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Humber College Tuition 2024: Scholarships and Cost of Living

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Humber College Tuition Scholarships and Cost of Living. Humber College was established in 1967, the public funds the Ontario, Canada-based Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies, often known as Humber College.

More than 150 programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and apprenticeship training, are offered by the institute. Almost 40 different fields have the programs offered. Together with these courses, Humber College offers Bridge Training Programs to professionals in engineering and information technology who have received international training.

The Sustainability Tracking Assessment Rating System awarded Silver to Humber College, making it the first college in all of Ontario to receive this honor. Over 20,000 full-time students and around 57,000 part-time students are enrolled in courses at the university’s North Campus. The campus is close to the Humber River and provides a wide selection of programs, including Media Studies, Liberal Arts, Health Science, Commerce, Applied Technology, and a variety of others.

Located along Lake Ontario’s shoreline is the Lakeshore Campus. It is said that there are 7,200 students living there, all of whom are full-time.

Six wifi classrooms in total, a food court, two ice rinks for hockey, a library, a swimming pool, and a restaurant are all available on the Orangeville Campus.

The Fashion Institute at Humber College is the finest option for students, even if other campuses provide a variety of resources for those interested in the fashion and beauty sectors. The perfect setting for effective learning is present there.

Almost 220,00 graduates from Humber College have gone on to succeed in a variety of industries, and the college is proud of this accomplishment. Ben Bowen, a singer, Jared Pelletier, a writer and artist, Bev Oda, a film director, and Andres Arango, a soccer player, to name a few, are just a few instances.

The Scholarship Opportunities Are;

humber college tuition

Scholarships for Foreign Students to Enroll in Graduate Degree Programs

An undergraduate degree in any field is required for applicants to this program.

Programs are available for Master’s Degree awards.

  • Graduation with a certificate in international business management
  • Master’s degree in supply chain management
  • Diploma of Advanced Study in Financial Planning
  • advanced certification in marketing management
  • Master’s degree in human resource management
  • Diploma of Advanced Study in Information Technology Solutions
  • professional degree in enterprise software development
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Web Development
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Wireless Telecommunications

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Scholarships for Foreign Admission at Humber College (Full Humber College Tuition fee- Degree Program)

This grant is provided by the school for Humber college tuition international. Due to the high level of competition, candidates are often chosen based on their academic performance, professional references, and activity in the community.

The award is intended to help students earn their bachelor’s degrees.

  • Management of Hospitality and Tourism, Bachelor of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration in Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources
  • accounting and a bachelor’s in business
  • Bachelor of Commerce in marketing
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Fashion Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Digital Business Management
  • international business major in the commerce degree
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Finance

The maximum scholarship awarded to each student is CAD 15113, which is equal to Rs 8,21,240.



Humber College – International Entrance scholarships – Bachelor Diploma Program

These courses can be used to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Advanced Certificate in Accounting for Business

  • Technician with a diploma in mechanical engineering
  • Technological Advancement Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Technical Advanced Diploma in Architecture
  • a biotechnology degree
  • Advanced Diploma in Technology and Engineering in Computers
  • Diploma in Advanced Business Administration

A maximum of CAD 4000 (about Rs 2,17,040) is given to each student.

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humber college tuition

Humber College Tuition for Foreign Admission (Bachelor Degree Scholarships – Bachelor of Film and Media Production)

Only secondary school or high school students are eligible for this program. It is intended for non-transfer students. They must not have previously attended a university. Scholarships are automatically awarded by Humber College to students who graduate from high school with strong academic standing.

Students can apply for any of the following programs and get a bachelor’s degree:

  • Cinema and media production bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree in marketing management
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Resource Management

The maximum scholarship award per student is CAD 4000, which is equal to Rs 2,17,360, and it is provided yearly. Only tuition may be paid using it.

It is vital to remember that fees are paid on a semester basis and not yearly. This is part of the government’s effort to minimize the financial burden on student sponsors or parents. Hence, fees may be paid twice, at the start of each semester, rather than all at once.

Factors to be aware of about 2024 tuition at Humber College

Moreover, fees are computed using many factors, such as;

  • How long a specific course’s academic session would last
  • the actual course of study
  • The applicant’s nationality
  • course load
  • The chosen lodging and food plan
  • the parking spot and lockers (If required)

Dates indicating when the fees are due are often posted.

A semester load typically consists of 2.50 credits. It may only be 2.00 credits, depending on the studies. Full-time students are those who have earned at least 2.00 credits.

Students having fewer than 2.00 credits, however, are regarded as part-time students.

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