best schools for hairdressing in the world

13 Best Schools For Hairdressing In The World 2024

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The best way to ensure that you acquire a job as a celebrity stylist is to go into the beauty industry professionally. Without going to a hairdressing school, this is impossible to accomplish.

Finding the best schools for hairdressing in the world is a challenging undertaking. Before recently, when friends who seen me doing my own hair encouraged me to enroll in a school, I personally had no idea that there were hairdressing schools.

In a nutshell, the job of a hairdresser include cutting or styling hair to alter or preserve a person’s appearance. Nevertheless, this is accomplished by combining hair coloring, haircutting, and hair texturing methods.

Interesting enough, hairdressing is a respectable and long-standing profession that appeals to many because to its high demand and versatility of work.

The majority of hairdressers are skilled in a wide range of procedures and methods, however some specialize in:

  • Hair Colouring and Dyes
  • Artificial Hair Extensions and Weaves
  • Chemical Relaxing and Straightening
  • Perms
  • Hair Plugs
  • Wig Styling
  • Braiding

Stylists will educate you about the numerous advantages of being a hairdresser. This post is exactly what you need to read right now if you’re considering becoming a hairdresser and need a place to study.

Stylists will educate you about the numerous advantages of being a hairdresser. This post is exactly what you need to read right now if you’re considering becoming a hairdresser and need a place to study.

best schools for hairdressing in the world

Why Hairdressing?

In a word, hairdressing is the process of styling the hair in the preferred manner to improve a person’s appearance.

Because you truly have the chance to make a difference in people’s lives in so many different ways, pursuing a profession in hairdressing can be incredibly interesting.

Basically, as a hairstylist, you motivate and affect your client’s personality by giving them a decent look.

45% of these employment may be self-satisfying due to their nature, even though there are many jobs that pay well. However, if you know what you’re doing and have the abilities, working in the hairdressing industry may be very rewarding and pay well.

As a result of what it represents in society as a whole, the profession of hairdressing has proven to be incredibly fulfilling and emotionally rewarding.


Here are several justifications for choosing a career in hairstyling:

1. Meeting People

You’ll concur with me when I say that there isn’t a profession that will be more intriguing and enjoyable than one that allows you to travel or interact with people on a daily basis. And these positions are uncommon.

Now, in addition to cutting and styling people’s hair, you also get to meet new people and chat with them as a hairdresser. This, I can assure you, is a major PLUS. You aid people not only by offering your services, but also by reducing their stress and forming relationships with them.

2. Accomplishment of Goals

One occupation that comes with enthusiasm is hairdressing. Today, 80% of hairstylists nurtured that from the time they were children. They consider it to be a goal that they should work for.

This will not only make your workdays more enjoyable, but it will also make you feel good about yourself because you’ll have the job you want. Working in a position that you love and are passionate about will ensure that getting to work never feels like a hassle. Your day will be that much more joyful if you find a career that you love and like.

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best schools for hairdressing in the world


3. Provide a Variety of Services

In essence, there are many different services included in the hairdressing industry. With today’s latest technologies, you can do more than simply wash, dry, and trim hair; there are many various hairstyles for which people are looking for qualified hairstylists.

Now that there are so many different looks that people may obtain with their hair, a hairdresser won’t ever again just offer the usual wash, trim, and dry services. A variety of services may be required of you, which may inspire you to pick up new abilities.

4. The Job is Flexible

Many of the jobs you’ll come across simply let you work Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, with no possibility for flexibility. This makes it difficult for folks who have kids or who have other responsibilities than employment. Being a hairdresser allows you to have a little more job flexibility.

Many of the jobs you’ll come across only let you work a fixed 9–5 schedule on weekdays, with no possibility for flexibility. For individuals who have children or other obligations aside from their jobs, this is a challenge. You may be a little more adaptable in your career if you are a hairdresser.

This can be a great opportunity to work flexibly or to find some extra work outside of the salon since there is frequently a need for stylists who can be a little more flexible and visit a person’s home instead.

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5.  You can Unleash your Potentials

The option to express your creative talent and other potentials you possess is provided by a career in hairdressing. You create fresh hairstyles every day using various materials, such as braids, textiles, textures, and even colors.

But there are other places where hairdressing can be done as well. Be it bridal hair, hair for fashion shows, or styling for TV presenters and movie actors, there is plenty of room for personal expression in various facets of the industry.

What does a Hairdresser do?

Your employment as a hairstylist involves a wide range of duties. Hairdressing goes beyond simply washing, trimming, drying, and braiding people’s hair, as I previously stated.

Your customer’s hair will first be washed, cut, colored, and styled by you. Additionally, you educate your clients on dandruff, scalp infections, and hair infections and how to treat them.

Second, if the client requests it, a hairdresser will remove the previous hair or wig and create a new one. Some hairdressers also offer nail and skincare services.

More specifically, a hairstylist applies relaxants to curly hair to make it smooth and straight or performs chemical treatments on the hair of clients who wish to change the way their hair feels and appears. Additionally, you can become an authority on hair care as a hairdresser and even sell hair care products.

Additionally, you could work as a beauty editor or consultant. In a similar way, you could recommend a hairstyle to a consumer by pointing them toward images and photos in fashion or beauty magazines.

Additionally, if the salon is large, your duties as an employee will likely include checking on clients, handling business calls, and collecting payment. You can also be in charge of other duties including taking calls, scheduling appointments, introducing people to you, checking them out, and collecting their cash.

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What are the Hairdressing Skills Required?

If you want to deliver exceptional work that will have your clients coming back to you constantly as a hairstylist, there are several fundamental abilities that you truly need. Along with being kind with your clients, you need the following abilities:

  • Creativity.
  • Good teamwork.
  • Maintaining a tactful, friendly manner.\
  • Communication and skills.
  • Openness to learning new ideas and techniques.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Physical stamina
  • Cleanliness and good personal grooming.
  • Time management

What is the Job Outlook for Hairdressing?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists will increase by 8% from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than the average for all occupations (BLS).

The demand for hair care services will rise, though, due to population expansion, the desire for hair treatments, and the need for coloring services.

Additionally, the BLS reported that a lot of workers may quit the industry, improving career possibilities for newcomers. However, it was thought that working at a few, higher-paying places would have heightened competition for jobs.

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What is a hairdresser’s salary?

The BLS projects a 13% increase in employment for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and hair stylists between 2016 and 2026. The BLS reported that in May 2018, the mean annual wage for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and hairstylists was $30,190.

Salon Hairdresser – Median salary AU $42,117

Salon hairdressers should have more job vacancies than average during the next four years, until November 2019. Salon hairdressers’ employment increased significantly over the previous five years and somewhat over the previous decade, and job growth is anticipated to be moderate.

Salon Stylist – Median salary AU $42,117

A stylist creates hair designs that incorporate coloring, straightening, curling, volumizing effects, and a variety of different design finishes in collaboration with other professions like fashion designers, photographers, photographic stylists, and models. Salon stylist employment is predicted to grow significantly during the next four years.

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best schools for hairdressing in the world

Manager/Owner – Median salary AU $51,973

The Owner is in charge of managing all aspects of the beauty therapy company’s operations, including customer interactions and commercial duties. Salon managers will have plenty of career prospects in the upcoming years.

The highest earners in 2018 were those working for performing arts organizations, with an average salary of about $67,000.

In the US, a hairdresser can expect to make about $25,918 per year on average.

Are there Also Best Schools For Hairdressing In The World Schools Online?

Of course, if you have other commitments, you can enroll in one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world in online. Basically, if you have a passion for making people look and feel their best, earning a beauty or cosmetology degree online can be a terrific alternative for you. The following is a list of some best schools for hairdressing in the world online:

  1. Pamlico Community College
  2. Arkansas Tech University
  3. Utah State University
  4. Northern Michigan University
  5. Cossatot Community College
  6. Eastern Arizona College
  7. Pickens Technical College
  8. Traviss Technical College
  9. Trenholm State Community College

Online courses in hairdressing prepare you to confidently handle your clients’ hair. You also study expert hairstyling. As a result, your client is aware of where to go whenever they require hair treatment or styling.

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Best Schools For Hairdressing In The World

For those who are interested in pursuing careers as professional hairdressers or hairstylists, the best schools for hairdressing in the world for 2024 are listed below.


1. The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)

This is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. The Aveda Institute, established in 1977 by Horst Rechelbacher, will continue to rank among the world’s top hairdressing institutions in 2024.

Basically, the school enrolls up to 213 undergraduate students each year as a minor college. Unusual courses offered by the institution include Cosmetology, Esthetician and Skin Care, and Cosmetology Instruction and Salon Management.

Alumni of Aveda Fredric’s in Cincinnati should be aware that their beginning pay is $27,100.

However, Aveda School makes sure that each of its pupils has a thorough and productive educational experience that equips them for the demands of the workforce.

Note that Hans Corbella, David Wagner, Jane Jason, and Roxana are among the alumni of the Aveda School.


2. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (CHICAGO, IL)

Another school on this list of best schools for hairdressing in the world is the Pivot point academy beauty school. Leo Passage, a well-known hair and beauty educator who started this prestigious hairdressing school in 1962, nevertheless, offers programs that cover 13 subjects of study and include 106 theoretical lectures and 68 workshops.

Additionally, there are six courses available that address the fundamentals of basic cosmetics, sculpting, hair design, color, texture, salon success, and Meta. The cosmetology sector has experienced considerable expansion as a result of these programs.

Additionally, the institution has up to 140 undergraduate students enrolled.

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3. Pamlico Community College

Pamlico community college is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. One of the best colleges for hairdressing offers Business, Plumbing, and Electrician majors is Pamlico Community College.

In Grantsboro, North Carolina, there is a public college called that. Basically, the college accepts up to 161 undergraduate students and offers a cosmetic program.

However, the school’s students will acquire the fundamentals and methods for working with skin, hair, nails, and associated chemicals, as well as photography, business jargon, including computer and product expertise.


4. Empire Beauty School (WILKES-BARRE, PA)

This is another hairdressing school on the list of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. The school has developed more than 100 schools all across the world since it was founded in 1934. The institution is regarded as one of the top hairdressing schools in 2024 that provides undergraduate students with a variety of cosmetology degrees.

But over the course of the year, this esteemed institution offers cosmetology studies in makeup, hair design, color, texture, and basic skincare.

They also provide further courses in makeup, cosmetic training, and aesthetics.

As a result, technical training is a part of Empire Beauty School’s cosmetology school programs. The business side of the sector is also covered.


5. Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)

This is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. Paul Mitchell’s school needs to be on your list of potential hairdressing schools. One of the top hairdressing schools in the US in 2024 is located in Florida. It is a for-profit university situated in the Orlando area of Florida’s Oviedo.

Paul Mitchell School primarily offers the following majors: Cosmetology and Barbering. It is a tiny institution with 135 undergraduate students enrolled.

It’s interesting to note that this school excels at manufacturing more than just hair products. Alumni of Paul Mitchell – Orlando typically start out with a salary of $19,200. Additionally, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences has granted the school accreditation (NACCAS).

Paul Mitchell is not only well-known in the hair product industry, but it also inspires students, particularly those who are passionate about pursuing a career in hairdressing, to follow their dreams.

Be aware that the school has more than 100 hair and beauty products available in more than 80 nations, shops, and websites. Additionally, the training is provided in cotton, makeup, texture, and work with nails.

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6. Lake Area Technical Institute

Lake area technical institute is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. Since its establishment in 1965, Lake Area Technical Institute has distinguished itself as one of the best institutions for hairdressing.

However, both domestic and foreign students can enroll in a 15-month cosmetic program at Lake Area Technical Institute. Notably, the course offers 2,100 hours of lectures and research on topics like shoes, crafts, and face care in addition to hair care, nail care, and skincare, covering cutting, shape, coloring, and design.

Additionally, the South Dakota Cosmetics Commission exam must be passed in order to receive a certificate from this institute.


7. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Another hairdressing school on this list of best schools for hairdressing in the world is the wisconsin Indianhead technical college. In 2024, Wisconsin Indianhead College of Technology will rank among the top US hairdressing schools. Basically, this hairdressing school offers a full technical certificate and more than 50 beauty programs.

Furthermore, the university accepts up to 1,087 undergraduate students and provides them with financial aid.

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited the school and it is a member of the organization.


8. Marinello Schools of Beauty, Los Angeles

This is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. In Los Angeles, Marinello Beauty School was established in 1905. Both national and international students may enroll in the school’s special education and training programs.

The Giovanni Marinello Institute, however, is one of the oldest cosmetic schools and a top hairdressing school in the world. Additionally, pupils have the option of selecting the greatest aesthetic instruction based on their interests.

The university offers all of its students professional help in addition to instruction.

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9. Hollywood Beauty Institute

Hollywood beauty institute is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world, Which has campuses in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. This is due to the fact that it offers instruction in many different fields, such as hair, makeup, nail technology, massage, skincare, and cosmetics.

Basically, this school offers 1,200-hour academic beauty and hairdressing degrees. A typical student can do this assignment during the day in around 10 months, whereas those in the evening program finish it in about 17 months.

Students must also put in roughly 700 hours of service or practical use on top of the 500 hours of instructional time.

Furthermore, lecturers advise their students to “think and act like designers” during the majority of their courses. Students will be confident to apply after completing the curriculum and will be ready to take the state licensure exam.

10. The Hair Design Institute (BOYNTON BEACH, FL)

Another hairdressing school on this list of best schools for hairdressing in the world is the hair design institute. In Brittany Academy of Beauty is the brand name for the Hair Design Institute. It is among the top hairdressing programs in the US for 2024.

With 9 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a for-profit institution. The institution solely offers Cosmetology as a major. Moreover, graduates make a starting salary of $16,800.

Additionally, the criteria for a certificate are 1,200 academic hours or 1,000 classroom hours, respectively. Additionally, this school offers classes in chemistry, salon administration, hair and wrinkle analysis, permanent acne, cosmetic cleanliness, and sterility.

Note that sessions are available full-time, part-time, or in the evening to accommodate working professionals. Students will display their work using real models at occasions like Fashion Week.


11. American National School (Chamblee, Georgia)

American national school is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the world. One of the top hairdressing schools in the US, American National School provides undergraduates with top-notch beauty courses and programs.

The American National University is the only beauty school in the south that is authorized by Dermalogica, OPI, and CHI, according to the Vocational Education Council.

The school does, however, offer a program where lessons are scheduled for the week, including weekends.

So, shampoo and related theories, chemical hair removal, conditioner, and elbows are among the subjects covered in this chapter. Students will be evaluated for advancement toward the university level after completing 500 hours. Keep in mind that there is also a Master’s program in cosmetics, which takes students 50 weeks to complete on average.

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12. The Sassoon Academy (SANTA MONICA, CA)

This is another of the best schools for hairdressing in the world on this list. One of the greatest schools for hairdressing is the Sassoon Academy. No prior experience is required to enroll in the comprehensive introductory cosmetology curriculum offered by the institution.

This program has a duration of 44 weeks and entails 1600 hours of classroom and practical training.

However, in order to access supplies like manuals, a hairdryer, brushes, combs, and clips, students must also purchase a Professional Student Beauty Kit, which is not included by the cost of tuition.

The school also provides salon intensive or comprehensive diploma courses for ongoing education. These last for four to six weeks. There are also two to five day short-term courses available that cover different cut and color styles.

Link To School Website

13. Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty

This is one of the best schools for hairdressing in the worldCollege of Hair Design and Beauty in Australia One of the top hairdressing schools is in Manila. To accommodate students’ interests, requirements, and lives, the school created comprehensive yet flexible learning packages.

Additionally, students have the option of selecting from a full 9-month program of rigorous learning, training, and practical salon job experience in either a Diploma or Accredited Hair Dressing Course or Makeup Course.

It’s interesting that the school provides weekend classes specifically for those who work during the week and only have time on the weekends to take care of other responsibilities.

In 2024, The Australian College of Design and Beauty will rank among the top hairdressing schools in the world due to its expertise in makeup, spa/beauty, and hair training.

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