive expertise of MCAT topics.

The understanding of the topic allows them to explain the many components of the MCAT in a thorough and analytical manner, which promotes higher retention than rote memorizing. They are aware of the various requirements of students.

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This is the ninth in our list of best MCAT PREP Courses. Students that practice question junkie will like Adapt Prep more. It can be used as a self-paced MCAT prep course or as unstructured study time.

They produce a variety of teaching tools and programs for various trades and certifications, as well as a program to help aspiring medical students prepare for the MCAT.

Students who take Adapt Prep classes get access to a toolbox that allows them to create their own practice examinations. With the flexibility to set the topic matter and length for each one, the possible variants are nearly limitless.

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Here we conclude our list of best MCAT PREP Courses. Examkrackers’ MCAT is also one of the best; their resources are well regarded, and they focus primarily on medium and difficult practice problems so that you don’t feel overwhelmed on exam day.

The organization also offers an at-home study program that will provide you with all of the resources you’ll need to succeed on your own with MCAT preparation.

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